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Gas or Electric Filling-up A Standard Vehicle Vs Charging An Electric Vehicle

Show Love, Increase Comfort Throughout The Community

In 2021 alone (through October), almost 450,000 EVs were sold – an 88% increase year over year A new national survey shows that a quarter of consumers plan to go electric for their next vehicle purchase (a fully electric, not hybrid vehicle). The most common factor for those interested in buying an electric vehicle (77%) is a strong desire to save on fuel costs. However, AAA notes that there are still those who are hesitant to make the switch, due to lingering concerns relating to range, purchase price and availability of public charging options. “Consumers who are fed up with the wild price swings at the pump, may be more willing than ever to make the switch to an electric vehicle,” said Mark Jenkins, Spokesman, AAA – The Auto Club Group. “Record-high gas prices have brought the cost of owning an EV more in line with a standard gasoline-powered vehicle. Although it may cost more money up front, EVs cost less to charge, maintain and are more efficient.” EV Sales continue to steadily rise within the United States. In 2021 alone (through October), almost 450,000 EVs were sold – an 88% increase year over year. Despite rapid growth, EVs account for less than 1% of light vehicles (cars and trucks) in operation today. However, indusElectric, Page 5A

If you would like to spread some love and comfort throughout the community become a part of the Animal Assisted Therapy Team

Founded in 2016 by Real Estate Broker, Lonna Spitaleri, Costa Bella Realty Group offers one-of-a-kind concierge service. Located inside The Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce at 330 N. Federal Highway, Suite 200, Hollywood, Florida 33020. Where she serves

The use of Animal Therapy to assist people with Special Needs is not a new concept. There is increasing evidence and statistics that show that the Emotional and Psychological benefits of Pet companionship have Physiological counterparts as well. Pets improve not only the intangible “quality of life” but also improve human health. There have been many studies documenting that petting and caring for animals, particularly those with whom a bonded relationship has been established, can reduce Blood Pressure, slow Heart Rate and improve survival rates from Heart Disease. Animal Assisted Therapy is being used in a wide variety of settings to help people with acute and chronic illnesses throughout our community. Animal Assisted Therapy Teams visit patients in almost every Hospital in Broward County, they visit various floors to bring the joy of their pets to those who are ill or recovering in the Hospital. When the program was first established, it served the elderly residents of Nursing Homes in Broward County. Today, the program is well known in Broward,

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Costa Bella Realty Group A Concierge Luxury Realty Group Florida is world renowned for its amusement parks, beach resorts, and warm sunny climate. Add to the abundance of restaurants, retail stores and water activities and its clear why many choose Florida as their home. Purchasing a home or property should be a joyful experience after all; you are following your dreams by making this purchase.

This is when you need a professional that understands your needs and takes the stress and headache usually associated with buying a home and transforms it into an enjoyable and happy experience. Add to that, concierge service and you have Costa Bella Realty Group, an established, trusted south Florida business.

A Dramatic Future Awaits: The Art & Culture Center/Hollywood Will Expand The dramatic design will merge with the existing two-story, 1924 Mediterranean Revival architecture of the Kagey Home As part of the City of Hollywood’s vision to increase arts programming in the city, the Art and Culture Center / Hollywood will expand its current Kagey Home facility with the construction of a new, nearly 5,000-square-foot arts education wing that will be distinct and contemporary. The new wing will provide visual arts and multimedia studio classrooms, along with a multipurpose room for dance, drama, artist talks, film screenings, meeting space and more. This building will be a visual marquee in Downtown Hollywood drawing

in Broward County of having adjoining, functional spaces built about 100 years apart.

residents and visitors in our region to the Center. Additionally, the new education building incorporates an outdoor courtyard to enhance the visitor experience.

Broward’s ‘Wynwood’ - The Mural Project Is A Success, 8A

The dramatic design will merge with the existing two-story, 1924 Mediterranean Revival architecture of the Kagey Home, which houses the Center’s Galleries and Administrative

Traffic Alert: Road Closures In Hollywood Continue, 5A

Offices. When completed, the new wing, with its gleaming façade and swooping rooftop, will provide the Center and the City with a unique architectural distinction

The Home of the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood The Art and Culture Center/ Hollywood is located in the former home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kagey, a founding family in Hollywood. The home was built in 1924 and is a beautiful example of Mediterranean Revival architecture. It is one of Hollywood’s first show-place homes and was completed a year before the City of Hollywood was incorporated. Jack Kagey was the Sales Manager of Joseph W. Young’s Hollywood Land and Water Hollywood, 7A

Kodner Galleries Antiques and Much More, 2A

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23033 State Road 7, Boca Raton, Fl 33428 Dade: 305-332-7309 Boca: 561-245-0010 Broward: 954-205-3446 New York: 212-658-1226


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Costa Bella From Page 1A as a proud member. Lonna has been a Florida resident for over 50 years. Having raised her three children here and now watching her grandchildren grow up in the idyllic, Florida paradise. Lonna knows Southeast Florida well and understands the needs of families. Families go through stages as children grow, and eventually set out on their own. Her understanding of the changing needs of growing families, allows her to help her clients find exactly what they are looking for. With her experience and knowledge, she serves clients throughout south Florida. With over 20 years of real estate experience, and her vast knowledge of the ever-changing real estate market, Lonna is one of the most sought-after real estate professionals. With her expertise and experience, she will get the most out of your investment property for you. Lonna stays abreast of changes in the market, as well as any new programs made available to home buyers. Costa Bella Realty Group provides services throughout Florida. Including working with developers and handling commercial transactions. Whether you’re a first time homebuyer looking for a single family home, have multiple properties or searching for a condo, Costa Bella Realty Group is there to serve you with experienced trained professional agents ready to meet your needs. All of her agents receive sensitivity training to meet client’s individual needs, in order to provide the best customer service experience along with multiple languages. Having a staff of multilingual agents, is a wonderful convenience, which eases communications with potential buyers and sellers, allowing clients to feel heard and at ease. Lonna serves as a South Broward Regional Board Member for the Broward, Palm Beaches & St. Lucie Realtor Association with over 40,000 members. She is also a Florida Realtor Director. Being involved with the Realtor Association also has its perks. Being a member of a Realtor Association allows access to a large trading platform and network of realtors, as well as access to the most recent continuing education. To be a member of a Realtor Association, you must first pass the NAR’s Code of Ethics and Standards of

