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June Jam 2011

Let the music be heard – at the 33rd! we don’t have a Today we will hear the music – for the 33rd time! I guess it’s good June Jam has – aged theme song it would surely be old by now! June Jam has not that we ents plishm accom h enoug grown. We have grown as an organization with heard! know without a doubt we have been out trying to This organization made up of a staff of amazing volunteers started amazing volsame those of many make a few bucks for a few friends. These days a few bucks for a unteers still remain on this staff and have made way more than or Concert” and Outdo Best are’s “Delaw as known e becom few friends. June Jam has nity. recognized as a major contributor to fill needs within our commu , The Lake Forest Today we will help 3 beneficiaries – The Children’s Beach House Vets. m Vietna y Count Kent Band Program and The well as the Lake The Children’s Beach House can be read about in this booklet as g Veterans of amazin these about little a you Forest Band Program but I must tell ours. first time we have The Veterans hold a special place in our hearts and this is not the example for us to good a set They Why? last. the helped them, and probably won’t be on their community follow – they stick together in good times and bad – they depend how many years it matter for the help they need to accomplish what they need to; no tand and they stand takes! They have endured more than we can ever begin to unders them! ide alongs right along side us today as we stand g volunteers we The 33rd Annual June Jam would not be possible without the amazin without the times 33 this do not depend on to make this day happen. We also could will listen we today So event. this r sponso who rs generosity of the community membe Jam famiand friends our with fun some have and prizes win , to the music; play games fact that the ting celebra are lies but today we hope to do it louder than ever because we we have been heard – it’s the 33rd! ber to be thankWe hope you have the best June Jam ever; and when it’s over remem and see you next ful for what you have and who you share it with; we are. Drive safely year! still aren’t old! We look around today and we see how we have grown – but we

Matt Boller

Lynn Fowler


Public Relations


June Jam 2011

JAM.RULES Please take a moment to read the few necessary rules of our host, G&R Campground. Your cooperation is essential to the success and continuation of your June Jam event! If there is any problem, please alert a blue shirt June Jam member. 1. Please place trash and butts in proper containers. Cans are recycled for Charity! 2. All Groups are expected to clean their areas. 3. No Glassware. ALL alcoholic beverages must be covered with ‘Huggies.” NO KEGS! 4. Disorderly conduct WILL NOT be tolerated, you will leave. 5. Non-camping guests must leave the campground by 11pm. 6. DO NOT enter camping area unless you are a camper. 7. Don’t mess with Norm’s golf cart! 8. It’s a long day, plan a sober drive home.


Recreations for Children and Adults

Children of all ages will enjoy our game line up This year. A table will be set up and the events will be posted. You must sign up for all games. Prizes will be awarded to the winners. Children’s games are free but donations are appreciated! Listed below are approximate times which are subject to change: Adults


Horeshoe Toss: $3 for first 3 Shoes, $.50 for additional Winner gets half the pot!!!

Balloon Toss Tug-Of-War

Dizzy Bat

Egg Relay


Obstacle Course

3-Legged Race

Relay Race


June Jam 2011

2011 Entertainment Lineup \12:01—1:10pm[

\Stage 2[

\93.5 Winner[


\Main Stage[

\Kenny Jones[


\Stage 2[

\Thirteen to One[


\Main Stage[

\Junior Jammers[


\Main Stage[

\Gretchen Emery & The Dirty Boots Band[


\Stage 2[

\Jimi Smooth & Hit Time[


\Main Stage[

\Beyond the Element[


\Stage 2[

\Smokin Gunnz[


\Main Stage[

\Bruce In The “USA”[


June Jam 2011


June Jam 2011


June Jam 2011

The mission of the Children’s Beach House (CBH) is to help children with special needs reach their highest potential as functioning members of their families and communities. The unique approach at CBH focuses upon the strengths of the 7 to 18 year old youths and their families. This asset based program, in sharp contrast to more common deficit based approaches, produces measurable outcomes to ensure the completion of our mission. Each child is assigned a caseworker, who partners with families, schools, health professionals, and community organizations to maximize resources. In addition, participants may attend summer and weekend camps, where they build relationships with competent, caring adults as well as with their peers. Camp activities promote resiliency and foster skills or resist risk factors. Children’s Beach House also offers Professional development and technical assistance to other youth serving organizations and schools through the Delaware Center for Youth Development, thereby supporting all of the communities in which our families strive to reach their highest potential.


