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A Message by Our Executive Director

year comes new challenges and new joys. As illustrated on the beautifully-designed cover art, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year! Stay tuned for all the events that will be coming up.



Teach. For The Future You Want.


In line with the theme of celebration, this issue celebrates the many ways that this institution and the


The Stories Behind The Smiles

lives of others. It is always a joy to share the good works that are being done to impact the broader community.


The programmes we are featuring are from the areas of education, community service, and business. We hope One of the projects we will undertake this year is to highlight alumni success stories that will showcase the 25 years we have been involved in nurturing and educating young minds. We will send out a call for this soon. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!

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nward An Introductory Message by Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director, Sunway Education Group It is always a privilege for me to pen a few words to our alumni, who are diverse and unique in their aspirations. Quite a few have found their niche in contributing to society to make a difference in the world we live. Shining paragons of this such as Keeran Sivarajah and Joshua Lee are featured in this issue and I cannot say enough how proud I am of their work. Individuals like Keeran and We have grown Joshua resonate with our thinking and philosophy. To the by leaps and Founder of the Sunway Group bounds with the Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey establishment of Cheah AO, education extends far beyond the business realm Sunway University and the success of the Sunway Education Group in and many other contributing to education achievements. means much more than rankings, enrolment numbers and even profits. Over the years, the Sunway Education Group under the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, has given generously in the form of scholarships and awards amounting to RM80 million to society and accorded more than 11,000 deserving students access to education which they would otherwise have been denied.

achievements. This 25th Anniversary will definitely be special and exciting with the unveiling of the Graduate Centre and a new Sunway International School building. Also lined up are academic activities which will develop our lecturers and keep them abreast with recent developments in their field as well as events relating to new developments and students past and present. Our alumni will soon be aware of a special activity to be held in conjunction with this silver anniversary. It will definitely be a boost for both you and your alma mater so do keep an eye and an ear out for more details coming your way. Many thanks to the alumni who have worked with us to encourage and inspire our students. We look forward to continue working with you. As we strive to improve, we hope that you our alumni will steadily progress in tandem with us. I wish you a fulfilling year ahead as you reap the benefits of your efforts. Happy 2012! Thank you and God bless.

Elizabeth Lee

Under the auspices of the Foundation, community scholars and recently our SEA games medallists and Sunway sports scholars Katrina Ann Bt Abdul Hadi, Jacqueline Jenelee Sijore and Sin Li Jane; can be recognised and encouraged in their sporting achievement and assured that their education costs are completely covered while they pursue excellence in their sport. It’s hard to imagine that Sunway College, the first institution of the Sunway Education Group, has now reached the 25 year milestone since it was first established. We have grown by leaps and bounds with the establishment of Sunway University and many other

Why Momentum is the energy that keeps us in motion and allows us to continually move in a specific direction. Naming this magazine Momentum symbolises us taking what we have learned from the past and using that as a force to drive us forward. As Alumni of Sunway, we hope that you have been able to use the knowledge gained here to propel you to success. It is our sincere wish that Momentum will provide you with much inspiration and enrichment. We encourage you to contribute your articles, time, and knowledge to keep the momentum going.



tlight on alumni

OF A Teaching is not a profession one enters into lightly. Teachers

mould the young and impressionable minds that come their way and have the potential to impact their students for better or for worse. Teaching requires passion, compassion, and patience beyond compare. For most people, this is a calling beyond their means. For the Fellows at Teach For Malaysia however, it is an opportunity to make a difference in the next generation of Malaysians. They are truly teaching from the heart. The concept behind Teach For Malaysia Teach For Malaysia is a not-for-profit organisation that is enlisting Malaysia’s most promising future leaders in their mission to end education inequity. Those selected to be part of the programme are known as Fellows. Teach For Malaysia Fellows will serve as full-time teachers for two years in high-need schools, and commit to transforming the education outcomes of less-privileged schoolchildren. Teach For Malaysia was officially launched on 24 December, 2010 and began active recruitment soon after.


through the Teach For All network, did they begin seriously writing the original business plan for an independent Teach For Malaysia programme in July 2009. Says Keeran, “My studies in Melbourne reinforced the amazing experience that a quality education can provide and as I began to volunteer as a tutor at a primary school in a seedy Melbourne suburb, I found myself challenging the social injustice that good quality education can only be afforded by privileged communities.” Thus, throughout the last quarter of 2009 and the first half of 2010, Dzameer and Keeran worked with a team of passionate individuals from Teach For All, the Boston Consulting Group and Institut Aminuddin Baki to develop a strong governance and implementation framework for Teach For Malaysia.

