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Centennial Campaign Comes to a Close

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Alumnus Lands at NASA

The career of Luke Kochmanski ’07 is blasting off. He wanted to work with NASA while enrolled in courses with Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology Daniel J. Miller ’83. Miller helped Kochmanski land a summer internship at the Idaho National ­Laboratory Center for Space Nuclear Research. more on page 14

Roos House Growing

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Highest Ranking Military Alumnus


The College’s highest ranking military alumnus has been promoted. New York Guard Commander Fergal Foley ’80 became a Major General when New York State Governor David A. Patterson presented him with his second star on July 16. General Foley was involved with coordinating response and relief efforts during 9/11.

After Canton

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q New Housing on the Horizon

Within the next 18 months, the sun may rise over a new residence hall on the east end of campus. College officials are moving forward with a plan to build an apartment-style residence hall featuring 304 single-occupancy rooms adjacent to the Cooper Service Complex and the University Police facility. “This project, along with our new athletic facilities, will change the personality of our campus,” said SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy. “These living areas will be designed like apartments suitable for upperclassmen, and they’ll be more appropriate for students wanting to live on campus for four years.”

In order to expedite the construction process, the College is financing the new construction through an independent housing corporation. Total project costs are currently estimated at approximately $22 million. One building, containing approximately 150 new beds, may possibly be ready for students as soon as the Spring 2011 semester. The current scheduled completion date of the entire project is for Summer 2011. “Our record-setting enrollment growth over the past several years has pushed us to find ways to make this new residence happen as quickly as possible,” said Vice President for Advancement

Habitat Links Students   } and Alums


David M. Gerlach ’83. “As the number of four-year students increases, the maturation of our campus environment needs to mirror that growth to appropriately accommodate their expectations and needs.” The building is designed with large windows to maximize daylight, has incorporated quiet study areas, and a coffee shop. Other student-focused amenities include a large open courtyard that will allow ample space for recreation and outdoor activities. The new buildings will be constructed to meet or exceed LEED Silver Certification, and approximately 50 percent of all building materials will be made of recycled content.

Students and alumni recently joined forces to work with Habitat for Humanity in Hendersonville, SC, to build homes for the less fortunate. Fourteen alumni rallied with the student Habitat chapter during their annual alternative spring break. “Some worked hand in hand with the students, and others attended a wonderful pot luck dinner hosted by Jim and Nancy Wert ’57 at their home,” Alumni and Foundation Associate Kelly Obermayer said. During the trip, the students stopped in Historic Gettysburg, PA, and toured the Civil War battlefield. The College is already in the process of scheduling another alternative spring break reunion with the Habitat club and Pennsylvania-based alums for a building session in Lebanon, PA.

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| Roos House Growing ROOS HOUSE TOUR - Pictured are (l to r) Vice President for Advancement David M. Gerlach ’83; Curtis Kellison ’09, C&S Construction Company Intern and Construction Technology: Management major; James Tyler, owner of Northland Associates; Lynn Basiliere, C&S Construction Manager; Tom Coakley, Foundation Board Member and Finance and Investment Committee member; and SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy. The group recently toured the expansive convocation, athletic, and recreation center construction site. 


Keep up with the latest progress at Brothers John ’59 and Mike Ward ’66 of Brasher Falls have spent their busy lives involved with their businesses and their communities. The Ward Family owned and operated the Ward’s Hotel in Brasher Falls for nearly 20 years until it burned in 1981. Shortly thereafter, the brothers opened Erin’s Isle Restaurant (North) in Brasher Falls and Erin’s Isle Restaurant (South) in Naples, FL. “I like challenges, and I like to stay busy,” John said recently. “Both Mike and I feel deeply about community and our businesses have reflected that over the years.” The Brasher Falls businesses now include Riverside Campground and a nine-hole mini golf course. The brothers continue to be heavily involved with the progress of their communities and its residents and visitors. John has played an integral role in the revitalization of downtown Brasher Falls. Mike spends most of his time in Naples with his wife Terry. John and his wife Maureen, reside in Brasher Falls. “Actually, it has been a rewarding time,” Mike recently told the Marco News in Florida. “Many of our younger customers became friends over the years and now they come back with their families. It’s always been about families throughout the 25 years.”

Brasher Brothers North and South

John Ward ’59

After Canton



q Bishop Bill’s Soaring Life

Imagine being on an airplane full of explosives that’s on fire and has a hole ripped through its side. The odds of survival are bleak. That may read like an opening script to a Hollywood thriller, but it’s not. It’s part of the life of “Bishop” Bill Ingraham ’47, who enrolled at Canton ATI after he somehow survived that ill-fated flight. While on his sixth mission over Germany during WW II, Ingraham’s B-17 bomber was hit by a German anti-aircraft missile. The radio room where he was working was transformed into ribbons of metal and indistinguishable shards of equipment. “We lost two people on my crew,” Ingraham said. “I was one of the lucky ones.” After the flack hit them, Ingraham hastily grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the blaze in his section of the plane. The crippled aircraft was leaking fuel from the impact. “It was a miracle that the whole plane didn’t explode,” he said. Partially deafened from the blast, Ingraham sent out an emergency distress signal using a hand-cranked radio, which was the only working piece of Ingraham’s equipment left intact. After the impact, the bombs in the plane’s payload would not deploy and were set to detonate. Ingraham and another crewmember pried them lose before they exploded inside the plane. The plane suddenly dropped from 35,000 feet

to about 12,000 feet, and the pilot was flying with almost no controls or gauges. He ordered the surviving crewmen to parachute to safety and then somehow managed to land the plane. In 1945, Ingraham was awarded with a Purple Heart for his injuries during that mission. He also received the Airman’s Medal with Four Oak Leaf Clusters and a Distinguished Flying Cross. After an honorable discharge, he began his Canton ATI career under the tutelage of several College legends, including Professor Emeritus Richard W. Miller. After graduating, Ingraham re-enlisted for the Berlin Airlift and remained in the U.S. Air Force until 1967. He met his wife Mergot while in Paris, France, in 1951. “Much of what I learned at College helped me in my future career,” he said. An eventual job with Bendix Corp., which had a contract with NASA to track satellites, saw Ingraham stationed all over the world. “After College I had all of these wonderful assignments,” Ingraham said. “I consider myself very lucky.”

“It was a miracle that the whole plane didn’t explode.”


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Veterans Assoc. Formed on Campus


SUNY Canton has a deep, rich history of serving military members, veterans, and their families. In that tradition, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Robert Edwards, who is himself a veteran, has re-established the SUNY Canton Veterans Association. “One of our goals is to connect students, dependents, and alumni who serve or have served in the U.S. Armed Forces,” he said. “This group needs to know they are welcomed, they are not alone, and we are here to assist them in any way possible.” The group is open to veterans from all generations and branches of service and is also open to community members. For more information, contact Edwards at or 315.386.7666. The College’s faculty and staff includes an impressive number of veterans, including President Joseph L. Kennedy.

President Joseph L. Kennedy Ft. Greely, Alaska, 1971 1st Lieutenant U.S. Army Chemical Corps Officer

The Veterans Association has been collecting photographs of SUNY Canton veterans during their active duty. These images, along with photographs from alumni and students, will be displayed on campus.

Asst. Prof. Tom Dempsey Commissioned 1969 2nd Lieutenant U.S. Marine Corp.

Assoc. Prof. William Fassinger Somalia, 1993 1st Sergeant U.S. Army Military Police

Highest Ranking (continued from cover)

General Foley served as the Department of Defense Chief of Staff and Acting Commander for the Joint Task Force “Operation World Trade Center” in Sept., 2001. During the Spring 2009 semester, Gen­­­eral Foley returned to SUNY Canton and presented his first-hand account of the events surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He spoke to a full house at the College’s Kingston Theater and answered numerous questions following his presentation. General Foley was the president of the College’s Veterans Association as a student.

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q Gov. Patterson at SUNY Canton

New York State Democratic Executive Committee Chairwoman June F. O’Neill introduced Gov. Patterson to several students, including a very excited Otis M. Williams ’11, a Liberal Arts student from the Bronx.

Hello, this is Dana… q

Dana Woods ’13 of Gouverneur helps the SUNY Canton Foundation during the Fall 2009 Phonathon.

The SUNY Canton Alumni and Development Offices are hoping to connect with you. Do we have your email addres and latest updates? Looking to make a donation? Please email us at


Bridge to Success  q

R. Peter Heffering ’51 and his wife Apryll made a special trip to Canton from Port Perry, Ontario, to meet with their Bridge to Success Scholarship recipients. Peter was recently inducted into the prestigious Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame for his impressive contributions as a breeder of Holstein cattle and Standardbred horses. His Hanover Hill Holstein herd was arguably one of the most famous Holstein herds in the world. Pictured are (l to r) back row, Johmarr Ogletree ’11, Marah Thompson ’11, Apryll, Peter, Constantina DeLuca ’11; front row, Tracy Thompson (Marah’s mother), Adam Benedict ’11, Jonathan Stahl and his fiancé Krista Briggs ’10.

After Canton

Centennial Campaign Comes to a Close } The largest and most comprehensive fundraising campaign in SUNY Canton’s 100-year history was concluded at this fall’s Scholarship Luncheon. It was a celebration of success. “We’ve reached a high-water mark in the history of the College,” said SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy. “Every donation from $2 to $2 million has helped us reach this point and has made a difference in the lives of our students.” The SUNY Canton Centennial Campaign was launched in 2003 with the goal of raising $10 million by 2010. Campaign Co-Chairs Ronald L. Woodcock ’59 and his wife Blanche (honorary alumna ’06) announced the campaign’s end after raising a grand total of just over $11.3 million. The College’s previous campaign raised about $1 million. “Much of our fundraising efforts will be used for scholarships,” Ron Blanche K. ’06 and Ronald L. Woodcock ’59 said. “When people give to SUNY Canton, they give to help students unveil the ceremonial plaque commemoratget the best education possible and launch a career. A SUNY Canton ing the Centennial Campaign. education is a worthy investment because it supports students and their families, while also benefitting the North Country.” Ron Woodcock received a scholarship while enrolled as a student. Recognizing the importance of scholarships and witnessing the benefits to students at the annual Scholarship Luncheon, he and his wife endowed a Woodcock Family Scholarship to assist students in the engineering technology fields. Their leadership and generosity have led the College to dedicate the Alumni Mikel Kelso ’10, House and a wing of conference suites in their honor. Air Cond. Eng. David Walker “We had a series of key donations that helped us reach our goal ahead Tech. ’12, Alt. Renew. of schedule,” Blanche noted. “Our donors are truly remarkable, and we can’t Eng. Sys. Ryan Coon ’10, thank them enough for their extraordinary generosity.” Air Cond. Eng. (See pages 8 and 9 for more on the Centennial Campaign and its wonderful Tech. donors.) In honor of the Woodcock’s devotion and enthusiasm to SUNY Canton and Prof. Emeritus Harry King ’40 their inspirational leadership during the Centennial Campaign, the College’s Alumni and Foundation Boards of Directors dedicated a new decorative courtyard clock to adorn Roselle Academic Plaza. As a surprise, the Woodcocks Paige were asked to unveil the clock and a ceremonial plaque denoting their continRoome ’11, ued commitment to the College. Nursing, with Donna “Words can’t express our gratitude to Ron and Blanche,” said Vice PresiBridgman of dent for Advancement David M. Gerlach ’83. “They are inspirational, and their the Potsdam devotion to SUNY Canton has been a driving force behind the success of the Hospital Centennial Campaign.” Guild. Donors and scholars enjoy the 2009 Scholarship Luncheon and Centennial Campaign closing ceremony.

Joel W. Canino ’87 with the Baldwinsville High School Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship recipients, Brandon Baxter ’10, Eric Schreiber ’11, Brennan Dellamore ’11, and George F. “Fred” Dennison, co-sponsor of the scholarship for Charles W. Baker High School students. All students are in the Air Conditioning Engineering Technology program.

After Canton


SUNY Canton Foundation

The most successful fundraising cam been commemorated with a ceremonial Woodcock Conference Suite of the Rich two pages replicate the top half of the d most memorable highlights, while page displays more than 3,800 donor names.

Centenn Cam

Centennial Campaign Co-Chairs RONALD L. ’59 and BLANCHE K. ’06 WOODCOCK, 2008: Woodcock Conference Suite, 2008: Blanche K. Woodcock Alumni House

2 Nelta M. and John L. ’49 Halford, Sr., 2005: John L. Halford, Sr., Lobby Dedication 2007: Halford HVAC/ ARES Equipment Endowment carol L. AND joel m. ’59 Canino, 2005: Joel M. Canino School of Engineering Technology

President Joseph L. Kennedy, Blanche K. ’06 and Ronald L. ’59 Woodcock, 2006: Centennial Campaign Reception hosted by the Woodcocks in Naples, FL


Bernard C. ’65 and Jane M. Regan, 2006: Regan Flag Station, Bernard C. Regan Family Endowed Scholarship Gift

After Canton

mpaign in the history of the College has l wall exhibit proudly displayed in the hard W. Miller Campus Center. These display showing some of the campaign’s 16 duplicates the bottom half, which .

nial mpaign

Professor Emeritus Richard W. Miller, 2004: Richard W. Miller Campus Center

2003-2009 RachAel M. and son Timothy J. ’85 Bagley, inset–Leon E. Bagley ’48, 2006: Leon and Rachael Bagley Endowed Scholarship Gift

2006: SUNY Canton Centennial Campaign Gala

Professor Emeritus Herman W. Kalberer, 2003: Herman W. Kalberer Estate Gift

Dr. G. Michael and Barbara N. Maresca, 2007: Maresca Family Endowment for Nursing Education

After Canton


faceted human service agency located in Oswego County.

q Class Notes southeastern Indiana in 1982. He has two stepdaughters, a daughter, a son, and seven grandchildren. He has lived his life fully and lives by the motto “make them smile… some when you enter the room and some when you leave.”

Thank you to all of the alumni who updated us on their lives for this edition of Class Notes. Please be sure to be included in our next After Canton by e-mailing us at

SOA (1906-1941) ATI (1941-1965)

Bernard M. Riley, Jr. ’59, Cameron Park, CA, worked 31 years for Pacific Gas & Electric Company in San Francisco as a field engineer and retired in 1995. He enjoys spending his time with family and doing genealogy research. Bernard is married to Jean A. Vaadi, with two daughters, Coreen E. Riley and Erin C. Riley Kelley, and one granddaughter, Teagen Rose Riley, who will turn two in December.


50 Reunion Reminder June 11-13, 2010 th

ATC (1965-1987) Martha A. (Yanik) Neri ’71, Williamsville, manages several small libraries and archives in the Buffalo area. Martha is a part-time librarian for the oldest school for girls in Western New York and the first archivist for the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy. She and her husband enjoy traveling to North Syracuse to visit their first grandchild. Thomas M. Scharf ’71, Malone, and his wife Katherine have a 26-year-old son, Jason. After Canton, Thomas graduated from SUNY Oswego with a bachelor’s degree in Technology Education. He started his own


Marijane S. Hynes ’75, Bethesda, MD, taught medicine for several years after being an intensive care nurse. She is married and has an 11-yearold child. She loves SUNY Canton and credits it with giving her a start in the health field.

Reneé Damon ’83, DeRuyter, has become a national motivational speaker who extols the benefits of leading a clean and sober lifestyle. Damon has been a professional substance abuse counselor for 15 years for both adults and adolescents. She has spoken in many high schools, universities, and correctional facilities to address the results of substance abuse along with sexual assault issues. Damon is a single mother of two college-age children.

QUEST FOR CONGRESS: Doug Hoffman ’70, Lake Placid, was narrowly defeated in the recent race for the United States Congressional seat in New York’s 23rd District. Hoffman’s campaign received national attention as one of the most hotly-contested races in the country. investment firm in 1988 after working as a Financial Consultant for E. F. Hutton in Potsdam for six years. Thomas was a teacher for eight years prior to that. He obtained certified financial planner designation in 1989. He currently has offices in Malone and Massena and was appointed to the National Advisory Council of The Investment Center, Inc., an investment firm in Bridgewater, NJ. Michael B. Conklin ’72, Dewitt, MI, worked for nearly 30 years in the dairy industry for various manufacturers. In 2000, he made a career change and finished his degree in Nursing. He is married with six children, three grandchildren, two dogs, three cats, and a very hectic schedule. David L. Kirkey ’72, was a linguist with the United States Army from 1974 to 1982. In 1992, he married Robin L. Ludwig. He is currently working for the Department of Defense as a Senior Language Analyst. Jeffrey L. Eastman ’72, Athens, TN, is in his 25th as an Altria Territory Sales Manager. He received a bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 1982 from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and an MBA in 2000 from Lincoln Memorial University. Rodney Jones ’73, Batesville, IN, worked for Kodak after graduation until 1995. In 1976, he married his wife who he met in Rochester. They moved to

Arlene T. Jourdan ’76, Rochester, recently celebrated the birth of her first grandchild, Max, who was born in June 2009. Richard A. Long ’76, Rochester, NH, recently joined Munters, Inc., a global leader in desiccant drying solutions. He currently manages their Amesbury, MA, operations. Danny T. Wilson ’79, Cicero, is employed by National Grid and recently was promoted to Substations Work Coordinator for the Syracuse and Central New York Region. Diane S. (Steffen) Cooper-Currier ’80, Oswego, graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland in 1982 and began working with incarcerated youths in Virginia. She returned to New York State and eventually landed in Oswego, working for a non-profit, human service agency. She was married in 1987 and was widowed suddenly in 1997. After the tragedy, she re-established her life, attended graduate school at Syracuse University, graduated with a master’s degree in social work in 2000, and remarried. She has conducted professional training on organizational development and leadership. In 2007, she became CEO of Oswego County Opportunities, Inc., a $28 million multi-

Karen-Anne (Maillox) Doescher ’83, Clifton Park, recently established a children’s technology franchise called Bits, Bytes & Bots. The classes teach students aged 6-14 about robotics, problem solving, and basic computer skills. Information can be located at their website: albany.htm.


25th Reunion Reminder June 11-13, 2010 Gina M. (Ditullio) Bain ’85, Massena, has been employed at the Massena Memorial Hospital for 22 years. She recently opened her own computer repair business, Bain PC Repair.

SUNY Canton (1987-Present) Victor E. Pizzola ’88, Castleton on Hudson, is a detective for the City of Albany’s Forensics Unit. Mark J. Williams ’89, Elmira, is married and has two children. He is the owner and operator of assisted-living facilities in Elmira and Rome, New York. Megan C. Jacob ’90, Canton, is a volunteer in the Chemical Rehab Unit at the Canton-Potsdam Hospital. David T. Pennington ’90, Clarence, co-founded Allcare Dental in 2001.

After Canton

Allcare Dental was voted the 405th fastest growing company in 2008. Visit their website at: Colleen M. Sheridan ’90, Canton, is currently enrolled at SUNY Empire State College working on her bachelor’s degree in Community and Human Services. Her significant other, Robert, resides in Barbados. He is a retired Captain from Air Canada. They met in Potsdam in 2001 and have enjoyed traveling, camping, and spending time with one another. Heather M. (Kelly) Sutliff ’90, Port Crane, writes SUNY Canton is an “A+” school in her book. She will always cherish her Canton experience, the

great campus life, and her wonderful teachers. Dawn M. (Disottle) Brown ’91, Rogersville, AL, is married to Paul Brown and they have three children. She is currently working as an administrative assistant. Annette (Briggs) Hayes ’91, Lake Village, AR, has two daughters, Joslynn (17) and Anna (10). She teaches computer classes as an adjunct faculty member for two colleges. Most of her time is put into her two web stores, which sell outdoor living and hunting products ( and fine home décor ( They have been living in the Deep South for nearly 14 years and, once they adjusted to the summer heat, flat land, deadly insects, and snakes, they were “right as rain.”

Spicer Authors Comic Novel q

Matthew T. McKee ’91, Creedmoor, NC, is currently working as a police officer for the Raleigh Police Department.

Marcus E. Spicer ’91 has created a new science fiction tale of intrigue, romance, and betrayal. Spicer authored “Saviors Among Us: Situation Critical,” using characters he previously created for a comic strip series. The Massena native ran two summer-long comic strip series in the Massena/Potsdam Courier Observer and donated all profits from the sales of the comics to various charities. Spicer currently teaches 7th grade English in Malone, New York. In addition to writing and teaching, he has appeared in an episode of Rescue 911, performed as an Honorary Emcee for the WWE, and worked for several years as an on-air radio personality for 1050 WYBG Radio.