Practice test. Being a Licensed Realtor, Lonna always has the best interest of her clients in mind. It shows in the exceptional client services Costa Bella Realty provides. There are various new programs available to assist homebuyers. A recent program was just proposed in Florida from the Florida Legislature called’ The Hometown Hero Program’. This program seeks to reflect the Sunshine State’s deep sense of gratitude and obligation towards its essential workers. Those who put the needs of the state first in the wake of the Pandemic. Such professionals as Nurses, paramedics, educators, home health aides, law enforcement and firefighters. They were among the most affected residents while serving on the frontlines of the Pandemic. The purpose of this program is to give assistance with down payment and closing costs. Often, first time home buyers are overwhelmed with the down payment and closing costs. It can feel discouraging, that’s when you need a knowledgeable professional to explain the different programs available to new homebuyers. By being well versed on the new programs available, it allows Lonna to find the best match to fit her clients needs. To find out more information, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call Lonna for details. Lonna was selected as Business Woman of the Year in 2021 by the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. She is an inspiration to many aspiring realtors and entrepreneurs. The motto for Costa Bella Realty is “Realtors Committed to Fulfilling the Personalized needs of Our Clients” this is reflected by the outstanding services provided by caring, knowledgeable professionals. With numerous five-star reviews, and exceptional customer service, Costa Bella Realty Group is a company you can trust to meet your needs. Whether you’re buying your first luxury home, or a vacation home, Lonna will attentively listen to your needs and concerns, to find your dream home. Maybe you’re ready to sell and downsize or have an investment property that you would like to list. Regardless of the situation, Costa Bella Realty is there to serve you. Contact 954-921-2800 to receive a free market analysis of any property. The user-friendly website makes finding your next property a breeze. http://

Be a Savvier Shopper Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, you can ensure you’re getting the most for your money with a little extra planning. These savvy shopping tips can help you score the most savings and added benefits while you’re at it. Time Your Purchase Before any big purchase, spend time researching the product and retailers to find potential upcoming sales or promotions. Also be conscious of the calendar and holidays or gift-giving events that might prompt special offers on an item you’re looking

Joseph A.


to buy. Another smart strategy: shopping end-of-season sales when items are marked down to make way for new inventory. Use Digital Shopping Tools You may be leery of signing up for promotional emails but remember - it’s only junk mail if it isn’t useful. Putting your name on mailing lists of your favorite retailers and brands is a good way to get early or exclusive access to special offers and coupons. Downloadable browser extensions and plug-ins are other cost-saving tools that are increasingly popular. When

you’re shopping with one or more of these tools installed, your browser automatically checks for coupons or price comparisons that allow you to get the best available deal. This browser extension will automatically apply coupon codes for free: Shop Refurbished Whether it be for savings or sustainability (or both) refurbished products are a top choice among savvy shoppers. An option like eBay Refurbished delivers quality, like-new products at deep discounts from premium brands that are thoroughly vetted to meet high performance standards. You can shop across

Presidential Circle Memorial Chapel 4351 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Florida 33021 At the Corner of North 44th Avenue Available 24 Hours

(954) 454-6464 (954) 989-9112

(954) 438-8222 (305) 945-7737

Closest Christian Funeral Home minutes from Hallandale Beach, Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach, Hollywood and Dania Beach. Large beautiful chapel and ample parking. Affordable Pre-Planning, International Funeral and Cremation Services, Serving All Faiths and Cultures. Regardless of Financial Circumstances, we can help!

Presidential Chapel - 6 Miles from the Beach, 1 mile West of I-95 and 2 Miles East of the Florida Turnpike.

multiple condition grades and a wide range of price points within categories like tablets, smartwatches, laptops, desktops and smartphones - giving you more choice and the reassurance of buying a product that fits your specific needs and budget. Score big savings on trusted refurbished products at

promotions, so it’s worth exploring the options. Also beware that buying items on sale can drop you below free shipping minimums, so ultimately you pay more than you would have by paying full price. In some cases, you can also save money by having an item shipped to the local brick-and-mortar store and picking it up there.

Save on Shipping When you’re researching an online purchase and comparing prices, be sure to factor shipping into your total cost. Many retailers offer free shipping once you spend a certain amount, extend free shipping to preferred shoppers or offer periodic shipping

With inflation and scarcity issues remaining top of mind for consumers, shopping refurbished provides another option to buy in-demand products. In addition to value and availability, sustainability is another motivator for purchasing like-new. refurbished goods.

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In 2021 as part of their first Climate Action Plan the City of Hallandale Beach added three of the City’s four electric vehicles to their fleet with more being planned in the future. Pictured Left to Right: Dr. Jeremy Earle (City Manager), Alyssa Jones Wood (Past Sustainability & Resiliency Officer) and Noemy Sandoval (Assistant City Manager).

Electric From Page 1A try analysts forecast the share of EVs on the road will reach 15% by 2030, and 50% by 2050. Fueling costs can vary greatly for electricity costs and gas prices, depending on vehicle type. AAA determined the cost of charging an EV is 2-4 times less than fueling a gasoline powered vehicle. When comparing two popular EV sedans against popular gasoline powered vehicles, AAA found: EVs Charged at Home – Based on the current national average rate, you’ll spend about 3.5 cents per mile charging at home (around $10 per full charge). EV at Public Charger – You can expect to spend about 7 cents per mile (around $20 per full charge). However, costs at public chargers can vary by location and the type of charger you use. Gas Vehicles – Based on a national average price of $4.66 per gallon, drivers spend about 15 cents per mile (about $70 for a full tank). This is nearly twice as expensive as charging an EV at a public station and about four times more than charging an EV at home. In addition to fuel savings, electric vehicles cost less to maintain, because they don’t have spark plugs, need oil changes or air-filter replacements. However, upon the conclusion of a federally-mandated 100,000 mile vehicle warranty, EV owners may need to cover

the cost of a new battery, which ranges in price from $2,500 to over $10,000. Charging Options & Concerns While EV owners do 75% of their charging at home, there are a variety of public options to choose from in the area. Depending upon where you live you will be able to choose from different charging levels that fit your lifestyle and commute time. Level 1, Level 2 and DC Fast Charging Equipment each will impact the amount of time it takes to recharge your vehicle and the cost. Level 1 Charging provides 2-5 miles of range per hour (40 miles for 8 hours of charge), which is adequate for a typical U.S. driver who averages about 30 miles daily. Level 1 chargers can plug directly into a standard household electrical outlet without any modifications. Level 2 Charging can add 25 miles of range per 1 hour (depending on the size of the vehicle and power setting). EV owners commonly install this for home charging, because it can fully charge an EV overnight. As of 2021, over 80% of public EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) ports in the United States are Level 2 chargers. DC Fast Charging equipment provides approximately 100 to 200+ miles of range per 30 minutes of charging. As of 2021, over 15% of public EVSE ports in the U.S. were direct-current fast chargers and availability is forecast to increase each year. Data from the U.S. Department of Energy suggests

