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Our Mission The purpose of this organization is to enable students to be a positive voice on campus and to raise awareness of real issues and situations that women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities deal with. This magazine will strive to create a new perception of the typical women’s magazine. We want to embrace how unique women are through articles, interviews, inspirational sections, poems, photographs, videos, and programs as well. This magazine will strive to be a resource for women that will include everything from make-up tips to health advice and even some male perspectives.




Cover Photo Credit: Casey Robertson


February 2012


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Street Walk Real Men Wear Pink Valentine’s Day Fashions DIY: Designer Looks For Less vant Garde


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February 2012


A vant – Garde M A G A Z I N E

Fashion Trends Editor

E-board Bios Name: Rebecca Ferri Major: Marketing with minor in studio art Age: 20 Hometown: LaGrangeville NY How I define my beauty: Confidence Fun fact: I just filmed a music video that is soon to be on MTV. Name: Michelle Dopiro Major: Radio and TV Production Age: 18 Hometown: Brooklyn, New York How I Define My Beauty: The spontaneity and courage I have to be whoever I am.

In The Know Editor

Exclusives Editor

That’s What He Said Editor

Health & Beauty Editor

Designer & Website Editor

Jordan Wilkinson Age: 19 Major Journalism Hometown: Middletown, NY How I Define My Beauty: I define beauty by my health. I think taking care of the body is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to yourself and in contributing to your health, you’re also feeding your self-esteem. Chris “Chippy” Almanzar Major: Black Studies, Film & Video Studies Age: 23 Hometown: New York City How I Define My Beauty: It’s in your walk, your smile, and in your character. Embrace who you are with confidence, that is beauty. Fun fact: “Normal is in the eye of the beholder.” -Whoopie Goldberg. Suits me to a T. Name: Kaitlyn Vella Major: Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations Age: 19 Hometown: Suffern, NY How I define my beauty: My heart. I always try to put other people before myself. I am constantly trying to make people laugh and smile. Fun fact: I am obsessed with pop culture! Name: Daniel Monroig Major: Graphic Design with minor in Asian Studies Age: 19 Hometown: Yonkers, NY How I define my beauty: Through my art and designs. Fun fact: I’m a bit obsessed with K-Pop

Event Coordiator



Public Relations

Public Relations

Photo Editor

Name:Danielle Gray Major:Interpersonal/ intercultural Communications Age: 20 Hometown: Brooklyn, NY How I define my beauty: When you feel comfortable in your skin, you have defined your beauty. Fun fact: I really enjoy giving back to any community that I am apart of. Name: Sabrina Lunar Cruz Major: Sociology with a concentration in criminology, Law and Politics minor. Age: 19 Hometown: Brooklyn, New York How I Define My Beauty: Beauty is the confidence when you have when your walking down the street, the style you have that is unique to you and the good heart that makes it come together into one! Fun fact: I own more then 50 different nail polishes. Name: Renee Cooper Major: Communication Disorders Age: 22 Hometown: Brooklyn, NY How I Define My Beauty: Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. Fun fact: I’m terribly afraid of flying. Name: Ashley Almario Major: Media Management Age: 21 Hometown: West Orange, NJ How I define my beauty: I define my beauty by being confident and always being myself. Fun fact: I was on Slime Time Live in 4th grade and actually got slimed during the “Rugrats in Paris” special. , Name: Drew Thompson Major: Production Age: 21 Hometown: Yonkers, NY How I define my beauty: beauty is only skin deep, it’s all about have to “wear” it well. Name: Caroline Budinich Major: Journalism Age: 19 Hometown: Northport, NY How I define my beauty: I define beauty as undefinable. Everyone has something that makes them beautiful and special, whether it be a hidden beauty mark or a powerful laugh. Fun Fact: I love hiiking and try to get outside as much as possible.

February 2012


Editor’s Note Dear AG Reader,

Ricardo A. Hernandez Jr Editor-in-Chief Name: Ricardo A. Hernandez Jr. (Ricky) Major: Political Science and Journalism Age: 20 Hometown: Staten Island, NY How I define my beauty: I define my beauty through my hard work ethic and ambition. Fun Fact: I met Hunter Parrish after his performance in Spring Awakening.

As a hopeless romantic, I remembered spending my February months contemplating the mere existence of Valentine’s Day. I was always the bitter single person, watching romantic movies and devouring a container of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough (my favorite)! Don’t get me wrong, I believe in love and I appreciate watching two individuals blossoming into a couple and appreciating each other’s company on a daily basis. However, love with another human being is just one aspect in life. My ability to love myself has been stronger than any feeling I’ve have ever felt. We always hear the phrase, “how can you love someone, if you don’t love yourself.” In reality, this is 100% true. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t hear others speaking about themselves negatively. “I hate the way my stomach looks,” “I want to lose 10 more pounds before the summer,” “My thighs look humongous in these leggings,” “Dude, I wish I had a six-pack,” and the list goes on and on of people looking at themselves in such a negative light. I’m all for self-improvement, and if you’re unhappy with an aspect of your body and are working on it, kudos for you. However, when is the last time you looked in the mirror and said, “Wow, my eyes look stunning today,” “I love my hair,” “I love the way my butt looks in these jeans,” or my favorite of all, “I look fierce.” The reason I agreed to be a part of Avant-Garde Magazine and have taken the title of Editor-in-Chief this semester was because I believe that beauty comes from within and starts with you. There’s something beautiful in all of us. Whether you’re a man or a woman, black or white, gay or straight, it doesn’t matter. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but it starts with you. So, I propose you take the first step by looking into a mirror and begin with the words, “I am beautiful.” Best of luck this semester, Ricardo A. Hernandez Jr Editor-in-Chief

Ricardo A.Hernandez Jr.