June Jam 2011

93.5 Local Produce Winner: Perception Dave Nickolson, Chipper Darling, & Jim Carlisle form Perception. They took the Local Produce June Jam title in a very close tight contest this year. Their mix of and style of rock, grunge, and hardcore will be heard today at the 33rd! This mix of style is what keeps people listening because of the differences from song to song. That mix and their love of the music they play brings people to their feet to do what we are all here to do….JAM! Congratulations to Perception!

Kenny Jones and the Jaded Angels He has traveled the world as a part of the Southern Rock scene with his guitar; leading national acts and artists; performed on television, and toured with Bill Haley’s Comets. He landed in Delaware to pursue songwriting and perform the Blues and Jazz music he grew up with. His roots come from Motown, R&B, Blues, Top 40 and Rock n Roll. We can’t wait to hear this!

13:1 Jay Mills, Johnny Wetherall, Pete Martinez, Allen Siembida and Shannon Ouimet, made their debut on the June Jam stage last year and became part of our family! We asked if they could fill in as our headliner and they showed true June Jam devotion by helping out; they rocked us all for almost 2 hours, brought the crowd to their feet and sent everyone home completely satisfied yet wanting more! Let them know they have been heard! *7*

June Jam 2011

Junior Jammers The Jammers of the future; and you saw them here first! There’s no way of knowing where their June Jam future will be, maybe a staffer helping to make a day like today happen, or maybe a superstar taking the June Jam stage to make their debut! Whatever they choose will be fine with us and we will start cheering for them today! They’ll sing some songs we all know and love, throw you a Frisbee, maybe show off some of those rockin’ air guitar skills and help you out later with bags for your trash or show you the way you need to go. We will be proud to say we knew them when………… ROCK ON JUNIOR JAMMERS!!!!

Gretchen Emery and Dirty Boots June Jam welcomes back Gretchen Emery and Dirty Boots for a second year. This fiery red-head sings both soft and sultry ballads as well as powerful, get-up-anddance blues with a passion for music that runs deep in her soul. Her band, Dirty Boots creates a musical collage of Blues, Rock, and Soul while blending Memphis power blues with passion and vitality.

Jimi Smooth & Hit Time Jimi Smooth, Mike Jones, Jackie Lee, Steve Thomas, Craig Campbell, Dave Loevinger & Steve Anderson make their debut June Jam stage bringing MOTOWN! Their song list will bring us to our feet. This explosive conglomerate of musical talent originated in DC, and is now heard over the entire eastern seaboard with a reputation of style and flair. Get ready to sing along and dance because you will not be able to settle for tapping that foot in your chair! If your party hasn’t started it will now! *8*

June Jam 2011

Beyond The Element Bob Crowell, Ryan “Power” Stephan, Mike Badgley, Corey Presner & Kevin Reardon hit the ground running with years of musical background that led them to join together and go “Beyond The Element” they bring today’s metalcore scene to June Jam: beautiful & emotional music that leaves an impression. They’ve opened for Papa Roach & Skid Row, released a debut album, & received airplay on Philly’s biggest stations. We hope all their dreams come true once they are heard – at the 33rd!

Smokin Gunnz Robert Morris, Terry Sherry, Chris Della Porta, & Mike Brady have road tested and honed their sound of some of southern rocks most respected artists to a level of perfection that their fans have come to expect. In the grand tradition of great southern sound, yet having one foot firmly planted in the future, the Gunz pay homage to the forefathers who blazed a trail before them and add their own musical offerings to that. Once this group of seasoned pros is heard you’ll have no doubt about their dedication to their craft.