there are nearly 55,674 charging stations throughout the nation. Most new charging stations have been installed at hotels, car dealerships, office buildings and Federal Government facilities. Even as more Americans lean into electric options, AAA found lingering consumer hesitation surrounding price, range and accessibility to charging. The top EV concerns consumers cited were: • Higher purchase price – 60% • Worries there are not enough places to charge – 60% • Concern about running out of charge when driving – 58% • Unsuitable for long-distance travel – 55% • High cost of battery repair or replacement – 55% • Unable to install a charging station where they live – 31% Driving Range for Electric Vehicles Researchers found that consumers have a reasonably accurate understanding of current electric vehicle range. Six in ten (60%) Americans think electric vehicles can travel between 100 to 350 miles before running out of charge. This aligns with today’s electric vehicle capabilities. These findings suggest that while automakers have made great strides to improve range, consumer anxiety over it remains a barrier to adoption. “The anxiety surrounding range for consumers is often more of a perceived issue, until they learn more about it,” Jenkins continued. “Many EV owners cite range as one of the

things that concerned them before purchasing the vehicle. Yet those concerns disappeared as they learned to integrate their electric vehicle into their lives.” Education Can Ease EV Anxiety Having a better understanding of the following aspects of electric vehicle ownership will help consumers overcome their concerns. Today’s electric vehicles are more efficient in stop-and-go traffic because the car can recapture energy from braking to charge the battery when decelerating. Charger accessibility has increased the number of public charging stations has more than tripled in the past five years. While charging infrastructure has improved, more work is needed to support greater consumer adoption in the coming years. In February, the United States Department of Transportation dedicated $5 Billion over 5 years to help States create a network of EV charging stations along designated fuel corridors, as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Though it’s unclear how many charging stations this will add. According to previous AAA Research, most owners of electric vehicles (78%) usually have one or more gas-powered or non-plug-in hybrid vehicles in the household in addition to their electric vehicles. The benefits of using an electric vehicle for shorter commutes while using their gas-powered vehicle for longer trips may go a long way in addressing range anxiety while also highlighting the benefits.

Currently, there is only one active Federal Tax Credit for EVs. Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) purchased in or after 2010 are eligible for a Federal Income Tax Credit of up to $7,500 for EVs with larger battery capacity eligible for more significant Tax Credits. However, this Credit will phase out to 50% of the total Credit amount once a manufacturer has reached 200,000 units sold. Only two manufacturers, Tesla and General Motors, have completely phased out their Credits. “Simply improving the range of electric vehicles will not be enough to calm consumer anxiety and encourage them to give these vehicles a chance,” said Jenkins. “However, with continuous education on electric vehicle ownership, coupled with more consumers seeing their neighbors convert, the popularity surrounding electric vehicles will grow.” For those interested in learning more or needing help with selecting an electric vehicle, check out the AAA Car Guide. This resource provides consumers with reviews highlighting how many Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are included in the vehicle, along with other criteria and information. All category winners for 2022 are electric, plug-in electric hybrid, or hybrid vehicles. For more information on selecting an electric vehicle, check out the AAA Car Guide at:

Traffic Alert: Road Closures In Hollywood Continue The Sheridan Street Bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway is fully closed for approximately 90 days. Eastbound traffic will be detoured via US-1, Hollywood Boulevard or Dania Beach Boulevard. Westbound traffic is being detoured via State Road A1A, Hollywood Boulevard or Dania Beach Boulevard. Access to local traffic and the Anne Kolb Nature Center will be maintained at all times via eastbound State Road 822/ Sheridan Street before the bridge. Pedestrian access is also detoured. Project improvements include installing Bicycle-Friendly/AntiSlip Walking Plates along the bridge’s moveable spans, removing existing curb and adding a 32-inch traffic barrier between the sidewalk and roadway, removing and replacing the outer pedestrian railing, adding new Pedestrian gates in each direction, renovating the existing tender house, upgrading electrical and mechanical components and access platforms on the bridge. The vertical clearance across both spans will be reduced by 5-feet for the installation of a containment system for the duration of the project. Bridge opening times for Marine traffic will be impacted through September 2022. The temporary bridge opening schedule is, as follows: Daily, between 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. - One side of the bridge will open on the quarter hour and three-quarter hour. Boaters needing a full opening should provide 4-hours of advanced notice.

MBR Construction is completing a new concrete sidewalk installation along the north side of Johnson Street in this area. It will be closed to Vehicular and Pedestrian traffic, therefore it is recommended to seek an alternate route during construction. In general, the workers will be onsite between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. They will reopen the travel lane when they finish work every day at approximately 4:00 p.m., but the sidewalk will remain closed at all times until the project has been completed.

Sunday-Fridays, between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. - The bridge will be closed. Boaters needing a full opening should provide 24-hours of advanced notice. Full openings are available only between 12:00 a.m. Midnight and 1:00 a.m. Friday-Sunday, between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. - Single-leaf openings will be provided on the quarter and three quarter hour. A full opening will not be provided during this time. These timing adjustments are needed in order to complete operations during the full bridge closure, which also began on Monday, June 13th, 2022 through September 2022,

weather and unforeseen conditions permitting. This work is part of the State Road 822/ Sheridan Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project, the estimated completion date is Late 2022. Utility Work Underway As part of the Utility Improvement Project, City contractor Man Con is working on North 26th Avenue between Taft Street and Sheridan Street. Crews will be installing approximately 5,900 linear feet of new water lines, 1,300 linear feet of drainage pipes and 2,200 linear feet of Exfiltration Trenches. Upon completion of this work,

the roadway will be resurfaced & striped. Motorists should seek an alternate route around this full roadway closure to avoid delays. Flagmen will be in place to reroute Local/Residential traffic. Driveway and Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the Improvement Project. In general, workers will be on-site between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. daily, with construction taking place 5days a week, weather permitting. This Improvement Project is expected to be completed by mid-November. Temporary Roadway and Sidewalk Closures City of Hollywood Contractor

One Lane Closed on Sheridan Street Turnpike Overpass For Emergency Repair One eastbound lane on the Sheridan Street Turnpike Overpass in the City of Hollywood is closed to Vehicular traffic due to a truck that hit the underside of the overpass causing significant damage to the structure. The truck was carrying heavy construction equipment while traveling northbound on the Florida Turnpike. One eastbound lane will remain open and the westbound lanes were not affected. Broward County and the Florida Department of Transportation are working together to evaluate and repair the damage. The County is helping to reduce traffic congestion in that area by synchronizing the traffic lights to maximize the flow of traffic. Drivers are encouraged to seek an alternate route until all of the repairs have been completed.