After Canton

Julia M. (Chestnut) Gordon ’92, Malone, works for the New York State Department of Corrections as a Medical Grievance Nurse. She has taken up skydiving and bought a Harley. She is married to Major Mike Gordon, who is currently stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He will be transferring to Fort Drum soon. Keri N. (Johnson) Hendrick ’92, Milton, FL, married Christian M. Hendrick in 1999. They have three little girls. Jane C. Hopke ’92, Plover, WI, recently started a new position as a Reimbursement Analyst with Ministry Health Care in Stevens, Wisconsin. Natalie A. (Morrow) Porter ’92, LaFargeville, worked nine years as a veterinary technician. She returned to SUNY Potsdam for her master’s in Education. She has been teaching fifth grade at Watertown School District. She

recently gave birth to her third daughter. Kimberly A. (Stone) Baderman ’93, Rodman, says that Dr. Pellegrino was the best teacher, and Morgan Anderson was the reason she attended SUNY Canton. Lauren M. (Evans) Beauchamp ’93, Las Vegas, NV, moved to San Francisco, California, after graduation, but now lives in Las Vegas and is currently working as a realtor. Her daughter, Ashley, is four years old.

Mow and Tow: Don Ashley ’89 and Rick Reynolds ’75 got together on the St. Lawrence River this past summer. Don has retired from General Motors and is now an independent electrical inspector. He and his wife Judy are co-owners of the renowned Phillips Diner in Ogdensburg. Rick and his wife Sharon ’75 own Chicopee Bay Campground in Red Mills. Rick is also retired from GM and is currently the site manager at the former GM plant in Massena. Sharon is a senior systems analyst for Alcoa Aluminum Operations in Massena.

Douglas D. Dumont ’93, Newport Beach, CA, has been working for CDM, Inc., since 1995.

Susan L. Farr ’93, Schenectady, started working at GE a few months after graduation. She loved attending SUNY Canton. Sean W. Flaherty ’93, Webster, graduated from MCC in 1995 with an associate’s degree in Biotechnology. In 1997, he graduated from University of Rochester with a degree in Molecular Genetics and completed his master’s degree in 2006. Jodie F. Payne ’93, Statesville, NC, works for Fischbein Company as an Executive/Human Resources Administrator in Statesville, North Carolina. Ronald H. LaSalle ’94, Morganton, NC, is the CEO of Burke Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. Daniel P. Tanuis, Jr. ’94, Brasher Falls, is currently active in the U.S. Air Force. Kathy L. (Yoder) Ainsworth ’95, Sanford, NC, loved SUNY Canton! The Mortuary Science program was the best. Bruce W. Balch ’95, Saranac Lake, is currently working as an Advisory Engineer for IBM. He is working on his 10th patent and has been in three technology publications.

Melissa (Wright) Cummings ’95, Potsdam, attended SUNY Potsdam after graduation. She now teaches 7th grade Life Science at Norwood-Norfolk Central School. Christopher Lanthier ’95, Tupper Lake, received his bachelor’s degree from SUNY Albany in 2004. He is presently working on making a career for himself. Good luck to everyone. Jodi (Rogers) Sigler ’95, Mellenville, has a great career and a wonderful husband. Lisa A. (Marks) Cooley ’96, received a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Plattsburgh after graduating from SUNY Canton. She is currently working in long-term care. Nicole R. (Taylor) Galavotti ’96, Lexington, KY, continued in engineering and is currently an environmental engineer with a professional engineer’s license. Christine (Sovie) Gilbert ’96, DeKalb Junction, is a nurse for Adirondack Skin Care through Claxton Hepburn Medical Center. Jennifer (Bonner) Grimming ’96, Portland, TN, graduated from SUNY Canton with her nursing degree. She felt very prepared for the work force when she left. She will always be thankful for her nursing degree.


Currently, she is home schooling her two young children. Her plans for the future will be to go back to nursing in some capacity. It seems that she continually uses her skills no matter what she is doing. Amy (Ames) Koning ’96, Webster, is married to Terry Koning of Rochester. They have three girls - Rebecca (16), Allison (8), and Tara (4). Patricia (Robert) Aldous ’97, Bessemer City, NC, is now a certified medical assistant after attending Gaston College. She works mostly with geriatric patients for Gaston Family Medical Center. She loves her career choice, which all started by going to SUNY Canton. Hida Hasinovic ’97, Lexington, KY, continued her education at Clarkson University and received a master’s degree in Chemistry. She is currently working for Valvoline Company. Nicole (Dermady) Lener ’97, Homer, is a high school Biology and Environmental Science teacher. She received her bachelor of science and master’s degrees in Secondary Education –

Former PR Director Creates Suspense q

Biology from SUNY Cortland. She married Jeffrey Lener ’97. They have a child named Aaron. Clancy (Flounders) Kalil ’97, Mount Pleasant, SC, earned a bachelor’s degree in 1999 from Medical University of South Carolina. She is currently working in a critical care unit. Norma (Phillips) Locy ’97, Gouverneur, works as a registered nurse and is married with two children. William C. Snyder ’97, Ogdensburg, works for the U.S. Postal Service. Todd C. Svarczkopf ’97, Brasher Falls, completed a five-year apprenticeship with the IBEW Local 910 and received his journeyman electrician status after graduating from SUNY Canton. In September 2005, he was appointed to the New York State Police Academy and has been a New York State Trooper for three years. Colleen (Thompson) Oshier ’98, Massena, really enjoyed her time at SUNY Canton and hopes to attend again soon. You can never get enough education. Sarah (Gilmore) Montgomery ’98, Haverhill, MA, married Timothy Montgomery in June 2009. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from University of Massachusetts-Lowell in 2008. She is currently working as Nuclear Engineer at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Sarah and Timothy just purchased their first home. Rachel M. Voisine ’98, Wallingford, CT, notes that SUNY Canton was the beginning of a life-long journey. She will be completing her master’s degree in social work in 2010.

The author of Seventy Years of Change, a book of SUNY Canton’s history, has published her latest murder mystery. Camille H. Mariani (aka Camille Howland) recently authored Prelude to Murder, the fifth in a series of romantic suspense stories. Mariani was a journalist and editor for the Canton Plaindealer newspaper and SUNY Canton Public Relations Director. Mariani currently resides in Sun City Center, FL.


Rose A. (Galvezo) LaBrake ’99, Plattsburgh, married Donald K. LaBrake ’96 in June 2008. Elisa S. (Fernandez) Civil ’00, Brooklyn, was married in 2007. She has two children, Jasmine (4) and Corey (9 months). Joshua A. Randall ’02, Tuscon, AZ, was hired by Tucson Police as a Crime Scene Investigator after graduation. He received his master’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix. Marjorie B. (McIntosh) Cardinell ’04, Gouverneur, is a Pi Nu Epsilon sister. She was very active in her sorority and held many offices, including President. She married Rodney R. Cardinell in 2006. They have a daughter, Hope Elaine Jane Cardinell, born in 2008, and a son, Rodney Todd Richard Car-

dinell, born in March 2009. Christopher J. ’03 and Noelle R. (Miller) ’03 Plonka, Dolgeville, met in the SUNY Canton Mortuary Science program in 2002. After graduation, they both earned their New York State Funeral Directors’ licenses. They were married in 2005 and have a daughter, Madison, born in 2006, and a son, Ethan, born in 2007. In 2008, they opened the Miller-Plonka Funeral Home located in Dolgeville, New York. It is the largest funeral home in the area. They both are very active in many clubs and organizations. Jessica L. Ahlfeld ’06 & ’08, Plattsburgh, has been working for the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department as a corrections officer since graduation. She is interested in getting into the field of probation and parole. Kimberly E. Bell ’07, Conesus, is currently employed as a unit secretary at Highland Hospital. She recently became the mother to a beautiful baby girl.

Legendary Coach Passes q

Inspirational football coach and mentor Lou Saban died on March 29, 2009, at his home in North Myrtle Beach, S.C. He was 87. Saban was a native of Brookfield, IL He helped launch the SUNY Canton football program in 1995 and coached the team for six years, the longest stint of his career. He compiled a 34-16 record during his career in Canton, including a 7-0 high mark during that inaugural 1995 season. Saban spent 16 seasons coaching professional football and also coached at the University of Miami, Army, Northwestern, Western Illinois, Peru State, Chowan State, and the University of Maryland. His resume also includes time spent as president of the New York Yankees. Prior to coaching, Saban played football at Indiana University and professionally with the Browns.

q MarriaGes Jeffrey W. Foster ’92 & Carrie A. (Todd) Foster ’06, September 13, 2008

(Rinehart) Doner, June 14, 2008

Rob Macaulay ’93 & Stephanie (Brown) Macaulay ’04, July 18, 2009

Nathan TenEyck ’05 & Crystal (Ellis) TenEyck ’06, May 23, 2009

Sarah (Gilmore) Montgomery ’98 & Timothy Montgomery, June 6, 2009 Meggan K. (Davis) Rau ’01 & Jason B. Rau, October 18, 2008 Daniel M. Frank ’02 & Christina B. (Shaver) Frank, June 27, 2008 Paul R. LaBier ’02 & Michelle L. (Ramie) LaBier, May 14, 2009 Joanna B. (Lambeth) Mills ’03 & Ryan E. Mills, January 10, 2009 Michael T. Doner ’04 & Ashley B.

Bernard Adams III ’05 & Cara L. (Goliber) Adams ’07, June 21, 2008

Jennie (McGrath) Villnave ’05 & Travis Villnave, August 8, 2009 Danielle (Lovely) Carey ’07 & Sean Carey, August 30, 2009 Steven F. Dow ’07 & Kristie (Dowdle) Dow, June 13, 2009 Justin R. Paquette ’07 & Colleen L. (Root) Paquette, May 23, 2009 Jason Aslanian ’10 & Heather L. (Stone) Aslanian ’10, September 20, 2008

After Canton

Canino School Namesake Passes The SUNY Canton community was saddened by the passing of an alumnus who forever impacted the lives of College students. Joel M. Canino ’59 of Glastonbury, CT died on Friday, March 13, 2009. “Although we are all deeply saddened by Joel’s passing, we celebrate his life and his legacy as we know he would like us to,” said President ­Joseph L. Kennedy. “Joel lived a successful and richly rewarding life both personally and professionally. He has been an active, supportive alumnus and friend for nearly 50 years, and we are proud that he has been such an influential part of our success.” Canino is the former chair of the SUNY Canton Foundation Board of Directors. He generously donated the largest gift in the College’s history in December of 2004 when he gave $2 million to the SUNY Canton Founda-


tion in order to benefit students. The College commemorated his generosity by renaming the School of Engineering Technology the Canino School of Engineering Technology. Most students in the Engineering Technology programs now simply refer to it as the “Canino School.” At the school’s dedication and naming ceremony, Canino said, “For me it’s without question that my feelings of personal accomplishment have never been greater than they are today.” In 2007, Canino and his high school classmate George F. “Fred” Dennison donated an additional $1 million to create the Baldwinsville High School Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship. Their contribution provides annual scholarships to incoming SUNY Canton students from Charles W. Baker High School near Syracuse, formerly known as Baldwinsville High School where

q In Memory Floyd G. Baker, Friend Ira “Pete” Bullis, Friend Marjorie F. Bushaw, Friend Max A. Coots, Friend Elsie W. Dana, Friend Walter R. Kingston, Friend, Professor George Looney, Friend Alice M. Picher, Friend Isabell Santimaw Perkins, Friend Joyce C. Wilson, Friend Elizabeth Hughes ’36 Polly (Kenny) Radice ’36 Inez R. (Rutherford) Beggs ’37 Richard J. Lobdell ’39 Gerald M. O’Brien ’39 Carle D. Porter ’39 Sidney S. Rexford ’39 Eleanor F. (Scott) Plantenberg ’40 Mary B. Nash ’41 Marcia (Fox) White ’41 Dale T. Smith ’42

Arlene P. (Gilbert) Colburn ’44 Shirley M. (Hulbert) Swain ’44 Mary P. VanHyning ’44 Sally A. (Yandeau) Thompson ’46 Robert G. Matice ’47 Ronald Fordham ’48 Margaret Anne “Peggy” (Robertson) Margosian ’48 Byron G. Fisher ’49 Charles E. Gagen ’49 Margaret Pennyfeather ’49 Paul V. Tryon ’49 George W. Grant ’50 Raymond J. Kozlowski ’50 Howard J. Loucks ’51 Raymond J. Murnane ’51 Ronald North ’53 K. Russell “Russ” McDonald ’55 Shirley O’Neil ’55 Robert J. Pitts ’55

William J. Richmond ’55 Ellen S. (Wilson) Davis ’56 Leonard W. Forsythe ’56 Sally A. Frederick ’56 Richard G. Young ’56 Sylvia M. (Crowley) Fishburn ’57 John Pardon ’58 Joel M. Canino ’59 David D. Anderson ’60 David Hedger ’60 Timothy R. Nolan ’60 Harold B. Huntress ’61 Robert J. McCarthy ’61 Richard J. Baildon ’63 Peter E. Pollock ’64 George N. Pierce ’65 Tibor V. Bocskor ’66 W. Allen Cruikshank ’67 William L. Fielding ’67 Carlton E. Morrow ’67 Terry L. Mills ’68 Gary W. Mousaw ’68 James D. “Jim” Robinson ’68

Philip P. Kingston ’69 Jerome V. LaShomb ’70 Dorothy E. Fairbairn ’72 Sheila A. (Thompson) O’Neill ’73 Bryan D. Adams ’74 Joyce E. Rowand ’74 Richard Stevenson ’74 Cindy M. Chaltain ’76 Matthew M. Roche ’78 Roger P. Skidds ’78 Carol C. (Brownell) Hess ’80 Betty J. Hoyt ’87 Renee M. Montpetit ’87 Jamie Roche ’94 David G. Rowland ’96 Cheryl C. Cunningham ’97 Michael D. Gulla ’98 Carla B. Trimm ’99 David E. Keleher ’01 Michael Pellegrino’01 Paul J. Reed ’02 Lynn M. Canning ’03 Jessica L. Cornell ’08 Andrew Holynski ’10

q Milestone Anniversaries 25th Anniversaries Janet Boyd ’82 & Franklin Boyd

William S. ’81 & Deborah L. (Hamilton) ’82 Frye

After Canton

30th Anniversary Danny J. ’89 & Lyne M. ’92 Soulia 50 Anniversaries Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Fletcher, Friends th

Mr. and Mrs. William E. LaPoint, Friends Thomas Brotherton ’58 & Margaret Brotherton Francis Cyrus ’82 & Norma Cyrus

Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Dean ’81 Robert D. Rehley ’63 & Barbara A. Rehley Barbara Tayler ’91 & Robert Tayler

Canino and Dennison attended. Canino graduated from the Air Conditioning Engineering Technology program under the tutelage of Professor Emeritus Harry E. King ’40 and alongside Ronald L. Woodcock ’59, the College’s Chair of the SUNY Canton Foundation Board of Directors and Co-Chair of the Centennial Campaign. Canino also shared professional expertise with the College as a member of the Air Conditioning Engineering Technology Advisory Committee. After graduating from College, Canino worked as an industrial purchasing agent for Inland Supply Company in Syracuse. He was soon noticed and just a year later he was offered a position at the Syracuse construction contracting firm of H.H. and F.E. Bean, Inc., where he eventually became executive vice president. In 1973, he moved to Orlando, FL, to work for the Pittsburgh-based mechanical contracting firm of Sauer Industries, where he served as president of various subsidiaries. In 1984, he became president of C.N.F. Industries in Meriden, CT. Canino and a business partner began Gemma Power Systems in 1997. Gemma Power Systems is among the largest power plant builders in New England and one of the top in the nation. The firm manages the engineering, procurement, and construction of multi-million dollar power projects. Canino sold Gemma in 2006.


Former Dean Honored by Hospital q Associate Dean Emerita Margaret P. Vining recently received the Directors’ Service Award from the Board of Directors of Canton-Potsdam Hospital. “Margaret Vining exemplifies service to our community and to health care in particular,” said Edward S. Mucenski ’68, Chair of the Board of Directors of Canton-Potsdam Hospital. “I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award, and this is just one small way we can thank you.” Ms. Vining began her career in health care as a nurse at E. J. Noble Hospital in Gouverneur in the 1950s and 1960s. She volunteered for Hospice and the Cancer Society, was an Ombudswoman for the Office of the Aging, and served on the Hermon-DeKalb Central School

Board, the Hermon Senior Housing Committee, and several other committees and boards. She is also a six-year member of the Canton-Potsdam Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors. At SUNY Canton, Ms. Vining was responsible for guiding the education of hundreds of nurses, many of whom

have taken up leadership roles in area hospitals and in nursing education. She remains active with the College and the 2005 SUNY Canton Honors Convocation was named in recognition of her achievements.

q NASA Dreams–continued from cover…

q Nursing Student Wins a Million Dollars

“Luke was a 4.0 student,” Miller said. “He is a leader among his peers and always challenges the process. He was a natural fit for the internship.” “The internship was a good experience,” said Kochmanski, who is continuing his education at RIT. “We are currently in the process of finalizing our research and hope everything will work out so it can be published in a technical journal.” The internship provided a foot in the door for the future mechanical engineer. Kochmanski recently contacted Miller and told him that he was completing a paid co-op at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. “I’m currently working on the friction welding development of the liquid oxygen and hydrogen fuel tanks for the new class of space vehicles,” he said. Kochmanski has also completed several internships with Lockheed Martin and would like to attend graduate school in mechanical engineering. Upon graduation, he hopes to work for one of these companies, own his own business, or become an astronaut.

Nursing student Kate Willibey received a million dollar present on her 33rd birthday. “I got a birthday card from a friend of my family on August 18th with two scratchoff lottery tickets,” Willibey said. “I scratched them off the next day. The first one was a dud, and the other was a jackpot winner. Every time I talk about it, my adrenaline shoots through the roof!” Willibey, who hails from Ann Arbor, MI, and who has ties to Cape Vincent, is studying for her second degree and second career as a nurse. Prior to SUNY Canton, she was a sales analyst at a food company in Baltimore, MD. Her newfound wealth will not stop her studies. “I’m planning to use the money to pay my student loans,” she said. “I’d like to go on for my fouryear nursing degree.” Willibey will get her winnings in 20 annual payments - $50,000 a year for 20 years, minus taxes, for net payments of a little more than $33,000. “It definitely makes things a little easier,” she said.


After Canton


Alumni Business Spotlight Alumnus:

Richard F. Layo ’76

“Drive the business or it will drive thee.” – Benjamin Franklin

Axioms and Mantras:

Dynamic International has become a national distributor of die & mold and aerospace machinery for some of the top builders from around the world.


Company Motto: Continually working hard to effectively locate, secure, and deliver the best machine for the job.

Leadership Approach: Always focus on the devotion you have for your customers and never lose sight of how important they really are.

Richard was a two time NJCAA National Champion while playing hockey for Head Coach Terry Martin.

As a student:

After graduation: Richard went on to play two seasons of Division I hockey at St. Lawrence University. More recently: He’s had the pleasure of watching his three children grow up into modest and responsible young adults.

Hockey Alums Reunite }

Jonathan Shellington ’76, Hanover, MA, visits with former classmate Michele F. (Faucher) Gately ’76 and former teammate Donald W. Gately ’76, Winter Park, FL.

These former players took a hockey talk time out to pose with Coach Martin: Kenneth B. Hurlbut ’89, Massena, James F. Huff ’92, Coach Martin, Jamie D. Dorey ’92, Edward D. Letham ’89, Massena, Dominic C. Santoro ’61, Cherry Hill, NJ, and Martin E. Reasoner ’71, Honeoye Falls.

After Canton

A group of about 30 hockey alumni gathered in South Florida last spring to celebrate former Head Coach Terry Martin’s national recognition as the recipient of the American Hockey Coaches Association’s prestigious John “Snooks” Kelley Founders Award. The award annually honors a coach who has contributed to the overall growth and development of the sport of ice hockey.

Daniel C. Reasoner ’75, Chalfont, PA, attended with the actual nameplate of his college jersey sewn on his sport coat.

Jason D. Larry ’92 and Greg S. Wells ’92 were among several Chicago-area alums who gathered together at the United Center to enjoy a Blackhawks game with Coach Martin.