Bruce in the USA Matt Ryan, Sully, Dave McLaurin, Danny Miranda, Joey Lunsford & Atticus Finch bring more than a tribute to our stage today. They bring the fun-filled and exciting party atmosphere of the Vegas Strip to June Jam! They’ve been met with critical acclaim from the Stone Pony, Asbury Park to House Of Blues where sell out crowds are on their feet from the first song to the last. Their performance is an ultimate note perfect and visually accurate celebration of Bruce Springsteen & The E St Band’s musical legacy !


June Jam 2011

The beginning of a child’s musical journey is the most important part of it, and is the foundation of the Lake Forest band program as they continue from 6th thru 12th grade The students not only learn the basics of playing an instrument but learn how to play together as a team and enjoy their experience as young aspiring musicians. Mr. Joe Baione is currently in his eleventh year as Director of Bands at Lake Forest Central Elementary (the grade 5 beginning band) and in his first year at Lake Forest High School as Concert and Jazz Band; splitting his time between the outstanding music programs in the Lake Forest district schools. Mr. Tom Baione works with the WT Chipman Middle School band program. The Bands have fallen on hard times and it is a struggle for funds to keep the arts alive in the schools. Mr. Joe Baione was asked to take over the program this year and “rebuild� the concert and jazz bands. In one year the concert band jumped from 30-65 students. During this year the students have improved tremendously as musicians but more important enjoy playing in the band again. Dr Dan Curry, Superintendent of Schools, has mentioned this is the best he has heard these students since he has been superintendent in Lake Forest. The Jazz Band is a mere 10 students but they are something special. This year the students have learned the art of jazz; how to improvise! The students have also learned how to play the steel pans donated by the State of DE to use in correlation with the lake forest/Trinidad Exchange program; and hope to purchase some of their own steel pans, an acoustic bass, a piano and a drum set as well. The concert band would love to replace old instruments falling apart such as tubas, baritones and bass clarinets. We would like to personally thank June Jam and Mr. Matt Boller for their donation to our program here at Lake Forest. This donation will have a huge impact on the development of the band programs. Musically, Mr. Joe Baione Director of Bands, Lake Forest Central Beginning Band, Lake Forest High School Concert and Jazz Bands 302-284-5810

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June Jam 2011

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June Jam 2011

Feelin’ Lucky? Will you to be lucky enough to win one of a  hundred raffle prizes today?  Someone here  will also split some cash with our beneficiaries  when we draw the 50/50 today!  You know you  can’t win unless you bought some tickets!!!!!  Today we will hold 3 raffle drawings for the  prizes on display at the charity tent.  Stop over  and take a look; guaranteed something will  catch your eye.  You can get raffle and 50/50  tickets there; but if you don’t want to get out of  your chair we’ve got that covered too!   For your  convenience, Mandi Schultz and her awesome  charity volunteer staff will be walking around  wearing their green shirts selling tickets! Why  not throw a few balls to dunk a June Jam staff  member at the dunk tank?  You can wait for or  request the staffer you want to dunk the most!  It was quite a hit last year.    How about a t‐shirt, hat, can cozy, souvenir  booklet or other item available for sale in the T ‐shirt gazebo?  Come on in and look around.   

It’s right in the middle of the Grove.  Say hi to  Lynn Cole and her staff who are waiting to help  you!    While you walk or look around today, please  remember the reason June Jam was born:  to  help community members who have needs to  fill.  It’s the reason we are all here!  Meet our  beneficiaries today, ask them questions, find  out what their needs are and how we will help  meet them.  Maybe they can help you fill a  need of your own. These beneficiaries have  been chosen for what they bring to our  community and you are a part of that  community so help us help them! 

The entire volunteer staff of June Jam LTD  thanks you for attending today and we look  forward to working together with you to make  this the 33rd successful and enjoyable June Jam.   Have a great day and be safe! 