“The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman’s heart.” - Josiah G. Holland

Photo Credit :Casey Robertson February 2012



Designer Looks For Less

By: Rebecca Ferri

New York City’s Fall/Winter’s 2012 Fashion Week has showcased some bold new trends! The designers have spoken, and the verdict is in! The AG fashion staff has selected a few pieces, inspired by the looks the designers sent down the runway. They are must haves for next season! Ever hear the saying that “navy blue and black don’t go together”? Well tell that to Carolina Herrera, who made a strong statement with her collection that was centered on navy and black pieces. These two neutrals look great together. Some of your favorite affordable stores have pieces that will help you snag this trend. Pair a black blazer, like this velvet one from Sanctuary, with this navy sheer blouse from Forever 21 and you’re on your way!

← Forever Flutter V-neck top

$22.80 → Party Jacket by Sanctuary

$ 86.99

Fashion week showed us that this year, it’s all about Burgundy! Burgundy is proving to be the “it” color and perhaps even this season’s black. Diane Von Furstenberg and Christian Siriano both had multiple pieces that showed how beautiful this color is! Try it out for yourself with this shirt- dress from nasty or this Burgundy and Black velvet dress from Forever 21!


$ 68.00

$ 27.80

Fashion Trends • February 2012

Celebrate The Month Of Love In Style: Valentine’s Day fashions at affordable prices

By: Rebecca Ferri Going out this Valentine’s Day with that special someone requires the perfect outfit. The fashion staff at AG Magazine is here to help you find unique outfits, and accessories that have love and romance written all over them. All at an affordable price, who could resist? What says Valentine’s Day more than a red lace dress? With a sweetheart neckline, and a cut out back, this dress is flattering and sweet, yet still edgy.

← LA Boutique Selena Dress $28.95 Simple black dress with side cut outs is great for a night out!

← Rosalind Lace Dress $58.00

You don’t need to dress in red head to toe for this occasion. Of course the perfect little black dress is always appropriate. Try accessorizing with funky reds, pinks, purples and white pieces to add some Valentines Day fun to your look! → Rosalind Lace Dress $58.00 → Rosalind Lace Dress $58.00


By Rebecca Ferri

Far too many men now a-days are afraid of wearing pink. Whether it is that they feel the color is not “Masculine”, or that they simply do not know how to work it into their outfits. But fear not! There are a few simple accessories that can be incorporated into Men’s everyday fashion. This will surely make them proud to rock the color. For those that are a little intimidated by the color, go for more subtle accessories such as ties, bow ties, hats and even shoes. Look for pieces that have pink accents or detail. These small accents will help in adding a pop of color to some everyday pieces!

For the more daring men, do not be afraid to go even further.Wear bigger pieces such as sweaters, dress shirts, and sports jackets. Also keep in mind that there are different shades of pink. There are many different shades to this hue, do not stick to just one! Explore and see what works best for you.

Street Walk Walking down the paved walkways of SUNY New Paltz, one is immediately confronted by the obscurities in which students are wrapped in. But in the commotion of this mess, there are beautiful and confident women who make statements and create trends. The blurbs featured below are to pay contributions to those risk takers, whose bold moves pave the roads to fashion standards.

← This is Ariel Zolla. Ariel has a fashion backbone. She is spotted in a mishmash of patterns which when placed together work in unison, plaid, velvet, fux-fur, and patterned tights. You name it; Ariel wears it. Convenience and texture are main driving forces behind her wardrobe. She shops in local thrift stores and in her roommate’s closets.

By Caroline Budinich

← This is Shane Triano. As a senior on campus, Shane knows all about how simplicity in an outfit can make a bold impression. Her primary concern when getting dressed is sticking to three rules; Convenience, Functionality, and Gender Neutrality. One of her preferred accessories to wear is a plain colored hat, which she can usually be spotted in.

SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, and the Internet By: Alana Blatz The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), Protect IP Act (PIPA) and the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), have been debated and discussed in the media. Such methods and lengths at which the government would go to stop piracy, would negatively affect actively used websites, such as Facebook and Google. SOPA and PIPA have successfully been fought against and shelved by the Obama administration, but they are far from dead. The bills could still hit the floor of Congress and stand to be voted on. Many rules of SOPA and PIPA would actually weaken the websites used daily. For instance, the blocking of domain names, such as those given to torrent and other downloadable websites, which issue copyrighted material


without proper ownership, would be unaccessible. For example if one uploads an Adele song without her label’s permission, they’re subject to punishment. These measures could blacklist sites known as, Facebook or YouTube, if users attempt to share a clip from a movie. It doesn’t mean the websites will be nonexistent, they will simply not be accessible. Another measure of these bills would negatively affect sites such as Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook and even Google. If the person who holds the rights to that uploaded Adele song finds out it was uploaded, they could cut funding. If a user posts a picture they did not take on Facebook and the person who owns that pictures finds out, they can urge funding sources to be cut. This results that companies doing business with this site would have to come to an end. This means advertisers, links in search engines, or any other listings would have to be removed. ACTA, first announced in late 2007, was to protect intellectual property. It is an international agreement where many countries, including the US, have signed onto this initiative. ACTA, originally a trade bill, tried to stop the black market sale of goods, but it has become increasingly concerned with online copyright infringement. ACTA is seen as far worse than SOPA or PIPA because it spans globally, creating an “internet police.” ACTA also affects the freedom of food and medicine. Currently, ACTA has been “watered down” removing things like jail time for downloading music, but the implications are still alive. Governments are attempting to restrict citizen’s freedom on the Internet. One good effect of these bills; however, has been the light it has shed on the power of the citizenry to affect legislation. Thanks to protests, Internet blackouts, and general public disagreement all three bills have been modified in some way that benefits the public. These three bills are not gone, however, and the fight against them should still continue.

