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Specializing in Heirloom & Cherry Tomatoes. More than 350 varieties available!

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Dwarf Plant s

Whit e & Green Variet ies A

Perfect for Patio, Apartment or Condo Growing

Great White



Emerald Evergreen


Green Zebra


Patio Tomatoes

White Beauty


Red Robin

Green Giant


New Big Dwarf (early)

72 Days. Indeterminate. Mild, delicious flavor and medium to large size make these solid beefsteak fruit good for slicing and very enjoyable to eat. Green when ripe.



75 Days. Indeterminate. A unique and delicious salad tomato. 3 oz. green fruits ripen to amber-green with darker green stripes. The light green flesh is very flavorful, sweet yet zingy. This one is a real taste treat.

85 Days. Indeterminate. Potato leaved varietyl. 12-18 ozs. Ripe when they turn chartreuse green and soften slightly. Smooth and beautiful with no cracking. Taste is a combination of sweet and spicy that is very rich, well-balanced and pleasing.

Tumbling Tom (hanging basket)

70 Days. Determinate. Perfect for hanging baskets and containers. This plant cascades 18 inches over the container’s edge, bearing lots of bright red 1-2 inch cherry tomatoes that are deliciously sweet. Plants grow about 6 inches wide, so you can place several in a 10-12 inch pot for a very attractive display.

85 Days. Indeterminate. Creamy white color inside and outside make White Beauty a rarity. Extremely mild and sweet because of a high sugar content. Fruit averages 8 ozs. and are quite meaty with few seeds.


Tiny Tim

60 Days. Determinate. Just perfect for container growing. Plants grow to no more than 18 inches tall and can be grown in a 6 inch pot. Round, bright red cherry tomatoes are about ž inch in diameter.

85 Days. Indeterminate. Heirloom variety. Beautiful, large white beefsteak tomato with sweet flavor and lots of juice. Vigorous plants have heavy foliage that provides good protection against sunscald on the fruit. Fruit is larger than White Beauty.

70 Days. Determinate. One of the more popular dwarf varieties for growing on patios or decks. Plants only become about 2 ft tall, and have attractive, deep green foliage. Large harvests of bright red, 3-4 oz flavorful tomatoes. Growing in containers that measure at least 12 inches wide works best.

55 Days. Determinate. This popular dwarf variety thrives in relatively small pots set on sunny windowsills or outdoor patios. Plants only become 8-12 inches tall and produce lots of 1-1/4 inch full flavored tomatoes with a touch of sweetness. A very rewarding harvest from a small tomato plant than can be grown in an 8 inch pot.

60 Days. Determinate. Plants only become about 2 ft. tall yet produce a very early harvest of deep pink tomatoes. 8-12 oz. Great in containers since the plant stays small while delivering large and really delicious tomatoes. Heirloom that was created before 1915 by crossing the Ponderosa and Dwarf Champion.

Garden Candy

Gr ow tas ting bette foo r d!


Green Grape







Snow White


Sun Gold


Yellow Pear


Grape Tomato


Red Pear


Isis Candy


Sweet Gold

70 Days. Determinate. Very short compact plants, yield ¾ to 1 in fruit that is yellow-green when ripe. Full of flavor, sweet and juicy. These cherry type tomatoes are a real taste treat and sure to be a favorite in the garden.

60 Days. Indeterminate. Very sweet, cherry sized tomatoes are oval shaped with a pointed blossom end. Beautiful reddish-pink color. Fruit is produced in clusters on high yielding semi-indeterminate vines but continue to produce over a long season.

75 Days. Indeterminate. Delightful ivory-colored tomatoes that ripen to pale yellow and are deliciously sweet without being sugary. This is one you will find yourself snacking on in the garden because it tastes so good.

78 Days. Indeterminate. Miniature pear-shaped tomatoes are 1 ¾ to 2 inches long and clear yellow in color. Delightfully sweet, and considered by many as ‘garden candy.’ Big producer and continuous harvests. A companion to “Red Pear.”

78 Days. Indeterminate. Miniature pear-shaped tomatoes are 1 ¾ to 2 inches long and bright red. Flavorful and sweet, they are great for salads and as a companion to “Yellow Pear”.

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Black Cherry

65 Days. Indeterminate. A truly black cherry tomato. Perfectly round with classic black tomato flavor, sweet, yet rich and complex. A unique addition to the color spectrum of cherry tomatoes available.

60 Days. Indeterminate. Pink grape tomato. Long clusters of small, oval fruit are a deep rosy pink and produced abundantly. Tomatoes are as sweet as rosé wine and a delightful new choice for anyone who likes grape tomatoes.

57 Days. Indeterminate. Very sweet, bright orange cherry tomatoes taste not just sugary, but also fruity and delicious. Vigorous growers. Try these for a real taste treat – you won’t believe you are eating tomatoes!

