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In order to meet the variegated requirements of our clients, our quality policy helps us in understanding the client’s specifications, designing optimal solutions, and building systems and processes in place to ensure quality at every stage. It also helps in achieving our goals on delivery and service before and after sales. We consistently endeavor hard to create a culture of Total Quality, where continuous improvement of our clients, our processes and our services becomes a way of life.

Towards meeting the stated quality policy, Suntech Info Services has drawn up the following quality objectives: ● To augment our client’s delight in terms of quality of products to be measured by: ➢ 100% on time delivery ➢ Excellence in Quality and Customer Services ➢ To impart monthly internal trainings to all employees ➢ Project Managers and developers to share their knowledge and not hold it for their job protection, every project aspect shall be documented

Quality is our mission and quality policy is our main tool in achieving it. The policy is clearly defined, comprehensive and highly formalized. Some of the basic contents of the quality policy are: ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢

Utmost Satisfaction of Client's expectation Innovative, cost and time effective services Consistent and continuous quality improvement Fulfillments of defined quality objective targets Develop the organization as an international centre for excellence Continuous evaluation of market to explore challenging areas of operation

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