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September 6, 2013 Vol.1 No.9

Local film crew captures sustainable agriculture in Africa and Asia When you hear the name Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) you probably correctly envision an organisation that focusses on research and protection of our beautiful coastal environment, what you may not realise is that at the heart of each and every one of their projects lies the well-being of people. The Trust Sustainability Films (TSF) is the oldest and longest operating division of SST and their work excellently portrays SST’s dedication and efforts to empower communities through their on-going collaborative projects within and now beyond our South African borders. The film crew, which is headed by Kyle Robinson, is currently based in Grahamstown and works under the guidance of Dr Tony Ribbink (SST founding trustee and director) and Shane Kelly, who head up the SST division in Kenton-on-Sea. One of the ten projects captured, so far this year, by TSF is the START initiative (global change SysTem for Analysis, Research and Training) in Hamburg, a project driven by SST through the South East African Climate Consortium (SEACC). The multi-disciplinary project investigated food security in the context of climate change and saw three universities - Rhodes, Fort Hare, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan – collaborate with SST and working hand in hand with the Keiskamma Trust, who was the crucial bridge between the project and the community and provided translators and guides for the researchers on site. As will all research projects a final report and ultimately a book is published (in English and isiXhosa) detailing the findings in order to inform government and other institutions and organisations as to what the findings and what the suggested follow-up measures are. In addition to the final report and book the film division captured the essence of the project as a visual means of showing the community, funders and public what the project entailed. The film clearly reflects the integrated approach of the project which incorporated research covering Agriculture, Social Beliefs (Anthropology), Marine Science, Economics and at the binding factor at the core, Education. In fact the beautifully put together and informative video – which you can view on SST’s website and by following the link on the Sunshine Escape Facebook page – so impressed funders that the team were immediately asked to film other projects, beyond our borders, too. The first project documented the urban food processing trend in Kampala and Kyle, along with TSF team member, Martin Bleazard, and SST partner and film-





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The Sustainability Seas Trust film division – Trust Sustainability Films – set up to capture harvesting of sea foods as an aspect of the START multi-disciplinary research project conducted in Hamburg into food security in the face of climate change. maker, Graham Holmes spent ten days in mid-July filming in Uganda. “The Ugandans were friendly and some of the hardest working people we’d ever met. People were continually on the go, delivering goods on overloaded rusty looking bicycles or families rushing about on dubious looking motorbikes,” Kyle commented. The team filmed, interviewed, researched and explored from pre-dawn to well after dusk - strapping GoPros to local’s bicycles, interviewing all manner of characters including a rather innovative pig farmer and trying some rather dodgy looking goat stew. “At a glance it looks like the entire Ugandan economy is run off bananas. They’re used for everything, with nothing going to waste. The bird life was one of the best





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parts though, with Marabou Storks roaming around the middle of the city, truly amazing,” Martin said The Ugandans innovativeness with peri-urban agriculture was an impressive accomplishment for the film crew to capture. Successful farmers were producing healthy meals for their families in the middle of the city. “More people need to make a move to this kind of lifestyle, mass produced imported food cannot be the solution for our world’s food problems,” Martin said. No sooner had the film crew returned home when the next invitation came through and this week Kyle, Graham and Justin Archer left for Kathmandu, the small but remarkable capital city of Nepal. The team will spend a week documenting how the Nepalese are dealing with the global food grind. “Too many people see climate change issues as battles that the international community wages in its struggles to formulate the binding commitments necessary to reduce Green House Gas emissions in order to slow or halt further climate change. This focus by international leaders on global issues is critically important, but in the impoverished local communities of Africa and elsewhere, one finds people whose daily livelihoods, health, and access to food, potable water, education and employment opportunities are already tough and are likely to become even more challenging when they have the added difficulties imposed by climate change,” Dr Ribbink said. “It follows, therefore, that in the context of climate change, food security and the use of ecosystem goods and services, the real issue is about the well-being of people. Helping people realize, through knowledge, understanding and hope that their actions and choices can secure a better future requires a people-orientated multi-disciplinary approach,” he added. “Poverty is the nub of vulnerability to climate change as poor people cannot afford to buy protection from environmental change: they are dependent upon natural resources. Yet natural resources upon which they depend are themselves being modified by climate change and very seriously impacted by direct human activities on a daily basis, especially in impoverished areas where people have no option but to degrade their lands, use the trees, hunt wild life, pollute rivers and exploit sea life,” Dr Ribbink concluded. Sunshine Escape will follow up next month with a story covering the projects that have now been established in Hamburg after the completion of the SST’s START research initiative referred to in this article.