For 2012, 17 schools were selected to partner with Teach For Malaysia. These schools are some of the highest-need schools in the country, and are located in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.

A significant milestone was achieved when they secured early-stage support and funding from the national investment arm of the Malaysian government, Khazanah Nasional Berhad, to incubate Teach For Malaysia. Since then, they have been successful in enlisting the support of a dynamic and talented team of individuals as Teach For Malaysia staff, and began aggressively recruiting the pioneering cohort of Teach For Malaysia Fellows.

The people who started Teach For Malaysia

The Fellows of Teach For Malaysia

Like all great ventures, it was over a casual discussion that the seeds of Teach For Malaysia were sown. Keeran Sivarajah and his then-colleague Dzameer Dzulkifli were at a mamak stall late one evening in early 2009 when the idea for starting Teach For Malaysia was first discussed.

To seek out the best possible candidates, Teach For Malaysia put out the call for driven and exceptional Malaysian students in their final year of studies and young professionals to submit their applications. It was a tedious and painstaking selection process.

While the both of them were familiar with the Teach First, UK and Teach For Australia programmes respectively from their university days, it was only after learning of the inspiring success of Teach For India and the extent the model had expanded in other countries

At this point in time, 50 Fellows have been selected and they are undergoing intensive training to prepare for their posting to schools in January 2012 to start off the school year.

that they are all high achievers, exhibiting tremendous leadership potential. This is central to Teach For Malaysia as their tagline convicts us that “Classrooms Groom Leaders”. The 2012 Fellows graduated from prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and range from Medicine to East Asian Studies. It is high-paying job in the corporate world. Among the Fellows are two Sunway Alumni, Jacintha Tagal and Hawa Othman, and we applaud them for taking on this challenge. Jacintha shares, “Having been a student all my life, I am convinced that education is the only way to go forward--both as an individual and as a nation. So when I heard that Teach For Malaysia was accepting

DPM Fellows at Dialogue Session with

motivated, are placed in high-need schools to bridge the gap. Immersing the next generation of leaders in understanding the root causes of education inequity and having them work hand-in-hand with their schools will give them an accurate perspective to obtain the best solutions to the problems they face. Doing this will not just allow the Fellows to impact the lives of children in high-need communities on a short-term basis, but also in the long run, to serve as advocates for equal opportunity education in Malaysia.

cohort, I knew I had to send in my application. I loved the idea of Jacintha (2nd from right), being placed in a in the midst of training challenging school for the next two years, because I know that where there is a high need, there also will be a high potential for impact… I am excited for all that's ahead, because I am convinced that the It is Teach for Malaysia’s hope that one day, all children in Fellows of Teach For Malaysia will impact many, many children Malaysia will have the opportunity to attain an excellent in the years to come.” education. All the best, Teach For Malaysia Fellows! The Vision of Teach For Malaysia The main objective of Teach For Malaysia is to eradicate education inequity which refers to the fact that a child’s origin often determines the quality of his or her education, and therefore life outcomes. Thus to solve this problem, the Fellows

* Information and images adapted from Teach For Malaysia website.

Keeran Sivarajah is the Managing Director of Teach For Malaysia, and alumnus of Sunway’s Australian Matriculation programme. Jacintha Tagal is an alumnus of our A-Levels programme while Hawa Othman completed the Australian Matriculation programme.



tlight on alumni



Behind B

ouquets of flowers, mortar boards, flowing robes, big smiles – these are all hallmarks of a joyous graduation ceremony. Apart from these visible symbols, every graduation also gives us the opportunity to look beyond the ceremony and explore the stories behind the smiling faces. It gives us a chance to share about the hard work and dedication that was put into achieving this major milestone in life.

like to thank the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation for giving me the opportunity to study. In addition I would also like to thank the counsellors, who helped me cope with the stress of studies. I will be continuing with my degree in Information Systems in March next year”.