February 2012 • In The Know


Warriors DANCE TEAM By Ricardo A. Hernandez Jr.

Photos by Casey Roberston

As an artsy university, there is no objection in arguing that the State University of New York at New Paltz has incredibly talented students in the arts. The Warriors Dance Team is no exception. Specializing in all types of dance, the Warriors Dance Team was founded in Spring of 2009 by current President, Cinthia Pimentel.


In The Know • February 2012

Pimentel, a senior at New Paltz, was inspired by the movies The Warriors, when creating this newly adopted dance team. “I wanted to bring a big family together. Although Warriors strive to be the best, we do not compete with other dance teams or with each other. We come together as one.” She continued, “I wanted to give the opportunity to everyone. There was

nothing on campus that shared the same idea I had, a diverse group of dancers.” The Warriors Dance Team is composed of a diverse group of 10 female dancers: Cinthia Pimentel, Anairis Gomez, Priscilla Nieto, Indira Tavarez, Jennifer Cuffari, Mary-Anne Ramirez, Natasha Davidson, Alexa Gold, Greta Fiet, and Kelsey Belgrave all specializing in their own styles of dance and creating a team that is not only diversified in race and ethnicity, but also in dance. The organization have specialized in tap, point, contemporary, ballet, belly dancing, hip hop, bachata, break dancing, and acrobatics. Pimentel insisted that although she wanted to “explore all types of dance,” she always looks for dancers with some form of technique. The Warriors Dance Team have performed at events both on and off campus since it’s formation. The Warriors have performed at an event labeled, “I Am Woman” in an effort to showcase women’s struggle in history through dance, poetry, and singing. The organization had performed alongside Culture Shock, Shades Dance Team, and the President of Urban Lyrics.

As part of their Spring 2012 performance for I Am Woman, the Warriors had performed a dance with a concept of sins vs. virtue, inspired by Pimentel’s dreams. “Most of my dances are inspired by my nightmares. It’s crazy,” she said. Other performances included dancing in a New York City parade last year on May 19th at

Most of my dances are inspired by my nightmares.

Washington Square. The Warriors danced with Zamba dancers, cheerleaders, and other forms of dances. The team has also danced in the event “Comfort Women,” a show revealing the hidden truth of Korean women being kidnapped, raped and sold into sexual slavery by the Japanese militia during World War II. Their contemporary piece with white masks touched viewers emotionally. The Warriors Dance Team are preparing for their performance

at Dance Underground on February 23, 24, 25, and 26, where they are going back to their “high school days” in a prom performance worth seeing. Although the Warriors Dance Team has hit a bump in the road with a few of their members leaving last semester, the E-Board has confidently agreed that it has, “made them closer than ever.” If interested, the dance team is looking for all types of dancers, both males and females. Contact Cinthia at cinthiapimentel@ As a thriving dance team on campus, the Warrior’s mission is to express themselves in all types of art and dance in an effort to unify all styles of dance on this campus. Make sure to keep a look out for these girls in these upcoming months. Their dances are full of emotion, technique, and beauty.

The Wellness Day Club Screens Boy Interrupted Photos by Miram Ward

By: Michelle Dopiro On February 7th, the Wellness Day Club screened Boy Interrupted in Student Union Building 100, at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Boy Interrupted is a tale of a boy, Evan Perry, suffering from bi-polar disorder, told through the words of family and friends. The mental illness takes his life, but does not erase him from the world. According to Sarah Best, President of the Wellness Day Club, “it is a truly touching and engrossing documentary which should be watched by everyone, because it shows how dark depression can be even when there are no signs.” Best, junior, and Early Education major at SUNY New Paltz, aspires to be a social worker for children with special needs, both physically and mentally. The Wellness Day Club, which existed in her high school, celebrates a Day of Wellness. The Day of Wellness is a day where students participate in workshops and listen to guest speakers about the topic of wellness. What is it? How does it affect you? How can you take care of yourself? These are just some of the questions that were asked and answered, but it was the job of the students to

take control of their wellness. The Wellness Day Club at New Paltz is structured around community. The people involved in the club have their ideas turned into realities. It is a place for people to discover themselves as well as support others and work together. A place where health is created and shared, but people can be who they want to be and not face any consequences. “There are so many different aspects in wellness. I want people to realize that if they don’t feel well, they need to speak up. Issues like this are normally ignored, but I can’t let that happen. If you feel sad, say something. You will be helped,” she said. Best also had a personal experience with the mother of Evan Perry. She attended an event at Yale University where Perry’s mother spoke on the matter. She learned that mental illness is prominent in the world, but difficult to overcome and most people don’t talk about it. According to Best, these feelings, these issues, need to be confronted. Perry didn’t say a word before he chose to take his life, but hopefully this film will let others speak. She wanted to inspire people with this film. “It’s okay to talk about it,” she continued,

If something is wrong, just the words ‘I need help’ is a good start.