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Sunshine Escape :: 6 September 2013


Meet the Matric Class of 2013 - The Year of Legends Grade 12 pupils all around the country have already begun to write their preliminary examinations. Sunshine Escape caught up with Port Alfred High School class of 2013 to ask them about their year and their hopes for the future. Paige de Bruin has been at PAHS since 1998. She is well known for her participation and achievements in the public speaking, drama and dancing societies at school. De Bruin has been accepted to study Psychology at NMMU in Port Elizabeth next year. Jessica Kleinhans’ accolade’s include being a member of interact, a library monitor and a prefect. Next year Kleinhans will be taking a gap year to complete courses in first aid, computers and photography. Hendrina Meiring has been a student at PAHS for the past 11 years. In ten years’ time Meiring hopes to own her own beauty salon. Deputy Head Girl Chandra Knowles, is a promising academic and after she matriculates she hopes to study medicine at UCT. Knowles has various highlights from her matric year, one of which is watching her friends get accepted into various universities. Toit van Oudtshoorn has been at the school since 2010, he will be remembered by his class for his chess skills. In a few years’ time, van Oudtshoorn wants to be successful, married and travelling the world. Promising first team rugby player Daniel Nel, has set his sights on a future in sport. Nel has been at PAHS since grade one and hopes to find a job in sports

coaching and study towards a degree in sports science. After being a student at PAHS for only three years, Jolene Mitchley believes that her proudest moments have been when she has represented her school on the hockey field. Her love for hockey has inspired her to set a goal of coaching a national hockey team. Litha Njube, or “Tae” as his friends call him, wants to study Psychology at UCT. However, he also sees himself accepting a Grammy Award one day. Deputy Head Boy, first team hockey player and chairman of the debating society, Khanya Mabindisa, hopes to study an LLB at UCT next year. When asked if he had any final words to his classmates, he said that he would just like to say “thank you for being my family for the better part of my life”. Head Girl Kerry-Lynn Barnes has too many achievements to mention! Besides being an outstanding sports woman, she is also a very promising academic. Rhodes University has accepted Barnes to study a BCom Accounting. Last but not least we have Head Boy Joshua Austin. Austin’s achievements include playing first team rugby, being on the interact board and recently he has been identified as one of the top five academics in the district. Headmaster, Clive Pearson said that this year’s matric class has had a very positive influence on the rest of the school and that he is expecting top results. The Sunshine Escape team wishes our matric class of 2013 the best of luck for their upcoming exams, we know that you will do our town proud.

A look back at some of the memories that the Matric class of 2013 have made over their schooling career.

Brain Crunches

How to play: Sudoku is easy to play and the rules are simple. Fill in the blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain one instance of each of the numbers 1 through 9. Serf Fourie wins our Sudoku for last week. Congratulations on winning a voucher for a breakfast for two at Frank’s on the Wharf, Port Alfred.


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Danica Kukard

Submit your completed grid to the Sunshine Escape offices at The Little Brewery, 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred. The first correct entry drawn will win a breakfast for two at Franks on the Wharf. Only one entry per person, per week. No registered letters or faxed entries. The winner of our crossword for last week, is Tony Guilford. Congratulations, you can pick up your R100 grocery voucher, with the compliments of Heritage Pick ‘n Pay, from the management there. SOLUTION 30 AUGUST

The Engela Neethling Kowie Boerewors Championships On Tuesday, 24 September 2013 Wharf Street, Port Alfred

Come and support your Local Butcher and the Independent Boerewors Makers taking part in the Boerewors Championships Starting at 10am Live music and entertainment throughout the day.

Come and spend a fun filled National Braai Day • Food Village • Pony Rides • Treasure Hunts • Busker's • Jumping Castle • Beer Hall • Craft Village • Competitions • Spot prizes • Marimba Band • Baby Competition


Contact Terry on Tel: 046 624 4591 Cell:082 676 1742 or Visit us at 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred


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WIN R100 grocery voucher, with the compliments of Heritage Pick ‘n Pay. Correct crosswords should reach our offices no later than 12pm on Wednesdays. Drop them off at our offices at the Little Brewery, 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred.

Across 1 Do evident disagreements bring them to court? (10) 7 The girl, perhaps, is not so heavy (7) 8 Father I left with container (4) 10 Actors in Lancaster (4) 11 A pig in many a wood (8) 13 Boy’s name very recently entered (6) 15 Show the French continually brought back (6) 17 Ships taking care of flowers (8) 18 Spare list (4) 21 Scorch a fish (4) 22 Everyone left everywhere (3,4) 23 Successful prose pours out (10)

Down 1 Young attendants making a book? (5) 2 Opposed to Tina Turner? (4) 3 One from part of France - and not an isle (6) 4 It’s better for a naughty child to have wandered (8) 5 Get fair wind in vessel (7) 6 Game played in club? (9) 9 Look at ships delivering cosmetics? (9) 12 Beer put on poles for birds (8) 14 Sam’s out to get her - she’s a beauty (7) 16 Musical country, so we hear (6) 19 Dead singer somehow lives (5) 20 Voice that has changed a lot (4)

