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World Trade Center Chandigarh Mohali VIRIDIAN RED is the main construction partner of World trade Center Chandigarh Mohali. It is the only construction partner of WTCA responsible for the development of 13 WTC projects out of 26 across India. VIRIDIAN RED is in a partnership with WTC Association for developing and presenting the astonishing infra of WTC Chandigarh, Chandigarh is obviously a best location for expanding Business emperor. Chandigarh city is already awarded for its fine developments and has been ranked among the top cities around the globe in various surveys. Many Multinational companies have already booked there offices in WTC Chandigarh and many other big business tycoon are looking forward to have their offices here in nearby future. Investing in WTC Chandigarh Mohali Commercial project will be a profitable deal as it will provide buyers the global society from where they can extend and introduce their business in International world.

WTCA is an official umbrella unites corporations and government agencies in international market. The Board of Directors governs the association. This BOD comprises of 24 members composed of executives of WTCA members around the world, and elected by the membership. The association based upon following founding principles:     

To encourage world trade expansion To foster international business relationships and understanding among nations To industrialise nations and increase their participation in world trade To create and encourage mutual cooperation among members To promote the concept of World Trade Centre

The association carries work in the following fields:        

Facilities and functions International Relations and development Planning and finance Public relations and information Tourism, hospitality and cultural exchange Trade education, training and research Trade fairs, trade marts and high tech parks WTC standards and quality

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WTC Chandigarh  

WTC, Chandigarh is the astonishing development presented and made by the planet World Trade Centre Association in partnership with Viridian...

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