14 In The Know • February 2012

@Newpaltzrumors By: Kaycia Sailsman @Newpaltzrumors, a twitter account shares irrelevant, useless, and extremely rude information. The account gives the opportunity for administrators to post anonymous and extremely hurtful “tweets.” The account is dedicated to all rumors and gossip within the town of New Paltz, events on campus, and students. The horrifying aspect of it is that it is completely anonymous, where tweeters are hiding behind a computer. The biography on the twitter profile simply states, “Just trying to spread some 100 percent factual rumors …” Whether these rumors are true or not, this twitter page showcases immature actions and displays intermediate and high school language. The owner of this account has chosen to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. @newpaltzrumors features tweets about the town’s most popular attractions such as bars and parties. As a spectator, students aren’t threatened; however, there are various names tagged in “tweets.” Such “tweets” display vicious, crude, and scandalous language, rather than positive and uplifting messages. One tweet says, “The more roofies I distribute, the less

clothes these girls wear.” This tweet now becomes a matter of safety for females on campus. Given this message, we advise our female readers to please be careful at parties. Another tweet that was posted states that “.....the colder these nights get the more clothes girls wear #nothanks.” The hash tag indicates that this person prefers it when females dress in a way that’s revealing just so she can be pleased. First-year student, Peipei Li, gave her thoughts, “I’ve never saw it, so I wouldn’t be affected. But, for a site to say all the things they post are 100% factual rumors, is ironic.” It is surprising that such juvenile activities are still held in college. Even more surprising is that a version of the twitter has arrived on Facebook. It’s called Hawk New Paltz, but refers to itself as H. It hasn’t spread any nasty rumors yet, and hopefully will never be able to.

How I Define My Beauty Stephanie Sentinelli Sophomore

Emily Perkins Sophomore, Elementary Education Major

Photos By Alessandra Young

“Im gonna go with a Jessica Simpson quote here and say that with nothing but a T-shirt on, I’ve never felt so beautiful.”

“I really like my boobs. I like my ears, too. They are small so they don’t stick out. I feel good about myself when my hair is done. It just makes me feel beautiful.” Jamie Matcovich Senior, Art History Major “There is aesthetic beauty so I see certain characteristics in people that are beautiful. But there are also gestures, being a good friends, being open minded. Funny people are gorgeous. I define my beauty as quirky. I’m kind of weird and bluntly honest... but also positive. I just think we as humans are beautifully imperfect.”

Jackie Wolozim Senior, Tech Theatre Major “A beautiful thing about me is I’m trying to understand people and learn as much about them as I can.”

Guide For Singles in

Surviving Valentine’s Day

By: Brige Newman

Every year, it seems that singles take one of two paths on Valentine’s Day: either you sit outside of their local romantic hotspots with a carton of rotten eggs, pelting the happy couples as they come out (which is what I threaten to do), or they mope. The “Mopers” sit at home, listening to sappy romantic melodies, wrapped up in Snuggies, and eating Ben and Jerry’s while sniffling into a handful of tissues. Well, it’s time to snap the hell out of it! Instead of getting busted on egg-pelting assault charges or succumbing to sugar coma to

Do something you’ve never done before. deal with the dreaded ‘V-day,’ singles should take a look at the alternatives. One of the best ways to feel more positive on the evening of Valentine’s Day is to grab your friends and do something. The group doesn’t have to be a gaggle of single ladies. As long as it’s a group of emotionally stable, fun-loving people, the night is a go. While most people would suggest getting glammed up and hitting the town, why settle for something so ordinary? Instead I suggest you do something you’ve never done before. Paintball has been proven to release adrenaline and can be a serious laugh. What


The Exclusives • February 2012

could be more fun than gallivanting through an obstacle, covered in paint? Plus, I guarantee there will be no pining over an unrequited love while dodging flying paintballs. Singles can also organize little shindigs for themselves and their friends, but again, don’t just stick with the other singles. That can lead to the image of the lonely singles table at weddings, lamenting broken hearts, feeding off the single blues. Instead invite as many people as possible, the more the merrier! Spending time with friends is a sure way to raise the spirits, Valentine’s Day is about the people you love, right? There is also a slightly less productive way of dealing with Valentine’s Day: Pretend like it isn’t happening. That may seem a little difficult with the constant barrage of advertisements, Facebook statuses and conversations on the topic, but the rest of the world barely recognizes it as a holiday. (Quick history lesson: Saint Valentine’s Day is to celebrate the Christian Martyr Saint Valentine, for the most part no-one has any information on him and he definitely has no romantic ties. The legend speaks of him as a man that tried to convert a Roman Emperor to Christianity and healed a blind girl before he died; still no sentimental love here. The legend has been embellished over time to make Valentine a man that married young couples in secret because marriage was banned, and that he was in love with the girl he healed and sent her a card reading ‘From your Valentine’). If the rest of planet earth can ignore an embellished-historical-figure-made-holiday, surely our single readers should have no trouble doing the same.

