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November 15, 2013 Vol.1 No.19

Shop 2, Anchorage Mall

The Sustainable Seas Trust produces films to promote understanding and influence human behaviour and action by government, business and the public. The Trust Sustainability Films (TSF) is currently producing four educational films for the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) and filmed, on location, in Kenton on Sea recently.


The founding trustee and director of the Sustainable Seas Trust (SST), Dr Tony Ribbink, addressed the Kenton on Sea Rotary Club on the 5th of November and announced the relocation of the organisation’s office to The Threeways Centre in Kenton on Sea. Dr Ribbink provided a brief overview of the origins of SST describing how the organisation arose from the African Coelacanth Ecosystem Programme at a time when countries from the Western Indian Ocean noted their interest in the technology and coelacanths research project but called for sustainable and worthwhile projects where the main interest was on the wellbeing of the coastal communities. To encapsulate the inspiration that led to SST, Dr Ribbink cited Nelson Mandela’s words when he was President which emphasized that: Conservation, sustainability and rehabilitation of the environment cannot succeed until we have addressed issues of: Poverty; Food security; Education and skills development; Human dignity and social justice; Human health; Providing employment to marginalized people. As such SST pursues sustainability through knowl-

edge and action through various activities: SST helps rehabilitate marine life to feed people and sustain ecosystems; SST works on food security and sustainable lifestyles; SST provides education and skills training - in classrooms and outside too; SST films are used to promote an understanding and influence human behaviour and action by government, business and the public. To highlight the value of knowledge and learning about our seas Dr Ribbink shared a delightful anecdote from a recent film shoot on the beach in Kenton on Sea, where the film crew and actors, discovered a young octopus ‘walking’ across the rocky shelves between the tidal pools. Before screening a short film produced by SST’s Trust Sustainability Films (TSF) Dr Ribbink highlighted what is under the sea’s surface saying that “people don’t pay enough attention to what they don’t see and as a result our marine life is being destroyed”. “Our current education films: take children to the sea, harbours, estuaries, boats, ships; teach through the eyes of children and share excitement and experiences; are

produced in different languages; use animations; is in line with the school curriculum; is short, about 12 minutes, so suitable for classroom use so teachers can introduce, show and discuss; and show that Kenton is a great place to spend time with children,” Dr Ribbink said. In closing Dr Ribbink highlighted the organisation’s current exciting photographic competition which not only offers wonderful prizes to the public but where all photographic entries stand the chance of being included in a coffee table book to be produced by Struik and launched during Marine Week 2014. To see the latest competition entries visit the organisations Facebook page: Sustainable Seas Trust & SEA Pledge and click on the 2013 Photo Competition album and to find out more about the competition visit their website:

BOOK YOUR END OF YEAR FUNCTION OR CHRISTMAS PARTY WITH US! We will provide Christmas hats and crackers for free with any year end function of 20 or more people. Private venues available (additional fees involved). Reservations are essential and full pre-payment is required. Contact Lee French on (040) 676 1101 to make your group booking.





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R 165 R 120

Served on Wednesdays and Saturday evenings from 15 Dec 2013 to 4 Jan 2014.

Served every Friday evening.

R36.95 for 10

Reservations are essential.

Reservations are essential.

* Please note that we are not open to day visitors on 01 Jan 2014.

While stocks last Tel: +27 (0) 40 676 1101 | Fax: +27 (0) 40 676 1115 E-mail:

Sunshine Escape :: 15 November 2013


Brain Crunches


WIN R100 grocery voucher, with the compliments of Heritage Pick ‘n Pay. Correct crosswords should reach our offices no later than 12pm on Wednesdays. Drop them off at our offices at the Little Brewery, 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred.

Across 1 Uncover (6) 4 Wretched (6) 8 Not far off (5) 9 Unanticipated check in progress (7) 10 Welsh port (7) 11 Spring month (5) 12 Amended (9) 17 Wherewithal (5) 19 Everywhere (3,4) 21 Native of Tyneside (7) 22 Curt (5) 23 Card suit (6) 24 Crunchy salad vegetable (6)

Down 1 Surfeit (6) 2 Mundane (7) 3 Prophets (5) 5 Pariah (7) 6 Natural aptitude (5) 7 Probable (6) 9 Drawn position in chess (9) 13 What is left (7) 14 Varied (7) 15 Pictures (6) 16 Blood vessel (6) 18 Hawaiian greeting (5) 20 Milky coffee (5)

The winner of our crossword for last week, is B.G. Coetzee. Congratulations, you can pick up your R100 grocery voucher, with the compliments of Heritage Pick ‘n Pay, from the management there.