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June Jam 2011

Lois Dowty ..................................................... Photographer Lester Slover................................................... Photographer Roberta Slover ................................................ Photographer Lynn Fowler.............. Public Relations & Booklet Co-Chair Toby Fowler...................................................Security Chief George Sbriglia .................................. Stage Crew Co-Chair John McMullen .................................. Stage Crew Co-Chair Sharon Boller .................................................... Ticket Sales Brenda Carter........................................................ Treasurer Lynn Cole ............................................. T-shirt Chairperson Shannon Papen..................................... Vendor Chairperson Tom Brown............................................ Website Developer

Junior Jammers

Trish Metts ...............................................Booklet Co-Chair Jay Benton ..............................................Camping Co-Chair Karen Sanders.........................................Camping Co-Chair Mandi Schultz........................................... Charity Co-Chair Jason Boller ............................................Electrical Foreman Bobby Colgrove .....................................Electrical Foreman MaryJane Woomer ................................Games Chairperson Shelly Delosier ................................................ Gate Captain Edwin (Surf) Smith ............................................ Hospitality Joan Emerson ........................... Junior Jammer Chairperson Patrick Shaner...........................................Parking Co-Chair Gary Sipple...............................................Parking Co-Chair Dave Dowty.....................................................Photographer

Bob Hartley...................................... Chairman of the Board Matt Boller.............................................................President

Alonzo Baynard Clara Beckel Chloe Begley Daniel Begley, Jr. April Bolander Damien Bolander Mia Bolander Aiden Boller Amber Cole Lyric Cole

Hailey Dennis Emily DiSalvo Gabbi DiSalvo Tracy DiSalvo Jr. Kasey Dobbyn Rory Emerson Kami Hartley Katherine Hartley TJ Hartley Zachary Jones

Isabella Legates Page Boller Legates Christopher Metts James Metts Darien Neely Ashley Nunes Zachary Papen Chase Powell Spencer Powell Kiara Quaio

Wanda Rapp Donovan Skochelak Kaitlyn Staub Idalis Steele Robbie Todd Debbie Trice Nicole Trice Sarah Trice Elaina Weeks Jacob Weeks

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Don Adriance Dave Baillargeon Marion Baillargeon Dan Begley Mary Begley Wanda Benn Kissy Benton-Saunders Chris Bolander Laura Boller Brian (Buckwheat) Bosley Lisa Carr Cathy Carver Norman Charnock Alicia Cole Amber Cole Larry Couch Rhonda Dare Russ Delosier Lester Dennis Audrey Derbyshire Stephen Derr William Derr Tabitha Detweiler Dana DiSalvo Tracy DiSalvo Raymond Dixon Susan Dixon Jeffrey Eichelberger Ron Emerich Greg Emerson Jr. Greg Emerson Sr.

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Cliff Schuyler Catherine Seeney Jennifer Shaner Lori Sinde Richard Sinde Amanda Sipple Brenda Sipple Lester Slover Roberta Slover Bonnie Smith Edgar (Buddy) Smith Laurie Snell Tim Stephenson Keely Stevens Krysta Sugars David Taylor Donald Taylor Adam Tazelaar John Tazelaar Matthew Thomas Susie Thompson-Powell Wanda Torrie June Trice Vincent Trice Justin Weeks Megan Weeks Colleen Weil Samantha Weil Carol Weyant Brian Wilkins

