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Stand out from the crowd Customised colouring and embossing on a Square Heavy Duty Folding Box 45L

Sunware is a producer of contemporary, high quality plastic storage products with over 35 years of experience in the market. Our daily mission is “To provide a suitable solution for every storage problem in and around the house”. To pursue this mission, our designers and engineers are constantly working to translate trends and storage needs into a complete range of modern as well as functional storage products. Next to distributing plastic household products we can help your business get that little bit of extra attention by developing customised products and gadgets. Sunware as we currently know it, has existed since 1978, but the foundation of the company was already laid in the 1960s. Since 1991, we are located in Tilburg where we have our own warehouse of 20,000m2. In order to operate more flexibly, we started our own production company in 2011, also located in The Netherlands. Every year we globally distribute more than 5 million products in 30 different countries. We have approximately 60 employees working in Production, R&D, Marketing, Sales & Logistics.

Headquarters in Tilburg

North America Storage specialist

Europe Inter­ national sales



South America Australia


Customised products You want your business to stand out from the crowd? We would be pleased to help you achieving this! Our many years of experience make us able to advise you in choosing the best promotional application for your company. Whether it is about developing POS materials or promotional packaging materials, our broad and versatile assortment offers endless opportunities.

The possibilities range from a small colour adaptation of one of or our standard products, to the design, development and production of a tailor made plastic product matching your most exclusive wishes. We use several different techniques for producing a tailor made product: 1. In-Mould-Labelling 2. On-product Print/Label 3. Embossing 4. C ompletely and partially new product Of course we can always honour special colour requests in the design and production of a tailor made product. What are you waiting for? Stand up, stand out and get recognised!

A full service approach We always offer a full service approach meaning that we, from start to finish, are dedicated to ease your worries as much as possible. You are free to choose the desired services from our ‘Full Service menu’.

We design & engineer for you Once we know the specific needs and wishes, our team of product developers, graphical designers and engineers use their technical know-how to help transform your most revolutionary ideas into reality. Our designs are creative, exclusive and most importantly effective!

We manufacture for you We have our own production facility making us able to be flexible and quickly respond to any of your needs.

We distribute for you Even logistical services can be offered. We have a 20,000m2 warehouse where we store the end products and from which we can easily distribute our products.


References We are a reliable business partner mainly serving retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers from food as well as non-food channels. Over the past years we have executed projects for large multinationals as well as smaller organisations from all over the globe ranging from supermarkets and hypermarkets to ice cream manufacturers. Food & Non-food manufacturers

Food & Non-food retailers

FMCG multinationals

Supermarket and hypermarket chains

Small and medium enterprises (SME)

Wholesale chains

Multinational in building and construction materials

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM)

Retail chains


Customised products

In-Mould-Labelling (IML) A more permanent and long lasting way of customising a plastic product is done by using the In-MouldLabelling technique. In-Mould-Labelling is a specialised technique in which a polypropylene (PP) pre-printed label with your personal design is positioned inside a mould which has the shape of the final end product. Next, the melted plastic material (PP) is added to the mould where it merges with the label. Finally, the polypropylene takes the shape of the mould resulting in the label and plastic product to become one.

In-Mould-Labelling is possible on:

Advantages: • Maximum print quality

Storage boxes with lid Q-line box 6-9-15-22-9,5-18-26-38L Q-line Rollerbox 18-26-38L Q-line Multibox 6-9-15-22L Nesta box 24L + Nesta Caddy M and L Omega Clear box 6-11-19L Sigma box 13-24-32L

• Environmentally-friendly • High quality look and finish • Long lasting and hygienic

Freshkeepers Gallery Line pitcher 2.2L Club Cuisine container 2.5-3.5L Waste bins Twinga bin + swing lid 45L Wall bin 25L Buckets Water-line bucket 12L


Twinga bin 45L,

Q-line box 9L,

Gallery Line

Club Cuisine container 3.5L

POS material for Nestlé

premium for Belgomilk

pitcher 2.2L for Katz

for Jacques ice cream

Minimum quantity

3000 pcs.

Case example: IML Client: Lion Products Product: Q-line box 22L Lion Products was looking for a box to serve as promotional packaging for its “Biscuits à la carte”. They chose to provide our Q-line 22L box with decorative IML visuals of different metropoles from all over the globe. A complete series of different storage boxes to be collected by their clients! The special colour combination of black and blue and the carrying handle with embossed logo give the box that extra luxurious look and feel. The box was mainly distributed in the hospitality industry, for example for pre-packaging cookies to be delivered to restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and hotels.

“We are very satisfied with the possibilities in promotional products and the creativity that Sunware has to offer. They developed a series of boxes that truly stands out!” Lion Products


Customised products

On-product Print/Label Your brand or promotional communication can be perfectly printed on our standard products. Moreover every product can be easily decorated or provided with product information by using a sticker. Both methods are favourably priced and provide quick product customisation. An On-product Print or Label can be realised with every type of standard Sunware product.

Advantages: • Cost effective (1 or 2 colours) • Possible for every type of product

On-product Print:

• Short project lead time

Basic bucket 10L, premium for Brico

On-product Label:

Calypso wall bin 40L with swing lid,

Square folding box 32L, POS

Lunchbox and drinking cup,

Q-line box 22L, durable

Q-line box 22L, durable

POS material for Diplom-Is

material for Poiesz Supermarket

premium for Willem II football club

packaging for Lion products

packaging for AEG Electrolux

Possible on all Sunware products > 3000 pcs.