Doris shared, “I feel very blessed to be given the opportunity to be a Community Scholar. It was a struggle to be in a university environment in the beginning but the counsellors and lecturers This is especially true for a group of proud scholars who received the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Community Scholarship, helped me and because of them, I was able to complete my course. I am very grateful to the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation for allowing them to complete their tertiary education at a giving me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”. Doris is Sunway Education Group institution. The Community employed with Bertram Marketing as a Graphic Designer. Scholarship provides access to learning for deserving students who are most likely to miss out on an education. In establishing the scholarship, the objective was to give an opportunity to individuals in At the recent Sunway University the community to pursue an education while graduation in October, 3 Community fulfilling our social responsibility as an Scholars graduated and they were grateful education establishment. This scholarship for the scholarship that had a pivotal effect covers the recipients’ full tuition fees, on their lives. They were sisters Doris Lee accommodation, and book purchases. In Wan Yi (a Multimedia & Graphic Design addition to financial support, the pastoral diplomate) and Lucy Lee Yeh Leng (who care provided by the counselling team and obtained a Diploma in Information lecturers aid the Community Scholars in their Technology) from Rumah Hope in adjustment to university life and the stresses Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya and that come with it. There are currently 21 Darren Lee Kar Hoe (Diploma in Hotel Community Scholars in Sunway University Management). and Sunway College. Thirty scholars have graduated since this scholarship was first Lucy, the younger of the two sisters, who is awarded in 2002. currently working with DHL said ,“I would

“ I am very

grateful to the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation for giving me this once-in-alifetime opportunity


Another Community Scholar, Nanthini Ramras, graduated with an

work while studying part-time. Even so, what possible jobs

was recently employed as an Audit Associate with Ernst and Young.

earn to support my family and my studies? At that point in

Nanthini and her 3 siblings, who hail from Bahau in Negeri Sembilan, were solely supported by their mother who labours hard at an estate in their hometown. Nanthini said, “The scholarship really helped me to achieve my dream of pursuing an Without this scholarship, I don’t think I would even be where I am today. I sincerely thank the Lucy (left) and Doris proudly showing their Foundation for providing scrolls at the ceremony me this golden opportunity and Malaysian Care for assisting me in the application process. I’m very proud of what I’ve managed to achieve in my studies. I

where the road to my future would lead. In 2010, I completed my studies in Sunway, and I am forever grateful for this scholarship, and to those who helped me along the way. I have been proudly working in OCBC Bank for 2 years and was recently promoted to Premier Banking Relationship Manager. I love what I’m doing!” We warmly welcome these tenacious and dedicated new alumni into our community and wish them the best as they travel along life’s journey.

awarding of scholarships and research grants. To date, RM80 million in scholarships have been awarded since 1997 to 11,000 students who have completed studies or are studying in Sunway Education Group institutions.

sitting, without repeating any. As this was not an easy course to The skills that these scholars learn and the experiences that they gain here at Sunway take them a long way. Candy Lee, a scholar who graduated in 2010 from the ACCA programme, shares: “Being successful does not depend on your background; this is my story. I came from a poor family whereby after completing high school, getting into university was just a dream. However, the desire for me to further my studies was very strong. My initial plan was to

Nanthini (left) with her mother, Kamala Devi A/P Kailasam



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highlights of Sunway’s 25 m years.




tlight on alumni


o you’ve done well in your career, gained some well-earned knowledge along the way, went through the school of hard knocks. How can you share all the lessons you’ve learnt with the next generation of students?

external speaker is invited to speak on a topic that they are well-versed in, and these have ranged from Body Language, Emotional Intelligence, to Becoming Future-Ready.

Think back to when you were a student. Are there things you know now that you wish someone would have told you back then?

