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Celebrate • December 2016

DECEMBER 2016 RELEASES SUNSTONE LEGACY ALL REDS: (2) 2014 Rapsodie II (1) 2014 Villa Solé

MIXED: (1) 2015 Soleil Blanc (1) 2014 Rapsodie II (1) 2014 Villa Solé

SUNSTONE HERITAGE ALL REDS: (2) 2014 Rapsodie II (2) 2014 Merlot Reserve (1) 2014 Villa Solé (1) 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

MIXED: (1) 2015 Soleil Blanc (1) 2015 Chardonnay Reserve (1) 2014 Merlot Reserve (1) 2014 Rapsodie II (1) 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon (1) 2014 Villa Solé

SUNSTONE FOUNDERS ALL REDS: (4) 2014 Rapsodie II (4) 2014 Merlot Reserve (2) 2014 Villa Solé (2) 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

MIXED: (2) 2015 Soleil Blanc (2) 2015 Chardonnay Reserve (2) 2014 Merlot Reserve (2) 2014 Rapsodie II (2) 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon (2) 2014 Villa Solé

Dear Members, Harvest is over and the newly fermented wines are settled into barrels for a long winter’s nap. 2016 has been a tremendous year for our Sunstone family and we are excited for 2017. This year’s harvest provided great yields from the vineyard and I cannot wait until we all can taste this bounty once nature does its work! For now, the Christmas tree is up in the tasting room and mulled spiced wines are brewing in the kitchen! This holiday season we hope you will bring your friends and family to Sunstone to share and enjoy our wines, and reflect on this past year together. We hope you will taste with us at the tasting room this Holiday. We have developed a Private Tasting Experience for groups of eight or more, which will allow your group to have more personalized service in a private setting. A dedicated wine specialist will walk you through our tasting list, giving extensive details about each wine, our organic grape growing process, and the 26-year history of Sunstone, allowing you to better enjoy your glass of wine with every sip. Since you are a Club Sunstone member, there may be a few surprise tastings as well! We are here to help you make the most of your Sunstone Membership. Please call our Club team to allow us to assist in planning your next visit and making it even more special. From our family to yours, happy holidays and {can you believe it?}, Happy New Year!

Owner & Winemaker

2015 SOLEIL BLANC COMPOSITION 44% 2015 Rousanne, Paso Robles 42% 2015 Viognier, White Hawk Vineyards, Santa Barbara County 14% 2015 Grenache Blanc, Camp Four Vineyards, Santa Barbara County NOTES Honeysuckle & star anise spice notes mingle with apricot, white peach, golden apple and bosc pear on the nose. This Rhone style white blend is rich and viscous in the foremouth with a crisp and pleasant finish. CRAFTED This American take on a Rhone white wine is comprised of three varietals. The Roussane, comprising 44% of the total lot, is from Paso Robles where as the remaining two are from Santa Barbara. Viognier from White Hawk Vineyard in Los Alamos was received on August 1st at 23.8 brix and Grenache Blanc from Camp 4 Vineyard in Santa Ynez was received to Sunstone Winery on August 3rd, 2015 at 23.9 brix. Both lots were fermented in house, barrel aged for 14 months before being blended to taste with the Roussane and bottled to 170 cases in November 2016

$35.00 Retail $28.00 Legacy & Heritage Member $26.25 Founders Member

2015 CHARDONNAY RESERVE COMPOSITION 100% 2015 Chardonnay, Dijon Clone, Hilliard Bruce Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills

NOTES Aromas of lime peel, lemon grass, dried pineapples and mangos are elevated by a slate-like minerality, followed by subtle pear, tangerine, guava, honeysuckle, and nutty/vanillin French Oak. Racy and bright, this Chardonnay will match perfectly with rich pastas in white sauces or sea bass, or Pacific Rim cuisine. Cellar at least six months, until Summer of 2017, or be rewarded for your patience if you properly age this Chardonnay for 2-5 years. CRAFTED Hand-picked at Hilliard Bruce Vineyard’s 5.3 acre Chardonnay block in Sta. Rita Hills in early September, 2015, the organically grown (SIP certified) clusters were gently pressed, then settled and fermented in eight neutral French oak barrels, two new Francois Freres barrels and two new Taransaud barrels, amounting to 36% new French Oak. Upon completion of primary and secondary fermentation, the wine aged in the same barrels, on the lees, with occasional stirring, for 11-months. After being cold stabilized and sterile filtered, the wine was bottled to nearly 270 cases of 12/750mL bottles in March, 2016, with a final pH of 3.28, TA of .62, and 13.2% alcohol.