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Volunteer From Page 1A Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties; they have expanded to help the Abused, Neglected, Physically and Mentally Ill people of all Ages and Genders. The Program includes: Teams that visit over 100 Facilities such as Senior Retirement Homes, Hospitals, Hospice, Mental Health Facilities, Children’s Facilities, Foster Homes and Group Homes along with Broward County Public Schools, Broward County Public Libraries, Broward County Private Schools and Private Libraries. One of the participating Hospitals has several Animal Assisted Therapy Teams that visit their Pediatric Ward and their Pediatric Emergency Units. The AAT Teams visit the patients’ rooms and help to reduce the Stress and Anxiety of the Children. Many times when the Children need to have blood drawn, the dogs are right there beside them so they can pet the dog and have a distraction while their blood is being taken. The interactions between the dogs and the patients are remarkable. Janice Zack, Certified Child Life Specialist says, “We see this time and time again with the patients. Pets reduce stress, lift spirits and promote healing in a comforting way.” The volunteers and companion animals visit their assigned Senior Facility and give those residents and patients an opportunity to pet the animal, socialize with one another and tell loving stories about their beloved animal friends. AAT Visits can be as basic as “meet and greet” or as structured as working on specific goals with individuals under the supervision of a Trained Staff Member. The type of Visit depends on the need of the Facility. Additionally, the AAT teams and their Therapy Animals educate the children in the community on Pet Safety and how to prevent a

“We see this time and time again with the patients. Pets reduce stress, lift spirits and promote healing in a comforting way.” dog bite, how to properly care for a pet and why it’s so important to Spay and Neuter your pet amongst other topics. It’s critically important to ensure that each child and adult that meets with the Therapy Animals learn how to be safe around animals and then help us to spread the word to others on Pet Safety. Currently, they have over 100 dogs, a few cats and a dwarf horse in our AAT Program. Each Certified Therapy Team receives Specialized Training prior to placement in the Program. The Volunteer/Animal Team must take a series of

Classes, including Specialized Training Classes, in order to be considered for Certification in this Elite Program. The Animal Assisted Therapy Program (AAT) is a rewarding experience for you and your companion animal, so why not become a part of this caring Team? How to Become an Animal Assisted Therapy Team If you would like to spread some love and comfort throughout the community and become a part of the Animal Assisted Therapy Team and to register for Program Orientation (without

your animal), contact the Volunteer Department at: (954) 266-6814. This Class will teach you all about our Animal Assisted Therapy Program and what skill requirements both you and your animal must possess in order to be considered for our Program. If further Training is not required, you will be scheduled for your Evaluation. The meeting, inclusive of the evaluation, will take approximately 1.5 hours. Evaluations are conducted at various locations in Broward County. Volunteers will need to provide a copy of their animal’s updated Veterinarian Records

showing that all Vaccinations were administered at the time of the Evaluation. If you have multiple pets, the requirement is one pet per handler. You may have multiple pets Evaluated and if they pass you will be required to only bring one pet per visit and you may rotate your pets as necessary. If you are interested in joining the Animal Assisted Therapy Program, please contact the Humane Society directly at: (954) 266-6814. Or email them at:

Hallandale Beach Infrastructure Update ommend everyone to sign up charged as base fees. The base Over this past weekend there since we are in the middle of fees for example for water run was another Water Main Break Hurricane Season. approximately $21 base with on Three Islands. On behalf of As Mayor, I try to make sure 4.23 per 0-5000 usage rate. If the entire City Commission, I to write about issues impacting you use more gallons, the rate want to first apologize for the our residents. While many of our per 5,000 goes up. Both water inconvenience this creates to residents that have lived here for and sewer are around the same. everyone’s daily life. Our City’s a while know what is transpiring, Also on the bill is storm water Public Works Department has been amazing with While many of our residents have lived here for a long time, finding the source of the we also have new residents that I would like to update Break and timely fixing it. about the changes we are making to our infrastructure In this case, our work over the past year was replacing older paid off valves so that we could contain the broken area more efficiently. This 16-inch Main is over 50 years old and is part of our current scheduled replacement. The RFP is underway for this large-scale infrastructure project. Regretfully, when Water Pipes break residents in the area are placed under a precautionary boiled water notice. This means water used to drink, cook, make ice, clean dishes and brush your teeth must be brought to a rolling boil for at least a minute before use. The alert stays in place until the water passes the safety test. This typically is two to three days. During these events, our City Information Officer works utilizing many tools to alert impacted residents. We use robocalls, text alerts, email and social media to make sure that the residents are updated with emergencies. I always encourage residents and business owners to sign up on our website to make sure we also have many new resi- which is a flat rate of 7.37. that you are included in our dents that often have questions As a note, we will be looking robust messaging system. about how we implement certain at our City’s Rates. We do this Visit: and click policies and fees. One such every few years. Storm water will on the Communications and question was about utility bills. be of particular interest since we Media Tab. Scroll down and you The new owner was surprised as now have large-scale flooding will come to NotifyMe and then to why she was receiving a bill infrastructure that will need to be Emergency. You can sign up for even though she was out of town maintained and expanded. Trash both. NotifyMe is for all meetings for a month. I want to share the is also charged monthly with a and non-emergency events. If information with all our readers. base of 27.87 with a $2-Dollar you simply want to get emerOur Utility Bills contain: Water, Recycling Fee. Residents can gency alerts, follow the prompts. sewer, storm water and trash add containers at an Additional You can also sign up for Broward removal. Even if you are not in Fee. We are currently looking into Alerts on our site. I strongly rec- your home there are fees these rates. By Joy Cooper - Hallandale Beach Mayor

For those following the outsourcing of our trash service I am happy to report it is off the table. I have been very vocal about not contracting out due to the fact that we lose control and there will always be built-in automatic rate increases. With this said we

need to evaluate the entire program and adjust operations and fees to make sure that they are sustainable. So, you can see that the typical bill for ALL Utilities can run around $75 Dollars before the gallon rates kick in for water and sewer. The next question is, “Why would I be charged a fee when I am not at home?” This type of billing is done in many cities and companies. It provides a base rate to make

sure that every property helps to cover the cost of infrastructure. Pipes, pumping systems, treatment plants, etc. The Usage Fee is just that, charges individual properties for the amount of what they use. This creates fairness especially with the large number of seasonal residents in Hallandale Beach. It also helps us have a stable funding source to budget for infrastructure repairs and replacements. It is like cable. Even if you are not at home, they charge a flat rate. FPL charges a $25 flat rate too. I do want to let you know that over the past few months there was a problem with our electronic meter readers. Our Staff has been collaborating with the Vendor and trying to correct the reading problems. In addition, our Billing Staff has finally addressed multiple billing issues and adjustments. No late fees or anything to be charged during this time. We have many online options to pay Utility Bills and review your Account. Another good practice is to make sure that all residents check every fixture in their home. The smallest leak or drop can add up to gallons. I want to thank our wonderful Staff in DPW. Under the leadership of Director Jeff Odoms they are taking our City’s infrastructure to the next level. The emergency repairs are one component. Over the next months and years, our residents should rest assured that our team is knowledgeable, ready and making sure that services are in place for years to come! As always, I am available for your questions, concerns and ideas to help make our City a better place. Please feel free to reach out to my office at: (954) 457-1318. On my cell/text at: (954) 632-5700. Or email me at:

