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Beauty’s in z details for these researchers Binghamton University researchers are good friends to have. When they take off their glasses and let down their hair, they find ways for you to eat healthier, lose weight, work more productively and avoid dry skin. So read up: This is going to be more useful than your next chat over half-caf skinny lattes. Leave the plastic at home

Want to eat healthier? Stop at the ATM before you go to the supermarket.

That’s not because credit card users are more likely to be younger (or older), or male or female, or shopping

So why do cash shoppers buy less unhealthy food? Cash hurts, Desai says. “It’s a more vivid form of payment,” he says. “Emotionally, credit cards don’t have the same pain as cash.” And that pain is enough to stop the impulse purchase of double-stuffed Oreos or a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey.


Binghamton University • BINGHAMTON RESEARCH • Winter 2014

Marketing Professor Kalpesh Desai found, after a review of four largescale studies of purchasing habits, that shoppers who use credit cards to do their weekly grocery shopping put more junk food into their carts.

for a family or for one. All of that has been accounted for in the study, which was published in the Journal of Consumer Research.

Binghamton University / Research Magazine / Winter 2014  

In this issue of Binghamton Research, you’ll see how Binghamton University faculty members are capitalizing on Big Data’s potential to impro...

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