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Propfund 2 First Reserved Property Deal Propfund Germany 2 has reserved a residential apartment block consisting of 9 apartments and 2 commercial units in the main shopping street in Freiberg close to Dresden. The property is very attractive to tenants as they are in the direct centre of Freiberg. Supermarkets, restaurants and all necessary amenities are in direct vicinity of the building. 102% LTV financing has been agreed with the Sparkasse Freiberg for a term of 25 years with fixed interest rates of 3.95% for 10 years with an annual capital repayment of 2%. All the units have been completely refurbished in the interior which makes them very attractive to tenants as does the size and layout. The exterior of the building requires refurbishment immediately after purchase. A rental yield of over 10% and a square meter price of 624 € are the unbelievable facts of this Propfund investment! Our due diligence results are, that Freiberg is in the catchment area of Dresden and has a very stable property market. There was only one comparative offer in the vicinity of our building for 1.105 €/m²!

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Complete new refurbished Yield over 10 % Offers in the area up to 1.105 €/m². We are purchasing for 624 €/m²

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Over years no vacancy Solid long term tenants Catchment area of Dresden Main shopping street

Propfund Equity: €192.406

Purchase price: € 536.500 (Renovation:

€ 140.000)

Rental income: Yield: Sqm: No. of units: Building Year: Refurbished: Mortgage:

€ 68.868 10,18 % 1.084 11 1900 2012 102% LTV

(Includes cost of renovation)

Propfund's first reserved property  

Two months after opening the second fund, Propfund has secured it's first property deal in the city of Freiberg.

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