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June Jam 2011

June Jam goes worldwide‌‌... AGAIN! Today we welcome to the June Jam family The Musicians Rock Network, known as "TMRN". Who are they? They are an unsigned Musicians based group gathering to network band interests, or to put it simply they support live music which is one of the reasons June Jam exists! The network is staffed by volunteers just like us, which makes it so easy to have them be a part of today and have our organization given worldwide recognition! This strong and free network is made up to enlarge memberships on the web, encourages musicians to maintain at least one manager or representative from their band or organization, to provide their news& events to TMRN, which is found on Facebook. They can share their videos, links, news, and events to direct network traffic to the websites) of their choice. The results in due time, will be an enlarged fan base and network that are combined through this free support. The Musicians Rock Network believes that all unsigned rock bands, rock musicians, rock indies, and rock artists, welcome their music to be freely supported by the "word of mouth' technique. The music industry is a strange animal, times are tough, there is not a demand to mainstream original acts and so, they all stick together to make the scene happen for what they do week after week. TMRN's information directory assists all those involved in a listing and have given kind verbal and or permissions to do so. A photo profile is used detailing the name, contact, email address, mobile numbers, genre, website links, biography, charities, merchandise, etcetera, of each band or organization. Whatever needs to be conveyed across to visitors, and of course promoters, is listed as long as it was first accepted by the band or organizations manager. Aside from the photo listing, there is the sharing of the scores of videos from events that capitalize the unsigned acts that perform on stage, rocking their sound. The recordings come from TMRN members everywhere, and upon each video, site links are placed to direct more traffic towards the band's) or organization's) official websites. Fans, family, friends, supporters, and advocates, want the best for all TMRN members to succeed. Thanks for your support of the many that dream of being a Rock star! For Questions or Inquiries ONLY, please email us at Website is found at

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June Jam 2011

WE BELIEVE IN ANGELS……………………………………………………………. We knew her as the “Mom” of June Jam; Mary “Dee” Hartley. We saw her wearing her June Jam shirt and hat riding in the gator or dancing in the crowd every year because she never missed one! She was here not only to support her son Bob Hartley our founder, she was here to support us all. June Jam was born to fill community needs and this woman sure did fill some community needs in her life. She taught at Pennsylvania School for the deaf; earned an MBA while working for the State of Delaware and Kent County and raising kids! She was president of The Dover Century Club, and an Officer with The Delaware Federation of Women’s Clubs. She visited 6 of the 7 continents. In 2008 she was recognized by the governor who proclaimed the day “Dee Day” in Delaware! Her support, applause and dancing will be missed by many. For today she’s our personal “Mom” angel watching over us while we have another successful June Jam in the community she lived in, worked for and loved so much. SAM POWELL— Jammed with us for 30 years. He probably hauled you and your jam gear to the grove area at some point cause he operated our “people mover” for 20 of those years! He hauled at least 500 jammers a year for 20 years folks, while giving rides to those kids who just would not get off! Does anyone remember the year Gene Regan was trying to direct him while standing on the wrong side? Well… he directed him alright—right over 3 of Norm’s brand new water spigots creating 3 lovely geysers! He will be missed by all who walk today; including his son Spencer Powell, his dad Sam Sr. and his 2 sisters. Thanks for all the memories Sam, you will be missed.