Possible on all Sunware products > 3000 pcs.

Case example: On-product Print Client: Unilever/Ola Product: Twinga 45L bin with swing lid Trash bins are one of world’s most popular POS materials often used by large companies such as Unilever to make sure that wrappings, papers, cans or plastic bottles do not end up in the bushes. With this environmental thought in mind, Ola gave us the assignment to develop branded trash bins to be used at their ice cream selling points such as cafes, restaurants, ice cream vending carts etc. We developed several Ola branded trash bins with specially designed on-product prints to urge the customers to deposit their trash into the bin. The majority of the developed customised bins were delivered including a so called swing lid which can be easily opened from two sides.

“Sunware has been one of our most reliable business partners for many years now. Their custom made designs deliver added value within our worldwide operation every day.� Unilever


Customised products

Embossing Embossing is used to decorate a surface with a raised design or symbol, for example your company name or logo. In embossing, pressure is used to raise the surfaces adding a new dimension to the plastic object. It is a high quality, cost effective way of enhancing the looks of a product.

Embossing is possible on: Folding boxes Heavy Duty folding box 45L Storage boxes with lid Q-line box 0,2L All Q-line boxes and Q-line Multiboxes with handle

Advantages: • Cost effective • Unique way of personalising a product • Premium quality method of customisation Club Cuisine container 3.5L with embossed lid, for Unilever/Ola


Q-line box 22L with embossed

Q-line box 0.2L with embossed lid

Square Heavy Duty folding box 45L with

carrying handle for Rombouts

for HEMA.

embossed edge for Plus Supermarket

Minimum quantity

5000 pcs.

Case example: Embossing Client: Jumbo Netherlands Product: Heavy Duty folding box 45L Jumbo is a large supermarket chain in The Netherlands. They recently started pick-up and home delivery services of groceries in response to the enormous boost of online purchases of foods. To increase brand awareness and attract new customers they were looking for a robust transportation and delivery box fully customised to their brand communication. Sunware designed and manufactured the Heavy Duty Jumbo folding box with embossed logo being the perfect transportation solution for the distribution of groceries at Jumbo pick-up points and for home delivery.

“Sunware did a phenomenal job! This product is perfectly living up to the high standards that we’ve set for our new e-commerce operations.� Jumbo


Completely and partially new product If you just want that little bit of extra attention by offering truly unique must-have gadgets, we are your partner! We can design, engineer and manufacture an entirely new plastic product or gadget completely tailored to your specific needs. We always supervise the entire process from start to finish to make sure all of your wishes are honoured. Custom made products truly make the difference!

Advantages: • Product tailored to your own wishes • Exclusive designs • Full service provided Patisse baking and pudding molds

Aveve feeder bin 45L, Hak spoon with embossed logo


Sunware Twinga bin with adapted lid.

Case example: New product Client: Weber Beamix BV Product: Custom made masonry block and mixing bowl Beamix Weber orginally had a masonry block made out of wood to serve as a tool while building a masonry wall. We got the opportunity to develop a masonry block made out of plastic! Additionally, Beamix wanted a mixing bowl to add to their range of tile adhesives and grouts. Our designers visited the Weber-Beamix testing centre to properly catalogue the demands and wishes. Through In-Mould-Labelling (IML) on two sides of the bowl Weber-Beamix had every option to modify the product to perfectly suit its wishes. The Beamix mixing bowl is sold to consumers through Dutch DIY stores. It is presented next to Weber-Beamix’s products on the shelves supporting a strong in-store presentation.

“Very pleasant cooperation; excellent support from design to production; no worries at all!” Weber Beamix BV


Overview of customisable Sunware products A selection from our assortment.

Freshkeepers Cityline

Indoor & outdoor waste bins Club Cuisine




Gallery Line Calypso


Delta bin with flat lid

3 sizes from 10L up to 50L

Delta bin with swing lid

3 sizes from 10L up to 50L

Club Cuisine

15 sizes from 0,5L up to 5,6L

Calypso bin with flat lid

3 sizes from 10L up to 50L

Gallery Line

20 sizes from 0,2L up to 8,3L

Calypso bin with swing lid

3 sizes from 10L up to 50L


8 sizes from 0,5L up to 3,8L


11 sizes from 0,15L up to 2,3L

Twinga bin with flat lid Twinga bin with swing lid

2 sizes, 10L & 45L 1 size, 45L

Storage boxes

Folding boxes Heavy Duty




Omega Clear


28 sizes from 0,2L up to 120L


7 sizes from 7L up to 51L

Nesta Caddy

2 sizes, M and L

Omega Clear

5 sizes from 2L up to 19L


3 sizes from 3L up to 32L

Water-line bowls square Water-line bowls round


2 sizes, 32L & 46L

Square with handle

2 sizes, 24L & 32L

Heavy Duty

1 size, 45L

More information:

Buckets & bowls Water-line buckets


Sunware B.V. 2 sizes, 12L & 14L 2 sizes, 5L & 9L 2 sizes, 10L & 15L

T +31(0)13-570 32 00 E

Sunware B.V. Kranenberg 10, 5047 TR Tilburg P.O. box 5135, 5004 EC Tilburg The Netherlands T +31 (0)13 - 570 32 00 F +31 (0)13 - 571 88 48 E

Sunware Custom Made Products brochure  
Sunware Custom Made Products brochure