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Hollywood From Page 1A Company. He earned the seed money to build the home by winning a contest held by Young for his salesmen during the height of the 1920’s Real Estate Boom. The Kageys were in the home for just two years when, in September 1926, the structure withstood a devastating hurricane that ended the land boom. The home continued to be used as a private residence until 1960, when it was converted into a funeral home and doubled in size to 12,000 square feet. The expansion included the addition of a chapel along the east side, which later became the Center’s Main Gallery. Many of the home’s original features from the 1920’s have been retained, such as the glass doorknobs, wrought-iron railings, tiles on the second-floor balcony, wood moldings, floors and arches. In January of 1990, the property was purchased by the City of Hollywood to become the new home of the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, which was previously located in a building on Hollywood Beach. The Mansion was renovated with Private and Historical Grant monies and opened on February 2nd, 1992. About the Center The Center was founded in 1975 as the only Visual Arts NonProfit Organization in south Broward County, operating out of a small community space on Hollywood Beach. The Center now manages visual arts galleries in the renovated Kagey Home built in 1924, the Arts School that is adjacent to the main facility and a 500-seat theater in Hollywood’s burgeoning Downtown. The Center is the third oldest Arts Non-Profit in Broward County and the Kagey Home is a cultural landmark for the Mediterranean Revival architecture of its circa-1924 building. In March 2019, the Center

When completed, the new wing, with its gleaming façade and swooping rooftop, will provide the Center and the City with a unique architectural distinction in Broward County of having adjoining, functional spaces built about 100 years apart. was designated for $2.5 Million in funds from the City of Hollywood towards its Arts Ignite! building initiative, as part of a General Obligation Bond referendum that was approved by Hollywood voters. These funds have been allocated toward the expansion of Center facilities with construction of a new Arts Education Building that will adjoin the Kagey Home. When completed, as early as 2023. The Center is a regional leader among South Florida arts institutions in presenting originally curated visual-arts exhibitions by national and local artists and standards-based, multidisciplinary arts education programs for the youth. The Center impacts about 40,000 people each year through its programs and facilities. Contemporary artists exhibit in four ground-floor gallery spaces while the upstairs Community Gallery presents exhibitions by K-12 students who study under some of the most dedicated arts teachers in

the region. Each year, 125+ artists representing a vast range of backgrounds and artistic media are exhibited in our galleries. We are a two-time host organization for the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship Program (2011 and 2017). Through its programs and facilities, the Center fosters a creative environment where new and challenging work can flourish through exhibitions and art-making activities that reflect the highest standards of artistry and diversity. Become An Art Buyer The Art and Culture Center/ Hollywood’s Exposed Exhibition and Fundraiser returns with an opening reception on Saturday, September 3rd, 2022 from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 pm. The Exhibition will run through Friday,

September 30th, 2022 with the draw set for that night from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Exposed gives the opportunity for art patrons to become art buyers during an exciting and lively fundraising affair in which every ticket holder takes home an original work of art for their collection. The event will feature more than 70 contemporary artists in an exhibition that culminates with an exciting closing-night draw for participants and their guests. Names are drawn one-by-one for the chance to select any work of art that has not yet been claimed. Everyone’s a winner at Exposed! For the 14th Edition of this popular exhibition and fundraiser, the Center will give ticket buyers on the closing-night draw two options for selecting their artwork – in person in the Center’s

Main Gallery or they can have a designated Center staff member pick their artwork by proxy while watching the event live streamed on the Center’s Facebook Live. For details on how proxies work, please call: (954) 921-3274. ?Funds raised at Exposed will support the Center’s year-round calendar of gallery exhibitions and events. This is an excellent way to add to your collection while also supporting the Center. Ticket buyers who choose to participate in the closing-night draw in person may bring a plus one to the gallery; the draw will be held on Friday, September 30th, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. Draw. All tickets holders will receive complimentary admission during the exhibition dates and may schedule a private tour with the Center’s Curator.

The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood is located at 1650 Harrison Street, Hollywood, Florida 33020, one block south of Hollywood Boulevard at the corner of South 17th Avenue and Harrison Street, across from ArtsPark at Young Circle. There is ample free parking in two lots on the east and west sides of the Art and Culture Center. For information, call Visitor Services at: (954) 921-3274.

Fire Rescue to Unveil Lifesaving Equipment from Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation This year, thanks to a $36,175 grant from Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, the heroes of City of Hollywood Fire Rescue and Beach Safety will be better equipped to save the lives of their fellow citizens in motor vehicle accidents. On Thursday, August 4th at 10 a.m., City of Hollywood Fire Rescue and Beach Safety will unveil its newest extrication equipment, made possible by a $36,175 grant from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. Proceeds from purchases made at U.S.

Firehouse Subs restaurants provided the funding for this grant award. The tools will assist first responders by dramatically reducing the time it takes them to safely and efficiently extricate victims involved in motor vehicle accidents above ground and underwater. The equipment will also give the department the capability to respond to complex incidents involving heavy trucks, as well as cut and spread ultra-hardened steels found in newer vehicles. To celebrate the receipt of the awarded equipment, City

of Hollywood Fire Rescue and Beach Safety Deputy Chief Mark Miller will join local Firehouse Subs Franchisee Ulises Lacentre in acknowledging the grant award and demonstrating the new equipment during this event. The Foundation In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Firehouse Subs founders, Chris Sorensen and Robin Sorensen, traveled to Mississippi, as they traveled back to Florida exhausted and exhilarated, they knew we could do more.

NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE! Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell, to enforce a lien imposed on said property, under the Florida Self Storage Facility Act (Section 83.801-83.809)

at public sale by competitive bidding on ending on August 12th, 2022 at 10:00am for units located at:

COMPASS SELF STORAGE 200 NW 79th Street Miami, FL 33150 - 305-759-7400 The personal goods stored therein by the following may include, but are not limited to the items listed below. Purchases must be made with cash only and paid at the time of sale. All goods are sold as is and must be removed at the time of purchase. Compass Self Storage reserves the right to refuse any bid. Sale is subject to adjournment.