Time To Get Inspired By Hannah Nesich Let’s rewind a month, shall we? You were probably stretched out on the living room futon, scouring the channels so you could shamelessly indulge in your “Skins” obsession. You had a melting tub of Ben and Jerry’s finest in one hand and the other was grasping a computer’s mouse, while you read the constant stream of winter break status updates. The only literature you had read since you left your final exams was the summary of every “Modern Family” episode on the Netflix guide. Maybe you worked over winter break, darting around a restaurant or standing behind a cash register at the mall; going slowly but surely insane. Still, it was a break from school, a beautiful, unadulterated break from deadlines, exams and lectures. As January 23rd rolled around, the thought of diving back into the homework, the studying, the commitments, and of course, the stress, was enough to make anyone less than thrilled to return. Inevitably we had to return, so now what? Now is the time to embrace the spring semester and get inspired to make it the best yet! Avant Garde decided to ask students like you what inspires them at the beginning of a new semester:

← “I was excited to come back to the ceramics studio. I missed the terracotta stains on my hands!” – Ashleigh Thomas, sophomore, pre-art education

← “I genuinely missed being able to just walk for 10 minutes and be with friends regardless of what direction I went in...”

“I couldn’t wait to take art classes this semester and to see my friends. And to get away from my parents, sorry mom…” Kayla Noble, Sophomore Undeclared →

← “The sweet smell of mocha chip muffins being carried beneath my nose by a crisp, clean, earthy breeze. That is what I was looking forward to.” – Ryan Michaels, Sophomore, Fine Arts

“Going a month without roasted red pepper soup from Jazzman’s was torture. Easily my winter inspiration.” Cory Spraker Sophomore, Visual Arts→

These are just of the countless inspirations shared by New Paltz students, now it’s time to create your own! Talk to someone new, join a club, strengthen an interest, anything to shake the dust off from the break and ease into a new semester. Whatever you decide to do, it’s time to embrace this semester, and let yourself become inspired!

– Linda Wessberg, Junior, English

February 2012 • The Exclusives


Valentine’s Day From His Perspective By Brittanie Leigh

A dozen red roses, a box of heart shaped chocolates, and a candle lit dinner may be a woman’s definition of a perfect Valentine’s Day, but what about him? What does he want out of the day?

Five male SUNY New Paltz students, three single and two in relationships, were interviewed about their thoughts on Valentine’s Day. “To me it’s a day to remind your significant other of how much you care and love them by going out of the way to make their day,” said Eric Groglin, Junior. Guys view Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show their significant other a side of them that wouldn’t normally be socially acceptable, according to Grogin, a business major at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Evan Martel, a Finance and Marketing major at SUNY New Paltz comments, “I think it’s a great plot for Hallmark, flower companies, and restaurants to stimulate business and increase consumer spending.” When a man says he will do anything for the woman he loves on Valentine’s Day, it usually means reaching into his wallet, according to the Senior. What is a guy’s ideal Valentine’s Day like? David Valencia, senior and International Business major at New Paltz, said it would be a romantic evening with his loved one. “My idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day is to buy whoever my loved one is a dozen roses with a box of her favorite candy,” Valencia said. He would also take her out to a hibachi restaurant for dinner and end the night by going ice-skating, or renting a movie to watch at home on the couch. Connor Mascola, a senior, thinks that a perfect Valentine’s Day is to be completely content with your relationship status, whether you’re single or taken. “Ideally it would be spending time with my girlfriend and enjoying each other’s company, but


That’s What He Said • February 2012

if I were single I would be completely okay with that,” Mascola said. Individuals in relationships feel pressured on Valentine’s Day, because they’re unsure of what type of gift to get their boyfriend or girlfriend. Single people feel lonely because they don’t have someone to enjoy the day with. Either way there is some level of uncertainty or discomfort, according to Mascola. So what kind of gifts do guys really want on Valentine’s Day? It’s a hard question because the day generally focuses on women. Many gifts consist of fluffy stuffed animals and flowers. Grogin informs readers, he would be happy with a nice card. Valencia would enjoy peanut M&Ms and gummy bears. Martel said he wouldn’t expect anything, because the holiday is catered to women. Mascola argued, that it would be nice to get a present, but it isn’t that important.

Matt Lanzano, a junior, said that for physical gifts he would like wine and chocolate but he has bigger plans for his girlfriend on February 14th. The Marketing major planned a romantic evening for her; however, the plans must be kept secret. (I don’t want to ruin any surprises!)

“Valentine’s Day is a great reminder of the importance of love and companionship, in the hustle and bustle of the 21st century,” Lanzano said. “There is a lot of separation between the modern take on love and love in a classical sense.”

Who Would You Be? By Chris Almanzar

Black History Month, is a time where influential African Americans are celebrated and recognized for their struggle and dedication for the progression of equal rights. Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass, Maya Angelou, Josephine Baker, Malcolm X, Fannie Lou Hammer, are just the few of many who are admired from the past. The State University of New York at New Paltz males were questioned on their favorite African American male figure in history? If you could go back in time and be any African American figure who has contributed to Black History who would it be and why? I received quite a variety. Alex Chalyy, 28, Electrical Engineering- would also be Malcolm X.

“He’s the man,” stated Alex. Malcolm X was very active, passionate, aggressive and intelligent. He also received a lot of love from the ladies.

Ben Golden, 20, Junior, Radio/TV Production- would be Sami Davis Jr. Sami was a breakout black entertainer who was in predominately in white clubs. “He brought black music to a mainstream audience… he was classic cool,” stated Ben.