James F. Huff ’92, Syracuse, and Jamie D. Dorey ’92, Kingston, ONT, proudly display their national championship rings.

Current Hockey Head Coach Eric McCambly (right) nominated Coach Martin for the “Snooks” Kelley Award and encouraged former players to write letters on Terry’s behalf.

Mark G. Burgholzer ’81, Spencerport (center) made the trip to Chicago to visit with other hockey alums and Coach Martin.


Non-Profit Org. US Postage


Alumni/Development Office Canton College Foundation 34 Cornell Drive Canton, New York 13617

Burlington, VT 05401 Permit 19

The SUNY Canton Foundation’s Centennial Campaign experienced extraordinary success and became the College’s largest fundraising accomplishment by raising more than $11 million. Special thanks to our loyal donors listed below:

A Different Shore, LLC, A Woman’s Touch, A.J. Missert, Inc., A.P. Construction Co., Inc., A.W. Collins Corporation, Frederick W. Abare, Karen E. Abdallah ’65, Deborah J. Abel ’76, Timothy I. Abplanalp ’74, Academy at Ivy Ridge, Happy J. Acee ’80, Paul M. Achtziger ’69, Edwin F. Acken ’49, David B. Acker, Steven M. Ackerknecht ’76, Beth Acton, Acts II Construction, Inc., Bryan D. Adams ’74, Carl J. Adams ’66, James M. Adams ’72, Robert E. Adams ’65, Jean M. Addis ’82, Adirondack Heifer Management, Inc., Adirondack Land Surveying, Advanced Business Systems, Inc., AES Cayuga, Sindy Afriat ’07, N. Joyce Agati, Robert Ahlfeld, Rashid Aidun, Andrew J. Aimetti ’05, AISC Education Foundation, Clifford G. Akey ’69, James L. Akins ’92, Ruth I. Akins ’40, AKZO Nobel, Anthony A. Albanese ’55, Walter J. Albert ’73, Alcoa Foundation, Alcoa Primary Metals, Lawrence G. Aldous ’56, Thomas E. Aldous, Todd E. Aldous ’91, Allison Aldrich ’77, Frank N. & Dora Aldrich, Jamie A. Aldrich ’96, Jon R. Aldrich ’72, Charles A. Alexander ’80, Charles H. ’49 & Margaret ’50 Alexander, Glenn C. ’52 & Pat AlexanderRichard H. Alexander ’78, Charles R. Alexander, Jr. ’72, James A. ’60 & Donna R. ’60 Alfieri, Jennifer L. Alguire ’04, Carmine A. Aliffi ’79, Thomas J. Alisankus, Blane H. Allen ’77, Joseph P. Allen, Stephen A. & April Allen, Susan R. Allen ’81, James & Katherine F. ’89 Allott, Allstate Auto Glass, Chris J. Almond ’87, Thomas A. Aloi, Alpha Theta Gamma, Altria Group, Inc., Glenda G. Alvarez ’69, Philip M. Alvaro ’75, John A. Alverson ’75, Michael G. Alzo, Linda G. Amado ’84, Robert A. ’75 & Debi ’76 Amadon, Dennis C. Ambrose ’50, American Dental Hygienists Association, American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc., American Society of Civil Engineers, American Standard Foundation, Cheryl A. Ames ’78, Peter G. ’83 & Cynthia T. ’84 Ames, Suzanne Ames, Beth E. Amisano ’82, Kay Amo, Sharon E. Amyotte ’73, Maureen A. Anderson ’83, Susan P. Anderson ’82, Michael P. Andrews ’86, Robert G. Andrews, Jr. ’72 and Diane Andrews, Anheuser-Busch Foundation, Anonymous, David W. Anthony ’77, Judith A. Arajs ’74, Argyle Central School, Evelyn S. Arlow ’52, Chester A. Armellino ’69, Armistead Mechanical, Inc., Margaret Armstrong ’73, Walter M. Armstrong, Jr. ’56 & Jeanne Armstrong ’55, Marsha S. Arnold, Thomas J. Arnold ’80, Donald A. Arthurs ’67, ASCE - Syracuse Section, Mr. & Mrs. Greg Ashbee, Jason R. Ashlaw ’95, Steven J. Ashlaw ’80, David P. Ashley, Don P. Ashley ’89, Margaret L. Ashley ’71, Mary Ann Ashley ’79, Timothy M. Ashley II ’93, Timothy M. ’74 & Mary Lou ’81 Ashley, Donald J. Ashline ’70, Timothy J. Ashline ’83, ASHRAE Central New York, Freeman L. Ashworth ’50, AT&T, Jessie L. Atkinson ’73, ATL Engineering, P.C., Atlantic Testing Laboratories, Atomic Place, Robert F. Atwood ’65, Margaret Aubertine ’75, Mark A. Auclair ’76, Jason M. Aucter ’04, Kimberley J. Augliano ’81, Connie G. Augsbury, Ronda M. Augustus ’86, Richard G. Aurelio ’93, Adam P. Austin ’00, Jeffery L. Austin ’86, Jeffrey C. Austin ’99, Judith Austin ’69, Mary E. Austin ’89, Richard M. Austin ’65, Sharon K. Austin ’72, Aventis, Jose R. Avila ’88, Nadine L. Axtell ’44, Diane A. Ayers, Jeremiah J. Ayrassian, B & A, Inc., Walter Babcock, Jonathan I. Bach ’76, Bach Environmental, Inc., Angela M. Backus, Brian D. Backus ’84, Diane M. Backus ’58, Julianne W. Backus ’06, Paul J. ’75 & Debra Backus, Jeffrey S. Bacon ’91, Grant G. Badger ’61, Marjorie H. Badger, Lewis S. ’61 & Janice ’61 Badura, Carlene B. Baffaro, James Bagley, Morris B. Bagley ’48, Timothy J. Bagley ’85, Nancy C. Bagoly, David V. Baildon, Jr. ’74, Becky S. Bailey ’84, Mr. & Mrs. James M. Bailey, Niomi R. Bailey ’06, Steven J. ’89 & Stephanie ’89 Baiocchi, Barbara J. Baker ’84, Mr. & Mrs. Carlton G. Baker, Colleen M. Baker, Cynthia L. Baker ’77, James R. Baker ’51, Kathleen A. Baker ’78, Mark D. ’82 & Judith ’83 Baker, Robert J. Baker ’80, Steven A. Baker ’75, Thomas W. ’63 & Patricia ’64 Baker, Timothy ’71 & Shannon’86 Baker, Brandon J. Baldwin, Robert R. Baldwin ’81, Gerald A. Ballou ’52, Robert R. Balzano ’62, Elinor E. Banks ’44, James R. Bareham II ’72, Carolyn M. Barkley ’83, Susan B. Barkley ’87, Wayne E. Barkley ’50, Barkley Safe & Lock Company, Janice E. Barnes ’72, Robert S. Barnes, Ray C. ’89 & Patricia ’90 Barney, Barnyard Customs, David M. Barr ’74, Leah I. Barrett ’77, Barrett Paving Material, Inc., Joan M. Barrick, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Barringer, David J. Barron ’76, Charles M. ’58 & Sandra J. ’58 Barrows, Mary Lee Barrows ’75, Cynthia J. Barry ’81, Michael R. Barry ’70, Beverly M. Barthel ’63, Eloie J. Bartholomew ’35, John L. & Rose Bartholomew, Rebecca A. Bartkus ’87, Christine Bartmess ’73, Joseph L. Baruth, Sr., Everett E. Basford ’01, Ivan L. Basic ’77, Jean E. Bassett ’79, Richard C. Bassett ’71, Elisa S. Bastein ’00, Nancy Bateman ’69, Alexa Bates, Kenneth G. Bates ’58, Todd E. Bates ’01, Joseph F. Batterson ’75, Sherman A. Baumel ’48, Ellen S. Baxendale ’84, John V. Baxter ’97, Vanessa M. Baxter ’78, Douglas L. Beachard ’70, Elizabeth W. Beal, Craig S. Beane ’92, D. Anthony Beane, Katherine A. Beaty ’67, Katherine M. Beauchamp ’90, Robert J. Beaudette ’73, Sheila M. Beaulieu, Hazel K. Beaumont ’50, William F. Beauvais, Bechtel Foundation, William Beck ’62, Stephen M. Becker ’74, Mary L. Beckmann ’76, John V. Bedell, Jr. ’58, Christopher Bedford ’75, Raymond & Lisa Bednarz, Ellen A. Beeler ’86, Harriett A. Beggs, Inez R. Beggs ’37, John C. Begley ’69, Raymond J. Belanger ’73, Suzanne M. Beldock ’94, Sandford A. & Elizabeth Beldon, Doris Bell, James D. ’66 & Patricia A. ’67 BellCindy L. Belleau, Robert L. Belleville ’59, Eleanor N. Bellows ’52, Bemis Company Foundation, Dan S. Benardot ’68, Judith S. Bender ’93, Donald A. ’90 & Karen M. ’91 Benjamin, Dale J. ’58 & Judy Bennett, Roger M. Bennett ’59, Leroy D. Bennett, Jr. ’60, Doreen G. Benschop ’80, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Benware, Michael J. Berend ’71, Gary Berk, Cynthia M. Bernhardt ’72, Ronald E. Berry, Jacqueline Bertram ’59, Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Berwick, Robert Q. Bessette ’70, Rogene Bessette ’52, Best Western University Inn, Floyd M. Beswick, Halsey E. ’69 & Anne M. ’68 Betters, Karen A. Bettinger ’72, George D. Betts ’74, Bruce M. Bezanilla ’77, Louis Bianconi ’49, Mark R. Bickelhaupt, Robert A. Bickelhaupt ’39, Janet T. Bickford ’78, Thomas C. Biedenbach ’77, Donald Biele ’73, Elva Billings ’34, Richard C. Billings ’55, Ronald C. Billings, Leon L. ’64 & Susanne R. ’65 Bilow, Roger J. Bilow ’67, Michael J. Bimonte ’80, John S. Bingel ’60, Stephen ’91 & April ’93 Bingel, Vito A. Biondo, Jr. ’93, Courtney B. Bish, Chester W. Bisnett, Eve L. Bisnett ’77, R. Frank Bissell ’63, Craig B. Bissonette ’64, Joel E. Bixby, Kyle N. Black ’88, John E. & Claire Blackwell, Anthony M. Blair ’85, David F. Blair ’68, Oliver N. Blaise, Jr. ’66, Blevins Brothers, Inc., Rita Blevins & Family, Robert R. & Patricia Blickwedehl, Robert R. Blickwedehl, Richard L. Bliss ’52, William U. Blodgett ’76, Christopher P. Bloodough ’02, Phyllis L. Bloomquist ’47, Donald A. Blount ’58, Oswald V. Blow ’57, Blue Heron Realty, Keith A. Blum ’83, Darrell T. Boadway ’79, Kevin M. Boadway ’82, Elizabeth A. Boardman ’78, Frederick J. Boeheim ’86, Beatrice L. Boes ’74, Joseph A. Boffa ’83, Stephen ’03 & Connie ’00 Bogart, Anne Boise, James J. Bola ’76, Phillip N. Bolinger, Jean T. Bolognesi ’57, Charlene E. Bolster ’78, Ronald R. Bolster ’69, Anna May Bombard, Timothy F. Bonczar ’83, Stephen Bond ’69, Steven J. Bond ’83, Mark J. Bondoni ’82, Sabel Bong, Gail K. Bongiovanni, Sara L. Bonnell, Avis J. Bonno, Kathy A. Bonsie ’72, J. Walter Booth ’83, Faye M. Bordeleau ’73, Sara Bornt, Christopher A. Borst ’77, Jay V. Borst ’50, Anthony S. ’63 & Jean Bouchard, Jay A. Bouchard ’85, Maureen A. Bouchey ’86, Rose M. Bouchey ’96, Yves Boulais ’58, Amy L. Boulrice ’88, Anne H. Boulter ’79, Neil E. Bourcy ’55, Marjorie Boutilier, Eydie J. Bovay ’84, Ronald T. Bow ’48, Dwight H. Bowden, Linda L. Bowden ’97, Patrick E. Bowes ’78, Mark E. Bowler ’93, Donald M. Bowman ’72, Stephen C. Bowman ’86, Brian E. Boyarin ’04, Emily J. Boyce, Sarah L. Boyce ’74, Edward G. Boyd, John O. Boyd ’51, Ralph & Patricia J. ’54 Boyd, Mr. & Mrs. John G. Boyden, Boyden Brook Body Works, Gary Boyea ’66, Lawrence K. Boyle ’65, BP Solar, Nancy J. Braaten ’75, Nancy E. Bradley ’78, Penny S. Bradley ’89, Robert H. Bradley ’48, Brady-Raeber Equity Financial Services, Inc., Jessica L. Brand ’04, Camelia P. Bratkovic, Carl J. Bratt ’80, Marlene A. Braun ’75, Suzanne M. Breda ’89, Celia M. Breden, Cynthia E. Brenon ’80, David C. Bresett ’68, Linda K. Bretsch ’77, Ann-Marie Brewer ’85, Bridgeport Rod & Gun Club, Joseph Briggs, Richard T. Briggs ’58, Susan M. Briggs ’82, Kristin B. Brigham ’79, Keith ’59 & Grace P. ’60 Brignall, Donald C. Bristol ’66, Virginia V. Brodbeck ’41, Joe Brodnicki ’70, Michael J. Bronchetti ’42, Daniel W. Bronson ’71, Eugene Bronson, Ronald V. Bronson ’71, Thomas H. Bronson ’74, Andrew P. Brooks ’91, Frances A. Brooks ’71, Richard D. Brooks ’71, Walter J. Brophy ’83, Peter M. ’65 & Patricia L. ’66 Brower, Barbara T. Brown ’41, Candace M. Brown ’00, Clisson E. Brown ’40, Elizabeth Brown, Jeremy D. Brown, Laurie T. Brown ’80, Richard D. Brown ’50, Richard L. Brown II ’76, Robert N. Brown ’65, Winnifred M. Brown ’87, Daniel Brownell ’65, Theodore J. Brue ’72, Kenneth P. Bruielly ’54, Anthony R. Bruno, Jr. ’78 & Gloria Bruno, Mr. & Mrs. Jack M. Bruyere, Leslie M. Buchanan ’67, Mary L. Bucher, Donald S. Buck ’85, Buck Funeral Home, Mark J. ’79 & Cynthia J. ’78 Buckley, Susan Buckley, Thomas Buckley, James M. Buckley, Jr. ’78, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Buckman, James M. Budnik ’77, Donna M. Buelt-Condon ’69, Sheila M. Bull ’85, Charles R. Bullock ’60, Herbert V. Bullock ’66, Matthew D. Bullwinkel, Lisa A. Bulriss ’84, Kenneth S. Bulson ’69, Judith E. Bundy ’84, John P. Bunnell ’76, John M. & Alice Burgess, Amy L. Burke ’77, Sharon L. Burke ’62, Carl A. Burkhart, Thomas J. ’91 & Rene ’98 BurlPeter F. Burley ’78, Richard R. Burlingame ’71, Leon H. Burnap ’58, Lawrence E. Burnett ’62, Matthew J. Burnett, J. Allan ’60 & Violet D. ’61 Burnham, Barbara A. Burnham ’46 & Richard Randol, Virginia M. Burnham ’77, Burnham New York, John N. Burns ’37, Scott G. Burns ’78, John W. Burr ’59, Scott Burr, Mary J. Burt ’52, Peter C. & Martha J. Burt, Edward A. Bus ’78, Dr. & Mrs. Melchiore L. Buscemi, Dale I. Bush ’63, Ellen C. Bush ’61, Richard A. ’60 & Ellen ’61 Bush, Gary L. Bushaw ’67, Randy S. & Rebecca Bushaw, Carol W. Butkiewicz ’74, David F. Butler ’86, Mr. & Mrs. George A. Butler, Ann D. Button ’00, David & Denice Button, Brian B. Butts ’70, Darlene A. Byrns ’68, Ronald B. ’68 & Darlene ’68 Byrns, Dennis Cahill, Neil R. ’69 & Margaret E. ’70 Calhoun, Ronald G. Calhoun ’66, Florence E. Calkins, Mary J. Calnek ’51, Thomas M. & Ruth Calnon, Patricia M. Cambareri ’79, Joanne Cameron ’87, Timothy R. Cameron ’77, Debora L. Camp, Joseph F. Campany ’60, Richard F. Campany ’77, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard P. Campbell, Bryan D. Campbell ’88, Douglas H. Campbell ’60, Jennifer L. Campbell ’05, Patrick J. Campbell ’78, Renee L. Campbell, Leon K. Canell ’56, Joel W. Canino ’87, John D. & Sharon Canino, Canton Area Zonta, Canton Garden Club, Canton Goldenaires, Canton Lions Club, Canton Police Association, Canton-Potsdam Hospital, Kelly P. ’81 & Sharon L. ’80 Cantwell, Nancy Cappellino ’94, Vicky Cappellino ’84, Benjamin G. Cappione, Marc J. Cappione, Samuel A. Cappione, Cappione, Inc., Christine M. Capra ’74, Robin L. Caprara ’85, Edward F. Capria ’69, Anthony Caracciolo ’93, Anne M. Carberry ’82, Ronald R. Carbino ’52, Debbie Carcone, Dolores P. Cardoza ’87, Janet Carey ’55, Jeff L. Carkner ’88, William B. Carkner ’66, Carkner Construction, LLC, Carlisle, Preston C. & Joan Carlisle, Carrothers & Clough, Carmen G. Carlo ’73, Peter V. Carls, William Carman ’66, Brian B. ’79 & Lori J. ’79 Carmer, Larry D. Carpenter ’64, Linda C. Carpenter, Gary Carr, John T. ’78 & Catherine J. ’77 Carr, Betty J. Carr Marino ’51, Samuel J. Carrera ’68, Betty J. Carroll ’69, Duane G. Carson ’71, Patricia Carson, Michael J. Cartini ’76, Debra Cartmill ’69, Thomas J. Caruso ’68, Charles A. & Mary Carvel, Julie Carvel ’98, Brett E. Cary ’89, Lisa M. Cascanette ’87, Casella Waste Systems, Inc., Michael P. Casey ’72, Mariann Cassara ’82, Patricia M. Cassara, Holly M. Castine ’78, John Castle ’63, Robert S. ’66 & Linda L. ’67 Castle, Helen V. Caswell ’41, Lisa M. Caswell ’88, Catherine Cataldo ’80, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Catanzarite, Frank D. Catanzarite ’80, Joseph P. & Joan Catanzarite, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Catanzarite, Josie Catanzarite, Mr. & Mrs. Russell J. Catanzarite, Herbert A. Catlin ’44, Roger E. & Barbara Catlin, Steven Cavuoto ’97, Theodore F. Cayea ’77, Linda K. Caza ’86, Evaristo Cedeno ’97, Mr. & Mrs. Davide Cellucci, Jean M. Centrella ’84, Century Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., Cerebral Palsy Association, Donald A. & Patricia Ceresoli, Cerow Agency, Inc., Betty Chadwick, Judith L. Chagnon ’72, Harold G. Chambers ’48, Holly E. Chambers, Rena T. Chambers ’81, Thomas C. Chambers ’86, Ralph Champney ’53, Terry L. Champney ’67, Jennifer R. Chapin, Constance Chapman, John J. Chapuk ’51, H. Randy ’68 & Joyce Charboneau, Andre J. Charlebois ’69, Mr. & Mrs. John F. Charlebois, Meri S. Charney ’83, Deborah S. Charnogursky ’78, Carol A. Chase ’61, Chelsea Chase, David J. Chase ’68, Judith Chase, Wayne M. Chase, Sr. ’67, Joellen M. Chase-Kuhl ’72, David J. Chasse ’83, James P. Chatelle ’79, Thomas M. Check, Reginald F. Chester ’63, Tracy A. Chewning ’90, Peter A. Chiavetta, Sr. ’72, Bernard C. Chilton ’72, Patricia R. Chini ’78, Eugene