Just for FUN


How to play: Sudoku is easy to play and the rules are simple. Fill in the blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain one instance of each of the numbers 1 through 9.


Address: Contact:

Entries to be in by 12pm on Wednesday


Roy Spavins wins our Sudoku for last week. Congratulations on winning a voucher for a breakfast for two at Frank’s on the Wharf, Port Alfred.

Submit your completed grid to the Sunshine Escape offices at The Little Brewery, 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred. The first correct entry drawn will win a breakfast for two at Franks on the Wharf. Only one entry per person, per week. No registered letters or faxed entries.

Thank You to SAPS for prompt response Harold and Jenny Wooding were fast asleep at their home on the east bank, in the early hours of Monday morning and not at all disturbed by the robbery that took place only meters away from them. Upon wakening at 06:30, they discovered the break in and theft and notified the police. The policemen, Warrant Officer Chris Van Rensburg and Seargant J.J. Marais arrived at their home to take their statements at 07:00, closely followed by Warrant Officer Schalk Van der Merwe for fingerprinting. Soon after, Constables Abrahams and Doye arrived to take further statement and assist with the investigation.

Landline: 046 625 0152 Cell: 082 655 2326 Email: PO Box 214, Bathurst 6166 Wednesday & Friday – Steak Nights & Specials Thursday – Line Dancing

By 15:00 the same day a suspect had been caught and was in custody. The suspect turned out to be one of the Wooding’s trusted employees. Harold and Jenny would like to thank the South African Police Service for their prompt response, kind and efficient manner in which they dealt with the matter and their effective policing which lead to the timely capture of the suspect.

Jenny Wooding from Woody’s Swop Shop is very pleased with the manner in which the SAPS handled the robbery that occurred at their home in the early hours of Monday morning.


On Wednesday this week, a man popped into our offices at 22 Wharf St offering pot plants for sale. He stole a cell phone from Jenny Kukard while she was out of the office. Fortunately we were pretty sure who had taken the phone so a number of burly men drove around town looking for the culprit who was accompanied by a group people in a white Toyota bakkie filled with pot plants. During this ruckus, the SAPS sent two officers to our premises to take statements. Fortunately Hannes, Jenny’s partner found the culprit and his cohorts near the golf course and persuaded him to return the phone, which he eventually did. DON’T allow these people into your homes, shops, restaurants or offices or you could be the next victim of theft!

Sunshine Escape :: 15 November 2013


Bathurst Primary School needs your help Zena Ndoda (Grade 4) was one of the young girls dressed in traditional costume that gave a very entertaining song and dance routine to entertain the audience at the prizegiving

Bathurst Primary School is the oldest school in South Africa, dating back to 1820 with the first classes being held in a Marquee. Even more interesting was that there was no discrimination and five Fingo pupils were among the first 51 co-ed pupils – quite phenomenal given that at the time there were no girls’ schools in England.

The current principal, Andre Laas, took over in September this year and found the school grounds and buildings in bad need of maintenance and the classrooms lacking the basic educational needs. “Our school is arguably the oldest school in South Africa, dating back to 1820, and it will be a sad day should further deterioration be al-

lowed to take place. We have 112 children from grade one to seven and a further 27 children in Grade R and our school consists of 98% previously disadvantaged leaners.” Mr Laas said. “We are a Section 21 fee paying school with our parents paying R350 per month in school fees. This money is used to pay the salaries of one administrative clerk,

one cleaner indoors as well as three teacher’s salaries. Our new state educator provisioning for 2014 is one principal and two educators which is totally inadequate to meet the needs from grade one to seven. Our departmental budget allocation does not nearly cover all our day to day expenses. “We are desperately in need of any assistance in

Craft co-operatives visit Kariega Game Reserve

Kariega Project , a community empowerment organisation, recently facilitated a visit by representatives of craft co-operatives in Ekuphumleni, to the Kariega Game Reserve curio shop. There are a number of craft co-operatives in Ekuphumleni but finding the right product for the right market is not always easy, so representatives went knocking on Kariega Project’s door to ask for advice. Sean Kelly contacted Kariega Game Reserve and arranged to have Odette van der Merwe take the crafters through the curio shop to identify the products that sell well among their particular clientele. Different outlets have different clientele so Odette provided the crafters with a profile of her particular clientele and their needs. Phumeza Boli represented a co-operative with 35 members; Mileka Ngezu represented Siyabonga co-operative, they have 18 members; Lucy Sineli came from Representatives of craft co-operatives in Ekuphumleni visited Kariega Game Reserve curio Siyazamba co-operative with seven memshop on Tuesday. From left is Phumeza Boli, Mileka Ngezu, Cindy Tana and in front Lucy Sineli. bers and Cindy Tana belongs to Thembalabantu co-operative which currently only has six members. There was much discussion and brainstorming during the visit and on the way back among the women as to how to create products that suited this potential outlet’s needs. For more information about Kariega Project visit or follow their Facebook page.

connection with maintenance, educational material and financial assistance towards a salary for an extra educator in order to relieve the problem we have with combined classes,” Mr Laas concluded If you are able to assist in any way please contact Mr Laas on bathurstps@gmail. com or 082 799 5445 or 046 625 0735.