All Units Listed Below Contain Household Items Emmanuel Adesina......................42 Aladecia Hylton............................85 Tinashe Viriri...............................130 Tiffaney Fish...............................230 John Broussard..........................240 Fabian Darwon Bell....................346 Michelle Reddick........................347 Bridget Eugene..........................419 Rafael Mendez...........................423 Wana Jean Hayes......................447

Bridget Eugene..........................451 Kevin Cardona............................523 Richard Acevedo........................556 Torika Shaunee Custis................736 Daniel Rene Crème JR...............804 Josepp R Ragan.........................810 Renauldo Scales........................829 John Osterbeck..........................869 Olga Orta....................................911

Dorone M. Manasse,

D.M.D, P.A.

• Cosmetic • Reconstructive • General Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentures • Soft Based Dentures • Porcelain Crowns & Bridges • Partial with clear invisible clasp

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ADA Code D5810 ADA Code D5811

Dorone M. Manasse, D.M.D., P.A. • Fred Gelfand, Dental Technician

(954) 925-5153

“Where the dental office and laboratory come together” Mon. - Thur. 9:00 - 5:00 PM • Fri. 9:00 - 12:00

1001 N. Federal Highway, Suite 203 Hallandale Beach

(Next to Hollywood Dog Track)


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Broward’s ‘Wynwood’ The Downtown Hollywood Mural Project Is A Huge Success The Downtown Hollywood Mural Project was launched by the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency in 2012 and it has become a huge success. The Mural Project is one of the largest Walkable Mural Projects in Broward County and features Renowned Local, National and International Artists. The Mural Project is a key element in the CRA’s initiative to enhance the diversity, culture and vibrancy of Downtown Hollywood. Just like the way the “Wynwood Walls” helped to redevelop the Wynwood area of Miami with innovative Street Art as an Outdoor Museum to attract redevelopment. The Wynwood Walls has become an International phenomenon, spurring the creation of Murals throughout the Wynwood District. That area is now one of the best venues in the World to see the work of leading Street Artists and attracts over 3 million visitors each year. About 20 miles north of Wynwood during your commute through the Downtown Hollywood area you may have noticed Murals popping up over the years on various facades and wonder about the inspiration for such creations. Just like Wynwood, Downtown Hollywood also has a Mural Tour with some great works to view. To learn more about these works you can take part in a guided Mural Walking Tour every third Saturday of the month. You’ll spend a leisurely evening enriched by unique Art & Culture in Hollywood during the Walking Tour. So stroll through the streets of Downtown Hollywood on this guided tour and learn about this unique Project in the City of Hollywood. Leave with a greater impression and appreciation for Artists. Here are some of the Artists and their works you may have a chance to visit. Key Detail 1948 Harrison Street Key Detail is a Belarusian Artist who works with painting, drawing and illustrations. He studied Architecture in Minsk, Belarus and currently lives and works in New York City. Growing up in Minsk, Key Detail has been active on the Street Art Scene since 2000 and has worked consistently towards developing his unique style and his skills on the streets. Today, Key Detail is one of the best Belarusian Artists who began his Art Career with Street Art and successfully continued it as an InternationallyKnown Mural Artist. His Art is a balanced concentration of emotional reflections on reality transformed by the prism of surreal interpretation. Every one of his characters has charisma, an outstanding personality and lives in its own environment rich with elaborate details. Nate Dee 307 South 21st Avenue Born and raised in South Florida, Nathan Delinois (Nate Dee) has numerous influences, this includes his Haitian background and the use of color in a lot of Haitian Art, as well as in Street Art. The design quality of the Art Nouveau movement and

the drama of Greek Art from the Hellenistic. These elements can be seen in his work. Additionally, he takes some influences from the Pop-Surrealists. He has been featured in Magazines such as: Delve, Making Waves, WeMerge, DUO & The Miami New Times. In 2014 The New Times listed him as one of the 10 Miami Artists to follow on Instagram. In 2013 he was also given an Honorable mention by the Magazine for their 2013 Miami Masterminds Awards. He’s been featured on multiple Blogs and has displayed his work in Exhibits throughout South Florida. Joel Blenz 211 North 21st Avenue The 60-by-20-foot mural, which depicts a waving American Flag with a soldier proudly saluting, fittingly covers the main façade of the American Legion Post 92 building at 211 North 21st Avenue. The Artist, Joel Blenz, is a Navy Veteran. Blenz crafted the mural with wire, metal and paint to create a 3-D illusion of a real flag. “As a Navy Veteran, I think the idea of a realistic flag is symbolically powerful to show allegiance and strength for the United States,” said Blenz, a Queens, New York native who served as a Navy Aviation Technician for six years out of High School. A self-taught Artist, he began his Career close to 40 years ago and transitioned to studio work about 10 years ago. While Blenz has created 40 to 50 murals, the patriotic piece presented unique challenges because of the construction aspect, which required a staple gun and concrete staples to affix the wire and metal. “That’s what makes it fun,” he said, “It’s challenging. Taking my work to another level!” Alice Mizrachi 2032 Hollywood Boulevard Alice Mizrachi is a New York based Interdisciplinary Artist and Educator working in the mediums of painting, murals and installation. Her work explores the interconnectedness of individuals and community through the dual lens of compassion and empathy. Through figurative work that reinforces both personal and community-oriented identity, Alice aims to inspire creative expression and a sense of shared humanity through Art. Alice’s mural and installation work has been constructed in Galleries and as a part of sitespecific Arts Education and Community Development Projects. Her work often engages local communities and reflects positive visual responses to social issues affecting neighborhood residents. Her process activates a shared space of love, hope, optimism and healing as a means to connect with participants. Frequent topics include the sacred feminine, identity and migration. Fabio Onrack 2050 Hollywood Boulevard Originally from Brazil, Fabio Onrack is a Fine Art Painter and Muralist with a passion for transforming urban spaces. Since completing his MFA in Visual Arts and Painting from the University