College students, was the individual who shared with the students ways to become future-ready. Of his experience coming back to campus he said: “The whole campus environment has changed completely from the time I was a student here. The students themselves are

Are these questions you’ve asked yourself before? Are they questions you’re asking yourself now? GREAT!

demographics have evolved, with a wonderful diversity which allows for a broader outlook to life. I liked the buzz about the place, and that is very inspiring for the type of work I do. I see the campus and its students as pure potential, in preparation to change the world we live in. It was exciting to be there, and a nice change from the corporate settings I am used to.”

Over the years, many alumni have returned to campus for a visit and it members at Sunway to receive each of you. There have also been a good number of you who have enthusiastically given your time and energy to share your knowledge and experiences with the students on campus. To each of you reading this, we challenge you to come back and

Selva is currently running his own business focusing on developing talent and potential. His emphasis is on the individual and his approach is via training and projects on creativity. “I ventured

Selva inspiring students during the talk

So far, the most impactful campus activities which involve alumni are career-related. Among the career events that our alumni have been invited back to participate in are the career fair, mentoring sessions, talks, and workshops. In 2010, our career services team began running Lunchtime Quickies, which are talks held during the lunch hour with a simple meal included. These talks became very popular and attract pretty much a full auditorium crowd each time. Every two weeks, an


creativity and the urgent need for creativity to be mainstreamed, especially in Malaysia. The words innovation and creativity are tossed around without any serious consideration towards their application in business and other technical will see a decline in the quality of our workforce in this country.”

“ I ventured into

“Are you Extreme Future Ready?”

His Lunchtime Quickie session provided students with insights on how the new generation of workers are different than in the past. He shared key traits that Gen Y students have in common, and how employers are adapting to these qualities. Finally he gave some tips and tricks to the students on how to succeed in this extreme future. The students listened attentively and posed questions at the end of the session.”

this field for two reasons my deep interest in the area of creativity and the urgent need for creativity to be mainstreamed, especially in Malaysia

“There is a wonderful energy about them. I sense an eagerness to understand their options, unlike my generation when things were pretty much pigeon-holed for us. That's understandable; they are better informed, especially because of the internet and technology as a whole. And because of that they seem sharper, which is great because it keeps us on our toes. I like that though, and I encourage that. ” “During the talk, I just wanted them to be aware of what’s truly important before they step out into the world, so to speak. They seemed pretty clued in, which I was very happy about. They get a bad reputation from employers, and I feel a lot of it is also our fault for not adjusting with times. I would love for universities to take this topic seriously into their curriculum in order to delve deeper into this area, backed by research. I am certainly advocating it, and there is a growing interest - though not fast enough, in my opinion.” It is this type of discourse that we encourage in an institution of higher learning, and it is inspiring to hear from individuals who have deep knowledge in areas that we are not familiar with. Therefore, we again strongly encourage you to give your time to share some wise words and experiences with the younger ones who stand to gain a leg up when they head out to join the workforce.

A full house Lunchtime Quickie crowd Selva Kumar was a student in the Curtin twinning programme and served as the first ever Student Council President. He met his wife-to-be, Anita Wan, while at Sunway and they are now married with two children. Selva’s latest project is a social website called, a global platform for creative collaborations, showcasing creative work, discourse on creativity and how people can contribute to change the world for the better. Do drop by to find out more!


sh utout!

“ No one stands taller than when he stoops to help the less fortunate child This apt phrase is left on the mind of every reader of

Joshua Lee’s emails as he ends each message this way. It genuinely speaks of his dedication to the less fortunate and gives us a glimpse into the kind of work that he does. After being in the rat race for many years, Joshua felt that there was something more he could aim for in life; that there was more to life than climbing up the corporate ladder. To cut a long story short, Joshua left the corporate world and is now the Programme Director of StART Society, a non-governmental organisation that teaches underprivileged children to express and articulate their feelings and emotions through music, fine arts, drama, dance, speech, writing and life skills. Thus a timely and meaningful collaboration was formed in 2011 with StART Society. It was timely because twenty-eight students from the United Kingdom were on their way to Malaysia to participate in volunteerism projects, among other things. Part of a student exchange programme between Sunway University and Lancaster University, this group of students would be in Malaysia for exposure in the areas of academic