60 Days. Indeterminate. Long, grape-like clusters of brilliant red tomatoes. Very sweet, complex flavor is delicious. Productive vines, but none of these little morsels will go to waste. Their taste is addictive. Crack-resistant and tolerant to heat.

67 Days. Indeterminate. Yellow-gold cherry tomatoes with red marbling inside and out. Sweet taste that is also rich and fruity and very delicious. Very productive plants that bear throughout a long season.

60 Days. Indeterminate. Abundant clusters of ½ oz. bright yellow-gold cherry tomatoes with delicious sweet flavor. These tomatoes are naturally sweeter than red varieties with a fruitier taste. Once you taste them, you will be spoiled forever.

Coloured Past e Tomat oes

Coloured paste tomatoes make wonderful salsa! V



Amish Paste

80 Days. Indeterminate. An old-fashioned favorite with heart-shaped pink fruit that weigh up to 1 lb. Very meaty flesh contains few seeds making this a favorite forslicing and sandwiches. Good flavor and productivity for this heirloom variety.

Bull’s Heart


87 Days. Indeterminate. This is a very old Russian variety bearing large pink oxheart-type tomatoes with excellent, sweet flavour. Strong plants produce abundantly, with some fruit growing to 2 lbs or more.

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85 Days. Indeterminate. Amish heirloom variety produces paste-type fruit with an oblong oxheart shape. 8 oz. tomatoes are solid with an outstandingly good, sweet flavor.

Speckled Roman




85 Days. Indeterminate. Truly special paste tomato is about 5 inches long and red with jagged golden stripes. Meaty, 6 to 8 oz. tomatoes are great for processing into sauce and paste, but can be enjoyed in fresh salads. Heavy producers on vigorous plants.

San Marzano

80 Days. Indeterminate. Excellent for canning, tomato paste or puree. Rectangular pear-shaped, 3 ½ inch long fruit with mild flavor and meaty texture. Bright red color.



78 Days. Determinate. One of the more popular varieties for paste, sauces and canning. Compact vines yield large harvests of 3 inch long, bright red fruit that may be pear or plum shaped. Thick walled and solid with few seeds.


75 Days. Indeterminate. Polish Heirloom variety. One of the best paste tomatoes, primarily because it makes sauce you don’t need to add flavoring to it. At least 5 in, shaped like a banana pepper. Plants have wispytype foliage, yet vigorous and very productive.

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Yellow & Orange Variet ies See our website for more varieties!


Yellow Brandywine


Lemon Boy




Big Rainbow



Mammoth German Gold


Orange Russian 117

85 Days. Indeterminate. Large yellow fruit, 1 to 2 lbs. of exceptional quality, creamy texture, and delicious flavor. Tall vines with potato-leaved foliage. An extremely rich tasting tomato, with beautiful smooth shape.

70 Days. Indeterminate. Heirloom from France. Beautiful orange salad tomatoes are very juicy and have a good, sweet flavor with fruity overtones. Tomatoes weigh 2 to 3 ozs. and are a persimmon orange color both inside and out. Extremely productive.

90-100 Days. Heirloom, bicolored beefsteak tomato with unique coloring weighs 2 lbs+. Ripe fruit has light yellow shoulders atop a golden-orange tomato with ruby red on the blossom end. Some red streaks appear through the meaty flesh. Has good, sweet flavor.


Toma to c on incre ased sumptio n 36% over has last 10 ye the ars

72 Days. Indeterminate. First lemon yellow (not golden) variety and still one of the best. Very vigorous plants produce large harvests of attractive fruit at 8 ozs. or more. Flavor is mild and sweet, yet tangy and definitely not bland. Easy to grow.

85 Days. Indeterminate. 1800’s Heirloom. Huge 2 lb. beefsteaks that are deep golden with red streaking. This variety is almost orange with more extensive red streaking, making for a very colorful fruit. High sugar and high acid provide excellent flavor.


Hawaiian Pineapple

90-95 Days. Indeterminate. Golden-orange beefsteak fruit grow up to 1 ½ lbs. and have a pineapple-like flavor when perfectly ripe. Fruits are deep orange and incredibly rich, fruity and sweet. Expect very large harvests.

85 Days. Indeterminate. Heirloom from West Virginia. Huge bicolored tomato is yellow-orange with red streaking. Fruits have sweet and fruity flavor and usually weigh from 1 to 2 lbs.

85 Days. Indeterminate. The first bicolor oxheart, and exhibits the best qualities of both. 8 ozs. or more and heartshaped with smooth golden flesh marbled inside with streaksof red. Delicious and sweet, somewhat fruity, and meaty with very few seeds.