Quincy Watts, 21, Junior, Economics- would be Michael Jordan. “He was one of the greatest basketball players,” stated Quincy. Michael Jordan set the standard and was a great role model for young men. Kondwani Jackson, 23, Senior, Black Studies and Sociology- Ahmed Baba.

He was a philosopher, a priest and a teacher. He owned the greatest and largest library in West Africa. He was even called a prophet. He was one of the greatest scholars in West Africa at the time. “He reminds me of Kaba in a way,” stated Kondwani. Professor Kaba is one of our great professors here in the Black Studies Department. Photos by Caroline Budinich

Inspiring African American Women

On Campus

By Jordan Wilkinson

Photos by Caroline Budinich

Every February, we are reminded of the heritage, stories and accomplishments of African American individuals in this country. This year, instead of giving another history lesson on Rosa Parks or Harriet Tubman, we decided to interview successful African American women on campus to hear what they have to say about their heritage:

Krystal Miller Age: 21 Major: psychology Year: fourth year What is your ethnic heritage? African, Jamaican. Who is someone who you respect? Why? I look up to many black women who are doing things with their lives. Most importantly, doing important things for the community and their families. What are your future aspirations? I have plans on getting my license to become a clinical social worker so I can work in my community and focus on youth of color. I want to see more youth centers, more health centers. Do you feel that your heritage influences your character and/ or self-worth? It does because it’s not something I can hide. I walk around being a black woman, it is what I am. I’m black and I’m Caribbean. I take pride in it. I hope to pass down these ideals onto my children and hope they’re proud of it too. What are these ideals? There’s a rich culture behind being someone of African descent that isn’t taught in the history books. Pride comes from knowing who you are. How can we expect our black youth to be proud of a “history” that “started” with slavery? I want them to learn the truth, that’s the most important thing.


The Exclusives • February 2012

Ayanna Thomas Age: 20 Major: political science, Black Studies minor Year: fourth year What is your ethnic heritage? African American but I have Jamaican roots from my dad and my mom is half Puerto Rican, half African American. Who is someone who you respect? Why? My dad. He’s my true inspiration, I wouldn’t be where I am without him. He pushed me to my limit and wanted me to achieve my highest standard. I consider him to be the most important figure in my life and I must credit all my accomplishments to him. He forced me to read books and write papers and be the best I could be. A couple occasions where I’d write papers, he was basically my English teacher and he would edit them. Ever since then I’ve never turned in a paper I didn’t put my best effort in. I’ll always make sure they’re perfect. What are your future aspirations? I’ll be done with all my law school applications this Saturday and I’ll be taking the LSATS this weekend again. I wish to become an education lawyer, they represent student

interest, each college or public school/ institution has lawyers to represent students. I want to work for the National Department of Education and push for policies that will benefit underrepresented students. I want to push for more policies that incorporate different learning styles. Schools should be more inclusive of different learning styles. Do you feel that your heritage influences your character and/or self-worth? Definitely. Just the whole theme of empowerment, self-reliance, determination, definition, empowering women that they can be something. Do what you want do, aspire to be something better, not to let anyone deter themselves from accomplishing their goals. I had professors tell me my scores weren’t good enough for law school but we shouldn’t be deterred from the small portion of people who are trying to push us down. Looking at research on the achievement gap, there is so much media coverage on how the Black/Latino achievement gap is so despairing. It doesn’t encourage people to do better for themselves, it makes them feel discouraged.

Ramelle Liverpool Age: 18 Major: Undeclared. Year: first-year student. What is your ethnic heritage? African American Who is someone who you respect? Why? My mother because she does everything for me. She’s a single mother and pays for me to go to school. She adopted me, so that means she chose me. I think we’re both amazing people. What are your future aspirations? After New Paltz, I hope to go into music marketing, then I hope to become a manager. The genre is dying out so I want to be as close to artist as possible, specially female artists, because they don’t get the recognition they deserve. Do you feel that your heritage influences your character and/or self-worth? Absolutely. I feel like being black, you’re forced into embracing your heritage. We have to learn black history, it’s not a choice. Being black influences everything I do and who I am. As a black woman, media says you’re not beautiful, but the real world says I am. It’s part of my drive, to always be the best. It’s definitely every part of me, especially coming from Brooklyn. I don’t want to be a stereotype, another statistic, a dropout.

February 2012 • The Exclusives


A Homemade Heart:

By Zameena Mejia

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Oversized stuffed animals, heart shaped boxes filled with assorted chocolates, and roses of every natural and artificial color out there, sadly, there’s no escaping the frenzy that is Valentine’s Day. For those looking for a special twist to the same old Valentine’s Day gifts, here are a few homemade goodies for the special people in your life: 1) Scrapbook: At the most basic level, all you need is paper (pinks and reds to match the Valentine spirit), a hole puncher, string for the binding, and glue. You can use colored markers or pens, and magazine clip-outs or photos that reflect fond memories. This project leaves plenty of room for creativity and personalization. It’s a sentimental gift that reveals a decent amount of effort. 2) Cake pops: Instead of the usual box of notso-great chocolates, why not jump on the cake pop trend? They’re exactly what they sound like: cake on a stick. Made popular by Starbucks, these treats are simple to make and allow you to have fun with flavors and decorations. You can even make them with your sweetie! You can find all sorts of recipes at websites like TheKitchn. com and CakePopsRecipes. 3) Modge Podge something special: I spent a lot of time at Starbucks with a friend last semester, so much that I decided to preserve the cup of the last drink we had together. I rinsed out the cup with a little water, soap and glossed it over with Modge Podge sealant that I bought from a local art store. The process took no longer than an hour. I was able to keep my name and the de-


The Exclusives • February 2012

tails of my order intact. You can do the same with just about anything else, perhaps Modge Podge a receipt, a photo, a leaf, gum wrappers, anything your Valentine might find endearing. It’s a personalized gift and preserves a chapter of a memory for years to come! You can top all of these gifts off by putting them in a bag you decorated yourself. Instead of paying $5 for a generic Valentine’s Day bag, why not make your own? Buy a red/white/pink/black bag, get some contrasting-colored tissue paper, and decorate the outside with sticker letters. You can alsospell out a special message or even attach your Valentine’s Day card on the outside. The rest is for you to add your special touch!