For all your video production requirements From Single to Multi-camera Productions, Big Screen, Editing, Functions, Corporates, VIDEO STREAMING – live OR recorded 30 Years experience in TV Production

O82 428 4558

Compucare Computers For ALL your:-

• • • • • An example of the work from craft co-operatives in Ekuphumleni. If you are interested in stocking their wares please contact Sean Kelly at

Ink and consumables New Laptop/desktop computer/accessory sales. Virus and Spy ware cleaning. Internet and networking assistance. General Computer repairs and maintaenance Alister & Sara Gradwell Southwell Road, Port Alfred Tel: 046 624 8295 • Fax: 096 666 9982 Email: Website:

Kowie - FM - 99






Sunshine Escape :: 15 November 2013


Comet ISON approaches: ‘Comet Of The Century’ visible through binoculars as it heads towards the sun

This photo, taken November 10th by Michael Jäger of Jauerling Austria, shows a beautiful double tail:

Comet ISON, C/S 2012 S1, still has a date with the sun but is now visible from Earth with a pair of binoculars. The “comet of the century” may end up being a dud as it approaches dangerously close to the surface of the sun around Nov. 28. If ISON survives the trip, it could be visible to the naked eye during the day, but astronomers are still not certain about its fate. As noted previously, Comet ISON is a weird space object, and new observations by researchers from the Max Planck Institute provide new insights on this “cosmic stranger.” As ISON passed by Mars in October, observations from the Hubble space telescope and amateur astronomers revealed an intact nucleus, a sign that the comet has not broken up, but its toughest test will come on Nov. 28. According to Max Planck astronomers, ISON’s orbit will take it as close as 1 million kilometers, 621,371 miles, from the surface of the sun, classifying it as a “sun grazing comet.”

If ISON survives, the comet could put on quite the show on its rebound and may even be visible in broad daylight. The hype surrounding the comet began with its initial discovery in 2012, due to its brightness, but it has been something of a disappointment of late. Despite its recent discovery, Ison is an ancient object that is billions of years old and provides researchers with new information about the early universe. Hermann Böhnhardt, head of ISON observations at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, said in a statement, “These so-called non-periodic comets contain uncontaminated information from the birth of our solar system.” ISON was expected to become brighter from heating up, but that was not the case. Planck scientists are more optimistic, noting that, while it may not be the dazzling event that was advertised, the comet will still be easily seen in the night sky and is visible from Earth with a pair of binoculars. In addi-

tion to its surface material heating up, ISON’s axis of rotation is creating a reserve of material that will only be burned up as it curves around the sun, making for better viewing opportunities. In a photograph taken on 10 November, the comet shows two tails. One tail is the ion tail. It is a thin streamer of ionized gas pushed away from the comet by solar wind. The filamentary ion tail points almost directly away from the sun. The other tail is the dust tail. Like Hansel and Gretel leaving bread crumbs to mark their way through the forest, ISON is leaving a trail of comet dust as it moves through the solar system. Compared to the lightweight molecules in the ion tail, grains of comet dust are heavier and harder for solar wind to push around. The dust tends to stay where it is dropped. The dust tail, therefore, traces the comet’s orbit and does not point directly away from the sun as the ion tail does. SOURCE:

Eastern Cape Social Development Shop 2, Anchorage Mall

On Special R40.00


list ecia p S ter d Prin Alfre The t r o in P

Tel: 046 624 3123/3175

Youth Camp at Green Fountain Farm The Eastern Cape Department of Social Development is committed to positively impacting the lives of youth within the province. To this end 200 youth, aged between 18 and 24 will convene in Port Alfred for a four day youth camp from 14–17 November. Stenden South Africa has been appointed as service provider for the camp following strict criteria. The theme of the camp is “Brining hope to future leaders” allowing young people to share their views and opinions on social, political, economic, religious and cultural issues, with the aim of: •

Breaking down barriers between generations to provide better communication and understanding.

Assisting youth to develop programmes addressing their

Facilitating the transfer of wisdom and knowledge from elderly to younger generations.

• • • • • • • • •

Thick and Thirsty Glodina Black Label Towels


Linking vulnerable young people to opportunities. Creating a positive influence and encourage the initiation and running of Youth Clubs within their wards.