Sunshine Escape :: 6 September 2013


Top Boerie Champs Contenders: Russell Shelton By Gina Florence Russell Shelton, manager of Pick ‘n Pay and twice winner of the annual Engela Neethling Kowie Boerewors Championships has once again entered his famous boerewors into the retail category of the competition, to be held on the 24th of September 2013 in historic Wharf Street. The fourth year since its inauguration in 2010, the acclaimed contest draws both independent boerewors manufacturers and franchises to prove in Russell Shelton from Pick n’ Pay smiles for the jest that they have the winning wors recipe and acquire the glass trophy, whereupon all proceeds camera

will be donated to the research based charity organization CANSA. According to Shelton, the winning recipe in both 2010 and 2011’s retail category, Shelton Boerewors, has been made in the old family style according to a method that has been handed down for the last fifty years through generations of his family. “It is a recipe that my late dad used in his butchery in East London (and) it’s always been a winner,” he said. Shelton, the General Manager of Pick n’ Pay Peppergrove Mall, Port Alfred and Mthatha, (Pick n’ Pay are the sponsors all the rolls, butter and

condiments on the day), believes the secrets to expertly made wors, lies in the preparation of its ingredients, the exact balancing of spices on the palate as well as using only A- Grade products such as the softer sheep casings, in conjunction with having experience in its making, and knowing what to look for in particular. “Quality boerewors has a red- maroon colour- and when you cook it, it stays plump and moist,” he added Entries for participation will be closing shortly, any parties still interested in competing are welcome to contact Terry at the Sunshine Coast Escape office on 046 624 4591 or 082 676 1742.

Sugar ‘n Spice and all things nice - Voila! Voila in Kenton on Sea offers a cornucopia of gifts, art, clothing, fabric and books. At the heart of the gallery-shop-restaurant emporium is Toni Ward and Ross Swarts, a vibrant sugar and spice partnership that makes Voila, a delightful escape and lekker kuier-plek for one and all. The restaurant’s new Spring menu offers superbly tasty food made from fresh produce and beautifully presented with edible flowers. The delightful selection of desserts and cakes – chocolate mousse, chocolate brownies and the fabulous Hummingbird cake, to mention a few is superbly rounded off with a cup of Ross’s excellent coffee or cappuccino. You can dine inside or out on the sheltered and secluded veranda with a garden view. The collection of art on display features internationally acclaimed, Mary Fowlds’ work interspersed with a wide range items from local artists and final year fine art student pieces. There are historical and Settler maps, driftwood art, interesting furniture and accessory pieces and ceramics from Madeleine Murray and Megan Sparg. Clothes and shoes are on offer too. A selection of items from South African designers is regularly updated. The recent additions of new dresses and skirts, from among others Sway and Olka Polka, made from top quality fabrics are must have items as are a pair of Holster sandals, just arrived in stock, and the naughty-but-nice linge-

rie. There is a stunning selection of shawls and kikoi wraps. Match your kikoi pants with original Tomy Takkies or opt for a personalised pair created for you by Toni. Voila recently also added a material and dressmaking section owned and run by Cecelia Immelman. Here you will find a great selection of quality fabrics and sewing accessories at affordable prices, all carefully selected by Cecelia. In addition Cecelia offers dress-making, alterations and onezies - once off item tailor-made for you. Toni Ward, of Voila in Kenton on Sea, sharing a delightful moDo take your time troll- ment with her restaurant clientele. ing through the magnificent range of gifts – fairies, pewter, jewellery, mats, and more - you are bound to find something here that is just perfect for the person you have in mind. Support a good cause and purchase a second-hand book in support of the Treasures for feral cat fund, which offers sterilization, feeding and care for our furry friends. Voila! Kenton on Sea, a perfect place for locals and tourists to meet ‘n greet and ‘shop from their seats’.



Sunshine Esc



Release your inner adventurer and explore the Eastern Cape

What would you do with seven days to explore the Eastern Cape and R20 000 to spend? Enter the Mr & Mrs Adventure competition by liking the Adventure Prov-


ince Eastern Cape page on Facebook and sharing your seven day itinerary. You can also enter by emailing us your itinerary at social@

NEW SPRING MENU! 33 Kenton Road, Kenton-On-Sea 6191 Toni Ward: 083 458 2271 Fax: 046 648 3790 Email:

Sunshine Escape :: 6 September 2013


PA home industries now offers more

A selection of the goodies in store at the Port Alfred Home Industries.

Port Alfred Home Industries have now allocated an additional section of the shop – which previously housed the lingerie section – as a dedicated art and craft display area. Alongside the bounty of preserves and jams, you will find everything from cakes and cookies to frozen meals, farm fresh chickens, eggs and vegetables, and farm fresh cream is available every Friday. Platters, speciality cakes, including a diabetic cake range, are on offer too, just enquire at the counter. “We cater for older folk and singles too in our portion sizes and it works out far more economical to buy a small portion from us than making it from scratch at home,” Barbara Main one of the members said. In the deep freeze

you’ll find a selection of readymade meals and three styles of lasagne – beef, chicken and vegetarian. In the crafts line there is knitting, sewing, crochet, smocking, sheepskin slippers, greeting cards, belts and key rings, embroidery kits and mosaic templates. And there are even treats and beds on sale for our canine friends too. Port Alfred Home Industries currently have around 35 members. There is a once off R100 joining fee and thereafter a commission is taken – this varies depending on whether a member works in the shop twice a month for a morning or afternoon. They are always looking for new members to join so if you see a gap in their current offerings do pop in and enquire about becoming a member.


aMbooo Highland Bamboo only

Best wishes and

COIRTEX exclusive suppliers of

Natural Fibre products to

Top Carpets Port Alfred.


to Derek Kleinhans and his team at Top Carpet.