Blacks & Purples

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Black Krim


Ananas Noir (Black PIneapple)


Cherokee Purple


Black Plum


Black from Tula


Black Zebra


75-90 Days. Indeterminate. Heirloom from the Black Sea of Russia. Dark brown-red tomatoes are large, 10 to 12 ozs. and very richly flavored with just a hint of saltiness. Color is darker in hot weather and fruit seems to set well even in the heat. Heavy producer.

80 Days. Indeterminate Heirloom from Tennessee. 10 to 12 oz. dusky rose/purple fruit with deep brick red interiors. The tomatoes are absolutely delicious with a pleasantly sweet and rich flavor.

75-80 Days. Indeterminate. Russian Heirloom. Deep reddish-brown beefsteak tomato has a rich, sweet flavor that is delicious. Fruit is smooth in texture and weight 8 to 12 ozs. Very productive and sets well even when the weather turns hot.

Black Pear

80 Days. Indeterminate. Heirloom variety. Dark brown tomatoes are shaped like miniature pears and flavored with an excellent rich taste. Potato-leaved plants produce an abundance of 4 to 6 oz. fruit, perfect for for salads.

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80 Days. Indeterminate. Fruit is 1 to 1 ½ lb. Exterior is dark purple and green with pink-red splotches and a touch of yellow, while the inside is bright green streaked with pink. Sweet yet rich and delicious. Expect large plants and heavy yields.

82 Days. Indeterminate. Small elongated – oval fruits that are deep mahogany and sweet and fruity. Small, teardrop-shaped morsels of sweetness, wonderful for snacking off the vine or adding to salads. Plants produce a large crop of this very tasty variety.

75 Days. Indeterminate. 3 to 4 oz. deep burgundy tomato has jagged green stripes on the outside and solid mahogany-colored flesh inside. Sweet and juicy, yet has the rich complexity associated with black tomatoes.


Cherokee Chocolate

75 Days. Indeterminate. 10 to 16 oz. mahogany colored variety has excellent flavor and beautiful large fruit. Very productive plants are vigorous and yield a large harvest of these chocolate colored tomatoes..

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Red &

Beefst eaks UU






Early Girl

52 Days. Indeterminate. Comes in 1st as an early, delicious, slicing tomato. Large harvests of flavorful, 4-6 oz. solid fruit. Excellent performance in almost any climate.

Brandywine Red

80 Days. Indeterminate. This version of Brandywine offers red fruit with VV luscious old-time, red tomato flavour. Plants have regularly-shaped leaves and are extremely productive, bearing long harvests of these 10-16 oz fruit. Heirloom from the late 1800s.

Jet Star (low acid)

72 Days. Indeterminate. Heavy yields of 8 oz. firm, meaty fruit that is generally free of cracks. Superior, very pleasant taste. Not recommended for canning as Jet Star is low in acid.

Costoluto Genovese

78 Days. Indeterminate. Italian heirloom tomato. Large, deep-red, juicy XX tomatoes are deeply ribbed but fully flavored and absolutely delicious. Hearty variety and does well in hot weather. Continues to produce even when the weather turns cool.

Mr. Stripey (Tigerella)

56 Days. Indeterminate. Huge crops of red fruits with clearly defined yellow-orange stripes. 1 ½ to 2 inch tomatoes have a rich, tangy flavor are a beautiful novelty for adding whole or cutting into salads.

Ball’s Beefsteak

76 Days. Indeterminate. Luscious, big, 8-12 oz. tomatoes. Maturing early, globe-shaped fruit have no cracking and offer sensational, old-fashioned flavor. Wonderful as a sandwich tomato.

Zapotec Pink Ribbed

80 Days. Indeterminate. Heirloom from the Zapotec Indians of Mexico. Beautiful heavily ribbed dark pink fruit makes it very ornamental. Stuffed, or sliced shows off its scalloped edges. Flavor is sweet and mild, and yields are prolific.

Burgess Stuffing

78 Days. Indeterminate. Looks like a hollow bell pepper but has real tomato flavour. Stuff with cold salads or bake like stuffed peppers. Tall, vigorous plants produce an incredible number of large, bright red fruit. Only a few, easily removable seeds.



Italian Sweet

85 Days. Indeterminate. Large and luscious red beefsteak tomatoes grow on tall, potato-leaved plants. Fruit is incredibly sweet and juicy, full of old-fashioned tomato flavor.

Red Rose

85 Days. Indeterminate. A cross between Brandywine and Rutgers. 6 to 10 oz delicious pink fruit. Crack resistance inherited from Rutgers and taste and texture is more like Brandywine.

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Tomato Plant Fundraising Catalogue  

Sun Valley Farms offers a great fundraiser for schools and other organizations!

Tomato Plant Fundraising Catalogue  

Sun Valley Farms offers a great fundraiser for schools and other organizations!