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Granvia® Gold & Pink Flame

Crispy and crocky.

You can’t go around the sungold Granvia®. She has remarkable big flowers with an intense bright yellow colour. Her big flowers can grow up to be 8 centimetres big. Plant her in a pot or just directly into the ground. Have a little fun with your flowers, pick some flowers from the plant to watch them open up in a matter of hours. You can preserve them perfectly and use some single stems in a dried flower bouquet or fresh pot-pourri. Or put some single stems in a mini vase with some water, and they’ll last for days. 

Flaming in pink.

Let’s pop some pink bubbles, because this year we are introducing our Granvia® Pink Flame. This bubblegum coloured flowers are a true girls dream. If it were up to us, we’d cover every garden in these Alice in Wonderland blooms. The Granvia® colours are not the only attributes that are lively; Granvia® has a day and night routine, just like humans. Granvia® has closed buds in the morning and as soon as she feels the sun on her petals, her big flowers will open up. As the night falls, she’ll fall asleep and her flowers close up again.