Enabling them to recover from stresses and empower them to sustain their livelihood. Providing information on youth and economic development opportunities. Encouraging active participation of young people in their own development. Encouraging education.

Promoting social cohesion, social activism, patriotism, unity towards building cohesive communities.

Raising awareness amongst youth about the impact of substance abuse, elderly and child abuse.

Motivating young people to understanding their role as change agents. The camp is at Greenfountain Farm Resort in Port Alfred and service provider, Stenden South Africa has ensured that the strictest levels of compliance and safety are security are adhered to. Menus have been carefully planned by a dietician and all activities and lectures are planned around leadership, teamwork, facilitation skills, social cohesion, character building and nation building. The Department of Social Services sees this Youth Camp as a launching pad for these young people to fight their challenges and be catalysts of their own development and are in line with the provincial priority of the Department; which is “building cohesive, caring and sustainable communities”.

Sunshine Escape :: 15 November 2013


Wharf Street Brew Pub celebrates first birthday! Experienced Chef and Restau- for Christmas lunch, please R300.00 per head and funcrateur, Bram Coetzee opened the book early” said Bram ‘Mein tions range from R120.00 per Wharf Street Brew Pub under his Host’ Coetzee. head to R280.00 per head deown banner in November last year. Christmas lunch will be pending on the menu ordered. Bram initially studied for a B.Com degree at the then University of Port Elizabeth but in 1985 he decided to follow his passion for food and became a chef. He spent four years in London at two restaurants, Konnigans and Scoffers before coming back to South Africa and opening a restaurant called The Brass Monkey in Pine Slopes Shopping Centre, opposite Monte Casino in Sandton. The Brass Monkey became the biggest on consumption (beer) pub and restaurant in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Choosing to slow things down a little, Bram and his wife Lynn sold Brass Monkey and opened a new restaurant in White River, they named it ‘Alfresco’. Bram’s parents have owned a home in Kenton since 1973, so he knows our area well and a year ago the call of the Kowie became too much and he put Alfresco up for sale and moved down here to reestablish The Wharf St Brew Pub. Lynn, Bram’s wife stayed behind to manage Alfresco until it was sold and five months ago, she and their two gorgeous daughters, three year old Haley and ten year old Jenna, were able to move down to Port Alfred and join Bram in their new venture. Bram says “The new fangled term for a restaurant and pub like mine & THE WHARF STREET TRADING POST is ‘Gastro Pub’ and that seems to describe what we have here in a Wishing Bram and his team at Wharf nutshell. We serve a cross variety of St Brew Pub a very happy 1st Birthday cultural dishes, from tried and tested recipes that I have created over the years including ‘typical’ South New Appliances BIGGEST African dishes”. At the moment the Brew Pub New Furniture STOCK has a pub menu as well as an a’ la’ Décor carte menu but from sometime next LISTING year, they will be creating more of Antiques a sports bar environment for the EVER downstairs section of the restauSecond Hand rant with TVs for sports events and the pub menu will mainly be available for that section. “I am looking forward to a good holiday season with loads of holiday makers enjoying our food, so all the locals that would like to We Buy & Sell 046 624 1722 book for end of year functions or

Happy Birthday to Wharf St Brew Pub

Sparg’s Furnishers


Experienced Chef and Restaurateur, Bram Coetzee, pictured here with Khaya Yaco, opened the Wharf Street Brew 'Gastro Pub' a year ago and offers both a pub menu as well as an a’ la’ carte menu for diners in a relaxed atmosphere with excellent service.


Thank you to our wonderful staff and fabulous Congratulations to the Congratulations to the customers for the great support over the past year, new owners of the Royal St. Andrews without you it wouldn’t be possible, from new owners of the Royal St. Andrews Bram and Lynn Coetzee Best wishes to Grahame & Gail Griffiths 18 Wharf Street, Port Alfred Best wishes046 to 624 Grahame & Gail Griffiths Tel/Fax: 046 624 4947 9028

046 624 9028


Sunshine Escape :: 15 November 2013


Do you have jobs, cars for sale, services, pets, property, community notices, or other things to advertise? Blast your advert in your community newspaper! It pays to advertise! To book your advert space call 082 676 1742

1 x Bedsitter units (single persons only) R1900.00 pm inc W&L Fully furnished Contact Terry on 082 676 1742 FLATS TO LET

Fully furnished Flat, Single R1700, Double R2400 per month, including W&L Contact Tel: 046 624 4537 or Cell: 083 584 1759