Top Carpets are able to supply customized Sisal, Jute and Coir Rugs with any border to suite all client needs. We would like to congratulate Top Carpets Port Alfred on the launch of their

new shop.

Sunshine Escape :: 6 September 2013


Top Carpet and Floors now in Grahamstown

Twenty-one years one stop décor shop. ago Derick Kleynhans An indication of the relocated to Port Alloyalty Top Carpet fred and opened a and Floors generates, store in Wharf St. He can be seen in their named it Samantha’s well trained and after his baby girl and steadfast employees, specialised in curmost of whom have tains, tiles, carpets worked for Derick and accessories. Six Derick Kleynhans the for many years, some years later, in 1998, proud owner of Top of them in excess of the store was renamed Carpet and Floors in ten. This group of P.A. Interiors and Der- Port Alfred and now in dedicated employick moved from Wharf Grahamstown as well. ees, are a loyal team St, to number six, Main that complement one St where P.A. Interiors became a another, they form the backbone landmark in our little town, op- of the business. James and Lindy posite First National Bank. Robinson, a very experienced Last year the store, now named husband and wife duo, have been Top Carpets and Floors, moved with Derick for a number of years to Rosehill Mall and on Friday the and will be managing the Graha6th September, Derick is delight- mstown branch. ed to announce the opening of his One of the latest products new branch in Grahamstown. “We launched by Top Carpets is the have more and more clients com- Health Guard installation system. ing to us from Grahamstown and This product is used with the inthe surrounding satellite towns, stallation of carpets and lamiso it just made sense to open a nates and consists of a high filter store in Grahamstown which will vacuum system to remove all dust be far more convenient for those and pollutants. Bio Guard Pro is clients,” Derek said. sprayed onto the floor to destroy Top Carpets and Floors stocks all dust mites and moulds, Still all the leading brands of floor- Guard underlay is then installed ing, carpeting, tiling, blinds and as a water and dust proof barrier. American Shutters, making it a This method of pollutant filtering

is most beneficial to people with allergies and ensures a really clean carpet. For further information about this product, visit the website www.healthguard/flooring. James and Lindy Robinson, an experienced husband and wife duo, will be managing the Grahamstown Top Carpet and Floors branch.

We wish Derick and the Top Carpet team all the best for their new Grahamstown store

Port Alfred water tanks to mitigate water shortage

By Gina Florence Ndlambe Municipality has implemented a system of JoJo Tanks to be installed throughout Ndlambe to mitigate the water shortage during the renovations at the balancing dam. According to Superintendant Enoch Jobela of Water and Sanitation, there will be ten tanks supplied per area by Umso Construction as well as the Municipality, each with a carrying capacity of 5000 litres. Deputy Director Noluthando Vithi advises that the purpose is to provide an improved standard of water with a lower saline content to Port Alfred residents. “Our infrastructure is ageing…the people must bear with us (through this) month’s inconvenience in order to improve the quantity and quality of our water,” Vithi said. According to Engineer Representative Peter Stutterheim of Aurecon Construction, draining the ten megalitre balancing dam will commence from the 2nd September, and construction should begin on the 9th

September. This will take place until the 7th October, at which point the dam will be refilled. During this period the JoJo Tanks will be supplied with groundwater via trucks and timed to pump from the bypass at a decreased water pressure of approximately 30%, particularly in high lying regions such as the old township of Nkwenkwezi in Nemato and South Downs. Pumping will be alternated between the East and West Banks respectively. Site Manager of Umso Construction, Hope Fumanisa adds that a three to four week water deficiency is the ‘worst case scenario,’ and that construction on the balancing dam could be concluded sooner than expected. To view the municipal press conference, access www.qcardtelevision. com


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CONTACT: 046 624 2353/ 083 381 4462 CNR HILL & NEW STR, GRAHAMSTOWN

OPENING Best Wishes to Top

Carpet Grahamstown from Stuart Graham Furnishing Fabrics

Best Wishes to Top Carpet Grahamstown from management & staff @ Nouwens


CONTACT: 046 624 2353 083 381 4462

Opening Specials!


