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General information- aims of the scheme Motives- Benefits In order to increase the motives and maximize the benefits of the country we utilize the features that gives the recent amendments of the EU Regulation about the Structural Fund, which was entered into force on 24 June 2010, and we proceed to set up a holding fund to finance energy-saving interventions in the home- building sector. Specifically, the scheme will be funded through through a specific fund portfolio titled “Home energy savings”. During the creation of the fund, a budget increase was secured, which now stands at 396 million Euros against the 200 million Euro that were estimated at the beginning. In practice the fund that is funded by NSRF resources, contribute to the loan finance of the banks and provide liquidity to the market at reduced interest rates. As a result, through the Fund are obtained: • •

The combination of grants with low-interest or no interest loans for the lower and medium income respectively and the provision of soft loans to the higher incomes

Additional funds through the reuse of the capital regarding the loans, provides more incentives , as the revolving funds will be available for energy saving in the residential sector on a regular bases through new round of proclamations. For the first round (2010-2012) is expected to be achieved a total investment of 1 billion Euro. Significant benefit for the country is the fact that through the fund is achieved a direct inflow and an increased absorption of the NSRF funds for the 2010.

The motives The scheme is addressed to citizens who fall into the 3 income categories with distinct incentives per category • Category A Owners eligible to this scheme, whose declared individual of family income does not exceed EUR 15.000 or EUR 25000 respectively. In this category is provided an interest – free loan, which was not projected in the previous scheme, and a 30% subsidy of eligible budgeted cost (for compensation of loan capital). This means that, a citizen who will take a loan of 10000 Euro, the 7000 Euro will be free of interest. •

Category B

Owners eligible to this scheme, whose declared individual of family income is between EUR 15.000 and EUR 30000 or between EUR 25000 and EUR 50000 respectively. In this category, is provided a low interest rate loan and a 15% subsidy of the eligible budgeted cost, which was not projected in the previous scheme. •

Category C

Owners eligible to this scheme, whose declared individual of family income is above the previous mentioned incomes and are up to 45.000Euro and 65.000 Euro for an individual and family income respectively. The percentage of beneficiaries of this category will be defined in the Announcement of the Scheme (as concessions to all the beneficiaries). The incentive regards grants of soft loans. In case of an application of an apartment building, as a single building, is given the opportunity and to the owners of the category B to category A, if the 50% of the eligible owners falls into the category A. The cost of energy audits for categories A and B will be funded at 100% Benefits for the citizens • liquidity is provided to citizens in the form of loans so as to be able to start work without his own capital • These loans are given with particularly advantageous terms • A financial grant is given to the low and medium incomes reducing significantly the loan • Free to participate in the scheme are the citizens that they were not qualified according to the previous scheme (high incomes). Key elements of the scheme Total budget of the scheme: 396.000.000,00€ Launch of energy audits: Beginning of September Launching for submission of applications: Beginning of October Duration for submission of applications: 2 months Areas of implementation: in all 13 Districts of the country

Precondition for participation in the scheme is the energy audits After the issue of kenak and the Presidential Decree for energy inspectors, potential beneficiaries of the scheme will be asked to carry out an energy audit. The certificate of inspection will require documentation for submission in order to apply for the scheme. With the end of the work, a new inspection should be done which will certify the execution of work and energy upgrading of the residence. Eligible housing •

Houses / buildings as single building / individual apartments under conditions related to the heating system

Have building license before the 1-01-1980

Is situated in a place where the price zone is ≤1.500€/m2


The main use id for home and not for holiday house. For the case of apartment block as a single building, the criterion should be satisfied at least by the 50% of the apartments. it is noted that although may not be eligible interventions in parts of the building not used for residence. (e.g. shops on the ground floor of the building or apartments that are used for commercial purposes).


According to the certification of the energy audit to have been place to a lower or equal category of D and the required interventions lead to an upgrade at least one energy class.

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Home Energy saving scheme  

Home energy saving

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