Computers(Pty)Ltd 70 Southwell Road Port Alfred Tel: 046 624 8295





Look HoTT with your sleek plums with some sophisticated blue/black flaunted with a touch of gold fringe. ManeTamers in Bathurst. 076 291 2144

Barbara Main

5 Jack's Close, Port Alfred Tel: (046) 624 5203 Cell: 074 370 0648



Extra Math or other subject support sessions available for Grade 7-9 learners. Consolidate primary school skills in preparation or during the transition to secondary school in relaxed environment provided. Contact Maya Lloyd on 082 393 9250 or

Energy for Life holistic health practice. Yoga therapy sessions, Energy massages, Ecopsychology and Take Time Out Retreats. Lunch hour yoga classes now available in Kenton on Sea Monday and Wednesday. (13:00-14:00) Contact Maya Lloyd on 082 393 9250

Murray: 082 366 9878 / Sandy: 072 266 2524 Tel: (046) 624 9069 o/h


Fabricating & Balustrading Boat & Bakkie Rails



The Shop will now be open every Wednesday from 9 am to 12 pm. Visit the shop at: No. 1 Alfred Road, Port Alfred.


Can be purchased from: Com Office / Decadent / Root 72 & Natures Way @ R50-00 ea Cell: 076 379 2151 Tel: 046 604 0463

CARAVAN:- 1998 C.I. Supreme 4 Berth POP Top with Island Bed / Fridge Microwave / Rally Awning / Side Walls Skirt / Wheel Cover / Spare Wheel and MANY EXTRAS, EXCELENT CONDITION R55 000 Tel: 046 624 1853 / 083 285 2208

For Sale 21ft Cabin Boat with Johnson 115 motor With trailer R50,000 ONCO Contact 082 428 4558

Boknes Plot For Sale Lovely Setting R250 000 Contact 079 594 2267 Bantam 1.3XLi Bakkie

A/C. PAS. Mags and other factory fitted extras. 2007 model with low 121800 kms. One owner car with dealer condition report. R56,500 ono Smart & economical. 082 629 4952

Woody’s Swop Shop

046 624 1776 or 079 567 6714 We Buy and Sell Furniture & Fittings Antiques & collectibles Linen & Curtaining

Qualified in Swedish Massage & Reflexology


Sunshine Coast Hospice is in urgent need of wool For their ladies who knit and crochet jerseys for the patients Any wool is most welcome Contact Karen on (046) 624 4107 SUNSHINE COAST HOSPICE Urgently require stock for their charity shop. We accept anything including furniture, crockery, cutlery, kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, glassware, paintings, ornaments, bedding, toys, bric a brac etc WE ALSO REQUIRE BOOKS ONE MAN’S JUNK IS ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE


Wharf street


STAINLESS STEEL POLISHING SPECIALIST Contact: 072 156 1739 or 083 568 1328


• NOW OFFERING PICTURE FRAMING AS WELL • • Computer Generated Signage • T-Shirt Printing

Cell: 073 618 1155



Phone Russel on 082 833 0245

Tel: (046) 648 2977

Kenton-On-Sea “Your china in the moving business” • Local and National Furniture Removals • Secure Storage • Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage & Tools


Sunshine Visit Us at 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred Tel: 046 624 4591 Cell: 082 676 1742

I am looking for a reliable small car for under R15 000 Please Call: 076 902 4040



076-315-6246 Install, Clean & Service of Water Tanks, Pumps & Gutters


Little Brewery on the River Book your brewery tours on 046 624 8692. Wharf St Brew Pub Book your table early to avoid disappointment 046 624 4947

Sunshine on Tel: 046 624 4591

Cell: 082 676 1742

SPARG’S FURNITURES 046 624 1722 For all your furniture requirements antiques and collectibles. EMERGENCY NUMBERS

Emergency Calls Emergency calls from landline 10111 Emergency calls from mobile 112


Alexandra 046-653-0015 Bathurst 046-625-0636 Kenton-on-Sea 046-648-1222 Nemato 046-624-1238 Port Alfred 046-604-2000/1/2 Seafield 046-675-1113 Traffic Department 046-624-1140 Fire Department 046-624-1140

EMERGENCY NUMBERS Alcohol Anon - 082 973 1604 Ambulance (Private) - (046) 624 4240 AVIS Rent a Car - (046) 624 4353/4044 Child Welfare - 083 652 3951/046 624 5793 Fire Brigade - (046) 624 1111 Multi Security - (046) 624 2508 Nature Conservation - 082 753 1716 NSRI - 083 212 1277 PA Hospital - (046) 604 4000 PA Municipality - (046) 624 1140 Sky Alarms - (046) 624 2806 SPCA - (046) 624 1919 Towing Service - 082 958 3839