Sunshine Escape :: 6 September 2013


Do you have jobs, cars for sale, services, pets, property, community notices, or other things to advertise? Blast your advert in your community newspaper! It pays to advertise! To book your advert space call 082 676 1742


3 x Bedsitter units (single persons only) R1900.00 pm inc W&L Fully furnished Contact Terry 082 676 1742

Energy for Life holistic health practice. Yoga therapy sessions, Energy massages, Ecopsychology and Take Time Out Retreats. Contact Maya Lloyd on 082 393 9250




Computers(Pty)Ltd 70 Southwell Road Port Alfred Tel: 046 624 8295



Safe Stop Fitted / Closed Load Body

Call: 083 563 6857

URGENT SALE 1996 Opel ASTRA 160iS Ex Gauteng ONLY 2 Owners Excellent Condition

R32 500 o.n.c.o.

Call: 079 309 2713

To all makes of furniture Including Riempies and Sash windows

Contact Brian Penny (046) 624 5145



The Shop will now be open every Wednesday from 9 am to 12 pm. Visit the shop at: No. 1 Alfred Road, Port Alfred.



R85 000neg.

Restoration & Repairs

Murray: 082 366 9878 / Sandy: 072 266 2524 Tel: (046) 624 9069 o/h



Emergency Calls Emergency calls from landline 10111 Emergency calls from mobile 112


• NOW OFFERING PICTURE FRAMING AS WELL • • Computer Generated Signage • T-Shirt Printing

Cell: 073 618 1155


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Alexandra 046-653-0015 Bathurst 046-625-0636 Kenton-on-Sea 046-648-1222 Nemato 046-624-1238 Port Alfred 046-604-2000/1/2 Seafield 046-675-1113 Traffic Department 046-624-1140 Fire Department 046-624-1140



Depot close to Grahamstown Deliveries within Sunshine distribution area “Invest right when it matters most”




Call Andries on 082 445 0978

• Lots of New Plants in Stock •Vegetable, Herb and Indigenous Seedlings •Now Managed by Gayle Bennette

076-315-6246 Water Tank & Pump Installation. Cleaning and service.

Contact: 072 156 1739 or 083 568 1328


Cherrywood Nursery



6 Keey Street, Port Alfred Contact Johan on 072 879 4910


I am looking for a reliable small car for under R15 000 Please Call: 076 902 4040

Fabricating & Balustrading Boat & Bakkie Rails

For all repairs and spares sales Petrol, Electric Mowers, Weed Eaters and Brush Cutters. Also buffing service (all sorts make it shine again), sharpening kitchen knives, cutting blades







Qualified in Swedish Massage & Reflexology




Extra Math or other subject support sessions available for Grade 7-9 learners. Consolidate primary school skills in preparation or during the transition to secondary school in relaxed environment provided. Contact Maya Lloyd on 082 393 9250 or



2001 Toyota DYNA 446 000km

Barbara Main

5 Jack's Close, Port Alfred Tel: (046) 624 5203 Cell: 074 370 0648

SUNSHINE COAST HOSPICE Urgently require stock for their charity shop. We accept anything including furniture, crockery, cutlery, kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, glassware, paintings, ornaments, bedding, toys, bric a brac etc WE ALSO REQUIRE BOOKS ONE MAN’S JUNK IS ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE

Can be purchased from: Com Office / Decadent / Root 72 & Natures Way @ R50-00 ea Cell: 076 379 2151 Tel: 046 604 0463


3067 Timms Lane Bathurst 076 291 2144

Sunshine Coast Hospice is in urgent need of wool For their ladies who knit and crochet jerseys for the patients Any wool is most welcome Contact Karen on (046) 624 4107



Alcohol Anon - 082 973 1604 Ambulance (Private) - (046) 624 4240 AVIS Rent a Car - (046) 624 4353/4044 Child Welfare - 083 652 3951/046 624 5793 Fire Brigade - (046) 624 1111 Multi Security - (046) 624 2508 Nature Conservation - 082 753 1716 NSRI - 083 212 1277 PA Hospital - (046) 604 4000 PA Municipality - (046) 624 1140 Sky Alarms - (046) 624 2806 SPCA - (046) 624 1919 Towing Service - 082 958 3839

Contact Visit Sunshine at 22 Wharf Street Tel: 046 624 4591

Sunshine on

Tel: 046 624 4591 Cell: 082 676 1742

Sunshine Escape :: 6 September 2013

On the diary


Email your events, at no cost to publish, before 2pm on Tuesdays, to or drop the info off at our offices at 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred.