M. Chintala, Donald A. Chisholm ’75, Varick A. & Judy Chittenden, Edward A. Choiniere ’80, Patrick T. Choong, Darlene Chorman ’80, Sherry R. Chowaniec, Jon D. Christiano ’67, Michael J. Christy ’77, Robert J. ’78 & Debbie A. ’79 Christy, Walter R. & Marie Christy, Michael C. Chrys ’75, David W. Chrysler ’86, Thomas A. Chrzanowski ’65, Charles C. Church ’67, Jeanmarie J. Church ’77, Lisa B. Churchill ’81, Cianbro, Janis M. Cianfarano ’69, Peter Cichonski ’73, William T. Cifaratta ’82, Jodi L. Cihak ’80, Michael Cinanni ’64, Alfonso V. Ciocca ’53, Citi Foundation, Cives Steel Company, CKON 97.3 FM, Steven R. ’79 & Caron M. ’80 ClairAlfred C. Clark ’72, Arthur J. & Marybeth Clark, Daniel E. Clark ’74, Diane A. Clark ’74, Donald F. Clark ’67, Frank E. Clark ’67, John & Donna Clark, Keith C. Clark ’68, Kim J. Clark ’81, Anne E. Clarke ’74, Martin F. Clark-Stone ’83, Douglas F. Clary ’66, Mary E. Clary ’77, Mark S. Claxton, Clayton Big M Supermarket, E. Garfield Claxton, Stuart A. Clees ’69, Barbara J. Clements ’57, Lynn S. ’74 & Corby L. ’74 Cleveland, Charles A. ’68 & Anne E. ’67 ClineGeorge M. Cline, Jr. ’81 & Amy B. Cline ’81, D. Edgar ’59 & Clara Cloce, Clothing Fair Committee, Ronald A. Clouthier ’88, Kevin W. Cloy ’83, Geoffrey P. Co ’89, Thomas F. & Nellie Coakley, Coakley’s Carpet One Ace Hardware, Lawrence J. Coburn ’95, Erman J. & Annabelle Cocci, James E. Cochran ’74, Reginald E. Cockayne ’62, Maryjo Coddington ’80, Suzanne M. Coffey ’69, Edward G. Coffey, Jr. ’83, Antoinette Cogan, Allen J. ’49 & CohenMr. & Mrs. Renaldo Colasante, Larry J. ’61 & Sandra M. ’88 ColbertLisa E. Colbert ’97, Arthur & Arlene ’44 Colburn, Kenneth J. Cole ’74, Lynn M. Cole ’73, Thomas C. Cole ’79, Edward W. & Martha Colligan, Ellen M. Colligan, William E. & Bridgette Colligan, Anthony G. & Karen Collins, Bonnie S. Collins ’77, Chrisann M. Collins ’83, Denis W. Collins ’70, James L. Collins ’57, Michael R. Collins ’90, Robert W. Collins ’64, Suellan J. Collins ’64, John L. & Janet M. Coloton, Betsy L. Comeau ’74, Joseph M. & Angela Commisso, Community Bank N.A., Carol S. Compo ’93, Barbara A. Condon ’79, Francis E. Conklin ’65, John F. ’82 & Dawn ’84 Conklin, Scott D. Conklin ’76, Amanda L. Connelly ’82, Suzanne T. Conners ’76, Earl J. Connolly ’61, Elizabeth Connolly ’95, Kevin R. Connolly, James S. Connor ’80, Charles P. Conole, Barbara A. Conover ’84, Larry J. Conover ’65, William F. Conover ’63, Judith A. Conroy ’75, Jon P. ’69 & Karen E. ’67 Constance, Marilyn Constantine ’73, Sandra M. Constantino ’69, Constellation Energy Group, Inc., Joseph D. Contento ’69, Amy L. Cook ’69, David C. ’73 & Nina C. ’92 Cook, Joseph R. Cook, Marjorie H. Cook ’44, Noah W. Cook ’70, Patrice A. Cook ’79, Violet S. Cook ’42, Kenneth J. Cook, Jr. ’84 & Nancy Cook, Kenneth N. Cooke ’61, Roger ’89 & Julie M. ’89 Cooke, Louis Z. Coombe ’60, Edward N. ’86 & Christine S. ’85 Coombs, Terry J. Coombs ’76, Donald O. Coon ’83, Paul A. Coon ’76, Kerrie L. Cooper, Kurt D. Cooper ’81, John J. Cootware ’82, COP Construction LLC, David W. Corbine ’84, George ’78 & Theresa C. ’78 Corbine, Barbara Corcoran ’54, Claire J. Cordaro ’71, David P. Cordone ’84, Wayne A. Cordwell ’60, Bert A. Corey ’78, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Corning Inc. Foundation, Roger L. Cornwell ’77, Brian V. Corry ’77, John J. Corson ’79, Janice Cortese ’93, Gina R. Cosamano ’05, Neil G. Cosgrove ’85, Keith A. ’76 & Patricia K. ’76 Cota, Charles Cotey ’73, Mr. & Mrs. James W. Cotey, Michael J. Cotey ’78, Donna R. Cottrell ’78, Gary J. Cough ’79, Donald C. & Barbara Coughlin, Amy P. Coulter ’86, Eloise N. Courter, Helen Cousineau ’57, Terri L. Couto ’91, Tina C. Covey ’82, Leon H. Cowan ’49, John T. Cowdery ’47, Bernard A. Cox ’60, James C. Cox ’75, Steven W. Cox ’88, Amy Craft ’74, Donald ’57 & Dorothy Craft, Pauline C. Crahan ’69, Ann M. Crandall ’66, Mark O. Crane ’83, John C. & Martha Crapser, Shane P. Crate ’92, Mr. & Mrs. Jesse R. Crawford, Cretekos Diner, Donna H. Crisman ’75, Daniel S. Croft ’88, Michael Crosley ’77 & Anne M. Clarkson ’75, Nancy Cross, Cross Connection Control Foundation, Michael C. & Kathleen Crowe, Linda C. Crowner ’89, Julie A. Cruickshank ’86, Anthony J. Crupi ’82, Christine M. Cullen ’87, John W. Cullum, Jr. ’55, Clara P. Cummings ’95, Patrick ’81 & Carol ’82 Cunningham, Rocco Curcio ’82, Paulette M. Curreri ’81, Russell J. Currier ’92, Wayne Currier ’73, Russell J. Currier, Sr. ’69, Leo J. & Katherine Curro, David P. Curry, David S. Curry ’87, Thomas J. Curry ’73, Ellis J. ’53 & Helen CurtisEdward A. ’82 & Theresa’83 Curtiss, David A. Cushman ’76, Billie-Jo Cuthbert ’91, Richard L. Cuthbert ’87, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Cutway, Milton C. Cutway ’68, Nancy J. Cwiakala, Cytec Industries, Inc., D.I. Bush Fuels, Inc., Lynn M. Dabrowski ’84, Kathy A. D’Addario ’76, Beverly E. Dalton, Catherine A. Dalton ’67, Mr. & Mrs. James T. Dalton, Thomas M. Dalton ’97, Lynn A. Dammeyer ’60, Nunzio D’Amore ’66, Elsie W. Dana, Timothy D. Dana ’67, Craig U. Dana, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Faust A. D’Andrea, James ’65 & Joanne Danehy, Mary Ellen Danehy, Michael J. & Suzanne Danehy, Timothy Danehy, Mr. & Mrs. William Danehy, Donald J. Daniels ’65, Bonnie N. Danis, Jeanne M. Danzig ’66, Daniele L. D’Aquila ’84, Anthony ’78 & Shelly ’79 Darcangelo, Harry A. Dashnau ’58, Richard L. Dashnaw ’57, John A. Dausman ’77, Diane M. Dautrich ’78, Jane L. Davey ’68, David Puccia and Company, Bruce J. Davis, Henry A. & Macy Davis, Kimberly L. Davis ’06, Renee M. Davis ’80, Robert C. ’54 & Ellen S. ’56 DavisWilliam J. Davis ’56, Marion D. Davison ’41, Mary Day ’70, M. Teresa De La Vega ’81, Paul D. De Palma ’50, DealMaker Ford of Ogdensburg, Chad H. Deans ’97, Susan G. Deary ’80, Thomas A. Decilles ’75, Caryl C. Decker ’39, Madeline Decker, James E. ’49 & Emogene Deering, Thomas V. DeFayette ’82, Nicholas A. ’57 & Lois R. ’57 DeFio, Jacqueline J. DeGraw ’89, Bernadette Deis ’75, DeKalb Hermon Senior Citizens, Kathryn Del Guidice, Allen S. DeLair ’59, Larissa A. DeLair, Paul S. DeLand ’67, Mary I. Delawyer ’51, John P. Delles ’77, Grant L. ’68 & Rita ’69 Delong, Jondavid S. Delong, Janet L. DeLosh ’82, Carmen E. DeLuca ’62, David & Sandra ’76 Demarest, Donald J. Demarse ’77, Joseph Dematties ’58, Andrew G. Demeter ’64, Hollis Deming ’38, Joan M. Deming ’70, Elizabeth M. Demo ’85, Tina Demo ’99, William D. ’57 & Kathleen Demo, Tom G. Dempsey, Neil J. Denbleyker ’62, Timothy S. Dennehy, Stephanie M. Denney ’85, Philip ’69 & Nancy ’69 Dennicort, G. Fredrick & Barbara Dennison, Christopher J. Denny ’04, Kirk R. Denny ’78, Mark D. Denny ’78, Richard A. ’74 & Nancy L. ’76 Deno, Gerald N. Deon ’97, Judy Deon ’93, Jeffrey T. Deragon ’81, Christopher W. Derby ’84, Alfred Derouchie ’61, F. George Derr ’69, Rocco Derrigo, Jr. ’85, Steven J. DeSantis, Gerard Desormeau ’65, Richard Destito ’98, Ryan Deuel, Edward G. Deugaw ’53, Development Authority of the North Country, Brenda L. Devine ’95, George E. Dewein ’56, Patrick J. Dewey ’82, John Deyoe ’63, Milton Diamond ’39, Robert J. Dibble ’70, Joanne Dickerson ’73, Paul Dickson ’85, Chauncey C. Dickson, Jr. ’56, Charles E. Dievendorf ’76, Dillingham Jones and Cissel, Inc., James W. Dimbleby ’85, Bartolo N. Dimento ’65, Mr. & Mrs. Juliano Dinardo, David A. Dingler ’55, Christopher DiPonzio ’85, Carl J. Disalvatore, James & Amy DiSalvo, Christopher Dishaw ’76, David C. DiSorbo ’92, Jennie M. DiStefano ’45, DiVi Enterprise, Inc., Michael P. diVincenzo, Ann Dlugozima ’59, Doris E. Do ’77, Cathryne Dobbin ’99, Douglas B. ’71 & Judith C. ’74 Dobson, David H. Docteur, Stanley W. Dodd ’72, Mary Jane Doelger ’82, Robert M. Dogget, Nancy A. Dohallow, Lesa A. Dolan ’77, Dominion Foundation, Domino’s, David M. Dominy ’84, Henry L. Dominy ’60, Jeffrey A. Dominy ’85, Timothy C. ’87 & Helen A. ’89 Dominy, Donald W. ’59 & Jean A. ’58 DonahMark Donahue ’73, Evelyn H. Donaldson ’37, Janelle A. Donigan ’68, James Donnelly ’98, Mary Jane Donovan Downs ’50, Jack J. Donovan, Jr. ’83, Mary J. Dooley ’47, Patricia M. Dooley ’77, Robert P. ’00 & Amy ’00 Doser, Alida B. Doud ’49, Merle H. Doud ’53, Holly S. Dougherty ’77, Cheryl A. Douglass ’84, Mary C. Douglass ’63, Doug’s Tavern, Mary Lou Dowling, George Downey ’66, David & Mary Downs, Richard Downs ’73, Diane L. Doyle ’72, Jeffrey J. & Donna ’84 Doyle, James J. Doyle, Jr. ’67 & Mary Doyle, E. Dean ’56 & Ann DrakeDeborah S. Drummond ’78, Diane M. Drummond, Edward J. Dubiel ’50, Thomas W. Duda, Jennifer L. Duffy ’78, Paul F. Duffy ’74, Rebecca M. Dufour ’76, James E. Dufrane ’62, Jamie B. Dugan ’77, James M. Duggan ’76, Danford W. Dumas ’80, John R. Dumas ’80, Robert K. Dumas ’68, David A. Dumont ’53, Charles S. Duncan, Jr. ’67 & Ladis Duncan, Frank E. Dungey ’73, Allen R. Dunham ’55, Richard M. ’76 & Mary Jo ’74 Dunham, Dunkin Donuts, David D. Dunn ’51, Jerome Dunn ’50, Maureen Dunn ’73, Mike F. Dunn ’83, William G. Dunn, Jr. ’77, Helen R. Dunstone ’41, Thomas E. & Anna DuPre, Mildred A. Dupuis ’38, Bryan E. Duquette ’76, Robert S. ’73 & Cynthia L. ’75 Duquette, John R. Durand ’74, Zdenko Duras ’76, Darcy A. Durfee ’77, James A. Durkish ’99, John D. Durling ’87, Arthur A. & Vickie Durocher, Robin L. Durocher ’04, Michael W. & Patricia Duskas, William M. Duskas, Janice Dusseault ’46, Kara J. Dutch ’94, Maynard & Betty Jo Dutcher, Robert E. Dutton ’40, Clifton N. ’49 & Laura A. ’83 Duval, Barbara G. Dyer ’68, Jane A. Dygert ’81, Doreen K. Dygert Warren ’80, Kermit W. Dyke ’56, Paula M. Dziekonski ’83, Ethel J. Dzuryachko, E. J. Noble Hospital Guild, E.A.P. Perspectives, Inc., Sylvia W. Eakin ’52, Todd R. Earl ’76, Peter D. Early ’80, Ann S. Easter ’78, Jeffrey L. Eastman ’72, Thomas G. Eastman ’87, Frederick Easton ’58, Susan H. Eaton ’67, Elizabeth G. Ebeling ’76, Ronald J. Eddy ’68, David B. Eddy, Sr. ’70 & Mildred Eddy, Catherine A. Edmonds ’78, Edward C. Seymour Post - 1231 Veterans of Foreign Wars, Robert L. Edwards, Alan ’73 & Donalee ’73 Eggleston, Betsy N. Eggleston ’72, Mr. & Mrs. A. Martin Eiband, Mr. & Mrs. Roderick Eiband, Jean R. Eichelberger ’64, Dwight Eisenhower ’75, David J. Elacqua ’86, John E. Elie ’70, Martha A. Ellinger ’71, Corey W. Elliott ’94, Michael J. Elliott ’77, Amy Ellis ’99, Ellis Pontiac-Buick-GMC, Inc., Cynthia Ellison ’69, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Elm, John W. Embser ’76, Carson Emhof, Daniel D. Emhof ’82, David E. Emrich, Enbridge Services, Linda J. Enderson, Philip A. Endres ’81, Linda J. Endreson, Vera L. Ennis ’75, Matthais V. Ensenat ’76, Entergy Services, Inc., Equifax, Inc., Elizabeth A. Erickson, Helen F. Erickson ’77, Kenneth Erickson, Allen F. ’81 & Maryanne M. ’81 Erwin, Victoria Esposito-Shea, Carl A. & Joan M. ’82 Eurto, Paul T. ’55 & Roberta ’56 Evans, Linda Everett ’78, Everett Boat Works, Kenneth W. Everhart ’66, Ronald E. Everleth ’67, Donna Everson ’73, Loren M. Evory ’76, Thomas D. ’57 & Burrnita M. ’58 Ewing, Exelon Business Services Company, Patricia L. Exware ’81, Daniel R. Faby ’73, John Facciolo, William L. Face, Jr. ’66,, Kristin L. Fahey ’87, Floyd P. Fallon ’51, Jane C. Fallon ’53, John A. Fallon, Roswell Fallon ’39, Mark J. Falvo ’77, Family Obstetrics-Gynecology, PLLC, Jeanne Farchione ’77, John J. Farella ’69, Larraine A. Farella ’88, Helen M. Farmer ’35, Patrick J. ’68 & Barbara A. ’68 Farnan, Richard J. Farr ’58, Helen G. Farrell, Michael W. Farrell ’77, Timothy Farrell ’85, Dale A. Farrington ’56, Louise R. Farrington, William & Joanne Fassinger, Donald J. ’69 & Constance E. ’69 Faucher, Daniel G. & Linda Fay, Edward J. & Patricia Fay, Heather C. Fazio ’93, FBD Consulting, FCL Management, Inc., Kevin Fear ’87, Patrick Feeney ’77, Robert P. & Blanche Feldman, Allyn C. Felker, Timothy M. Felt, Craig J. Feltz ’79, Charles R. Fenner, Fenner’s Fabricating & General Repair, Steve C. Ferency ’73, Edward D. Ferguson ’54, Tod A. Ferguson ’83, Mr. & Mrs. Jose M. Fernandez, Mark D. Fessenden ’80, Elizabeth R. Fessette ’40, Brian S. Fetcie ’94, Kurt P. Fetter, Ted L. & Claudia Fetterman, Marela Fiacco, Amorette C. Fichtel, James A. Field II ’84, John M. Field ’43, Scott D. Field ’85, Travis C. Field ’72, Thomas W. ’65 & Janice Fife, Fifth District Dental Society of New York State, Anita R. Figueras ’91, Mark A. Filardi ’75, Marcia A. Filip ’76, Financial Strategies, Inc., Brian E. Finn ’85, Wendy S. Finn ’83, Joseph A. Finnegan ’72, Anthony F. Fiorito ’65, Mr. & Mrs. Floyd A. Firman, First Baptist Church Choir, George A. Fish ’53, Allen J. Fisher, Charles E. Fisher ’57, Genevieve M. Fisher ’37, Murray J. Fisher ’72, William E. ’65 & Melinda Fisher, Holly F. Fiss, Alan Fitch ’50, George A. Fitch ’50, Kevin M. Fitts ’94, Sister Bethany Fitzgerald, Kenneth ’63 & Virginia ’61 Fitzgerald, Michael K. ’66 & Jeaneen ’66 Fitzpatrick, George A. Flaherty ’63, Jennie H. Flanagan ’90, Paul J. Flanagan ’78, Rosemary Flanagan ’50, Tod & Tina M. ’03 Flanagan, Kathy Flanders, Linda M. Flavin ’77, Mary L. Flenner ’61, Deborah A. Fleury ’71, Carol Flick ’42, Everett O. Flint ’44, Matthew J. Flynn ’02, Michael G. Flynn ’70, Fockler Industries, Dwayne P. Foley ’82, Fergal I. Foley ’80, Mary L. Foley Welch ’76, Joan P. Folino ’60, John B. Foote ’69, Catherine F. Forbes, Katherine B. Forbes ’78, Thomas E. Forbes ’74, Martha D. Ford ’90, Michael I. Ford ’93, Ronald C. Fordham ’48, Thomas M. Formica, Rebecca L. Formwalt ’80, John H. Forsythe ’79, Robert D. Forsythe ’74, Philip Fortin ’66, Peter S. & Judith Foster, Stewart J. Foster ’82, William C. Foster, Fourth Coast Fours, Neil A. Fovel, Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Fox, Lori E. Fox ’87, Marjorie J. Fox ’37, Rosemary Foy ’41, Korey L. Francis ’06, Daniel Frank ’02, Jane Frank, Larry ’78 & Laura ’97 Frank, Michael J. Frank ’75, Wanda D. Frank, Christopher Frappier ’86, Brian J. ’73 & Carol ’73 Frary, David A. ’70 & Linda Frary, Frary Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Robert & Betty Fraser, Scott H. Fraser ’81, Steve D. Frazier ’88, Don Frederick, Frederick S. Wilder 1981 Trust, David L. Fregoe ’78, Jerry E. Fregoe ’88, Joan Fregoe, David W. Freiman ’59, Stephen E. Frempong, Brian M. French ’96, George E. French III ’73 & Rosemary French, Marjorie R. French, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. French, Sr., James P. ’76 & Michelle Fretthold, Tim C. Frey ’80, William A. Friebel ’74, Friends of Joe Griffo, Anthony E. Friot ’91, Terry S. Friot ’84, Russell Fritz ’68, Susan M. Froass ’73, Ellen E. Frost ’65, William S. ’81 & Deborah ’82 Frye, Kathleen M. Fryer ’75, Richard K. Fujita, Christine Fuller ’98, David R. Fuller ’80, Eugene A. Fuller ’51, Robert C. Fuller, Sr. ’62, Mark C. Fulmer ’77, Janice H. Fulton ’84, Patricia A. Furgal ’98, David R. ’75 & Sherry A. ’75 Furgison, G. C. America, James A. Gabriel, William W. Gadway ’70, John J. Gaffney ’85, Shawn M. Gaffney ’86, Charles E. Gagen ’49, Laura L. Gagne ’77, Timothy E. Gagne, Bethanne F. Gagnon ’91, Connie L. Gagnon ’70, Michael W. Gagnon ’05, Sharon A. Gaines ’82, Shelley S. Gallagher ’72, Rose A. Galvezo-LaBrake ’01, John B. ’71 & Christine H. ’73 GambleMichael R. Gambuzza ’85, Gamer Craze, Gandy Dancer’s Restaurant, Susan J. Garcia ’77, Claire E. Gardam ’77, Katherine J. Gardner ’05, Neil Garner ’66, Garner Funeral Service, Brian Garney ’99, Alan Garrand ’69, Lawrence Garuccio ’76, Kenneth P. ’70 & Mary L. ’74 Garwood, Ricky L. Gary ’83 & Sherry Palmer-Gary ’82, Donald ’76 & Michele ’76 Gately, Lee A. Gates ’73, Candace C. Gauthier, William J. Gauthier ’91, Carol S. Gavin ’75, Jeff & Gonda Gebhardt, Michael Geitner ’81, Gemma Development, Inc., Gemma Power Systems, LLC, General Electric Foundation, General Motors Powertrain, Gerald P. Genier ’64, Darwin K. Gensel ’50, Gail V. George ’82, William George ’79, Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Michael D. Gerace ’70, David M. ’83 & Lisa K. ’83 Gerlach, Gerald F. & Sara Germain, Hazel B. Getkin ’49, Mary K. Gfeller, Andrew L. Giacomini, Jr. ’72, Robert F. Giacopino ’80, Robert Gibbs, Anthony & Kathryn Dana Gibson, David M. Gibson ’63, Katrina D. Gibson, Jeffery J. Gilbert ’77, Steven V. Gilbert, Terrance E. Gilbert ’67, Debra A. Gilbert-Brax ’82, Mr. & Mrs. Scott T. Gillan, Clinton D. ’84 & Barbara E. ’86 Gillett, James Gilligan, Donald F. Gilson ’40, Barbara J. Gippe ’78, Patricia Girouard ’70, Robert Gisotti ’91, Timothy P. Gladd ’87, John Glasgow ’69, Steven J. ’89 & Kelley Glasgow, William H. Glass ’84, GlaxoSmithKline Foundation, Tammy M. Gleason ’83, David G. Gleich ’82, Anthony Godard ’70, John A. & Anne Goetze, John K. Goetze ’90, Eleanor J. Goldacker ’52, Aurie Y. Golden ’52, Cleo J. Golding ’42, Karen A. Goldman ’79, Gregory ’85 & Teresa ’85 Goldthwait, Sandra L. Goliber ’95, Sandra Gonyea ’70, Keith D. Gonyo ’80, Debra R. Goodman ’77, Julia A. Goodman ’06, Michael K. Goodman ’80, Wendell P. Goodspeed ’88, Charles F. & Linda Goolden, John Goon, JoAnn M. Gooshaw ’03, Mary M. Gooshaw ’79, Michael Gordon, John S. Gorzkowski, Jr., Gary H. Goulden ’78, Gouverneur Tribune Press, Inc., Debra C. Graff ’82, David P. Graham ’65, Dennis Graham ’99, Lois & Mary Graham, Brad J. Grahl ’77, Keith M. Grahl ’80, Grainger, Brian Granger ’86, Beverly A. Grant ’56, Colleen Grant ’85, Mr. & Mrs. William A. Grater, Pauline A. Graveline, Lana G. Graves ’60, James L. Gray ’66, John & Christine ’93 Gray, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Gray, Judy L. Gray ’82, Great Northern Printing, Michael W. Greaves ’77, C. B. Green ’84, James L. ’84 & Lori T. ’97 Green, Janet R. Green ’82, Jolie A. Green ’90, Michael V. Green ’96, Robert D. Green ’50, Robert E. Green ’54, Roger E. Green ’51, Terry C. Green ’75, David M. Greenizen ’69, Caroline Gregory ’66, Stephen J. Grela ’80, Steven D. Gribnau ’73, Garth B. Griffin ’72, John J. Griffin ’63, Joseph D. Griffin ’77, Michael R. Griffin ’80, Griffith Energy, Inc., Martha L. Grimes, John E. Grimsley, Jr. ’51, Lora C. Grinder ’71, George R. Grisham ’74, Denise L. Guay ’93, Thomas E. Guba, Wendell Guess, Jonathan Gueverra, Gail H. Gurney ’69, Todd A. Gutmann ’04, Judy A. Guyette ’71, ’77 & ’79, Virginia I. Guyett, Brad T. Gydesen ’83, GYMO, PC, H. Chalk & Son, Inc., Peter G. Habeeb ’84, HAC Memorial, Hacketts, Vicky Haenel ’00, Patricia A. Hagan, Daniel J. Haggerty ’84, Dennis A. Haggerty ’76, April M. Haggett ’69, Susan L. Haggett ’84, Sheila Marie R. Hahn ’84, Walter J. ’89 & Elizabeth ’88 Haig, Hair Designs, Fred H. ’73 & Terry ’73 Hale, Daniel P. ’78 & Margaret R. ’80 Haley, Miriam L. Haley, Francis J. Hall ’62, Lyle W. Hall ’41, Roy S. ’40 & Katherine Hall, Sheldon ’80 & Frances ’78 HallWarren C. Hall ’49, William J. Hall ’67, Carol A. Hallahan ’82, James F. Haller ’85, Joseph N. ’75 & Debra ’75 Haller, James S. ’77 & Karen E. ’78 Halliley, Renee A. Hallock ’78, Gerald Halloran II ’68, Charles Halpin ’65, William E. Halsey ’73, Thomas J. Halton ’77, Hammill’s General Store, Donna Hammond ’82, Lisa A. Hammond, Raeburn E. Hammond ’83, Barbara J. Hance, Garnold E. ’74 & Cathy ’70 Hance, Amelia Hand ’40, Charles E. Haney ’68, Sara M. Hanley ’50, Denise R. Hanlon ’84, Sean M. Hanlon ’81, James M. Hann ’01, Hanover Hill Agri Consultants, Inc., James L. Hans ’76, Clarence A. Hansen ’43, Leroy E. & Diane Hansen, Willard P. Hansen ’89, Amy J. Hanson ’81, S. Farid-ul Haq, Dag Haraldson ’85, Constance S. Hardesty ’76, Thomas O. Hardiman, Allen W. Hargrave ’80, Brenda Hargrave, Richard Harmer ’61, Louis ’57 & Evelyn Harmin, Richard J. Harper ’67, Snow V. Harper ’95, Janine M. Harrigan-Pierce ’91, Jerry S. Harrington ’75, Mr. & Mrs. Jon D. Harrington, Maurice B. & Sheila ’66 Harrington, Dee A. Harrington-Hucks ’75, Mark A. Harris ’87, Sandra M. Harrison ’77, Thomas G. Harrison ’82, Harrisville Central School District, Robert P. Harroun ’80, Colin C. Hart ’80, Rene P. Hart ’65, Roger A. Hart ’64, Philip H. Hart, Jr. ’84, Brian K. Harte, Steven Harter ’64, David W. Hartle ’88, Cole F. Hartley ’58, Debra F. Hartman ’81, Mark Hartson ’72, Michael A. Hartson ’73, Harold V. ’69 & Marie V. ’70 Harty, Regina M. Harty ’72, Shawn P. Harty ’90, Merritt E. Hartz ’50, Robert C. Hastings, Jr. ’82, David M. Hatcliff ’64, William Hauck ’61, Haun Companies, Haun Welding Supply, Ronald D. Haven ’55, Peter L. & Laurie Hayes, Richard W. Hazel ’71, Richard T. Hazzard, Jr. ’86, Sister Kathryn V. Healy, Roxanne K. Heath, Gary L. Hebert ’68, Marianne Hebert, Patricia E. Hebert ’81, Michael J. Hedderich ’66, Molly S. Hedrick ’79, Roberta Heer, R. Peter ’51 & Apryll Heffering, Richard T. Heffernan ’76, Heidi Ho’s Convenience Store, Nicole A. Heldt, Noreen B. Helmer ’65, Sharon J. Helms ’61, Claire A. Henderson ’71, Jeannie C. Henderson ’81, John T. ’52 & Lorraine L. ’52 Henderson, Thomas F. Hennessey, Jr. ’84, Arnold Henry ’65, Christopher Henry ’79, Gerald R. Henry ’69, Lynn F. Henry ’84, Mary E. Henry ’83, Karen R. Hensley ’79, Paul A. Herlihy, Jr. & Julie Herlihy, Bethany J. Herman ’79, Christine A. Herzig ’82, William B. Herzog, Derek L. Hetu ’00, Harvey J. Hewitt ’59, James M. Hewitt ’77, John E. Hewitt ’80, Lynne Hewitt ’93, Teresa M. Hewitt ’83, Keitha Hewlett ’40, Eva Hibbard, Karolee K. Hibbert, Daniel R. Hickey ’80, Darin V. Hickling ’95, Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Hickling, Janet C. Hickman, John W. Hicks ’58, Glenn R. Hider ’75, Susan Higginbotham ’69, Joseph E. Hill ’80, Teresa A. Hill ’82, Hill Bros. Service Center, Inc., Hilti North America, Scott N. Hilts ’82, Larry T. Hines ’66, Charlie D. Hirschey ’80, Mr. & Mrs. Lee T. Hirschey, Norman J. Hirschey ’75, Edward G. Hirsh, Roberta S. Hitchcock ’48, Donald & Shirley Hitchman, Paul D. Hitchman ’79, Edward A. Hludzenski ’65, Edwin E. Hoar III ’71, Eric ’82 & Mary ’82 Hoare, Jerry D. Hobbs ’55, Scott Hobbs, Denise Hobkirk ’01, David J. Hockey ’68, Betsy Hodge, Mark W. Hodge ’87, Frances Hodgson ’69, Douglas Hoffman ’70, Eileen M. Hoffman ’82, Melody L. Hoffman ’82, Rita C. Hoffman ’75, Deborah A. Hogerman ’78, Mary G. Holland, Robert Holland ’74, Eileen K. Hollembaek ’72, Kevin M. Hollenbeck ’93, David Hollis ’74, Gerard F. ’51 & Marilyn L. ’51 Holm, Renee Holmes ’98, John R. Homburger ’68, Joseph A. Homola ’74, Elizabeth Honsky, Alan E. Hooper, Gary R. Hooper ’62, Hoot Owl Express, Jane C. Hopke ’92, Alan E. Hopper ’85, Victoria R. Hopwood ’70, Byron F. Horak ’76, Gregory ’76 & Diane C. ’76 Horeth, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hornack, Elizabeth M. Horr ’38, Kathleen M. Horton, Margaret M. Hosmer, Michael J. ’65 & Karen Hotaling, Dorothy E. Hotchkiss ’72, Lyle Hotis ’63, Linda F. Houck ’78, Jerry Houghton ’68, JoAnne Hourihan ’82, Michael Houser ’68, Paul ’86 & Phyllis ’85 Howard, Roxanne M. Howard ’85, Christopher Howe ’80, Gregory W. Howe ’76, Harry E. & Theo Howe, Kathleen A. Howe, Patricia A. Howell ’72, Vivian M. Howland, Howland Pump Supply Co., Inc., Timothy Howley ’76, Willard Hoyt, HSBC Bank, Joan Hubbard ’76, Richard J. Hubsch ’50, Norman Hudson ’47, Roger D. Hudson ’79, Ross C. & Agnes B. Hudson, William J. ’82 & Teresa D. ’82 Huggins, Joseph W. Hughes ’42, Kenneth G. Hughes ’50, Robert M. Hughes ’75, Rodger Huiatt, Joann M. Hull ’57, Paul D. Hull ’84, Robert W. Hulse ’74, Gerald R. Humes ’73, Brian N. Humphrey ’70, Dorothy J. Hunt ’54, Jane L. Hunt ’61, John A. Hunt, Thomas H. Hunt ’65, Ricky A. Hunter ’81, Rosalie G. Hunter, Thomas A. Hunter ’82, Mary C. Huntington, Martha L. Hurlburt ’79, Arthur G. ’65 & Diane Hurlbut, Ray & Eleanor Hurlbut, Robert P. Hurley ’56, Mary G. Huse, Hutchinson’s Boat Works, Inc., Bonnie J. Hutchins ’66, Carol S. Hutchinson ’81, Phillip M. & Lauren Hutchinson, Robert Hutchinson ’88, Roger R. ’79 & Carol ’81 Hutchinson, Wendell E. Hutchinson ’57, Wilda G. Hutchinson ’31, Garry R. Hutchurson ’66, A. Edward Hyde ’40, David J. Hyde ’50, James H. Hyde ’81, Ruth W. Hyde ’99, Hyde Stone Mechanical Contractors, Mr. & Mrs. Gianfranco Ianni-Lucio, Mr. & Mrs. Sam Ianni-Lucio, IBM International Foundation, Yvonne Idzenga ’95, Lois G. Ierlan ’31, Teresa Ierlan, In Motion Physical Therapy, LLC, Donna Infield ’64, Bishop Ingraham ’47, Lashawanda Ingram, Insight Health Corporation, Institute for Ethical Behavior, Inc., Invenergy LLC, IOOF Seaway Lodge 41, Richard K. ’78 & Laura A. ’78 Iorio, David P. Irish, Sr. ’66, William E. Irven, Elizabeth F. Irvine ’02, ITT Industries, J & T Auto Body Supplies & Auto Glass, J.C. Merriman, Inc., J.E. Sheehan Constructing Corporation, J.S. Cinemas, Inc., Ann M. Jackman ’73, Steven A. Jackson ’81, William F. Jackson ’72, William I. Jacobe ’72, Ty J. Jacot ’85, Charles L. Jacox ’58, Barbara E. Jahn ’56, John D. Jakubowski ’54, Carson James, James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation, Dawn K. Janey ’76, Michael J. Janssen ’91, Phillip M. & Paula B. Jacques, Harold F. Jaquis ’58, William H. Jaquis ’54, Frederick ’79 & June M. ’79 Jaquish, Michael W. Jasinski ’74, Jefferson Concrete Corporation, Jeffords Steel & Engineering Co., Helen M. Jemison ’81, Daniel J. Jenack ’74, Elizabeth Jenison, Norris N. Jenkins ’56, Peggy J. Jenkins, Sheldon B.’81 & Helen M. ’81 Jenne, Allen F. Jenner ’75, John E. Jenner ’83, Robert E. & Nadine N. Jennings, Neil F. Jensen ’74, Jersey Connection, Maureen Jessup ’76, JJ Brokers, LLC, John P. Coakley Sons, Inc., Calvin C. Johnson ’75, Charles R. Johnson ’68, George Johnson ’90, Janice E. Johnson ’93, John T. Johnson ’03, Kenneth H. Johnson ’84, Martha L. Johnson ’84, Michael J. Johnson ’71, Virginia Johnson ’31, Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, Jacqueline J. Johnston ’77, Brian H. Jones ’89, Donald A. Jones ’59, Elizabeth M. Jones ’95, Elizabeth S. Jones ’60, Frederick C. Jones ’42, Jennifer A. Jones, Mary Jones ’48, Michael R. Jones ’84, Pamela H. Jones ’62, Robin A. Jones ’78, Terrance W. Jones ’77, Theresa Jones, Jones’ Service Station, Ronald H. Jones, Sr. ’62, Scott P. Joralemon ’89, Corey J. Jordan ’95, Ellen M. Jordan ’73, Karen Jordan, Kevin J. Jordan ’81, Michael Joslin ’73, Arlene T. Jourdan ’76, Richard K. Joyce ’84, Jreck Subs, Mary Ruth Judd ’38, Peter J. Judge ’77, Mary Ellen Jukoski, Carol J. Julian ’46, Carl F. ’44 & Merilyn ’44 Jumps, John T. ’68 & Rosemary ’68 Kaasa, June M. Kalvin ’38, Stanley J. Kaminski ’68, Cathy S. Kanclerz ’73, Donna L. Kane ’79, Kathleen E. Kane, Laurie A. Kapfer ’83, Betsy G. Kaplan, John A. Kaplan, David C. Kapusta ’74, Joseph T. Karkut ’63, Philip V. Kaszuba ’80, Abraham Kaufman, Rochelle Kaufman, Marie Kaye ’74, Bonita J. Keefe-Layden ’69, Thomas E. Keen ’64, John M. Keenan ’76, Paul Keenan ’61, Timothy P. Keenan ’93, Deborah R. Keith ’01, David R. & Diane Keller, Lawrence Keller ’66, George H. Kelley ’71, Barbara T. Kellogg ’71, Theresa L. Kellogg ’81, Sharon A. Kells ’78, Brendan J. Kelly ’96, Catherine M. Kelly, Charles W. Kelly, Erwin J. Kelly ’48, Mary T. Kelly ’89, Patricia A. Kelly ’87, Patricia C. Kelly ’89, Peter Kelly ’73, Jennifer M. Kelsey ’03, Ruth E. Kemm ’06, Bernel G. Kempney ’81, William H. Kench ’78, Timothy J. Kenefick ’49, E.B. Kennedy, Joseph L. & Dine Kennedy, John M. Kennedy ’00, Kevin M. Kennedy ’80, Barbara J. Kenney ’76, Debra L. Kenny ’76, James A. Kenny ’69, Paul E. Kenny ’75, Ronald J. Kensey ’71, Deborah M. Kent, Jonathan Kent, Pamela A. Kent, Harriet Kentner ’44, Kevin L. Kenyon ’89, Brendan ’86 & Julie ’86 Keough, Ruth Kernan ’66, Eric W. Kerr ’07, Leland F. Kerr ’43, Scott R. Kerr ’87, Key Bank, N. A., Gregory E. Kie, Todd G. Kilmer ’87, Kimberton Youth Athletic League, Audrey S. Kimmel ’55, Brian E. Kimmel, Barbara J. King, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. King, Debra S. King ’79, Harry E. ’40 & Wilda King, Jay A. King ’51, Jeffrey King ’86, John G. King ’81, Kelvin C. King ’79, Steven P. King, Vernon E. King ’54, Philip P. Kingston ’69, Sylvia M. Kingston ’78, Walter Kingston, William J. Kingston & Anne Moss, Kingswood-Oxford School, Kinney Drugs Foundation, Leon E. Kirby ’60, Harold J. Kirschner ’56, Kleanline Sales & Service, David M. Klein ’76, David L. Kleps ’76, Martin R. Knapp ’75, Francis R. Knight ’50, James G. ’76 & Brenda J. ’71 Knight, Nancy D. Knight ’76, Knights of Columbus, Thomas H. Knowles ’62, David R. ’69 & Catherine B. ’69 Knowlton, Mark D. Knowlton ’87, Timothy Knowlton ’86, Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Knox, Bridget L. Koban ’84, Kevin L. Koch ’80, Nicholas C. Kocher ’02, Marsha A. Koerner ’76, Dennis R. Kohl ’83, Gary T. Kohler ’67, Louine M. Kolb ’83, Richard E. Kopper, Norma P. Koss, Kostin, Ruffkess & Company, LLC, Thomas M. Kotwica ’84, Gene Koziol ’63, Ross W. Kraft ’88, Irene V. Krenceski, Mary A. Krenceski, Todd A. Kreuzburg ’88, Raymond G. Krisciunas, Alan A. ’76 & Pamela J. ’77 Kropa, Richard N. Kruger ’68, John C. Krusper II ’04, Eileen Kuck ’53, Elizabeth Kuhl ’73, Lisa A. Kukelka ’77, Mr. & Mrs. John A. Kulpik, Karen A. Kulpik, Douglas Kunz, Brian E. Kurish ’99, Sue D. Kurpiewski ’41, Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Kurz, Ricky D. Labare ’79, Cindy K. LaBarge ’78, Randall LaBarge ’85, Robert R. LaBarge ’89, Wendy LaBarge ’73, Wassim Labban, Robert B. LaBelle ’68, J. Robert LaBelle, Jr. ’75, William A. LaBonte ’68, Joseph H. LaBow ’86, Ernest L. LaBrake ’49, Neil F. LaBrake, Jr. ’79, David J. Lach, Frederick A. LaChance ’99, Tina LaChance, Gerald E. & Myra LaClair, Robert A. LaClair, Sr. ’57, Amy R. Lacomb, Andre T. LaCombe ’74, Earl C. LaCross ’57, Tom Lacy ’74, Katherine T. Ladd, Judith A. LaDuc ’78, Derek J.’85 & Sharon ’81 LaDuke, Thomas L. LaFaver ’93, R. Anthony ’75 & Lynann K. ’75 LaFountain, Peggy LaFrance, Claire F. LaGarry ’72, Bernard J. LaGrave, Jr. ’67, James R. Lahey, Brian Laing ’99, Francis C. ’80 & Michele Lallier, Ronald F. Lamandia, Jr. ’93, William ’65 & Sandra L. ’64 Lamb, D. Richard Lambert ’65, Loralee A. Lamica ’82, Stephen A. Lamont ’66, Bonnie S. Landi ’87, Paul J. Landor, Sr. ’46, Patrick J. Landy, Thomas W. Lane ’76, Denise Y. Laneuville ’90, Laneuville’s Grocery, Barbara A. Lang ’52, Carl W. ’51 & Nancy F. ’51 Lange, Thomas Langen, Jerilyn P. Langlois-Krag, Renee Langtry-Green, Gary C. Lanphear ’60, Julie Lanphear ’63, Christopher Lanthier ’95, Garry W. Lanthier ’74, Edward L. Lanyi ’84, Alicia M. LaPierre ’89, Dennis J. LaPierre ’72, William C. LaPierre ’69, Ernest LaPine ’62, Andrew L. ’93 & Nicole LaPlante, James O. LaRock ’76, Douglas S. LaRose, Jr., Annette LaRose-Oki ’70, Robert E. Larrabee, Susan M. Larrow ’81, Stephanie E. LaRue, Carol L. LaSala ’78, Frank R. LaSala ’02, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph G. LaSala, Ronald H. LaSalle ’94, Ann M. Lasher ’96, Doris H. Lasher, Lisa J. Lasher, David ’76 & Debra ’79 LaShomb, Mary L. LaShomb ’77, LaShomb Insurance, Erin Lassial, Ronald H. Lassial ’58, Glenn Latimer, Joseph G. Latimer ’83, Angela C. Lauzon ’90, Philip W. LaVallee ’76, Frederick J. LaVallie ’78, Michael V. LaVare ’72, Missie L. Lavigne ’97, Raymond E. LaVoie III ’71, Vicki Lavoie, Lawrence A. ’69 & Evelyn ’58 Law, Susan D. Law ’92, Law Offices of William Breetz, Joseph C. Lawler ’75, Carol R. Lawrence, Joseph R. ’02 & Kelli Jo ’03 Lawrence, Kendall & Norma Lawrence, Phyllis T. Lawrence ’68, Ronald F. Lawrence ’75, Russell B. Lawrence III ’81 & Sharon Lawrence, Ted L. ’67 & Phyllis ’68 Lawrence, Lawrence Funeral Home, Leading Edge In Professional Education, Austin Leahy ’51, Mary Leary, Carolyn C. Leavitt, David A. Leavitt ’73, Anthony P. & Evelyn LeBarge, Fredric A. LeBeau ’80, LeBerge & Curtis, Inc., Lawrence H. LeClair ’89, Nichole M. LeClair ’96, Wayne LeClair ’73, Brian Lee, Catherine G. Lee ’68, David B. Lee ’71, M. Veigh Mehan Lee, George L. Leedom ’97, Matthew LeFevre ’00, William R. LeFevre ’05, Aric Leggue ’00, Mr. & Mrs. Dale Lehmer, Edwina B. Lehr, James T. Lehr, Daniel J. Lenhard ’86, Frederick W. Lenz ’74, Geralyn M. Lenzi ’85, Donald E. ’67 & Darlene Leonard, Michelle Leonard, Elayne P. Leonelli, Leonie’s Jamaican Restaurant, Francis P. ’76 & Mary C. ’77 Lepore, Michelle K. Leroux ’79, Diane L. Leslie ’73, James R. Lesperance ’74, Kimberly M. Letner ’77, Michael L. & Peggy Sue Levato, Brian & Pamela Levendusky, Emma V. Levitt, Gordon & Jeanne Dana Lewis, Mr. & Mrs. John G. Lewis, Pamela M. Lewis ’85, Diane H. Ley ’76, Pui H. Liang ’94, Lawrence J. Liberty ’76, Arthur J. Licourt ’50, Frederick C. ’66 & Karen Liebi, Gretchen S. Liebi ’69, Shirley Light ’50, Joyce A. Lilholt ’72, Peter P. & Linda Lilley, Sally L. Lilley ’70, Kathy A. Limoges ’80, Janice M. Lincoln ’81, Kevin A. Lincoln ’78, Linda’s Barber Shop, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Lindow, Emma Lingenfelter ’48, Arne M. Linkjendal ’59, Eric F. Lis ’70, Timothy P. Liscum ’83, June Litchfield ’53, Thomas D. ’79 & Susan ’85 Little, Joseph Litwin ’98, Steven ’77 & Sandra ’78 Livernois, Richard W. Livezey ’80, Janet E. Livingston ’95, Catherine M. Livoti Rice ’88, Janet S. Lloyd ’40, Richard J. Lobdell ’39, Catherine B. Locke ’79, Lockheed Martin Matching Gift Program, David Lockwood, James O. Locy ’58, Richard S. Lodge ’69, Doris P. Loewen, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Logan, David H. Lombardi ’85, Louis Longo ’76, Nicholas & Evelyn Longo, Carolann A. Longshore ’93, Joseph R. & Charlene Longshore, Judith Longshore ’94, Joseph R. Longshore II ’96, Mary O’Horo Loomis ’76, Mary Loperfido, Richard S. Lopez ’81, Karen E. Lord ’87, Thomas Lord ’64, Lori D. Lorraine ’72, Jerry W. Lottie ’80, Dale H. Loucks ’71, Dana C. Loucks ’74, Derry R. Loucks ’69, Howard J. Loucks ’51, Naomi R. Louis, Harlan E. ’91 & Debra A. ’73 Lowry, Laurie A. Lucas ’98, Jeremy & Nellie ’00 Lucas, Jonathan J. Luciano ’01, Pamela J. Luckie ’85, Martin O. Luey ’74, Wade L. Luffman ’73, LUNCO Corporation, Michael E. Lundy ’82, Deborah L. Luszczek ’86, Frances A. Luther ’61, Joseph J. Lychalk ’66, Kathleen H. Lynch, Jeffrey & Deborah Lyndaker, Lyra Laurentian – Eastern Star, Margaret C. Mac Vittie, Mr. & Mrs. James T. Macaluso, Earl W. & Joyce MacArthur, Peter & Marti K. ’74 & ’78 MacArthur, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. MacDonald, Clara MacDougall ’75, MacFadden Dier Leonard Insurance, Frances M. Mackay, Patrick Mackay ’68, Susan E. MacKenzie ’71, Richard F. ’68 & Cheryl ’68 MackiewiczWilliam C. Mackinnon ’82, Frank H. Macy ’53, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick M. Madlin ’90, Edouard K. Mafoua, Susan M. Magari ’81, Geordie H. Magee, Jr. ’79 & Linda Magee ’79, Gary A. Maggi ’78, Michael S. Maguire ’73, Adele M. Mahoney ’77, Jerry D. & Julie Mahoney, Jeanne Maiden ’75, David J. Mainville ’88, Maureen Maiocco, John N. Maisonneuve, Dale D. ’70 & Sharon Major, Laurie B. Maki ’83, Anthony Makuch, Jr. ’71, Sherri M. Malgee ’81, Bryan R. Mallette ’87, Betty J. Mallott, Eric J. Malloy ’80, Anne Malone, Candice M. Malone ’77, Paul W. Malone ’66, Rosanne Malone ’79, Joseph R. Maloney ’64, Mark C. Maloney ’88, Rory C. Manaro, Arthur F. Mance ’42, Miles Manchester ’69, Brian J. Mancroni ’75, Altha T. Mancuso ’42, Kevin G. Mangan ’82, Richard V. & Mary Manning, Manning and Napier Advisors, Inc., Francis S. Mantell ’72, Joseph P. Marcellino ’09, Robert E. Marcellus, Sr. ’56, Robert C. Marcil ’67, Scott Marciszewski ’95, Anthony Marconi, Ann W. Marden ’78, Martin Marianetti, Jr., Camille Mariani ’76, Cathy A. Marich, Michael Marino ’95, Irma I. Markert, Cynthia A. Maroney, John J. & Mary Maroney, Mary Maroney ’74, Christopher P. Marquart, Stuart Marquart ’71, Brian Marschall, Stephen F. Marschke ’71, Janet Marsden, Mr. & Mrs. David S. Marsh, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Marsh, Donna M. Martell ’88, R. A. & Carol Martens, Daniel E. & Deborah Martin, Daun A. Martin, David O’B. Martin, Doreen R. Martin ’38, Jeanette D. Martin ’79, John P. Martin ’84, Madeline W. Martin ’61, Megan Martin, Nancy K. Martin ’74, Patrick Martin, Samuel Martin ’65, Scott A. Martin ’91, Terry L. & Jill Martin, Warren J. Martineau ’82, Robert D. Martz ’81, Christopher Mason ’84, Clifford J. Mason ’78, James Mason, Paul C. Mason ’60, S. Scott Mason ’81, William F. Mason ’77, Massena Memorial Hospital Foundation, Leon A. Massenzio ’82, Roger A. Masters ’87, Everel H. Mastin ’65, Mater Dei Foundation, Kevin ’90 & Maureen A. ’90 Matthew, Donna E. Matthys ’85, Robert J. Mattice ’57, Barry M. Mattis ’79, Greg E. Matzan ’95, Bonnie M. Matzell, Timothy R. Matzell ’93, Wendy S. Maurici ’75, Ruthann P. Maxfield, John A. Maybee ’50, Christopher Mayer ’88, William C. Mayers, Jr. ’74, Maureen A. Mayville ’75, Emerick S. Mazar, Frank P. Mazza ’68, Angelo Mazzoli ’68, Sebastian A. & E. Anne Mazzotta, William McAdoo ’64, Lois L. McAllester ’51, Marion McAllister, Virginia M. McAllister, Deborah C. McAloon ’01, Karen McAuliffe, Susan A. McAvoy ’75, Stephen & Larkin ’03 McBath, Robert F. ’59 & Eleanora McCabe, McCabe Foundation, Dr. & Mrs. David McCall, McCall Medical Office, Scott D. McCann ’76, William McCann, Jr. ’81, Michael A. McCarney ’82, Jerome A. McCarthy ’55, Joseph P. McCarthy ’82, Michael A. McCarthy ’84, McCarthy’s Restaurant, John McCauley ’82, Robert McClellan ’75, Daniel D. McClory ’82, Mary Beth McConnell ’82, Cynthia L. McCormick ’67, Dahl R. McCormick ’60, Michael ’85 & Amy ’88 McCormick, Richard E. McCormick ’76, Richard J. McCormick ’51, McCormick & Company, Inc., Michael O. McCusker ’56, Jennifer A. McDonald, Mr. & Mrs. Paul McDonald, Peggylee A. McDonald ’69, Mr. & Mrs. Robert McDonald, Thomas J. McDonald ’74, Deven L. McDougall ’85, Lura J. McElhearn ’50, Hugh W. ’58 & June McElheran, Gordon V. McElwain ’74, Katherine McEvoy ’48, William V. McFall ’65, Cynthia M. McFerran, Kathleen A. McFerran, Ray McGee, William H. McGee ’58, Jean O. McGinnis ’82, Alice M. McGovern ’38, Joan A. McGrath ’81, Terrance J. McGuire ’75, Diane L. McHale-Mix ’71, Edith I. McHugh ’43, Gretchen McHugh ’95, James W. McInnis, Willis G. ’79 & Julie ’80 McIntosh, Roland McKee, Terry L. McKendree ’77, Robert C. ’69 & Anne M. McKenty, David J. McKnight ’50, Constance McLaughlin ’54, Nora J. McLaughlin-Lantry ’82, Robert D. McLoughlin ’76, Lou-Ann McNally ’87, Stella L. McPherson ’62, Sally E. McPike ’70, Christine G. McRedmond, Deborah D. McTiernan ’80, Mary E. McVean ’42, Sheila D. Mehaffy ’86, William J. Mein, Carole Melchior, Kathryn L. Mellnitz ’73, Ethel M. Mellon ’43, Merck Company Foundation, Kelly M. Merrill ’87, Richard L. Merrill ’77, Joel C. ’53 & Betty ’54 Merriman, Mr. & Mrs. John C. Merritt ’77, Mr. & Mrs. James Merrow, Ronald G. Meshurel ’98, Wendy M. Mesick ’81, Anthony C. Mesolella, Alan S. Messie ’64, Matthew G. Metcalf, Ronald R. Metras ’66, Sandra J. Metz, Mr. & Mrs. W. George Metz, Arlene L. Meyer ’80, Robert C. Meyer ’82, Gerald L. Michael ’77, Paul Michaelson, Freda M. Michaud ’79, Norbert C. & Laura Michnowski, Midtown Hair, Randolph E. Miles ’76, Gregg M. Millar ’77, Sherry A. Millard ’82, Anita F. Miller, Beverly A. Miller ’60, Carl R. Miller, Charles R. ’66 & Judith J. ’66 Miller, Daniel J. ’83 & Jacqueline E. Miller, Gail D. Miller, John T. Miller ’71, Kendel J. Miller ’82, Mark J. Miller, Melinda Miller, Richard J. Miller, Ronny G. Miller ’76, Victoria J. Miller ’86, Wilfred Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Milliken, William Mills ’67, Marilyn I. Mintener ’59, Daniel J. Mirizio ’78, Rose-Marie Missert ’79, Frank J. Mistler ’51, James K. Mitchell ’51, John W. Mitchell ’54, Lee Mitchell ’59, Thomas M. Mitchell ’75, William D. Mitchell ’81, Kathleen M. Mixon ’87, Raymond G. Modell ’62, George J. ’88 & Deborah Molnar, Jill M. Molnar-Garner ’80, Mom’s Schoolhouse Diner, Joanne M. Monnet ’83, Garrick W. Monroe ’02, James I. & Joyce Monroe, Lynn B. Montague ’73, Sheldon C. Monteiro ’92, Denise Montroy, Michele M. Montroy ’95, Richard W. Moore ’60, Mark J. Moran ’79, Nancy E. Moran, Jeffrey S. Morelock ’90, Peter M. Morford ’68, Mrs. Daniel J. Morgan ’90, Eleanor M. Morgan, Kermit Morgan, Mary E. Morgan, Richard A. ’76 & Deborah A. ’76 Morgan, Peter L. Moro, Mr. & Mrs. David A. Morrell ’77, Christopher Morrissey ’94, Bradley P. ’76 & Karen P. ’76 Morrison, James E. Morrison ’80, Morristown Fuel & Supply Co., Inc., Paul B. Morrow ’68, Carlton E. Morrow, Sr. ’67, Robert L. Morrow, Jr., Harvey B. Morse ’67, Richard M. ’79 & Susan ’79 Morse, Mort Backus and Sons, Inc., Frances B. Morton ’50, Andrew Morzillo ’96, Rosanna M. Moser, Donald L. ’67 & Donna Mosher, Jeffrey T. Mosier ’78 & Jean L. Lee-Mosier ’74, Molly A. Mott, Alice H. Moulton ’53, David H. Moulton, Nelson C. Mount III ’82, Mountain Mart #106, Gary W. ’84 & Dawn E. ’73 Mourick, Thomas L. Mourick ’70, Chris Moustakis ’50 & Vivian Vouklizas-Moustakis ’50, Christopher Mowry ’82, Mr. & Mrs. Kregg A. Moyer ’77, Edward S. Mucenski, Jr. ’68 & Nancy Mucenski, Robert M. Mucica ’56, Jan A. Muddle ’61, Diane L. Muehl, Phyllis R. Muir ’78, Christina I. Mullen ’79, Edward ’77 & Debra ’77 Muller, John Mumford, Roxanne M. Munn ’82, Lorrie E. Munson ’00, Gladys C. Muoebonam ’02, Raymond J. Murnane ’51, David P. Murphy ’85, Donald E. Murphy ’49, James A. Murphy ’51, Mary K. Murphy ’76, Michael J. Murphy ’77, Michael J. Murphy ’83, Theresa E. Murphy ’76, Garth Murray ’74, Michelle L. Murray ’77, Susan N. Murrock ’78, John P. Murtha, Lynn P. Musante ’75, MVP Sports, Victor Myalik, Arthur E. ’58 & Sylvia Myers, Carol R. Myers ’67, Robert T. Myers ’72, Andy ’88 & Margo Nadeau, Paul C. Nagle, Nagle Seal Coating, Christopher Nagy ’80, Joan L. Nagy ’74, Philip D. Nagy ’83, Ira K. Nahikian, Esther C. Namian ’52, Joan M. Narrow ’81, Merle L. Nash ’61, Norma L. Nash, National Bank of Geneva, National Council of Economic Education, National Grid USA, Nationwide Foundation, Nationwide Precision Products Corporation, Nature’s Storehouse, NBT Bank, Bonnie L. Neadom ’94, Kathryn D. Nearing ’39, Jacob M. Neely ’09, Joan N. Neer-McGarth ’80, Betty Nelson, Mark R. Nelson ’77, Richard & Martha A. ’71 NeriAlex C. & Carol Neubert, Angela J. Nevaldine, Anne Nevaldine, Carolyn K. Nevaldine, Linda J. Nevaldine, Henry H. Neverett ’62, Lori A. Nevers ’85, New York Air Brake Corporation, New York Steel Fabrications, David Newbegin ’66, Tobi Newcombe, Allan P. Newell, Catherine B. Newell, Kimberly A. Newell ’85, Peter R. Newell ’77, A. Neil Newman, Deborah J. Newman ’77, Michael J. ’84 & Sheila ’83 NewtownLowell C. ’62 & Carol NewvineLois A. Nicandri, David R. Nichols ’63, Donald E. ’84 & Sandra Nichols, Bruce D. Nicholson, Elwood J. Nicholson, James A. Nicholson ’58 & Kay Woodruff, Cynthia G. Nicoloff ’79, Cynthia E. Niles ’78, Denise Nissle, Michael A. ’85 & Kelly Noble, Robert A. Noble, Jr. & Nancy Noble, Jeffrey R. Noce ’87, Robert R. Noftsier ’67, Nokia, Nolan’s Office Products, Patricia P. Noreen ’76, David Norenberg, Cheryl Normoyle ’77, Robert Norris ’55, North Country Engineering, P.C., North Country Savings Bank, North Country Wind, Northeast Utilities Company, Northeastern Industrial Piping, Northeastern Sign, Northern New York Builders Exchange, Jill A. Northrop ’87, Northrop Grumman Foundation, Donald F. Northrup ’38, Dave & Lisa Norton, James B. Norton ’52, Richard & Beverly J. ’53 Norton, Norwood Volunteer Fire Department, Laura L. Nosiglia ’82, Christopher Nouryeh, NRG Power Team, Philip K. Nuffer ’74, Christopher Nunn ’77, Thomas ’75 & Tina NunnBrian ’99 & Vega ’00 NuttingSusan Nye ’74, NYSET, NYS Federation of Home Bureaus, Inc., Carolyn M. O’Connor, Theresa M. O’Reilly ’72, Daria C. Oakes ’85, Charlotte A. Oates ’52, Kelly C. Obermayer ’79, Chris & Rebecca ’69 O’BrianGerald M. ’39 & Catherine D. ’85 O’BrienMichael D. O’Brien ’66, Raymond F. O’Brien ’77, Samuel R. O’Brien, Thomas L. ’70 & Brenda M. ’79 O’BrienVincent J. ’66 & Janice O’Brien William M. & Virginia O’Brien, Brenda S. Obrist ’79, Dennis J. Obrist ’79, Paul O’Callaghan, Thomas J. ’94 & Melainie OcchinoDavid O’Connell, Bryan M. O’Connor ’01, Thomas J. O’Connor ’82, Michael J. O’Connor, Jr. ’00, John P. O’Donnell ’74, Susan E. Oehmler ’77, Richard Oelschlager, Ogdensburg Bowl, Joseph F. Ogiba III ’84, Isabel O’Hanlon, Scott R. O’Hara ’90, Hilda J. O’Keefe ’36, Thomas A. ’81 & Nancy A. ’81 Oksa, Dudley T. Oldham, Jr. ’74, William Olin ’64, Jennifer E. Oliver, Marilyn L. Oliver ’78, Edward G. Olley, Jr. ’74, Kristin P. Olmstead ’01, Thomas H. Olney ’70, Robert C. Olrich ’72, Terence Olsheski, Tyrus G. & Mary Jane Olvert, On the Spot Windshield Repair, Oneida-Herkimer Dental Society, Chloe Ann O’Neil, Michael F. O’Neil ’55, Ellen-Marie O’Neill ’51, Ronald M. ’63 & June O’Neill, David L. Onofrio ’67, Onondaga Community College Foundation, Lawretta Ononye, Gary ’73 & Rebecca OnyanPeter C. ’66 & Mary Ellen ’66 Oppelt John G. Orcutt ’72, Christine L. Orlando, Christine M. Ormsbee, Nicholas Orologio ’90, Nancy E. Orologio-Besaw ’78, Craig H. Ortlieb ’94, Wendy A. Ortolano ’76, Orvis Street Bottle Center, Mrs. Eric Osborne ’97, Marcia J. Osborne ’62, Dr. & Mrs. Peter B. Oscsodal ’89, Jane O’Shea ’75, Alan & Rita Ostrander, Joseph E. Ott ’67, Thomas H. Ouellette ’62, Ruth C. Overcash ’37, Elaine B. Overton ’69, P&C Food Canton, Lynn M. Pabalan ’83, William J. Pacacha ’69, Mary Pacocha ’73, John F. Paddock ’88, Douglas F. Pafk ’71, Frances A. Pagano ’78, Krista A. Pahler, Werner Pahler, Clifford H. Paige ’64, Judith A. Paige, Angelo Pallaria ’61, Daniel R. & Nancy Palmateer, Daniel R. ’83 & Patricia Palmer, Evelyn J. Palmer ’30, Stewart A. ’77 & Elizabeth Palmer, Sherry F. Palmer-Gary ’82, Palmer’s Flooring, Rhonda L. Pancoe ’77, Thomas D. Papelian ’82, Diane J. Para, Ronald J. & Marilyn Para, Robert A. Paradise ’50, John F. Pardon ’58, S. Mark Parent ’82, Frederick C. Paris ’72, Hubert A. Parisian ’67, Timothy P. Parisian ’77, Mary C. Parisian-Valley ’74, Bryan D. Parker, Jean M. Parker, Jeffrey K. Parker ’60, Kathleen A. Parker, Linda C. Parker ’80, Robert G. Parker, Jr. ’55 & Mary Jo Parker, Alan S. ’67 & Carol C. ’68 Parkinson, Jeffrey L. ’67 & Ann M. ’68 Parkman, Julie A. Parkman, James C. Parks ’60, Parkway Superstore, Kenneth G. Parnapy ’66, Daniel C. Paro ’83, Richard L. Paro ’70, Joseph Parrotta ’74, Jamie F. Parrotte ’85, Joy G. Parsons ’50, Partnership Properties, Inc., Pat Collins Real Estate, Timothy A. Patnode ’80, Donald L. ’52 & Shelba Patraw, Patterson Dental, David C. & Ann Patterson, Joyce V. Patterson ’55, Amanda A. Patterson-Inzinna ’83, Paul W. Calkins Realty, Inc., Eric A. Paulding ’84, Stephen L. Paulding ’74, Jean A. Pavone ’75, Mrs. Nicholas A. Pavone ’04, Patricia A. Payette ’81, Sarah E. Payne ’41, Allan Peabody, Jeffrey L. Peacock ’91, Edith A. Pearson ’52, Jerry Pearson, Marc J. Pearson ’01, John E. Peck ’67, Lawrence P. ’83 & Karen Peck, Arthur E. Peck, Jr. ’49, John R. Peckham, Jr. ’75, Genelle M. Peebles ’79, Michael M. Peebles ’64, Craig Peets ’73, Frederick L. Peets ’76, Mark H. Peets ’86, Randy L. Peets ’77, David R. ’74 & Jean Peggs, Bruce L. Pellerin ’81, Linda D. Pellett ’97, Mary L. Pellitieri ’80, Joseph Peloso, Penski, Inc., Sherri L. Peoples ’94, Donald L. Pepp ’59, Paul D. Pepper ’88, Pepsi Cola Bottlers, Inc., Joseph E. Percival ’87, Ernest Perfetti, Jr. ’70, L. Thomas Perkins ’60, Perk’s Paintball Range, Stephen J. Perrello ’92, Frank R. ’68 & Kathleen Perretta, Linda J. Perrigo ’74, Margaret H. Perry ’35, Michael J. & Lisa ’87 Perry, Howard A. Persha ’74, Martin Peryea ’78, James J. Petercsak, John A. Peters ’58, William F. ’59 & Mary Jo Peters, Anker S. Petersen ’60, Peterson Engineering, P.C., Peter J. Petrashune ’85, Bruce Petrie, Richard Petrie ’62, Daniel M. Petruccelli ’68, Steven M. Pettis ’82, Brad A. Pfluger ’86, Sharon Phelix ’92, Phi Theta Kappa, James L. Phillips ’75, Robert L. Phillips, Roland L. Phillips ’76, Phillips Electronics N.A., Phillips Memorial Home, Inc., John R. Phippen ’58, Phoebe’s Restaurant, Phoenix Graphics, Inc., Lisa M. Piazza ’78, Joseph T. Picciott ’83, Alice Picher, Daphne A. Pickert ’73, Elaine C. Pidgeon ’39, Melanie A. Piechowicz ’71, Anita Piedimonte ’51, Keith D. Pierce ’78, Richard N. Pierson ’68, Pierson Construction Corporation, Mark E. Pietrowski ’90, Janet Pike ’53, Keith R. Piker ’79, Morris Pinto, Pinto Mucenski & Watson, P.C., John G. Pircsuk ’79, Robyn Pirillo ’01, Frank P. Piskor, Penny J. Pitts ’86, Joseph Pizza ’66, Alfred R. Place ’49, Mary Lou K. Plante ’83, Jack A. Planty ’58, Gerald ’63 & Linda Plato, Jeff W. ’73 & Sara ’76 Platt, Betty B. Pleskach ’49, Galen K. Pletcher, David L. Ploof ’72, James T. Plumb ’56, Paul D. Plummer ’58, James A. & Martha Pocchiari, Harry D. & Peggy Podgurski, Polaris Industries, Inc., Polaris Sales, Inc., Molly A. Poleto ’74, Marcia Polhemus ’81, Harold R. Polle ’71, Michael W. Polowchena ’67, Evan W. & Janice A. ’75 Poole, Gregory B. Popeck ’72, Mr. & Mrs. Mario Porcari, Barbara N. Porter, Carle D. Porter ’39, Cathryn J. Porter ’77, David S. ’89 & Marsha L. ’89 PorterJudith A. Porter, Natalie A. Porter ’92, Potsdam Lions Club, Potsdam Plumbing Supply Company, Will W. Potter ’76, Connie M. Poupore ’84, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Powell, Floyd S. Powell ’45, Warren E. Powell ’74, Edwin C. Powers ’80, Gail R. Powers, John T. ’79 & Margaret Powers, Thomas A. Powlin ’63, James T. Prado ’79, Ellen Prashaw, Lars S. Pratt ’04, Marguerite E. Pratt ’37, Premier Coach, Shelli R. Prespare-Weston ’83, Preston C. Carlisle, P.C., Jill Price, Lois R. Price ’50, Margaret S. Price, Virginia L. Price ’70, Katie A. Primeau ’75, Mary E. Privitera ’82, Floyd M. Prosser ’72, Jeffrey L. ’84 & Kristen Proulx, Thomas G. & Dianne M. ’74 Proulx, Paul E. Provost ’75, David M. Pruckno ’78, Amy M. Prue ’83, Bonnie C. Przestrzelski ’80, John J. Puccia ’84, Joan K. Puritz ’82, Solveiga E. Putman ’85, Susan Putnam ’78, William Putney ’43, Brian S. Pytlak ’70, Qimonda NA Foundation, John L. ’58 & Alice QuackenbushDonald H. Quenell ’57, Michael Quenneville ’87, Quest Diagnostics, Martha E. Quinn ’89, John Quirk ’55, R.E. Burns & Sons, Lee R. Rabideau ’77, Rodney L. Rabideau ’68, Jamie L. Race ’82, Ronald J. Radimak ’75, David J. Radley ’72, Jarvis H. Radley ’69, David ’72 & Patricia ’73 Ragan, Edward J. Ralbovsky, Jr., Charlotte C. Ramsay, Regina M. Randall ’90, Matthew M. ’82 & Linda ’82 Randi, George C. Ranous ’47, Charles Rapalje ’65, Glenford C. ’60 & Barbara Rarick, Jack A. Rase ’63 & Jean W. White ’65 Judith A. Rashford ’76, C. Bruce Ratliff ’68, James B. Rattray, Debra J. Rauch ’78, Dale F. ’81 & Lori Ann ’82 RaymoLura J. Raymo ’64, Robert B. ’58 & Kathryn Raymo, Re/Max East View, John J. Reap ’68, Dawn L. Reardon ’85, Joseph L. Rebeor ’55, Richard J. ’90 & Amie ’90 Redmond, Red’s Auto Sales & Repairs, Inc., Larry C. Reece ’98, Erin E. Reed, Kathleen A. Reed ’53, Marie J. Reed ’76, Terry M. Reed Francis J. & Myrtle Regan, Marie C. Regan, Allene Regar ’41, Sigrid S. Reichert, Gregory J. Reid ’68, Janet Reid ’81, Ronald D. Reid ’69, Terry E. Reilley ’00, John G. & Anna Reilly, Joseph F. Reilly ’78, Margaret H. Reilly ’80, Jean F. Reiter ’80, Renee D. Reksc ’73, Stanley M. Remancus ’84, Royal J. Remington ’79, Sally A. Remington ’85, Wanda J. Renick, Renzi Brothers, Inc., Dr. & Mrs. Frank A. Revetta, Jodi L. Revill, Alan L. ’78 & Brenda ’84 Rexford, Sidney S. Rexford ’39, Esther A. Reynolds ’80, Jeffrey A. Reynolds ’83, Joel Reynolds ’77, Mario Ribeiro, Jr. ’85, Sandra Riccio ’74, Corinne C. Rice, Edward Rice ’65, Thomas A. Rice ’77, M. Robert Rich, Susan J. Rich ’75, Laura L. Richards, Michael J. Richards ’77, Clarence F. Richards, Jr. ’92, Jens D. Richardsen ’80, E. Lyle Richardson ’37, Jon A. Richardson ’67, Kevin B. Richardson ’76, Royal R. Richardson ’61, Michael Riche ’82, David A. Rickett ’90, James M. Ricotta ’69, Mark J. Riedmueller ’83, William N. Riggs ’60, John W. Rikert ’59, James W. Riley ’76, Rosemary A. Riley ’81, Sherry L. Riley ’79, Steven E. ’77 & Kristin M. RileyJoseph A. Rinaldi ’78, Mr. & Mrs. Rosario Rinaldo, Amber Riordan, Stanley J. Riordan, Sr. ’64, Marilyn Rishe ’85, Howard A. Ritchie ’49, Ronald W. Ritchie ’74, William A. Rivet ’91, Richard J. Rivette ’50, Jeffrey Rixon ’79, Susan J. Rizzo ’86, Joseph Robar ’86, David J. ’78 & Samantha RobbinsFrank & Lorrie H. ’77 Robbins Timothy H. ’75 & Mary Kathleen RobbinsStanley P. & Janet L. Robert, Robert K. Griffith & Associates, Inc., Barbara B. Roberts ’47, Joseph E. Robillard ’80, Beth Robinson ’90, Beverly Robinson ’73, Bonnie A. Robinson, David J. Robinson ’68, Janice C. Robinson, Kim G. Robinson ’88, Laraine P. Robinson ’72, Mary M. Robinson ’76, Donna L. Robinson-Bazinet ’86, Roderic O. Roca ’91, Nola M. Rocco, Carol A. Roche ’80, Alan Rochefort ’69, Rochester Institute of Technology, Martin X. & Diane Rochford, Lindsay W. Rockhill ’75, Rockledge Motel, William L. & Marilyn Rodee, Harold L. Rodman ’70, Madeline Rodriguez ’87, Robert T. Rogers, Phoebe N. Rogerson ’91, Shawn D. Roggie, Teryl A. Romeo ’86, Cher L. Rooney ’69, Douglas V. Rose ’97, Emma D. Rose, Julia R. Rose ’89, Stephen W. Rose ’73, Susan Rose ’98, Roger J. Roselli ’79, John S. Rosen, Jr. ’81, Carol S. Rosenberg ’53, Karen L. Rosenberg ’77, Merrily Ross ’61, Ronald L. ’60 & Patricia RossWilliam A. Ross, Keith Rosser, Fern M. Rossi ’51, John G. Rossi, Jody Roth ’83, Janine M. Rourke ’84, William J. Rourke ’65, Route 11 Truck & Equipment Service Center, Route 37 Building Supply, Janet L. Rowe ’83, William Rowe ’64, Ellen Rowe-Jones, Nancy A. Rowledge ’97, Amanda D. Rowley, Carl W. ’71 & Irene ’72 Roy, Richard J. Rozanski ’82, Laura E. Rozell ’69, RSI Roofing, Inc., Alan Rubeck ’74, Donald G. Rubscha, Jr. ’68, Constance A. Rufa ’75, Geoffrey E. Ruff ’86, Peter Rugh, Richard L. Rummel ’97, Roger M. ’90 & Mary-Kay ’92 Rush, Brett Russell ’79, David D. Russell ’61, Gregory A. Russell ’79, Lawrence J. Russell ’70, Robert I. Russell, William N. Russell ’69, Mr. & Mrs. John Russo, Rusty Johnson Masonry, Inc., William H. Ruth ’49, Byron R. Rutherford ’68, Adrienne M. Rutkowski ’82, Nancy L. Rutledge ’76, James J. ’78 & Lynn ’79 Ryan, Terry Ryan ’85, Michael F. Ryan, Jr., Anne M. Ryan-Ruud ’92, Gay L. Ryan-Wyles ’79, Frederick F. Rycroft, Michael R. Rydberg ’94, Charles H. Ryder ’49, Lisa R. Ryder ’79, Sandra Ryder ’61, Adrienne C. Rygel, Michael G. Sabad ’77, Carla Saber ’95, Steven B. Sadlik ’81, SAIC, Robert & Rita ’75 Saidel, Robert J. ’64 & Sandria ’66 Salvage, Elizabeth R. Salvagno ’84, John G. Salzer ’49, Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Sambrook, Jr., Melissa L. Sammarco ’87, David A. Sandle ’66, Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Sanford, James R. ’87 & Angelique ’89 Santimaw, Bruce F. Santy ’61, Judy A. Sargalis-Sears ’68, Sandra J. Sarkela, George L. Sarus, Douglas W. Sass ’77, John A. Saucier ’72, William D. Saumier ’83, Thomas R. Sauter ’81, John Sauve ’73, Steven S. Savidge ’93, David J. Savino, Margaret M. Savino, Gerald O. Sawyer, Lindalee Sawyer ’83, Marjorie H. Sawyer, Marsha Sawyer, Nathaniel D. Sawyer, Reid E. Saxton ’77, James P. Sayer ’57, Philip P. Scalia ’60, James T. & Frances Scancarello, Robert J. Schaffer ’56, Jay F. & Paula Schechter, Micah B. Schecter ’01, David Schedlbauer ’73, Andrew N. ’81 & Kay SchickMr. & Mrs. Frank Schimizzi, Graziano Schimizzi, James W. Schlapfer ’66, Eric W. Schmitt ’87, L. Ruth Schneider ’37, Wendy S. Schneider ’80, Eleanor T. Schott, David G. Schraven ’80, Jay Schroeder, Dr. & Mrs. Donald C. Schuessler, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Schultz, Cathleen Schultze ’70, Patricia A. Schutt ’70, Frederick Schweitzer, Jr. ’76, Scoopuccinos, Susan K. Scott ’77, Carol R. Scotton ’73, Dierdre K. Scozzafava, William & Marilyn Scozzafava, C. Ross Scrivens ’72, SeaComm Federal Credit Union, Charles Sears ’98, Andrew M. Seaton ’79, Security Solutions, Lawrence ’86 & Linda Seeger, Kelly C. Seelbach ’80, Susan E. Segreti ’81, Scott P. Segretto ’81, Frederick E. Seguin ’32, Mary J. Seguin ’82, Richard E. Seguin ’58, Thomas J. Seguin ’74, Margaret D. Seiders, Erwin A. Selleck, David L. ’81 & Donna ’82 Sellers, Robert F. Sementelli ’49, Sam Sergi & Family, Sergi’s Italian Restaurant, Roger J. Seward ’71, Kathryn Seweryniak, Gail A. Sexton ’83, Thomas J. Sexton III ’75, David J. Seymour ’73, Tonya L. Shannon ’88, Raymond H. Sharp ’63, Barbara M. Shatraw ’74, Cheryl Shatraw, Keith & Nancy L. ’73 Shatraw, Mary H. Shatraw ’91, Arthur P. Shaw ’79, Phyllis Shaw ’96, Bryan P. Shea, Joseph B. Shea ’70, Thomas Shea ’68, Alec M. Sheard III & Susan Sheard, Anne M. Sheehan ’72, Sheehan Equipment Corporation, Thomas G. Sheelar ’79, Gail C. Sheldon ’67, Jonathan ’76 & Joan H. ’76 Shellington, Hollis C. Shelmidine ’54, John Sheltra, Robert L. ’68 & Linda ’68 ShepardLawrence C. Sheridan ’75, Stephen P. ’85 & Susan ’85 Sherlock, Manola D. Sherman ’80, Mr. & Mrs. Ryan C. Sherman, Sandra B. Shierly ’74, Phyllis Shimmel ’61, Patricia Shinn, Scott C. Shipley ’96, Claude A. Shippee ’93, Richard J. Shippey ’77, Janice A. Shoen ’70, Tim Shoen ’69, Susan B. Shortell ’76, Lois C. Shorten ’72, Paul H. Sibbitts ’79, Anne M. Sibley, Judith A. Sickles ’72, Eric K. Sieber ’81, P. Joseph Siematkowski ’78, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., Siemens Medical Solutions, USA, Inc., Randy Sieminski, James S. Sigler, Janet L. Simkins ’79, Faye Simmons, Harley A. Simmons ’64, Douglas M. Simon ’50, Joanne M. Simon ’77, Michael E. Simpson, R. James Sinclair ’59, Judith R. Singh, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Sirotek, Karen V. Skadsem ’56, Valerie A. Skomsky ’91, Michael J. Skrocki ’75, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Slack, Lisa M. Slate ’88, Penny M. Slate ’81, Steven H. Slate ’79, Vaughn Slater ’66, Jennifer L. Slawienski ’89, Alexander T. Sleeman ’69, Ronald ’61 & Joan ’60 SleightEthel K. Slocum, James R. Slosek ’68, David D. Small ’66, Susan C. Smeby ’82, Albert W. Smith ’62, Carson E. & Gleneva Smith, Cathy L. Smith, Chris A. Smith ’79, Christine Smith ’69, Douglas W. Smith ’63, Erwin H. Smith ’77, James M. Smith ’00, Jeffrey A. Smith ’79, Lucille Smith ’51, Marlene E. Smith ’75, Michael A. Smith, Michael S. Smith, Mitchell M. ’96 & Christine ’97 Smith, Patricia A. Smith, Paul E. Smith ’80, Paul J. ’74 & Marlene ’75 Smith, Richard D. Smith ’69, Robert J. Smith, Roger A. Smith ’09, Shanna Smith, Sheila K. Smith ’82, Steven M. Smith ’89, Susanne B. Smith ’73, Thomas A. Smith, Thomas H. Smith ’76, Vernon J. Smith ’81, Wallace Smith ’77, William H. Smith, Sr., Leif E. Smithers ’71, Wesley R. Smithers ’49, Joseph A. Smucz ’61, Snap-on Incorporated, Darlene M. Snell ’76, Richard H. Snell ’71, Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Snell, Snell’s Citgo, Margaret A. Snide ’73, Joann B. Snider ’78, Steven H. Snider ’72, Michael R. ’74 & Brenda SnowPenny R. Snow ’80, Thomas J. Snow ’71, Thomas Snow ’98, Bernard Snyder ’63, Daniel T. Snyder ’79, Linden T. Snyder ’65, Stephen L. ’72 & Mary ’73 Snyder, Velma R. Snyder ’44, Stanley E. Sobotka ’69, Anne Sochia ’52, Joan V. Solnick ’74, Rebecca L. Somers ’75, George Sommerfield ’66, Sons of the American Legion, Squadron 1479, Michael D. Sorel ’68, Alfred