Sunshine Escape :: 15 November 2013

On the diary Movember 16 November: RPAGC - R&M Dairy/Feathers Farm – Better Ball Bonus Bogey 16 November: FUN Up-cycling workshops (R30 p.p. for 1h30) - take a break and send the kids to the workshop while you shop or meet up with friends in one of Kenton’s fine coffee shops. 10 places per session, book in advance – 09:0010:30 or 11:00-12:30. Bring along a bag of toilet roll inners to recycle and get a R10 discount. 20 November: RPAGC - Pick `n Pay – 4 Ball Alliance 20 November: RPAGC - QACCS Golf day 21 November: Lower Albany Historical Society. Indoor meeting at Don Powis, Settler’s Park 22 November: RPAGC - DA Golf Day 23 November: RPAGC - GBS Mutual Bank – Better Ball Stableford 26 November: The Hiking Group Outing @ Robby’s 07h00. The outing will be The Christmas Breakfast at the Fish River Sun – All partners

DATE: Wednesday 06/11/2013 SPONSOR: BUCO COMPETITION: Individual Medal NO OF PLAYERS: 70 VISITORS: Steve Barnett – Maccauvlei Triangle Golf Club Results: 1st: Rick Pryce - 65 2nd: Ian Moncur - 67 3rd: Dennis McElwee - 67 4th: Eric Segers - 67 5th: Allan Corrans - 67 Two Clubs: 6th: T Meyer 8th: A Altson, E Segers, B McGarvie, D Hawkins 11th: C Poulton, W Solz 13th: Eric Segers, T Meyer Best Gross: 70 – Ian Moncur Nearest the Pins: Debonairs Pizza – 6th: Tommy Meyer Kowie River Cruises – 8th: Eric Segers The Wharf Street Brew Pub – 11th: Charlie Poulton PA River & Ski Boat Club - 13th: Tommy Webster Wimpy Longest Drive - #14th: Marius Lombard VW Market Square - Nearest the Pin for 2 on 1st: Nic v.d. Merwe Jackpot: Alan Corrans & Paul Fryer DATE: Saturday 09/11/2013 SPONSOR: VW Market Square COMPETITION: Better Ball Stableford NO OF PLAYERS: 67 Results:


Email your events, at no cost to publish, before 2pm on Tuesdays, to or drop the info off at our offices at 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred. welcome. Bring R30.00 to cover any entrance fee that may be charged + R20.00 for petrol contribution. For more information contact Cathy Abbott on or 083 399 2926 27 November: RPAGC - Lalibela/Famous Grouse (Ohlssons Cup) – Individual Stableford 28 November: U3A Port Alfred - Pat Whitfield will talk on Fracking in the Karoo. Don Powis Hall, Settler’s Park, at 09:30 for 10:00. All welcome. Enquiries Len 046 624 4220. 28 November: Memory Book Scrapbook Club, meets twice a month on a Thursday afternoon 14:00-17:00. All welcome, contact Cheryl 046 624 2733 or 0835567562, at Presbyterian 30 November: RPAGC - Old Mutual golf day – Better Ball Medal 30 November: Green Yeti free talk introducing new monthly theme - Chemical free skin and body care - followed by workshop at R30 p.p. Limited spaces available - bookings@greenyeti. 30 November: Kowie Craft market – library lawns

Weekly results: Royal Port Alfred Golf Club 1st: Brian Gibson, Roger Acton - 47 2nd: Tim Leach, Peter Longhurst - 45 3rd: Gideon Veto, David Wicks - 45 4th: Dave Young, Steve Gardener - 45 Two Clubs: 1st: Colin Howard 6th: Geoff Bladen, Ockie Pieterse Best Gross: 72 – Tom Wagner Best Nett: 66 – Herbert Evans Nearest the Pins: Mooifontein Quarry – 6th: Paul Tagg PA River & Ski Boat Club – 8th: Mark Warren PA Brick Works – 11th: Viv Jordan The Wharf Street Brew & Pub 13th: Arjan Sap Wimpy Longest Drive – 15th: Nick Fox VW Market Square – Nearest the Pin for 2 on 1st: Colin Howard Jackpot: Carry Over 1820’s