Stay Healthy This Valentine’s Day By Kaitlyn Vella

When most people think of Valentine’s Day, they don’t normally think of their health. They think of boyfriends or girlfriends, love or lust, happiness or sadness, chocolates and heart shaped candy, cards and flowers, but health never really seems to cross anyone’s mind. It’s just like any other day, right? Wrong. Whether you’re single, taken, or confused with your relationship status, your health will most likely be affected on this day whether you want it to or not. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day of expressing and celebrating love. It comes to no surprise that many people across the world engage in sexual activities on this day. It is extremely important that when doing so, couples stay safe and protected. First and foremost if you plan on having sex this Valentine’s Day (or any day for that matter) make sure you ask your partner if they’ve been tested for STDs. It is important that you get tested as well. Even if you think you’re safe, is it vital that you get tested. If your partner hasn’t been tested either, go together! Another way to stay protected is to always make sure to use a condom. On top of helping protect against STDs, it can also help prevent pregnancy. Most importantly though, make sure both you and your partner consent to all sexual activities. If you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t have to have sex!

If you don’t have a partner this Valentine’s Day, you still have some health concerns to worry about! While I’m all for watching sappy love movies and crying all night with my favorite men, Ben & Jerry, I know it’s vital to actually watch what I eat on Valentine’s Day. This “holiday” can end up being just like another Halloween. Everywhere you go people are handing out chocolate, sweethearts, cookies, and cupcakes! Plus if you’re depressed about being alone, it is almost impossible to not constantly eat candy, chips, and ice cream. Instead of sulking and pigging out all day, get a group of your other single friends and do something fun! Don’t think about the fact that you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, and just embrace the fact that you have friends and family who love you for you. Hopefully that can help you get out of your funk, and therefore get you out of eating triple your weight in junk food! No worries, having a little candy, ice cream, or chocolate isn’t terrible! Just make sure you eat it all in moderation so you don’t get sick! It’s important to remember your health this Valentine’s Day whether you’re single, taken, or somewhere in between. Stay protected, watch what you eat, and make this Valentine’s Day a healthy one!

Love The Shade of Skin You Are In! By Caterina De Gaetano Pain is beauty, but being beautiful doesn’t always have to be painful. People have always gone to great lengths to change or enhance an aspect of their physical appearance in order to look good, even if the consequences were harmful. Recently, tanning one’s skin has become the new bad fad. Young men and women try to maintain a natural looking summer glow all year round through a variety of methods such as tanning beds, unprotected sun exposure, spray-ons and tanning creams. Some of these tanning mechanisms can come with a heavy price. Mom always told you to wear your sunscreen. She had a reason! Ultraviolet Radiation, or UV rays, is a harmful light ray emitted from both the sun and tanning lights, used in beds. Although you may think your glowing skin is attractive, your skin cells might not agree. The discoloration or tan which develops on skin actually results from the natural response to excessive light exposure. If you constantly bronze your skin this may result in different forms of skin cancer like Carcinoma or Melanoma. Tanning bed lovers are also at a higher risk of developing skin cancer than sun bathers. Results of skin cancer include pus-filled, irritating sores.

I don’t mind being ‘paler’ Music Therapy major, Page McIntyre confessed, “Personally, I like to be tan. I will spend hours in the sun without sunscreen and sometimes I go to tanning salons, even though it is expensive and causes skin cancer. I just think it makes me look better and clears up my skin.” Insecurity about walking around with fair skin seems to be a recurring factor among young women. Nicole Carolei, 20, full time waitress in Poughkeepsie, expressed similar feelings in regards to her own skin tone. “I like tanning. I hate being pale. If I could, I would tan all year round because being pale isn’t my favorite thing to be.” This dislike of pale skin has been influenced by the media. With the rise of reality shows like Jersey Shore, an emphasis is put on being tan and depicts lighter skinned


Health & Beauty • February 2012

individuals as unattractive. Third-year student Katie Maus stated, “The media definitely encourages having a “healthy glow”. It’s the Jersey Shore guys’ motto: gym TAN laundry.” Several times throughout Jersey Shore, the characters complain about pale people, calling them ugly. If darker skin can be embraced, why can’t lighter skin be? Commenting on his own skin tone, first-year, Vincent Ferarra feels confident about his pale skin color, “I think tanning is a personal decision. I don’t mind being ‘paler’ according to other people. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m of European decent and it is part of my heritage.” There are healthy alternatives to tanning beds and unprotected sun exposure for those who still find it necessary to maintain a healthy glow. Although these items cause skin stains, random brownish spots, and an orange appearance on the skin, spray tans and Jergen’s tanning lotion are all safe alternatives to UV ray exposure. The bottom line is ladies and gentlemen, you should try to accept the color of the skin you were born with because no matter what shade of color it is, you are beautiful. Your skin color is a part of you and something you should learn to love, despite what the people around you say.

