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October 31, 2018 Sponsoring Churches/Board of Directors Buhler MB-Mary Ellen Jantz, Charlotte Smith, Velma Goertzen Buhler Mennonite-Deanna Siemens Hoffnungsau Mennonite-Louis Martens Bethany Nazarene-Kay Scheel Crossroads Christian-Mary Frazier Buhler Methodist-Joe McGowen At large-Cameron Kaufman, Clem Kilpatrick

Sunshine Meadows Retirement Community - 400 S. Buhler Rd. - Buhler, KS 67522 - 620-543-2251

The Thanksgiving Experiment...

We Welcome... We said Goodbye to...

Giving thanks to God for everything is easy to do when most everything is going fine. But what if I need to put my pet to sleep? What if someone in the family gets ill? What if money is tight and relationships are stressed? How can I be thankful for that? Then it came to mind to do a Thanksgiving experiment. I decided to practice giving thanks. Literally, giving thanks for the big things and the small things. I started to thank God for the ability to walk, eat, read, think, and a soft chair to relax in. Look outside, WOW! The colors in the trees, Moses’ burning bushes, and how wonderful the many sunsets. Isn’t there something special about staying warm at home, cuddling up, reading your favorite novel, or putting a puzzle together? Thank God for these little blessings. My faith has grown by leaps and bounds as I reflect on how much God has blessed us as a family, so I knew I could trust Him with the difficult stuff. Trusting God’s goodness and faithfulness can help us get a good grip on gratitude. Today let’s thank Him for the countless ways He cares for us. Why not do the Thanksgiving experiment this season, thanking God for everything you can think of, no matter how small. -Keith Pankratz, CEO

P.Frenya M/N Rempel W/C Bridgess M.Romans

Lovella Adrian Faye Riley Marilyn Fairchild Paul Clark

Resident & Staff Birthdays... 6 J.Gnagy

9 Ethan Gould

9 G.Warkentin

9 Stacie Klassen

10 M.Minns

11 Rita Black

18 J.Siemens

11 Katharine Williams

24 D.Schamle

13 Shanese London

26 T.Northern

26 Rachel Perry

29 J.Peters

30 Diana Spencer 30 Jo Call

SMRC ~ 620-543-2251 Rita Black, Human Resources hr@sunshinemeadows.org

Debra Thompson, RN, MDS Coor. mds@sunshinemeadows.org

Rachel Perry, LPN-Care Manager rperry@sunshinemeadows.org

A few of the residents went to Freddy’s for a late lunch with Melanie and Donna. They enjoyed a great meal and a drive through the country looking at the Fall colors.

Samantha Maehs, LPN-MCU Care Manager mcu@sunshinemeadows.org

Ginger Arnett, LPN-AL Care Manager almanager@sunshinemeadows.org

Londa Tipton, RN-Director of Nursing

don@sunshinemeadows.org Keith Pankratz, CEO keithp@sunshinemeadows.org

We are excited to share that our 20th Annual Gala on March 1, 2019 will be at the Sand Hills Event Center in Hutchinson, KS! We are most appreciative of IdeaTek and its staff for working together with us. Planning has begun! -Carla Barber, Fund Development

Please help SMRC reduce costs by sending your email address to candis@sunshinemeadows.org to receive our future newsletters via email. THANKS!

With flu season approaching, we ask for the protection of our family of residents, PLEASE don’t come in if you are sick.

Coffee Bar Updates... As part of our update of the coffee bar in the Lobby, we would like to replace the tables and chairs, on a limited budget. We have four small round tables, each with four chairs. We'd ideally like to have five square tables, about three feet across, and either wood or metal straight-back chairs. If we can't find square tables that fit the space, we will keep the round ones, but would still like to change out the chairs. If you have, or know of someone who has, tables and/or chairs that you think might suit the area, please contact Marsha at the front desk. We would like to find all matching chairs and tables, so a business that is closing, or some similar situation where costs are reduced, would be ideal. -Carla Barber, Fund Development Director

Nursing Notes... SMRC has developed a Nursing Clerk position to assist with our nursing scheduling and other duties; Olivia McDonald, LPN charge nurse in Hidden Meadows, will assist with nursing assessments, audits and other duties. Both positions will assist the Care Managers and DON!! Sam Maehs, LPN, will go back "home" to Hidden Meadows, our dementia neighborhood, in the Care Manager position. Rachel Perry, LPN, will now be the Care Manager over both Heartland and Wheatland neighborhoods. We are excited for these changes!!

Available... Duplex available for rent or purchase: 2 beds, 1 1/2 baths, includes finished basement, patio, & attached garage. Please call Stacie at 620-543-2251 to set up a tour.

Peak Update: Sunshine Meadows has worked on PEAK outcomes since 2016. We are currently working on the final two goals. PEAK (Promoting Excellent Alternatives in Kansas) is a program to encourage person-centered care in nursing facilities. Successful homes receive financial incentives during the program. Additionally, PEAK represents a standard of professionalism understood state-wide to be the pinnacle of elder care. Meeting and maintaining these standards sets SMRC apart with a reputation as a desirable home in which to live or in which to trust a loved one’s safety, health, and happiness. The program focuses on four domains essential to person-centered care: Resident Choice, Staff Empowerment, Home Environment, and Meaningful Life. Items from these core areas were chosen each year to work on by the home’s PEAK committee (staff members). Once we assess what is needed to complete a goal, we work to integrate those new behaviors into our regular schedule and methods. Attitudes, habits, and methods of working can be difficult to change. Understanding and supporting the reason for making those changes (to create a better life for the people who live here) makes creating change easier, but it’s never without its hiccups. If, at any time, you, as a staff member, see an area that we are working on or have completed that is not being maintained in daily methods, please report this to the PEAK coordinator, Carla Barber. This can be done anonymously if preferred, by leaving a message in her workroom mailbox, or by filling out a “How Are We Doing?” form in the lobby or neighborhood locations. Thus far, we have completed these PEAK components: 1. Bathing issues (Resident Choice), which include: Assuring that residents are asked about specific bathing times and days of the week, types of bathing they prefer, bath aid preferences, and preferred spa, by updating the questionnaire with spa choices, preferred days of the week and times (not merely morning or evening, but specifics), preferred bath aids (either by name, if a preference of person or persons, or by sex), and alternative bathing options (such as a bed bath). The video, “Bathing Without a Battle,” was shown at a mandatory in-service, and is shown to all new direct care staff members. 2.

Daily routines acknowledged and supported (Resident Choice), which include: Enhancing and streamlining information gathered about daily routines and preferences, and assuring that residents, family members, and direct care staff in ALL neighborhoods who usually work with the resident are strongly encouraged to participate in Care Plan meetings. Information is gathered, and care givers have access to, daily routines and preferences PRIOR to the resident moving in (or at the time of move in for emergency situations). Caregivers support personal daily routines and preferences from day one. 90% of care plan meetings are attended by a direct caregiver and the resident (family members or designated decision makers may represent a resident at the resident’s request or if the resident is unable to communicate in any way). Residents or family members participate in the creation of the individualized plan of care. Direct caregivers participate in the creation of the individualized plan of care. All caregivers have direct access to care plans and information about resident preferences. Systems are in place for direct caregivers to make on-going revisions to care plans as directed by residents. Daily routines are lived as outlined in the personcentered plan of care. (More info continued next month)

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Sunny Side of Life - October 31, 2018  

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Sunny Side of Life - October 31, 2018  

Monthly Newsletter