studies, business, government, and community service. The collaboration worked out very well because the 28 students were in Malaysia at the same time as StART’s inaugural annual concert titled “I Believe”. Sunway University incorporated the “I Believe” concert into the official schedule of the exchange programme, allowing the Lancaster University students to experience volunteerism in Malaysia. These Lancaster students became the core group of volunteers for the 2-day concert which drew hundreds of attendees. “The concert was our response to all the hard work and ‘heartwork’ of the teachers and students these past 3 years by saying we believe in them, that they have talent, have what it takes, and therefore a brighter future and hope,” says Joshua. Joshua shares, “During the concert, the Lancaster students played myriad roles. Most of the roles were predetermined by us which they carried out very well. They ushered, sold

Lancaster students on stage with local celebrity Soo Wincci

“ I personally thought this team of students was really impressive! ” The team doing a great job selling T-shirts (above) and ushering (right)

souvenir items, worked as backstage crew, backstage traffic guides, gophers, and ‘cheer mongers’. Apart from these roles, a lot of the students took other initiatives like filming the event, child-minding and giving encouragement to the kids. I personally thought this team of students was really impressive!” “They really made a big difference during the concert. We were severely short of manpower backstage, and the Lancaster students really came through for us. Apart from all the unseen-to-public difference they made, they also brought such a great vibe and an international flavour with them. That made the concert look bigger than it really was.” Billy Girow, a 3rd year student studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics said, “We were all eager to help the StART Society kids”. Girow shared his experience being part of the Lancaster University Student Union (LUSU) which is also active in teaching about social enterprises. He said that the time spent with the children of StART provided a great opportunity for interaction. Another student shared, “This was the best volunteering experience I have had so far! I have enjoyed this the most. I wish we could have done more!” When asked how the event turned out, Joshua said, “The outcome was simply phenomenal. The feedback was overwhelming with praise. The audience thoroughly

enjoyed the concert and were pretty emotionally involved by the end of it. Most importantly, the kids felt validated and got closer to each other and the teachers. They also made new international friends from Lancaster of course... simply priceless!” “What's really special is connecting heart to heart with some of the exchange students. This is always memorable when you know you've really connected with people who are from so far away, yet so near in terms of values, causes and experiences.” We look forward to more opportunities for similar collaborations in the future! Joshua Lee is an alumnus of Sunway’s A-levels programme. For further information on StART Society or to make a donation towards the society, please visit the website at or contact Joshua at 012-6511 656 or email at

Local celebrity Cindy Chen performing a number with the children


sh utout! SHTLM’S


A total of thirty-five children and four

care-givers from two different homes for underprivileged children were treated to a fun time at Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Theme Park on 25 September 2011. The children, aged between 7 and 15, were from the Agathians Shelter and Praise Emmanuel Children’s Home, both located in Petaling Jaya. This half-day outing treat was jointly organised by a few Lisan (lower left) and Hoe Sing (back row, in blue) with the happy children alumni from the School of Hospitality, Tourism Twin sisters Daphne and Desiree Koo who are pre-alumni were and Leisure Management and the Alumni Office. The children had thrilled to be part of this project which was spearheaded by the opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals at SHTLM alumnus Lisan Yee. Together with Tang Hoe Sing, also the theme park through rabbit feeding sessions and the albino an alumnus, they spent the morning talking and playing with python photo session. Other activities they enjoyed included an the children as well as learning from them. The care-givers also educational tour by wildlife rangers, a safari wildlife train ride and shared about the many struggles and joys of caring for these the ‘wild friends’ show where they got to see different types of underprivileged children. At the end of the day, the entire animals showcase their ‘talents’. At the end of a tiring but fun day, event was not only a learning experience for the children, but the children settled down to a scrumptious lunch accompanied by also for the alumni involved in organising it. ice cream!