DATE: Monday 04/11/2013 No of Players: 31 in strong

DECEMBER 6th-8th: Yoga workshop - Vinyasa Flow for Beginners with Kristi Knowles at Woody Cape Backpackers & Nature Lodge, Alexandria. For more information visit or email 9th: KENTON JUNIOR BEACH CLUB – Soccer Tournament at Kariega Beach – Age group 5 – 8: 09:30 - 11:00; age group: 8 - 13 11:15 - 13:15. 10th: KENTON JUNIOR BEACH CLUB - Soccer Tournament at Kariega Beach – Age group 1317: 15:00 – 17:00. 11th: KENTON JUNIOR BEACH CLUB - Touch Ball Tournament – Age group 5 – 8: 10:00 11:00; age group 8 – 13: 11:15 - 13:15. 11th: The Melody Makers entertain the residents of Damant Lodge. 12th: KENTON JUNIOR BEACH CLUB - Touch Ball Tournament – Age group 13 – 17: 15:00 17:00. 12th: KENTON JUNIOR BEACH CLUB - Teenage disco - Age group 8 – 13: 19:00 - 23:00 Kenton Town Hall.

westerly wind Winners on 41: Ernie Allen, Andy Simpson, Dave Beatt, Kevin Reid Moosehead on 46: Stuart Barrett, Dave Wisener, Dallas Cowie, Windsor Bagley Good Scores: 48: Ernest Clough 2 Clubs: 6th: Nic v.d. Merwe, Kevin Reid DATE: Thursday 07/11/2013 No of Players: 32 in excellent conditions Winners on 40: Albert Whitfield, Stuart Barrett, Don Howarth, Mike Brown Moosehead on 47: Windsor Bagley, Chris Day, Tony Versfeld, Dave Page Good Scores: 48: Andy Simpson, John Clayton 2 Clubs: 11th: Eric Lindsay

Forthcoming Events: Saturday 16th: R & M Dairy/ Feathers Farm – Better Ball Bonus Bogey Wednesday 20th: Pick `n Pay – 4 Ball Alliance Thursday 21st: QACCS Golf day Friday 22nd: DA golf day Saturday 23rd: GBS Mutual Bank – Better Ball Stableford Wednesday 27th: Lalibela/ Famous Grouse (Ohlssons Cup) – Individual Stableford Saturday 30th: Old Mutual golf day – Better Ball Medal

Summertime and the living is easy….

KENTON BEACH CLUB keeps the young ones busy: Volunteers from the IGo Student Travel have established the Kenton Junior Beach Club and have scheduled a range of fun activities for children aged five through to 17 in Kenton. There will be soccer tournaments, touch ball tournaments, egg races, volleyball, treasure hunts and water obstacle courses and just for good measure safe, supervised discos in the town hall for age 8-13 and 13-17 respectively. Details of all the events scheduled are listed in On the diary on this page.

KENTON TOUCHIES TOURNAMENT for the guys: Get your Touchies team together for the Kenton Touchies Tournament on the 27th of December at Kariega Beach, Homewoods, Kenton on sea. Registration is limited to only 32 teams so make sure you enter your eight players early. Registration on the day is at 07:30 Entry is R100 per team. The captain’s briefing will be at 08:45-09:30 and the tournament starts at 09:30. For more information or to enter your team phone Christo Botha on 072 238 4463 or email him on or contact Pierre Swartz on 082 454 1096 or or visit the GameOn touchies page on Facebook.

13th: KENTON JUNIOR BEACH CLUB – Egg Race at Kariega Beach – Age group 5 – 8: 10:00 - 11:00; age group 8 – 13: 11:15 - 12:15. 14th: KENTON JUNIOR BEACH CLUB - Teenage disco - Age group 13 – 17: 19:00 - 00:00 Kenton Town Hall. 16th: KENTON JUNIOR BEACH CLUB – Volleyball tournament at Kariega Beach - Age group 5 – 8: 09:30 - 11:00; age group 8 – 13: 11:15 - 13:15. 16th: Kowie Craft market – library lawns 16th - 31st (& 1st Jan 2014) ‘WINKIES’ @ Middle Beach WILL BE HERE AGAIN - Winkies “The Real Peels” @ Kenton-on-Sea. 17th: KENTON JUNIOR BEACH CLUB - Volleyball tournament at Kariega Beach - Age group 1317: 10:00 - 13:00 18th: KENTON JUNIOR BEACH CLUB – Treasure Hunt in Kenton just follow the signs - Age group 5 – 8: 09:30 - 11:00; age group 8 – 13: 13:00 - 14:00. 18th - 21st: ART EXHIBITION - Kenton Hall

CROQUET CORNER The Prize Giving takes place on Tuesday the 19th of November after Bowls and Croquet. If you are a prize winner, please wear ‘whites’ or Club colours. Hopefully all our outstanding matches will be completed in time! We have had a series of dramas, what with folks being away, unwell, inclement weather and more, but those un-played matches need to be completed, please!

The Annual Christmas Party is due to take place on Friday the 13th of December. Table lists are on the Entertainment board next to the kitchen door. The cost is R70 per person and a three course cold buffet will be the fare of the evening. Starting time is scheduled for 18:00 for 18:30. It is usually a very happy event and great fun, so make sure you have your names up to avoid disappointment!