L. Sovie ’58, Christopher & Laura A. ’79 Sovie, Jamie L. Sovie ’85, Nicholas ’50 & Gloria SpadacciniJeffrey F. Spadafore ’73, Antonio Spagnolo, Frances Spagnolo, Mr. & Mrs. Giuseppe Spagnolo, Patricia Spagnolo, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Spagnolo, Mr. & Mrs. Rosario Spagnolo, Barbara M. Sparacino ’79, Brian J. Sparks ’79, Brian Sparks ’99, Gary J. Speer ’74, Karen M. Spellacy, Edward M. Spicer ’57, James W. Spicer ’56, Rex A. Spicer ’66, Carolyn T. Spiegel, David L. Spilman ’80, Mary C. Spilman, Nickolas A. Spilman ’71, Jacalyn C. Spoon, Richard D. Spooner ’47, William P. Spooner ’75, James T. Sprock ’87, Roy D. St. Andrews, Sr. Barbara St. Andrews, Ann Marie St. George ’85, Charles St. George III ’85 & Ann Marie St. George ’85, St. Lawrence Aquarium & Ecological Center, St. Lawrence County Funeral Directors Association, St. Lawrence County Youth Bureau, St. Lawrence Federal Credit Union, St. Lawrence Gas Company, St. Lawrence Lodge 111 F & AM, St. Lawrence Nurseries, St. Lawrence Radio, Inc., St. Lawrence State Hospital School of Nursing Alumni, Diane St. Thomas ’74, Catherine J. Stacey, Carol M. Staffehl ’79, Lois Stafford ’36, Raymond W. Stafford ’50, Sandra E. Stafford-Chester ’70, Kenneth A. ’98 & Andrea ’01 Stagnari, Terrance D. Stalder ’60, Peter C. Stancampiano ’79, Mary J. Stanley ’75, Libby F. Stanton ’86, William Stanton ’68, David Stapler ’70, Ralph A. Staplin ’61, Amy L. Stappenbeck ’85, Patricia L. Starer ’93, Bonnie Staring ’83, Jill Stark ’73, Marybeth Stark ’73, William K. Stark ’63, State Farm Companies Foundation, Charles A. Stead, Roy J. Steele ’61, James ’78 & Debra ’78 SteenClifford Steenberge ’72, Jeffrey P. Stefaniak ’91, Donald W. Steinberg ’81, Myron Steinburg ’61, Mary P. Stepanian ’75, Clarence F. Stephens, Dorothy A. Stevens ’36, Keith C. Stevens ’83, Riley J. Stevens ’82, Emily J. Stevenson ’78, Timothy S. Stewart ’82, Stewart’s Shops, Mr. & Mrs. John R. Stickler, Carlton Stickney ’63, Stillwater Club, Amy L. Stiner-Gillette ’82, Wesley L. & Janet Stitt, James A. Stoddard ’61, Mary P. Stokes ’72, Ruth V. Stokes ’56, Deborah L. Stolte-Richter ’72, Colleen P. Stone ’95, Eunice B. Stone,, Jay F. ’62 & Dawn Stone, John D. Stone ’60, Kathryn G. Stone ’59, Stone Bridge Iron & Steel, Inc., Charles A. Storrin ’65, Freda Story ’44, Jeffrey L. ’72 & Connie ’79 Stowell, Benjamin A. Straight ’53, Irene Strausbaugh ’51, Strayer University, Robert J. Street ’78, William C. ’78 & Meaghan C. ’77 Street, Kerry D. Streeter ’82, Carol J. Streit ’55, Christopher Streit ’84, Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Streit, Strenkowski Associates, PC, Donald & Doris Strock, Robert Strong, Nancy V. Stroz ’84, John R. Stubley ’74, Kenneth J. Studlack ’83, Paula Sturge ’90, Roger Sturgen ’54, Richard D. Sturges ’71, George S. Sturtz, Styles Bridges, CFP, Edward M. Suden ’60, Jamie L. Sullivan ’96, John Sullivan, Robin D. Sullivan ’79, Scott J. Sullivan ’84, Thomas G. Sullivan ’80, Thomas P. Sullivan ’73, Timothy T. Sullivan ’80, William S. Sullivan ’68, Peter J. Sullivan, Jr. ’86, SummerHaven, Olivia J. Sunderman, Sunflower East, SUNY Canton Annointed Voices, SUNY Canton Auto Club, SUNY Canton Booster Club, SUNY Canton College Association, Inc., SUNY Canton Student Cooperative Alliance, SUNY University Police, Shirley M. Swain ’44, Robert L. Swartz ’64, Daniel J. ’75 & Margaret Sweeney, Thomas M. Sweet ’66, Thomas O. Sweet, Thomas P. Sweet ’88, Josephine P. Swift, Kathleen M. Swinegar, Terry M. Sykes ’75, Beverly K. Sylver ’73, Joseph A. Synowski ’68, Terry F. Syrell ’77, Marta A. Szoke T. P. Woodside, Inc., Therese R. Taber ’66, Glenn R. Tabolt ’75, Robert L. Taft ’81, June S. Taillon, Dorothy W. Talcott, Michael C. Talerico ’90, Roger J. & Rita Tanguay, Lois J. Tank ’71, Timothy H. Tanner ’70, Jane A. Tarbell, Tardelli Auto Sales & Services, Roberta L. Tasco ’77, Dennis J. Taskey ’77, Michael A. Taube ’79, Michael P. Tayler ’93, Brenton G. Taylor ’95, Christopher Taylor ’81, David P. Taylor ’96, James C. Taylor ’50, Janet W. Taylor, Jeffrey H. Taylor, Mark T. Taylor ’83, Valery Taylor ’51, Stephen E. Teele, Kenneth E. ’50 & Mary Louise ’51 Teetsel, Richard A. Ten Eyck ’76, Walter J. Tennyson ’58, Terra Development, Inc., Dorothy Terrillion, Eric S. Tessmer ’91, Bryan ’73 & Marian ’73 TetreaultTexas Book Company, Textron, Inc., Wyona J. Tharrett ’73, The Ashley House, The Cabinet and Bath Shop, The Conking & Calabrese Company, The Copy Shop & Business Center, The Deborah Loeb Brice Foundation, The Dodge Company, Inc., The Green Machine, The Hartford, The Home Front, The Old Smokehouse Restaurant, The Pear Tree, The Procter & Gamble Fund, The Shamrock MarketplaceThe UPS Foundation, The Upstairs Gallery, Gordon S. Theisen ’79, Jennifer L. Theiss ’78, Kenneth ’54 & Diane Theobald, Walter L. Theobald ’52, Chris J. Theodore, Mr. & Mrs. James Theodore, Sophia Theodore ’95, Joseph L. Thesier ’80, Theta Pi Chapter Beta Sigma Pi, Spencer Thew, Carolyn M. Thibert ’86, Kimberly L. Thibert ’80, Marcel Thibert, Jr. ’80 & Kimberly Thibert ’80, Kenneth L. Thiele ’74, Chris D. Thomas ’83, Durward L. Thomas ’49, Gary M. & Ann Thomas, Glen F. Thomas ’55, John J. Thomas II ’85, Lisa A. Thomas ’02, Myrna F. Thomas ’79, Stephen Thomas ’67, William M. Thomas ’78, Alvin Thompson ’64, Lynn C. Thompson ’55, Philip G. Thompson ’74, Randy L. Thompson ’75, Seth A. Thompson ’02, Steven D. Thompson ’94, Wayne R. Thompson ’58, Wayne S. Thompson ’78, Thompson-Weatherup Family Foundation, Roberta L. Thornley ’91, Thousand Island Heating and Plumbing, Lin Tian, Mark C. Tiberio ’83, Jerome Tidd ’64, Steven D. & Lori ’85 Tiernan, Harriette E. Tilley ’41, Tim Leahy Construction, Inc., Jeffrey Timerman ’74, Claire Timko ’07, Diane F. Timmons ’58, Steven M. Tingley ’85, James A. Tipper ’70, Tisdel Associates, Patrick M. Titus ’81, TJ Toyota, James A. Todd, Patricia A. Todd ’81, Susan E. Todd ’86, Walter E. Todd ’65, Melvin D. & Sandra Tomalty, Anne E. Tombolillo ’76, Sandra Toms ’59, Loren S. Tontarski ’77, Carol Tonzi ’79, Michael J. Tooley, Claudia M. Torre ’77, Katrina T. Toth ’84, Theodore R. ’73 & Jeanice M. ’76 Totten, Kathleen A. Towers ’75, Town of Potsdam Republican Committee, Natalie J. Towne ’81, Ronald E. Towne ’81, Betty F. Townsend ’56, Toyota Motor Sales Corporation, Darren C. Tracy ’79 Carl W. Trainor ’77,, Trane Foundation of New York, Lucinda B. Traynor ’73, TRD Design of Northeast New York, E. J. & Janet Treadway, Michael Trembley ’68, Ernest W. Tresidder III ’79 & Amy Tresidder ’74, Serge Triau ’53, Roger C. Trick ’60, Carol J. Trimm ’85, Donna Trimm ’79, Triple A Building Center, Thomas C. Trippany ’76, Donald Trombley, Leo P. Trombley ’65, Michael E. Trombley ’70, Richard H. Trombley ’57, Ronald L. Trombley, Jr. ’77, Adam W. Trombly ’04, John A. Trubee ’71, William R. & Mayme Trumble, Thomas M. Trunko ’72, Gary V. ’77 & Susan ’78 Tucker, James K. Tuggey ’62, Dennis E. Tuper ’02, Harry E. Turnbull ’77, Roderick Turnbull ’72, Barbara Turner ’96, Eileen Turner, Karen A. Turner ’71, Matthew W. Turner ’07, Phyllis L. Turner, John Turongian, Gerald Turybury, Jr. ’81, Twin Ponds, Joseph V. Tyo ’78, Marie A. Tyo ’70, Randy J. ’85 & Constance J. ’84 Tyo, Robert ’81 & Cynthia ’81 Tyrrell, UBS Foundation USA, Janice E. Uerz ’75, Uncle Sam Boat Tours, United Technologies, United University Professions, United Way of Northern New York, Inc., David A. Urciuoli ’81, Richard S. Usack, Jr. ’82, Kristin M. Vaccaro ’91, Ronald L. Vaillancourt ’85, Pete Valade ’72, John & Rosella T. ’68 Valentine, Valerie Summer Therapeutic Massage, Ronald H. Van Allen ’62, Peter E. & Elizabeth B. Van de Water, David S. VanArnam ’87, Owen F. VanBrocklin ’54, Christopher R. Vance ’99, Eric F. VanHorn ’79, Otis E. VanHorne ’49, Ronnie M. VanHouse ’68, Clara S. Vant ’43, William F. Vant ’71, Charles C. VanVleet, Jr. ’82, Phyllis Varco ’51, Michael L. Varley ’85, William M. Varley ’77, Roxanne E. Vasquez ’76, Lawrence E. Vaughn ’73, Robert E. ’50 & Elizabeth ’51 Vaughn, Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Vecchio, Karen M. Veglia ’59, Hildegard K. Veigel, Verizon Foundation, Vaughn A. Vernold ’67, David & Grace ’88 Vesper, James E. Vianco ’79, Joseph Viau ’74, Sally J. Vickers ’73, Paul L. Vickery ’72, Victory Promotions, Videorama, David D. Viele ’96, Melanie J. Vielhauer, Adrian J. Vielhauer, Sr. ’73, Charlene Villa ’85, Donald E. Vincent, Sr. ’55, Silas Vincent, Jr. ’66, James A. Vinch ’70, Margaret P. Vining, Margaret M. Viola, Paul R. Virkler ’67, Terry L. Virkler ’73, Antonette Viscomi ’74, Carola O. Vivian ’83, Mary E. Volzer ’78, Robert L. Von Dell ’82, Barbe J. VonNetzer ’72 John C. & Georgia Vose,, William J. Votra ’80, Votypka Farms, VRM Centers, Inc., Sally E. Vrooman ’99, Wachovia Foundation, Doris E. Wade ’76, Charles H. ’83 & Ronda L. ’85 Wagstaff, Thomas F. Wahl ’72, Douglas D. Waild ’91, Irwin J. Waite ’59, Jeanne F. Waite ’81, Barry W. Walch, Terry L. Waldruff ’77, Barbara Walker, Mary N. Walker, Ruth R. Walker ’42, Sandra N. Walker ’89, Suzanne C. Walker, T. Urling & Mabel B. Walker, Theresa J. Walker ’82, James R. & Judith Wallace, Margaret Wallace, Richard W. Wallace ’59, Ruth A. Wallace ’45, Glenn A. Walldroff ’81, Larry A. ’77 & Mary R. ’77 Walldroff, Walldroff Farm Equipment, Jill E. Walls, Wal-Mart, Amy D. Walsh ’87, Thomas V. Walsh ’96, Lydia R. Walter ’87, Perry M. Walter ’80, Merton C. Walts ’65, Trudy R. Wandtke ’65, Minhua Wang, Angela Ward ’95, Joseph H. Ward ’74, Mr. & Mrs. Alan C. Warner, James A. Warner ’75, Edward H. Warren ’42, Michael P. ’70 & Cheryl ’70 Warren, Sharon A. Warren ’73, Charles P. Washburn ’90, Pakakarn S. Washburn ’88, Arthur Wasserman, Waste-Stream, Inc., James R. Waters ’77, Rolf A. Waters ’83, John S. Watso, Jr. ’80, Alice E. Weale, David J. Weatherwax ’79, Mark H. Webb ’75, William A. ’53 & Lorna ’52 Webb, Barbara N. Webber, Stephen Webber ’79, Fay H. Weber, Harvey M. Weeks ’54, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Wehrhahn, Michael D. ’76 & Amy J. ’76 Weil, Elaine H. Weisner ’66, Beryl V. Welch ’36, Deborah M. Welch ’83, Douglas B. Welch, Stephen C. Welch ’84, Wellesley Island Building Supply, Inc., Dale D. Wells ’77, David J. & Jane Wells, David L. ’76 & Judy ’78 Wells, Kevin M. Wells ’80, Shirley M. Wells, Wells Fargo Foundation, Melinda Wells-Reynolds ’74, Ruth E. Weltman, Maureen Wentworth ’59, Glenn C. Werlau ’57, James W. ’57 & Nancy G. ’57 WertWest Marine, Paul R. Wetzel ’77, Casey C. Whalen ’85, Cynthia L. Whalen ’80, Elizabeth Whalen, Robert P. Whalen ’49, Shannon G. Whalen ’82, Paul A. Whatman ’68, Doris G. Wheaton, John W. Whitbeck, Jr. ’71, Charles W. White ’48, David W. White ’76, Donna J. White ’70, Elaine White, Eugene A. ’71 & Faye White, Frank J. ’38 & Beulah White, Harry L. White ’38, John White ’69, Joseph E. White ’75, Karen A. White ’72, Karena White, Kathryn M. White ’75, Kristen L. White, Robert E. White ’71, Roxanne G. White ’71, Shirley E. White ’94, Don H. ’63 & Karen ’71 Whitehouse, White’s Flowers, Noel T. ’65 & Barbara ’82 Whitman, Herbert ’66 & Marlene M. ’59 Whitmarsh, Patrick D. Whitney ’83, Shawn W. Whittaker ’76, Brandon Widrick, Norman H. Widrig, Sr. ’54 & Elaine Widrig ’54, Stephen Widuta ’69, John R. Wiehl ’67, Robert T. ’77 & Janet ’80 Wiese, William G. Wiese ’60, Mr. & Mrs. David B. Wiest, David E. & Beth Wight, Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc., Wilbert Manufacturers Association, Wilbert, Inc., Lorraine E. Wilbur ’67, Derrick P. Wilcox ’98, Hubert Wilcox ’74, James R. Wilcox ’90, Russell Wilcox ’62, Sarah H. Wilcox ’40, Christina M. Wilder ’89, Denise L. Wilder ’76, Harold W. & Barbara Wilder, Frederick & Barbara R. ’53 Wilder, David M. Wildrick ’88, Frank ’55 & Ellen ’56 Wiles, Terry S. Wiley ’71, Cori L. Wilhelm, Edward F. Wilkes ’66, Paul W. Wilkes ’67, Gary T. Wilkinson ’67, Larry J. Willard ’69, Raeleen M. Willard ’95, Roger N. Willard ’70, Ronald Willard ’63, Anne C. Williams ’78, Daniel J. Williams ’94, Daphna Williams ’57, Debra B. Williams ’76, James Williams, Jeanice A. Williams, John H. Williams ’63, Keith Williams ’54, Maxine B. Williams, Richard C. Williams ’93, Scott A. Williams ’86, James Williamson ’52, Mr. & Mrs. R. Thomas Williamson, Susan R. Williamson ’85, Valerie A. Williard ’88, Arloween L. Wilmarth ’38, Charlotte Wilmore ’80, Jack M. Wilsey ’76, Brenda M. Wilson ’83, Daniel T. Wilson, Danny T. Wilson ’79, Darren J. Wilson ’88, David C. Wilson ’77, Diane L. Wilson ’74, Dorothy R. Wilson ’35, Gaile M. Wilson ’93, Tobi L. Wilson ’95, John Wilson, Jr. ’00, Paul M. Windrath ’51, Douglas N. Winner ’80, Roslyn S. Winston ’69, Robert B. Winter ’89, Bradley Winters ’99, Jerry Winterton ’71, David J. Witek ’84, Douglas P. Witherell ’84, John H. Witkop ’77, Jerry J. Witkop, Sr. ’59, Bobbi A. Wohlschlegel ’80, Mary E. Woiler ’76, Scott B. Wolcott ’81, Barbara Wolf ’81, Nancy L. Wolf ’68, Simone Wolf ’02, Thomas L. Wolf ’81, Vernon M. Wolfe ’89, Danielle L. Wollman, Chris Wolstenholme ’91, Barbara E. Wood ’81, Craig S. ’83 & Karen ’97 Wood, Diane P. Wood ’80, Gerald L. Wood ’62, James Wood ’68, Jane A. Wood, John G. Wood ’69, Larry D. Wood ’72, Margaret Wood, Robert A. Wood ’84, Robert H. Wood, Jr. & Cornelia Wood, Woodchop Shop, Inc., Barbara Woods ’92, George Woods, Stephen G. Woods ’62, Thomas P. ’66 & Claire Woodside,, Craig F. Wood-Thomas ’76, Irma T. Woodward, Allen S. Woodward, Jr. ’69, Catherine P. Woodworth ’78, Robert H. Woolf ’58, Michael W. Worden ’76, WorleyParsons, Mary E. Worsh ’78, Gayle A. Wray ’70, Mabel Wrench ’46, Kathleen M. Wright ’83, Lloyd Wright ’63, Robert G. Wright ’65, William W. Wright ’66, William L. Writesel ’93, Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Wronski, William M. Wrubleski ’77, Max Wunderlich ’57, Georgia L. Wyatt ’91, Peter & Katherine M. ’77 Wyckoff, Wyeth, Jack T. & Margaret D. ’84 Wylie, Xerox Foundation, Dennis E. Yaddow ’64, Matthew D. Yagger ’95, Steven L. Yander ’65, Robert Yandon ’61, James K. Yerdon ’92, Prasad Yitta, Gerald & Nancy J. ’91 York, Jeffrey S. Yost, Terry L. Youmell ’83, Cynthia L. Young ’85, Frederick C. Young ’76, Mary Jane Young, Michaela J. Young, Patrick T. ’73 & Claire ’74 Young, Richard G. Young ’56, William R. Yount ’78, Mr. & Mrs. William Yurkewicz, Deborah A. Zabielski ’85, Marcia Zach ’74, Mark J. Zagrobelny ’84, Patricia L. Zaleski ’80, John D. ’82 & Monica ’83 Zalewski, Nick A. Zangari ’80, John R. Zappala, Jr. ’76, Joseph Zappia, Pasquale Zappia, Marsha M. Zehr ’73, Robert Zehr ’92, Nicole Zeledon ’01, John J. Zielinski, Loren L. Zimmerman, Patricia A. Zingaro ’70, Stanley C. Zink ’55, Jay M. ’61 & Sharon ’60 Zulinke, Richard F. Zweifel ’81


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