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trays and liners

Introducing: Liners and trays

NEW Liner, available in two sizes (for 5L and 13L Sigma home Box) and two colours (pink and grey).

Every year we review our assortment to ensure that our collection remains modern and on-trend. Based on the newest trends in home and living, we are expanding our successful Sigma home line with two brand new colours: dark blue grey and dark green. Additionally, there are three new lids: wooden, romantic, or natural design. Finally, we have two extra sizes: 5 and 25 litres. But that’s not all! To give our customers even more opportunities to create their perfect storage box, we developed a liner with a beautiful pattern and a tray insert to create levels.


Tray, available in two sizes.

The liner (including ring) can be taken out of the Sigma home Box easily and washed by hand.

Liner in Sigma home Box 13L

Tray M in Sigma home Box 24L

Our trend watchers carefully monitor the newest styles

Soft rounded corners

every day. Last year, their eye was caught by the round

Soft rounded edges

shape home accessories trend. The same goes for the

Straight sides

minimalistic and sleek style as well as the pure and natural trend. Inspired by these three interior design trends, we developed our Sigma home line with stylish storage

Recessed lid Integrated handles

systems. The Sigma home family is still expanding with

Soft touch look & feel

new colours, shapes, and options.

Stackable Nestable

Three style collections Shades of grey

Pastels and prints

New Romantic

Neutral colours that match even the

Cheerful yet gentle colours that bring

A touch of romance with lush, warm

sleekest interiors.

spring into your home.

colours and elegant prints.

Boxes: White, anthracite, light grey.

Boxes: Pink, light green, light grey,

Boxes: Dark blue, dark green, taupe.

Lids: Transparent, Leaves.

blue grey. Lids: Transparent, Triangles.

Lids: Transparent, Romantic, Wood.

Sigma home in stores We go beyond simply providing and delivering our products. We will design a perfectly organised shop display for our Sigma home line, perfectly tailored to your wishes and current shelving display.

• Combine to your heart’s content. You have free choice of colours, prints, and sizes for the storage boxes and lids in your display. •We take care of merchandising materials such as header cards and shelf labels. • A product information label is attached to every storage box.

Available Sigma home products Box size






252 x 180 x 122 mm

Tray S, fully covering box

for Box 5L

for Box 5L


352 x 253 x 183 mm

for Box 13L Tray S, half covering box


for Box 13L and 25L

350 x 250 x 363 mm

Tray M, fully covering box


453 x 354 x 183 mm


Tray M, half covering box

for Box 24L and 32L

453 x 354 x 243 mm




Sigma-home_lid_350x250mm_wood.indd 1

29-6-2017 14:34:07

29-6-2017 14:28:11 Sigma-home_lid_5L_hout-triangles.indd 1

Sigma-home_lid_350x250mm_leaves.indd 1

29-6-2017 16:14:27


Sigma-home_lid_450x350mm_oriental.indd 1


29-6-2017 14:32:17


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Sigma home brochure  
Sigma home brochure  

Featuring our latest Sigma home accessories: liners and trays.