6th September – Fish Braai @ Port Alfred & Ski Boat Club. From 12. All are welcome and prices are very affordable 6th to 7th September – Universities Boat Race 7th September - CMA Breakfast @ THE LODGE (The Old Victoria Hotel) ex “BEYOND ADVENTURE” 06h30for 07h00 (Ladies Welcome) Speaker; Michael Austin Accountant for local Hotel Group. Join us as we hear what God has done in his life! Offering will be taken to cover cost of meal.R40.00 For more information contact Leon 082 673 1492 or Charlie 082 850 1166 7th September – Settlers Park Morning Market@ Don Powis Community Hall 9h00 – Feel free to come and spend the morning with us, there will be tea and eats available while you look around the amazing homemade goodies we have available. 7th September – PAHS Pre-Primary 13th Annual Treasure Hunt 14h00 – Every team will win a prize! A vehicle is a must for the hunt takes you through Port Alfred. For more information contact Lyn Ridden on 082 722 6722 8th September – Amathole Triathlon 08h30 @ Kleinemonde East – Races will commence at 09h30 and will be 200m, 500m or 1000m River Swims, 5km, 10km or 20km Mountain Bike Races and also 1.5km, 4km or 8km Trail Runs. 10th September – Probus Club @ Port Alfred River & Skiboat Club 10h00 - Guest Speaker Dr Amber Childs - M.Sc (Ichthyology), Ph.D Postdoctoral Fellow – SAIAB. Topic: “The Rhino of our Seas” Dr Childs is a Scientist who combines modern technology with ground breaking research techniques to give us “Insights into the Movements of the Iconic Dusky Cob”. For more information contact Paul Probert on 082 773 7847 12th September – Memory Book Scrapbook Club 14h00 – 17h00 @ The Presbyterian Church, Port Alfred. All welcome. For more information contact Cheryl on 046 624 2733 or 083 556 7562

20th September – The Hiking Group Outing @ Robby’s 07h00. The outing will be a beach walk from Bokness to Bushman’s. Bring R30.00 to cover any entrance fee that may be charged + R20.00 for petrol contribution. For more information contact Cathy Abbott on or 083 399 2926 24th September – The Engela Neethling Kowie Boerewors Championships – In Wharf Street. Stalls, beer hall, live entertainment, bands, jumping castles, competitions, etc. Book your stalls by emailing or call on 046 624 4591 or visit us at 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred 30th September – The Hiking Group Outing @ Robby’s 07h00. The outing will be at Watersmeet. Bring R30.00 to cover any entrance fee that may be charged + R20.00 for petrol contribution. For more information contact Cathy Abbott on aloes. or 083 399 2926 18th October – The Hiking Group Outing @ Robby’s 07h00. The outing will be at a beach walk at The Fish River Lighthouse. Bring R30.00 to cover any entrance fee that may be charged + R20.00 for petrol contribution. For more information contact Cathy Abbott on or 083 399 2926 18th October – The Hiking Group Outing @ Robby’s 07h00. The outing will be at a beach walk at Belton. Bring R30.00 to cover any entrance fee that may be charged + R20.00 for petrol contribution. For more information contact Cathy Abbott on or 083 399 2926 13th November – The Hiking Group Outing @ Robby’s 07h00. The outing will be at Mosslands. Bring R30.00 to cover any entrance fee that may be charged + R20.00 for petrol contribution. For more information contact Cathy Abbott on aloes. or 083 399 2926

Royal Port Alfred Golf Club WEEKLY RESULTS DATE: Wednesday 28/08/2013 SPONSOR: Lalibela/Famous Grouse COMPETITION: Individual Stableford NO OF PLAYERS: 83 VISITORS: Peter Thompson – Johannesburg Country Club; Matthew Thompson PE Golf Club Results: A Division: 1st: Len O`Haughey - 41 2nd: Dave Young - 41 3rd: Geoff Bladen – 39 B Division: 1st: Ross Wright – 45 2nd: Neil Menary – 44 3rd: Dave Niccol - 43 Two Clubs: 6th: K Heny, N Forester, N Oosthuizen 8th: M Rushmere, C van Zyl, M Legg, D Young, P Longhurst. C Howard 11th: D Blomfield, N Menary 13th: C van Zyl Best Gross: 75 – Brian Wright Best Nett: 64 – Nick Menary, Ross Wright Nearest the Pins: Debonairs Pizza – 6th: Kevin Heny PA River & Ski Boat Club – 8th: Corrie van Zyl The Wharf Street Brew Pub – 11th: Rick Pryce The Highlander - 13th: Fanie Terblanche Wimpy Longest Drive - #3rd: Nick Fox VW Market Square- Nearest the

By Erich Adendorff

pin for 2 on 1st: Charlie Poulton Jackpot: C van Zyl DATE: Saturday 31/08/2013 SPONSOR: Pam Golding Properties COMPETITION: Better Ball Bonus Bogey NO OF PLAYERS: 44 VISITORS: Mbulelo Renene – East London G C Results: 1st: Franco Vidale, Ross Wright +10 2nd: Warren Solz, Neil v.d. Linde +8 3rd: Steve Gardner, Arjan Sap + 7 4th: Nathi Mbabela, Litha Tsolekile + 7 Two Clubs: 6th: F van Rooyen, T Leach, O Pieterse, K Heny Nearest the Pins: Mooifontein Quarry – 6th: Arjan Sap PA River & Ski Boat Club – 8th: Desmond Mjimla PA Brick Works – 11th: Nathi Mbabela The Wharf Street Brew & Pub 13th: Zola Mgudwa Wimpy Longest Drive - #4th: Moses Slavert Douglas Green – Nearest the Pin for 2 on 1st: Moses Slavert Jackpot: Carry Over 1820’s DATE: Monday 26/08/2013 No of Players: 29 enjoyed warm, almost windless conditions Winners on 35: Oscar Pearson, Albert Whitfield, Don Howarth,