Fabio Onrack - 2050 Hollywood Boulevard

Key Detail - 1948 Harrison Street

Nate Dee - 307 South 21st Avenue

Joel Blenz - 211 North 21st Avenue

Eddie Mendieta & Jay Bellicchi - 2014 Harrison Street of São Paulo, he has collaborated extensively with the Department of Education in Brazil, completing large-scale murals in over 40 schools throughout São Paulo. Fabio’s work combines photorealistic portraiture with 3dimensional effects and colorful geometric shapes. His introduction to painting came through a near death experience in his early teens and has given his work a subtle undertone of gratitude, peace and unity. Onrack’s DHMP mural features realistic black-and-white portraits of renowned Artists Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Onrack’s work reflects his artistic passion for painting people and places and his exploratory style of painting threedimensional elements with expressive movement and emotion. Eddie Mendieta & Jay Bellicchi 2014 Harrison Street Eddie Mendieta is a West Palm Beach based Artist who not only creates murals in the TriCounty area, but was also featured at the Super Bowl XLVI Indianapolis Mural Project. Also from South Florida, Jay Bellicchi has adorned canvases, walls and Fine Art pieces with his Artwork for more than 20 years. A creator of abstract reflections of urban decay and layered chaos juxtaposed with crisp lines and shapes, Jay’s work is unplanned and a spontaneous process that is directly influenced by his mental and spiritual state. “Art is

what you make of it. It’s all about how you personally relate to a piece and what you take from it,” explains Mendieta about their concept. Kenny Scharf 2019 Hollywood Boulevard The works of InternationallyKnown, Los Angeles based Kenny Scharf consist of PopCulture Icons in a Science Fiction setting. He is best known for his work in the East Village, Manhattan Art Scene of the 1980’s before seeing his work embraced by Museums, with featured exhibits at the Monterrey Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami Center for the Fine Arts and Queens Museum of Art. Scharf also did the cover art for The B-52’s 1986 Album Bouncing off the Satellites. “One very important and guiding principle to my work is to reach out beyond the elitist boundaries of Fine Art and connect to Popular Culture through my art.” says Scharf. Ernesto Maranje 1926 Harrison Street Miami native Ernesto Maranje uses animal imagery to visualize and create his characters and narratives. He references myths, history and his own experiences. He notes that “many of my creatures resemble fish and birds, their actions may often be parallel to our own human behavior. I also use bird imagery because I am hopeful that our evolution will take us from land to the skies.

Ernesto Maranje - 1926 Harrison Street

Unfortunately, in this life we are confined to crawling on earth in two dimensions. However, in my imaginary universe I have freed us from these constraints using color and form to give us another identity.” This is Maranje’s largest mural to date and was created with Exterior Latex and Spray Paint. These are just a few of the inspirations you can view along the monthly tour. This free Guided Tour lets you learn the stories behind the Art and the Artists of the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project. To be a part of the tour, meet at the Visitor Center’s Information Booth at 20th Avenue & Harrison Street in Downtown Hollywood, the third Saturday of the month. For more information about the next tour, please call: (954) 924-2980. Or visit: townHollywoodMural Project Parking Information Downtown Hollywood offers on-street metered parking for $1.50 per hour, as well as Municipal Garage Parking for $1 per hour. Municipal Garage Locations are: 251 South 20th Avenue (between Harrison Street and Van Buren Street) and 251 North 19th Avenue Municipal Garage (between Tyler Street & Polk Street). The collection of Curated Outdoor Murals is presented by the CRA of Hollywood.

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Titan Restoration Inc. Is A Company That Cares By Erika Cartwright

Restoration Inc. works with all Florida remodels, as well as a wide variety of experts at Titan Restoration Inc. to have The only thing in life that is certain, is homeowners’ insurance companies. other services. Throughout this process, you breathing easier, in a mold-free enviTo assess the situation Titan Titan Restoration Inc. will be working with ronment. that anything can happen at any time. Such tragedies as; fire, hurricanes, and Restoration Inc. offers state-of-the-art your insurance company every step of the Once the mold has been identified, the floods are real and do happen, bringing leak detection, using infra-red cameras. way. mold remediation process begins. Titan with them water damage and the potential This allows for non-invasive, non-messy You should never attempt to remove Restoration Inc. will dry out the affected for harmful mold and bacterial growth. leak detection. No need to tear up dry wall mold without a licensed professional, it is area using fans and dehumidifiers. Water damage can occur for several rea- or floors just to find the source of the leak. unsafe, and hazardous to your health. Followed by thoroughly cleansing and sons, some you may not notice right away, such as sewer issues, a leaking roof, and clogged or leaking pipes, just to name a few. During these times you need licensed professionals with a plan of action that can ease the stress and take the headache of dealing with the insurance company off your hands. Allowing you to focus on what is important to you in your time of need. Titan Restoration Inc., formerly known as 1st Priority, is a trusted, licensed Cleaning, Water Damage Restoration, and Mold Remediation Company proudly serving all of southern Florida. The main office is in Broward County. Technicians are throughout; Collier, Lee, Martin, MiamiDade, Monroe, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie Counties, allowing them to arrive at the site within 45 minutes in times of emergency. With emergency calling 24/7, you are never more than a phone call away from friendly, efficient, caring, knowledgeable professionTitan Restoration Inc. is a trusted, licensed Cleaning, Water Damage Restoration, and Mold Remediation Company proudly serving all of South Florida als. Whether the water damage in your home or business was caused by a Once the leaks have been found, you will Mold thrives in dark, damp environments sanitizing the affected areas using antileaking pipe, roof, or major flood, Titan be referred to a trusted, licensed plumber. such as under the kitchen or bathroom microbial agents effective for moldRestoration Inc. is here to help. To sched- After the repairs’, State-of-the-art special- sinks, in unventilated basements, and eliminating and prevention. HEPA air puriule non-emergency services or to request ized equipment is used to detect moisture closed in laundry rooms. It can even be fiers are used to capture any airborne a free estimate please visit: www. levels in the air, dehumidifiers are placed found behind drywall. Because of the heat mold spores, leaving you with clean air. their user-friendly in the affected area, and a Florida- and humidity which Florida is known for, it Green cleaners are used for mildew website makes scheduling appointments licensed Mold Inspector will be sent to do provides a perfect environment for mold removal. Since mold spores are airborne a mold inspection. Samples will be taken to thrive. Vigilance is key when it comes to and invisible to the naked eye it is neceasy. For emergency services call 954-280- of the air and mold. The specimens will be mold remediation. Bleach and paint alone essary to deep clean the air ducts, car6950, technicians will arrive within the sent to their private laboratory for testing. will not eliminate the problem, only hide it, pets, furnishings, and upholstery. hour to begin the process of helping you This will determine which type of mold allowing it to grow unseen and spread. Homeowners’ insurance covers the cost in most cases following water damage. These services are offered year-round, and it is recommended to have these done once a year to remove allergens, bacteria, dirt, and grime buildup that occurs naturally over time. These services are recommended more frequently if you have pets, suffer from allergies, or are a smoker, to ensure peace of mind and healthier living. After the repairs are completed and your home or business is restored to its pre-loss condition, a Florida statelicensed Mold Inspector will be sent out to do a final inspection, to ensure all mold concerns were effectively eliminated. Titan Restoration Inc. takes pride in providing the best service experience to its customers from start to finish. Their goal is to have your property back to its pre-loss condition while taking the stress off you. Titan Restoration Inc. is a Titan Restoration Inc. is a customer-friendly company that also specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. customer-friendly company that also specializes in kitchen and get your life back. With services such as they are dealing with. Some molds are This causes more damage to your home bathroom remodeling from drywall and emergency packing and storing of sal- more toxic than others such as black and health over time. People and pets all baseboards to cabinetry and flooring. It is vageable belongings, following fire or mold, knowing the type, allows for proper respond differently to mold and mildew. not necessary to have damage to your flood, and standing water removal also precautions to be taken to ensure effec- For some, it may be watery eyes, itchy home, to call on Titan Restoration Inc. for available, they handle it all for you from A- tive treatment and removal of the mold. throat, cough, or skin irritation. Confusion, all your remodeling needs. Z. The cost is most often fully covered by Depending on the severity of the dam- disorientation, and even hallucinations your homeowner’s insurance, leaving you ages, drywall and flooring may need to be can also be signs of mold exposure. For For a free estimate call with no worries about chasing down reim- replaced to effectively rid your home or others, exposure to mold can cause very 954-280-6950, now offering bursements from the insurance company. business of mold. Titan Restoration Inc. is serious, even life-threatening health prob- 10% off a $350 service for Face it, you have enough worries, this a full remodeling and restoration com- lems. When it comes to your health and out-of-pocket customers. doesn’t need to be one of them. Titan pany, specializing in kitchen and bath the safety of your loved ones, trust the