Avant-Garde’s Valentine’s Day Launch Party On February 13, 2012, Avant-Garde Magazine celebrated it’s Spring 2012 Launch Party. Hosted by the staff, the Launch Party included a photo booth for the New Paltz students who attended the program, a raffle giving away a free photo shoot in our March 2012 issue, snacks, sweets, and Valentine’s Day arts and crafts. Take a look at some of the photos from the photo booth. Congratulations on Elizabeth Yakobashvili for winning the photo shoot!

February 2012


Horoscopes BIRTHDAY MONTH Pisces (Feb 19. - March 20) - Your career objectives are admirable, but something crucial is missing from your strategy. Stay optimistic in order to not jump to the wrong conclusions, or misinterpret messages. Stay open to change as well, because it may help you reach what you need. Fortunately, you have more time than before. Hopefully you’ll have a clear picture of what you need to do soon. ARIES (Mar. 21 – April 19) – It is time for you to remove unwanted people and things from your life. You’ll need some space and freedom this month. Although your life might seem a little slow, just remember that slow and steady wins the race. Emotion and sensitivity might run high for a while, but remember that it is only temporarily. Do not let it leave you vulnerable. Stay strong.

TAURUS (April 20- May 20) - You’ve experienced a lot of change last year, but be glad because things will finally begin to balance themselves. Do not be scatter-brained; stay focused on yourself and your job. Long term projects may seem hopeless, but do not worry or lose heart. There is plenty of time.

LEO (July 23- Aug. 22) - This will be a very creative year for you and don’t miss the opportunities to shine. Your wishes and aspirations shall materialize. You might have to make some sacrifices for your family, but remember it is only because things will get better. Take life as it comes in a positively. There will be moments of laziness, but beware that only strong actions shall give good rewards in life. Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept. 22) - Whatever creativity lays in your mind shall be exposed to the world. In fact, bring it to the world. Do not be afraid of judgment, all your efforts will be met with praise. Express yourself as best as possible, because it is time to showcase your abilities. Be optimistic and try to avoid any negativity that will creep in. Do not bring negative people into your life, they will only suck away your happiness. LIBRA (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) -

GEMINI (May 21- June 20) – Your mind is filled with new goals and new wishes, and be happy because it will be an eventful month. You need to come out of your shell and take some adventures, meet some new people, do something exciting! All those past grudges and memories need to disappear. Make peace with the people in your life. Remember, a sound soul is a sound mind and body.

CANCER (June 21- July 22) – There are some major changes in relationships in store. Some of these will be hard to face because they will shatter, but it will be for the better. Avoid depending on others. Keep your cool and do whatever feels right. Remain calm, because anger and misery won’t get you anywhere.


February 2012

Your life will be happier and lighter this year. You’ll have a lot of freedom. Do not let others control you or your actions. New relationships will blossom and they will bring peace and harmony. You will be living your life freely so try not to miss deadlines, otherwise they’ll drift with the wind.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) - You’re passing through a new phase in your life, leaving behind the past that haunted you during the previous months. Many important decisions regarding your career and personal life will rise, so think wisely about your decisions. Do not stay idle or lazy. It’s just a passing phase. Remember, once time is lost it can never be regained.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) – The difficulties you had the year before have finally disappeared. Your power and authority will certainly increase this year, however do not abuse it. You’ll have a lot of potential energy and it will lead you through the road of success. You will need to look at things in retrospect to make your decisions, though. Don’t procrastinate!

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) – Although you’re tempted to lose yourself in dreams, there is no time to waste. Do anything you can to get a head start on the unavoidable work in front of you. The more you accomplish now, the easier tomorrow will be. You are ambitious, chase that ambition and let it lead you to success.

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18) - You believe anything is possible, but you do not acknowledge your limitations. Try not to push yourself or else that will tire you. On the plus side, this is a positive attitude and it will transform an impossible task into something that can be accomplished. Work toward your goals, but give yourself some extra time to turn your hopes into realities.

Keeping You Posted:

Upcoming Events! Miss Representation Movie Showing Thursday March 29, 2012


6:00-8:00 PM Room 62/63

Operation Beautiful Thursday April 4, 2012


8:00-10:00PM Honors Center

About the Film: Like drawing back a curtain to let bright light stream in, Miss Representation uncovers a glaring reality we live with every day but fail to see. Written and directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the film exposes how mainstream media contribute to the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America. The film challenges the media’s limited and often disparaging portrayals of women and girls, which make it difficult for women to achieve leadership positions and for the average woman to feel powerful herself.

The mission of Operation Beautiful, started by Caitlin Boyle is to end negative self-talk. The goal is to leave as many Operation Beautiful notes as we can on campus in order to reverse the negative outlooks women have on themselves. Through this movement, we intend to encourage individuals to feel empowered, accomplished, loved and most importantly, beautiful. Join us in creating notes, discussions, and activities targeted in creating empowerment within our society.

- Come join Avant-Garde Magazine and R.E.A.L. in the viewing of Miss Representation and discussions about the media’s portrayal of women.

February 2012


Grapic Designers:


Daniel Monroig Nicolette Seeback

Anna Boyd Mackenzie Palma

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.


- Hellen Keller

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