Louis v.d. Walt Moosehead on 45: John Clayton, Guy Hilton-Barber, Ram Piers, Lionel Timm Good Scores: 49: George Bydawell, 48: Conrad Winterbach, Don Howarth, Juan Southey, 47: Windsor Bagley 46: Dale Wisener, Ernie Allen, Dallas Cowie 43: Ted Baines 41: Oscar Pearson 2 Clubs: 8th: Oscar Pearson, Dallas Cowie, Ted Baines DATE: Thursday 29/08/2013 No of Players: 28 On a warm overcast day Winners on 39: Windsor Bagley, Lawton Amos, Juan Southey, Louis v.d. Walt Moosehead on 47: John Clayton, Dave Beatt, Ram Piers, Lionel Timm Good Scores: 49: Andy Simpson, Mick Parker 48: Dallas Cowie, Roy Pople 45: Louis v.d. Walt 2 Clubs: 8th: Juan Southey 11th: Andy Simpson, Roy Pople Forthcoming Events: Friday 6th: Mutual & Federal golf day – 4 Ball Alliance Saturday 7th: Viv Jordan golf day – Better Ball Medal Wednesday 11th: PSG – 2 Ball Alliance (Maltby Cup) Friday 12th to Monday 16th: Course Closed (only 9 holes available)

FNB Jnr Public Speaking Competition winners

Winners Gr 4 + 5 L-R Tazmin Cannon (Gr 5 - 2nd), Jenna Coetzee (Winner, Gr 4) and Erin Coltman (Winner - Gr 5)

CROQUET CORNER We have all been most concerned about Jennifer Worrall, who suffered a stroke just over a week ago. She was in the Port Alfred Hospital for the past week, but is now in Aurora in Port Elizabeth. On the reverse side of that awful 'coin', Trish Loveland is making excellent, albeit slow, progress after her 'nasty' a couple of weeks ago. It's so good to see her out and around again and 'sterkte' to her and her 'master of all trades', Rick, for her continued improvement! Congratulations to David Boyd who was re-elected as Club President at the recent AGM of the PA Bowling & Croquet Club. Many thanks to all 24 Croqueteers who attended and for the many apologies received. Phyl Russell was unanimously elected as Croquet Captain for the coming year.

Motoring matters

TRAILBLAZER - what an apt name for this vehicle - Chevrolet or rather General Motors could not have given a better descriptive word to describe the all-new 2.5LT 4X2 MT SUV. What a drive this is, fitted with a turbocharged Duramax diesel engine, which is new to our South African shores but legendary to GM in America. The interior is very spacious and if needed can be used to accommodate seven people, with the extra two fold -away seats in the rear, which otherwise would be

luggage space. What I loved about this vehicle in particular is the very comfortable driver seat. Excellent vision all round with drive assist for parking, reversing and when getting too close to any obstacle whatsoever. Strong, sturdy and robust with appealing looks, no need to say more. Handling on the open road is great and I had to keep my eyes on the speedometer to not exceed the speed limit. Power is definitely not a problem here. As usual, my preferred testing on gravel road is the

Winners Gr 6 + 7 L-R Monique Muller (2nd), Britney Hawkins (1st) and Kayla le Roux (3rd)

Shaw Park route and this is where I had to curb myself from trying too hard to see what limitations there is to this vehicle. It handled like a dream. More technical data can be obtained from Richard Axe at Kenrich Motors in Port Alfred or from Dean Kent in Grahamstown. Motoring tip for the week: Try to keep your petrol tank more than half full at all times .The emptier the tank, the more evaporation. Cheers, Erich

The new committee is Noeline Kirsten, Mercia Kruger, Anne Prettejohn, Peter Wandsell & Jennifer Worrall. Well done to you all and we wish you a very good and happy year of office. Congratulations, too, to Maureen Heale and Marcel Renaud who were elected as the new Ladies' and Men's Captains and to their committees. May you all have a happy and hassle free year of office! Please will croquet players remember to play as many Club Championship matches as possible, as somehow the time always seems to run away and we are left with a last minute scramble! Many thanks, too, to all those involved for fitting 'Corky's Clutch' on the inside of the Croquet room door! Much appreciated so no more dramas for the 'old girl'!!