Exceptional, Affordable Remodeling Services

No Out of Pocket Cost with Insurance Claim

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24 Hour Emergency Service • Leak Detection • Water Damage Restoration • Mold Remediation • Air Duct Cleaning


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Promotional Articles

A feature story in the South Florida Sun Times, The Aventura Digest, or The PROFILES Special Edition is an efficient, effective and economical way to promote your business. Call (954) 458-0765 Today For More Information And To Schedule Your Story.

The Voice of Romance The Aventura Cultural Center is preparing an evening of Opera to celebrate this Holiday Season with International Recording Artist Franco Corso, singing all your favorite Andrea Bocelli Hits, such as: “Silent Night,” “Ave Maria,” “I Believe,” “White Christmas,” “Angels We Have Heard On High,” “The Prayer,” “Amore” and much more! Appropriately dubbed “The Voice of Romance,” Corso hypnotizes audiences with his sensual and powerful vocals, from Baritone to Tenor, dramatic stage presence and charismatic showmanship. His musical talent has been labeled powerful, enchanting and sophisticated. Corso has built a Music Career channeling the charisma and passion of Italian-American Singers, effectively transforming past masterpieces into modern treasures. His voice recalls the Era when Crooners ruled the Music Industry and avid listeners went weak in the knees at love songs laden with raw emotion. “Franco Corso is the most captivating Recording Artist on the International Scene since Bocelli. If you like Andrea Bocelli – you will LOVE Franco Corso!” After sellout audiences at

Caesars in Atlantic City, Mar-aLago, the Columbus Foundation and countless theaters and stages across the United States and Europe, Franco’s new Concert Tour takes you on a Musical Journey, from Bocelli to Phantom, where ‘Italy Meets Broadway.‘ Appropriately dubbed ‘The Voice of Romance, Corso hypnotizes audiences with sensual powerful range (baritone to tenor), dramatic presence and charismatic showmanship. His musical talent has been labeled powerful, enchanting and sophisticated. While all these are true, they are a result of something that cuts deeper into the source. Corso’s Music is passion personified, a raw emotion that comes through in his singing, which is palpable. His classical crossover repertoire in four languages (English, Italian, Spanish and French) transcends generations. Tickets are on sale now for his one night only performance at The Aventura Arts & Cultural Center. Career Franco has many Career highlights, his sold-out concert at the Berklee Performance Center in

Corso’s passion and raw emotion comes through in his singing Boston, prior to a successful TV Campaign where he was accompanied by the Multi Emmy Award Music Composer and Tony Bennett’s Musical Director, Mike Renzi. Franco’s rendition of Bocelli’s ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ was featured on ABC during the 73th Annual Columbus Day Red Carpet Event and presented by Joe Piscopo and Maria Bartiromo to rave reviews. His inspirations are drawn from classics such as Caruso and Bocelli along with the allure of Josh Groban and Julio Iglesias. These influences are blended together as he takes audiences on a ‘Musical Journey Through Italy in his acclaimed sellout concert Tour throughout

the United States Corso’s talent is galvanized with his multilingual finesse and the unique ability to hold a very long note. Sophisticated venues have included Franco’s presentation: The Berklee Performance Center in Boston, The Royal Room at the prestigious Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, The Kravis Performance Center, The Maltz Jupiter Theatre, The Eissey Theatre, The Lyric Theatre, The Sunrise Theatre, the historical Riviera Theatre in Buffalo, New York and many more. Ticket & Location Information Ticketmaster is the only official ticketing service of the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center.







Let me know what you need and I will solve it. If I can’t do it, I will recommend the right person for the job.

Buy tickets online at:, By phone at: (877) 311-7469. Or by phone at: (954) 462-0222. In person at the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center’s Box Office Tuesday through Saturday from 12:00 p.m. noon to 5:00 p.m. and 90 minutes prior to each performance. For Group Sales, Call: (954) 660-6307. Showing Friday, Dec. 16th, 2022 - 8:00 p.m. Tickets start at $49.00. The Aventura Arts & Cultural Center is located at 3385 Northeast 188th Street, Aventura, Florida 33180. Join the Conversation on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram @aventuracenter Or: #aventuracenter.

To place your Classified Listing in our print and digital publications, please call (954) 458-0635, or email The deadline to place your ad is 4pm every Tuesday.




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Investment AIRBNB money maker opportunity or vacation home in Florida Keys 3/2 house 2 story can be divided fully renovated with huge balcony upstairs & large patio garden downstairs. Water view. launch small boats, kayaks. ONLY $999,999.

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Exciting opportunity for 55+ retirement or 2nd home units in Sunrise! Waterbridge overlooking tranquil lake, fountain & walking bridge to Community complex. Lushly landscaped near T-pk, shop, dine, mall, worship, LOW maintenance SOLD 1/1.5 Condo renovated 1050 sft, with lake view tiled, newer appls ONLY $95,999. 2/2 Condo Handy man special BUT has brand SOLDnew AC & hot water heater, clean, well maintained. can move in & renovate fast or gradually. ONLY $135,999





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Fulvia Banu M.D. has terminated her employment with CANO HEALTH, LLC, (“Cano”) as of June 29, 2022 in order to establish a new medical practice entitled BANU MEDICAL PRACTICE P.A. where Dr. Banu will continue her current practice. The new Practice is located at 2 South University Drive, Suite 330, Plantation, Fl.33324.

Dr. Banu can be contacted at tel. 954.820.9443.