2011 20th Annual October 7th & 8th

At all of our events, we support

Featuring The Kennedys • Joey Fulkerson Trio • 2 days of MUSIC • Camping

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June Jam 2011

Storm 1st BAND at JUNE JAM, Whale, Rick Wilson Band, Spring Field, Lisa Torbert, Crazy Dog, Pegasus, Outlaws, Toy Caldwell, Kansas, Delaware Destroyers, Black Foot, Pat Travers Band, Molly Hatchet, James Cotton, 38 Special, Dangerous Dan Toler, Cheap Trick, Johnny Neel, Lonnie Mac, Tommy Conwell, Lost Rebels, Dr. Harmonica & Rocket 88, Great Train Robbery, Pandoras Box, Vinyl Shockley, Scrapple, Furious George, Bitter Creek, Janine Walters, Toler Brothers, Inside Out, Crazy Dog, Niki Barr, Johnny Rawls, Crosswind, Hurricanes, Token Jane, Voyager, Bob Croce, Craig Allen and the Coyotes, Jone’s/Allison Project, Crystal Zoo, Mercy River, My Dog Lucky, Azure Drake, Dreamscape, Montana Wild Axe, Red Letter Day, The Urge, Catch 22, The Push, Elwood Bishop, The Outriders, Little Big Hand and the MID-DEL Strokers, Janine Walter’s Band, Inside Out, Auto Pilot, Laura Mann, Night Stalker, Hyde Park, Intuition, 13th Floor, Panic, Matt Smith Band, All Star Blues Band, Phineous Gauge, Modern Dancers, Robert Henderson Band, Bunky Cochran, Doc Strong & The Side Effects, Tom Larson Band, Ulterior Motive, Inside Out, Wildwood Girls, Crab Meat Thompson, Scott Birney & Clair Lacy, Chaser, Joe Callaway & The Sailbarn 10, Pebble Creek, Cloggers, The Cutters, Fulkerson-Moore Project, Diamond State Skydivers, Dude & Mildude, Penn Central & Wings of Bluegrass, D.J.Bob Stephans, Sand Creek, Awf the Wall, McNally Bro’s, Crystal Creek, Led Foot, Road Ducks, Wilmington Blue Rocks, Black Bottom Bluegrass, Homegrown & Ugly, Tour De Force, Hot Wire, Joey Kalmbacher Band, Clarence Spady Band, Divers, Enterprise, Danny Austin, Dave Mason, The Funsters, Joe Martone Trio, Last Call and Jaded Angle, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Healing Sixes, JR Cline & the Reclyners, Gravity’s Daughter, Jack of Diamonds, Kaktus, Big toe, Jason Bonam, Deanna Bogart, Elwood Bishop, Monster Joe, Juiced, Tres Hombres, Several Species, Glass Onion, Poison Whiskey, Blue Dogs, Lower Case Blues, Love Seed Moma Jump, Hot Buttered Elvis, Lennex, Scrapple, Mary Lou & The Untouchables, Kerry Kerney Band, The Salivators, Night Street, Omnisoul, Octane, Nothin’ But Trouble, Area “51”, Blind Willie, Delaware All Stars, Noxx, June Monster Jam., Johnny Duke and the Aces, Steal Your Face, Bonehead, Deb Callahan, Chris Duarte Group, Hyjinx, Tom Larson Band

This year… 93.5 The Beach “Local Produce” Winner, Kenny Jones and the Jaded Angels, Thirteen to One, Junior Jammers, Gretchen Emery and Dirty Boots, Jimi Smith and Hit Time, Beyond the Element, Smokin Gunzz, Bruce in the “USA” * 18 *

June Jam 2011

ATTENTION CAMPERS – WILL YOU TAKE THIS DARE? What do you think of our venue location? Isn’t this a great campground? G&R is open to the public for camping year round; BUT the weekend of June Jam we take this place over. You can still come and camp here, but you have to get your site thru June Jam. There are people here today who have been camping here with us since we started. Campers from far and near came in on Friday to set up and decorate their piece of the woods and will leave on Sunday, most of them come back every year. If you haven’t camped with us you should give it a try. When the music stops on stage, it starts again around many campfires! Anyone camping is usually welcome to bring a chair and join a sing along or just listen to someone play until quiet time arrives. You will surely have some new friends before you leave, and chances are you’ll see them again next year. If you do camp here during June Jam, you should know that we encourage decorations to your site. Not only do we encourage it, we reward the best decorated site with a prize! Amber Roos, our reigning “Camp Champ” has been on the June Jam staff forever. She works everywhere all day long. She has been camping here since for 12 years and she has won the “Best decorated site” prize at least 3 times. Her site is great, and she says it doesn’t take much time. Everyone will stop when they pass and she will welcome them to hang out and have a seat! Amber has definitely got it going on back there and she is THE ONE to beat! She bases her decoration for the year around our beneficiaries and she kicks some decorating butt! She says she is starting to get lonely because not many campers even attempt to decorate and compete with her, so winning is too easy. Amber is ready for a true opponent. ANYONE out there going to take the challenge? Amber says bring it – she’s not scared. Thanks Amber for keeping our venue beautiful!

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June Jam 2011

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June Jam 2011

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June Jam 2011

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June Jam 2011

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June Jam 2011

would like to thank the Staff & Sponsors

2011 See you in 2012! Don’t forget to come forth for the 34th!

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Nam Jam — July 9, 2011 Don’t Miss it this year….

June Jam program 2011  

June Jam rock festival; I've had them for clients for years. I am a cartoonist and have permission to draw Mr. Natural for the June Jam fro...