Retail $45.00 Legacy & Heritage Member $36.00 Founders Member $33.75

2014 RAPSODIE II COMPOSITION 64% 2014 Syrah, Brave and Maiden Vineyards, Santa Barbara County 29% 2014 Grenache, Bella Cavalli Vineyards, Santa Barbara County 7% 2015 Mourvèdre, Sunstone Estate, Santa Ynez Valley NOTES Blueberry and violets in the nose with toasted hazelnut, boysenberry and black cherry. Soft and round mid-palate, plum, mincemeat and chutney spice meld into a beautifully soft finish. CRAFTED The 2014 Rapsodie II is a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre produced from three ultrapremium vineyards, located in Santa Barbara County, including Sunstone’s 26-year old estate vineyard and a vineyard planted by Sunstone in the late 1990’s. Upon arrival at the winery, the grapes were separately sorted, lightly crushed, and de-stemmed before being pumped into an open top fermentation tank. After cold soaking, the grapes were inoculated and allowed to ferment for 12 days on the skins using the D254 yeast strain to extract maximum color and flavor. Following fermentation, the wines were transferred to French oak barrels, for a secondary fermentation and aging. After barrel aging for 12-months, the separate lots were blended to taste, filtered and bottled to 327 cases 12/750mL and 120 magnums in November 2016.

$45.00 Retail $36.00 Legacy & Heritage Member $33.75 Founders Member

2014 MERLOT RESERVE COMPOSITION 51% 2014 Merlot, Block B, Sunstone Estate, Santa Ynez Valley 34% 2014 Merlot, Block A, Sunstone Estate, Santa Ynez Valley 15% 2014 Merlot, Block C, Sunstone Estate, Santa Ynez Valley NOTES Bramble berries, blueberries, underripe cherries and dark plums are accented by cinnamon, brown sugar and white pepper, followed by subtle bay leaf, thyme, cayenne pepper, and a long finish of toasty French oak vanillin. This wine’s medium-full bodied, rich mouthfeel is framed by fresh acidity and moderate tannins. Soft to medium tannins allow you to enjoy now or cellar for 2-7 years. CRAFTED The 2014 Merlot Reserve is a collaboration of Merlot from our A, B and C blocks. Blocks A and B sit right along Refugio Road and sit on a foundation of Monterey shale whereas Block C sits on a much more sandy topsoil and is influenced by the gently sloping hillside viewable from the Villa. Block A was harvested on September 23rd, 2014 at 25.2 brix. Then Block B was harvested on October 1st, 2014 at 24.9 brix. Lastly, Block C was harvested the next day on October 2nd at 26.2 brix. All lots were inoculated with BDX yeast and left to ferment on the skins for over two weeks. Upon completion of fermentation the lots were aged separately in a combination of new and neutral french oak for 21 months and bottled in August 2016, yielding a total production of 370 cases of 12/750mL bottles, and 120 magnums.

Retail $50.00 Legacy & Heritage Member $40.00 Founders Member $37.50

2014 CABERNET SAUVIGNON COMPOSITION 86% 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, Sunstone Estate, Santa Ynez Valley 14% 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Steele Vineyard, Lake County

NOTES This Cabernet Sauvignon is elegant and complex with notes of winter spices, black tea, sweet tobacco and violets. Ripe cherry gives way to pepper, dried herbs and subtle oak nuances. Medium tannins allow you to enjoy now or cellar for 2-7 years.

CRAFTED The 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon incorporates our Estate Cabernet Sauvignon which was harvested on October 22nd, 2014 at 26.1° Brix and our Block B Merlot harvested on October 1st at 24.9° Brix. The Cabernet was inoculated using BM45 yeast and the Block B Merlot with BDX yeast. Both lots were left to slowly ferment on the skins for over two weeks in 3Ž4 ton open-top fermentation bins before being gently pressed to neutral french oak barrels to age for 21 months. These lots and an incorporation of 14% 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from Steele Vineyard in Lake County were blended to taste and bottled August 2016 for a total case production of 325 cases of 12/750mL bottles.