NOW SHOWING: 15 November 2013 to CINE 1 (16 LV) Tue - Sat Sun

CINE 2 (PG) Tue - Sat Sun

PRISONERS 2h15min 11h00 15h00 14h00 17h00

ABOUT TIME 2h04min 11h00 15h00 14h00 17h00

21 November 2013

NU METRO Crime, Drama, Thriller 19h00


UIP Comedy / Drama

Tickets: (Adults) R25, (Kids under 13) R20. Tuesday Specials - R12.50pp For further info visit or Facebook: Rosehill mall Tel / Fax: 046 624 1436 !!!!!!!!!!! Forthcoming Attraction !!!!!!!!! MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM Starting Thursday, 28 November 2013 on National release date

Murray: 082 366 9878 Sandy: 072 266 2524 Tel: (046) 624 9069 o/h



PSIRA no: 559786

Emergency Tel: (046) 624 2806 Cell: 084 471 9239

Safety & Security Port Alfred, Bathurst, Shaw Park, Kleinemonde, Alexandria Registered as a Security Service Provider

St Andrew’s College 1st XI cricket batsman, Brendan Owen, in the game against Pearson High School last Saturday.

St Andrew’s 1st XI too strong for Pearson The St Andrew’s College 1st XI cricket team took on Pearson High School last Saturday. The match, played on Lower Field in Grahamstown, turned out to be more competitive than some may have expected, with the visitors putting up a strong fight. St Andrew’s won the toss and chose to bat first before managing to post a more than challenging total of 271 for 6 in their allotted 50 overs. Mbulelo Mama, who survived an early chance when he was dropped at cover, made Pearson toil as he compiled an excellent 94 off 105 balls. Brendan Owen (62) also made a more than

useful contribution in the face of some disciplined bowling from Pearson. The pick of the Pearson bowlers was seamer, Mihlali May, who recorded figures of 4 for 56 and proved a constant threat throughout the innings. In response, Pearson put together a number of handy partnerships, but ultimately the target proved to be a bridge too far for the boys from Port Elizabeth. Kyle Jacobs (74) and Brydon Carse (89) kept Pearson in the hunt for much of their innings, but in the end they were bowled out for 228, as St Andrew’s claimed victory by 43 runs.

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Since it’s launch, the Chinesebuilt Geely LC has only been available in a 1,3-litre version, and it has been a tad underpowered when put to the test. But the new Geely LC Cross has just been launched with a 1,5-

litre petrol engine, and that complaint is a thing of the past. With 16 valves and double overhead camshafts, and outputs of 75kW and 136Nm of torque, the new model is some 25% more powerful than the

F RO M R199 000 incl.

EASTERN CAPE MOTORS 28 Main Street, Port Alfred Tel: 046 624 1125

Click on the

Kingswood and Grey provide high drama in thrilling tie In a match that will live long in the memories of all who witnessed it, the Kingswood College and Grey College 1st XI cricket sides played out to a dramatic tie on Gain Field in Grahamstown on Saturday. After being sent in to bat by Grey, Kingswood fought their way to 253 for 8 in their 50 overs. Michael Hansel was in sublime form as he scored a terrific 120 off 113 deliveries. For much of their innings it appeared that Kingswood were on track for a much higher total, but outstanding bowl-

Motoring Matters 1,3-litre version. Despite this, the bigger engine also delivers fuel consumption of 7,3 litres per 100 Kms. Priced at R109 900, this little “urban warrior” comes standard with ABS airbrakes, airbags, electric windows and mirrors, remote central locking, audio system, power steering, and air-conditioning. And, with a 3-year/100,000 Km warranty and AA Roadside Assistance, one is not going to get much more bang for your buck anywhere else. The cool GX2 version also has two additional tweeters and a USB socket, front and rear fog lights, and roof rails. Although still a bit limited, there are sufficient dealerships across the country to ensure that owners get the services they need. I think we can expect to see more of these on the road in the future!

Ian Cook

ing at the death by Sam Mkumbuzi (3 for 36) kept Grey well in contention. In response, Kingswood had seemingly wrapped things up with Grey on the ropes at 206 for 8. However, Daniel Dutton smashed 34 not out off only 17 balls to take Grey to the brink of victory before Brad Haller (3 for 39) bowled a composed final over, only conceding 7 runs, as Grey finished on 253 for 9. Murray Breetzke was the star for Grey, scoring a patient century before being run out in the penultimate over in match that was a wonderful advertisement for schoolboy cricket.

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Sunshine Escape 15 November 2013  
Sunshine Escape 15 November 2013