Share the Gift of Reading! MPH Bookstores, choosing whatever they wanted, with a limitation only on toys. They could choose story books, stationery, dictionaries, puzzles and anything that would enhance their performance in school while encouraging the habit of reading. The costs of these purchases were covered through donations. The children were accompanied by famous personalities such as Soo Wincci, Cindy Chen, and Nadia Heng. One of the highlights of the evening was a story telling session by our very own Sunway alumnus Chermaine Poo who is an acclaimed actress, emcee and television host.

n the 18th of August 2011, a group of 23 children from 3 orphanages from around the Klang Valley gathered at MPH Bookstores in OneUtama for the treat of a lifetime. Sunway alumnus Benson Wong, together with MPH Bookstores and the Alumni Office collaborated in a community project that put a smile on many faces that day.

This event is not the first of its kind, having been organised for the past six years. In those six years, a total of RM54,000 worth of books have been donated, inspiring and facilitating the habit of reading among young children, especially children who may otherwise not be able to afford it. This project is a commendable effort by alumnus Benson and the Alumni Office would like to thank him for giving Sunway University the opportunity to be part of such an effort.

Aptly named the ‘Gift of Reading’, this event involved the children walking through the many aisles of books and school materials at

Benson Wong is an alumnus of the VUMBA programme while Chermaine Poo completed the ACCA programme.

Benson (middle, in white) and Chermaine (standing, in white) with the children




EXPANSION: Growing In Strength

re: Graduate Cent


Graduate Centre: Future


Momentum in January 2010, the campus has grown tremendously. The construction plans that we highlighted in that issue are underway, and some have even been completed! As a picture paints a thousand words, here’s photographic evidence of the campus’ growth in a short span of just 2 years. The Le Cordon Bleu Institute (Completed: April 2011)

Academic Bl ock:



Le Cordon Bleu: Curre Academic Block: Current

create a sense of elegance and to better serve the needs of the students of Sunway-Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts. The Graduate Centre (Completion: March 2012) The graduate centre, which will house a 158-seat lecture theatre and 2 auditoriums that can accommodate 90 people each will be completed by next year. Besides lecture rooms and break out rooms, it will also be equipped with cutting edge facilities and sound systems which will be very conducive for training, conferences, and workshops. The 12-storey New Academic Block and 2-level Basement Car Park (Completion: December 2014) block. It is planned to accommodate at least another 9,000 students. The 2-level basement car park, with about 1,000 parking In keeping with our goal to remain environmentally friendly, plans are underway to get the building BCA Singapore and Green Stay tuned for more updates on Facebook and in future issues! 15

“The main reason I completed the readership survey was because I wished to be the lucky one to win the lovely iPad 2, of course! On the other hand, as an alumnus of Sunway University, I also wanted to contribute some of my comments and feedback to help improve the Momentum magazine. Momentum can be considered as a connector that links us to the University with all the latest updates, therefore we will never lose contact with Sunway University – a place that nurtures wisdom and helps us grow.”

In the last issue of Momentum, we conducted a the newsletter. Those who responded stood a chance to win an iPad2!

After receiving all the responses, we used a random list generator to determine the winner of this fun new toy. And the iPad2 went to ...

Raymond Au Yong!

Raymond is currently working as an Associate Consultant at Sunway Business Systems Sdn Bhd and he graduated from the School of Computer Technology in 2010.

Summary of Results

92.3% feel that Momentum strengthens their personal connection with the institution 78% access the print version while 22% access the online version If given a choice, 56% would opt to read Momentum online, while 44% still prefer the print version 83% of respondents feel that Momentum reminds them of their experiences at the institution 65% believe that Momentum provides useful career and networking information 100% of respondents would like to continue receiving Momentum Suggestions Given:  Increasing number of pages Increasing number of accompanying photos Providing more information on postgraduate programmes More information on networking options with other alumni p/s: We post many updates to our Facebook page in order to disseminate time-sensitive information. Do visit us there to get the latest news!

Momentum (January 2012)  
Momentum (January 2012)  

Momentum is a newsletter specially for Sunway Alumni. It serves to highlight alumni stories and to update alumni on the happenings at the Su...