NOW SHOWING: 6 SEPTEMBER 2013 to 12 SEPTEMBER 2013 CINE 1 (13 L) Tue - Sat Sun

INTERNSHIP 1h59min 11h00 15h00 14h00 17h00



CINE 2 THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES Ster Kinekor (16 LVD) 2h20min Drama Tue - Sat 11h00 15h00 19h00 Sun 14h00 17h00 Tickets: (Adults) R25, (Kids under 13) R20. Tuesday Specials - R12.50pp For further info visit or Facebook: Rosehill mall Tel / Fax: 046 624 1436



PSIRA no: 559786

Emergency Tel: (046) 624 2806 Cell: 084 471 9239

Safety & Security Port Alfred, Bathurst, Shaw Park, Kleinemonde, Alexandria Registered as a Security Service Provider

All set for thrilling 2013 Boat Races

Jarryd Pauls This weekend thousands of students from universities across the country will descend on Port Alfred in support of the annual USSA National Institutional Boat Race Championship. The event has traditionally attracted fierce competition and this year promises to be no different. In 2012 the University of Pretoria (Tuks), aided by Olympic gold medalists John Smith and James Thompson, dominated the races, making a clean sweep of the men’s as well as the women’s A finals. However, 2013 presents an entirely new challenge and a number of universities have been working

hard to ensure that Tuks do not have it all their own way this year. Amongst those eyeing a stronger campaign are hosts, Rhodes University, who finished second in the women’s A final in 2012 but fared disappointingly in the men’s championship. Rhodes captain, Tristan Wentworth, spoke to Qcard Television at an earlier training camp and described how important this race is for him and his fellow rowers. “The Boat Race has always been our big event. With it being set on the Kowie, it is our home event and it is very important to Rhodes,” he said. “We are hoping to do a lot better than last year. Our goal has always been to make the final of the A divi-

It's already September, spring has sprung and congratulations to Tommy and Gwen Crouch on your 50th wedding anniversary, a milestone indeed. The Personal Trust sponsored competition, played last Tuesday was won by Trevor Frost, Maureen Heale, Nici Thomas and Rod Wilson with plus 15. Second place went to Ron Orford, Marcel Renaud, Johann Kirsten,

R119 990 incl.

sion, and I believe that this year we have a good shot at doing that,” he added. Rhodes coach, John Luck, was hopeful that the hard work done in training throughout the year would pay off. “The training has been going very well. We have got some great distance in during our preparation thanks to the amazing weather and we are feeling confident,” he said. Every year the Boat Races bring fresh excitement, and this year’s instalment could be one of the closest ever. The packed river banks are set to ensure an incredible atmosphere as Port Alfred comes to life for one of the most exhilarating weekends on the local calendar.

Friday 6 September 10h00 Church Service: Anglican Church – all welcome 11h00 Coaches’ Meeting 11h00 Trustees’ Meeting 12h30 – 16h30 B Finals Saturday 7 September 08h00 Veterans 26th Anniversary Race 08h30 Alumni 09h10 Men’s A 7th Place Final 09h40 Women's A 7th Place Final 10h10 Men’s A 5th Place Final 10h40 Women’s A 5 Place Final 11h10 C Final 11h40 Women’s B Final 12h10 Men’s B Final 13h50 Women’s A 3rd Place Final 14h10 Men’s A 3rd Place Final 14h40 Women’s A Final 15h20 Men’s A Final 16h00 Prize Giving

Por t Alfred Bowling Club

and Tony Nelson with plus 14. Third place was Rita Browne, Jenny Wallace, Nigel Koster and Arthur Beresford. The finals of the mixed drawn trips were also played last Tuesday and the winners, by one shot, were Mike Hayler, John Bennet and Mary Kilburn against Chris Armitage, Peter Smethurst and Helen Otto. Well done to Mike and his team. The EA Men's and Ladies’ trips finals, played over last weekend, have now been completed and the winners are: Men, Trevor Frost, Ron Orford and Noel Heale ,(PABC) runners up Clive Bartlett, Bresby du Preez and Peter Haynes.(Albany) Ladies winners are Sandra Wiblin, Collet Reid and Jenni McLaughlan, (PABC) runners up Hermie Scholtz, Gloria Schmidt and Mireille McPhee.(Kenton)Congratulations to the winners. The

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EP Trips for all the above players will take place at Kowie Bowling Club on the 14th and 15th September. Ladies a reminder about round one and two of the Renee Vroom Shield to be played this Saturday morning starting at 09:00. Round three and four will be played on Saturday 14th. Also the mixed sponsored Radue trips take place this Friday afternoon. Good luck and travel safely to the two PABC teams taking part in the Inggs Cup in Uitenhage over this coming weekend. Tuesday 10th September is our monthly birthday night celebration and "Happy Birthday" to all our members with a birthday in September. Round three of the mixed nominated pairs takes place on Wednesday 11th September. Kenton Bowling Club

Men’s Classic is being played over the weekend of the 14th and 15th September. Duties for 10th - 14th September

Tabs: John Bennet and Mo Goff Bar: Russell Geard, Martin Leonard, Ian McPherson Ironing: Gordon Goff

Inter Regional Bowls 2013 - Russell Geard Trophy won by Eastern Areas. Back from left: Ruth Low, Delene Deenick, Jenny Wallace, Maureen Heale, Adele Wood, Marlene Jacobs. Front row from left: Sandra Wiblin, Kate Beavis, Gwen Bartlett, Jenni McLaughlan, Jane Armitage, Gill Duncan. link for the latest Sunshine Coast news

Sunshine Escape 6 September  
Sunshine Escape 6 September  

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