$45.00 Retail $36.00 Legacy & Heritage Member $33.75 Founders Member

2014 VILLA SOLE COMPOSITION 66.6% Merlot, Sunstone Estate “Villa Block”, Santa Ynez Valley 16.6% Cabernet Franc, Sunstone Estate “Villa Block”, Santa Ynez Valley 16.6% Syrah, Sunstone Estate “Villa Block”, Santa Ynez Valley

NOTES A blend of estate Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Syrah this perfect Christmas Dinner wine display a wide array of aromas from ripe blueberries to dried green herbs, tea, and eucalyptus with flavors of bright ripe cherries, cured meat and strawberry jam.

CRAFTED Picked at high levels of ripeness, the three estate lots were separately picked and de-stemmed then gently crushed to small open top macro bins, where they fermented on the skins for over two weeks to best extract the intense flavors and aromas that these varietals produce. Separately aged for 22 months in a combination of new and neutral French oak, the lots were then blended to taste, sterile filtered and bottled to approximately 347 cases 12/750mL in August 2016.

Retail $50.00 Legacy & Heritage Member $40.00 Founders Member $37.50

Current Wines

Members: 20% or 25% discount, excluding special promotions. To place an order, call your Membership Coordinator, Channing Jones, at (800) 313-9463, ext. 223 or visit www.SunstoneWinery. com and login with your member credentials to get your discount.

Blanc & Rosé

R etail | Member | Founder


R etail | Member | Founder

2014 Sauvignon Blanc, SBC

$35 | 28.00 | 26.25

2013 Grenache, SYV

$38 | 30.40 | 28.50

2015 Chardonnay, SBC

$35 | 28.00 | 26.25

2013 Villa Solé, SYV

$50 | 40.00 | 37.50

2015 Chardonnay Reserve

$45 | 36.00 | 33.75

2014 Cabernet Franc, Estate $49 | 39.20 | 36.75

2015 Viognier, S.B.C.

$32 | 25.60 | 24.00

2014 Eros, Estate

$65 | 52.00 | 48.75

2015 Grenache Rosé

$28 | 22.40 | 21.00

2014 Mason Cuveé, Estate

$42 | 33.60 | 31.50

2014 Merlot, SYV

$38 | 30.40 | 28.50

2014 Milestone, Estate

$45 | 36.00 | 33.75

Large Formats 2013 Grand Reserve 1.5L

$300 | 240.00 | 225.00

2013 Merlot Reserve 1.5L

$135 | 108.00 | 101.25

2014 Mason Cuveé 1.5L

$115 | 92.00 | 86.25

2014 Milestone 1.5L

$115 | 92.00 | 86.25

2014 Eros 1.5L 2014 Rapsodie 1.5L 2014 Founders Reserve 1.5L (Members Exclusive)

$150 | 120.00 | 112.50 $115 | 92.00 | 86.25 - | 150.00 | 150.00

2014 Pinot Noir, Sta Rita Hills $45 | 36.00 | 33.75 2014 Syrah, SBC 2013 Grand Reserve 2014 Founders Reserve (Members Exclusive)

$45 | 36.00 | 33.75 $150 | 120.00 | 112.50 - | 65.00 | 65.00

SAVE THE DATE! February 11th, 2017

Weekend Stay tuned for details regarding our most popular event of the year. Always on Valentine’s Weekend, we release our beloved EROS wine and create a tasting event that is sure to satisfy your palate!

Holidays Are Better At


Sunstone is the ideal location for a truly memorable holiday celebration with Family, Friends or Colleagues. Elegant Dinners, Wine Pairings, Corporate Entertaining... A holiday at Sunstone will be long remembered. To reserve your private event at the Winery or the Villa, please call Annamarie Kostura at (805) 688-9463 ext. 244.

Club Sunstone: December 2016 Newsletter  

Sunstone Winery- December 2016 Wine Club Newsletter

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