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September 13, 2013 Vol.1 No.10

Umlungu & Boi capturing

the lightness of E’scape living Umlungu & Boi is an art gallery with a difference, and as the quirky name suggests it is a place of interest, a talking-point, where everything has a story to tell – fine art, antiques, curiosities and the proprietors as well. David Strappini and Maria La Grange opened their gallery doors on the 9th of September and in spite of the weather, the Kenton locals, poured in to see just what they had in store. Maya Lloyd dropped in and spoke to David and Maria about their new venture and the journey that led them to the sunny E’scape.

David is not your typical Kenton resident, tattooed and pierced, I urge you not to judge a book by a cover, as you will lose out on seriously stimulating conversations with a sprinkling of good tongue-in-cheek humour. After 25 years in the creative but cut-throat advertising-industry David opted for the quality lifestyle our neck of the woods has on offer for his family. “My children, Jacqui, Paris and Eric, are my inspiration and motivation. While Jacqui is older and away studying eco-tourism management, Kenton offers Paris and Eric something vastly different from our gated-security complex lifestyle in Johannesburg,” David said. “Kenton on Sea is a small town, people are friendly and it is easy to make friends, you know the people – the butcher, the coffee shop owner – and you need artists in the mix. Maria and I are not trying to be clever artists who are making statements, we are on a voyage of discovery and we approach our work like the scientists’ of old who explored new places and became artists when they shared their explorations through historical and Victorian botanical drawings,” David added. Maria and David’s work and the design and contents of the gallery do indeed have an anthropological feel to it. The antiques and curiosities each tell stories – from the artefacts related to branding or the iconic South African items, African indigenous masks and walking sticks, to hand crafted knives created by iconic South African Knifemaker, Fanie La



Grange - Maria’s late father. Walk in and pick up any item or refer to any art work and Maria or David will let the story unfold, aided by the classic furniture display pieces and typically South African red ‘stoep’ polish feel of the shop you will be transported to another, albeit strangely familiar, world enticing you to while away some time and linger a little longer.



Maria La Grange is not a formally trained artist but growing up around her father offered her a creative background and environment which led to her studying a National Diploma in Theatrical Craft and Performing Arts. The long hours of her work were not conducive to family life and when David suggested the move to the Kenton family home three years ago, Maria, felt ready to take on a new journey of discovery. Her work is varied from mosaics to oil paintings with the latter offering exquisitely detailed portraits capturing the essence of local characters, or images of typically Eastern Cape ‘moments’ to soft almost whimsical blossoms. “I need to take on a new challenge, as long as it’s a challenge I’m in for it, and if it’s a flop I’ll keep at it until I succeed,” the soft-spoken yet resilient Maria said. “Instead of collecting shells on the beach and placing them on a





R 100 R 70 R 165 R 120

keenpan, Baardskeerdersbos, 07h00 - 12h30 derwater, snaakse Afrikaanse Served on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. me Come early or you may have to wait for a table.

07h00 - 10h00

Served Monday to Friday. Come early or you may have to wait for a table.

A must for seafood and non-seafood lovers. Reservations are essential.

mantel piece to gather dust, we started creating works of art in celebration of the environment around us. The images capture parts of our holiday, our day, parts of our remembrance,” David added. David’s initial series of water colours offer detailed studies of typically Eastern Cape images but the magical play of light combined with his passion for photography has now led to the creation of new works that accentuate the composition of light illuminating objects. “Maria and I just love the light

Come eat as much meat as you can every Friday night! Reservations are essential.

All meals available at the Wahoo Restaurant. Prices valid until end of February 2014.

Exam checklist: Rescue = for anxiety, sleeplessness & panic Kali phos tissue salt (No. 6) = for nervous tension Cerbo = for concentration

down here – there’s a field on the way to Boknes and each time we drove past the colour of the field changed, and we realised what we are seeing, this play of light, is what the Impressionists spoke about,” he said. While David studied Graphic Design at the Vaal Triangle Technikon in Vanderbijl Park heonly started painting again three years ago. “I remembered what I was told at college - you can teach anyone to draw if you can just teach them to look and look again and replicate what they see,” David said.

Sunshine Escape :: 13 September 2013


Manage Your Stress In 76 Seconds

fontein en in die middle van die Karoo is daar een genaamd Agtertang, wonder nogal wie daar woon? En ja Klein Mier nommer een is so wrintiewaar ook ‘n pleknaam al is dit net so ‘n spoegie van ‘n plekkie op die Noord Kaap kaart. Daar’s ook baie snaakse rivier name byvoorbeeld, Kromelmboogrivier, en dies meer – maar ek los dit nou oor aan julle om die snaakse dinge verder te gaan ontdek, dalk kan jul die volgende vakansie in die pad val met die oog om net by plekke met snaakse name te gaan inloer eerder as om so op die hoofpaaie met sy alombekende dorpsname te bly. Hier is ‘n adres vir die van jul wat wil weet hoekom ‘n plek nou juis die naam het wat hy het: stream/DictionaryOfSouthernAfricanPlaceNames/SaPlaceNames_djvu.txt *En vir die van jul wat nou glad nie geprikkel was deur die snaakse plekname nie maar wie se ogies eerder die landspoedrekord betrag het hier is die webtuiste vir die interessante projek en waar jy die 1000mph (dis korrek) motor kan betrag: http://www.bloodhoundssc. com/

slow count of 4. Hold your breath to the count of 7. Exhale through your mouth to the count of 8, making a

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Brain Crunches

How to play: Sudoku is easy to play and the rules are simple. Fill in the blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain one instance of each of the numbers 1 through 9. Elvie Mackay wins our Sudoku for last week. Congratulations on winning a voucher for a breakfast for two at Frank’s on the Wharf, Port Alfred.


Address: Contact:

Entries to be in by 12pm on Wednesday

SOLUTION 6 September

Tegnologie maak ons wereld soveel kleiner en soms is ons nie eers bewus daarvan dat ons kollega nie tuis of vanuit die kantoor werk nie. So stuur ek land en sand vir kollega, Leonie Steenkamp, eposse sodat sy die weeklikse dagboek kan op datum bring en skielik kom ‘n epos deur om te se sy’s in Hennenman en op pad Hakskeenpan toe. Hennenman, kan ek darem nog plaas, net duskant Welkom maar Hakspeenpan en wat gaan staan maak die vrou dan nou daar, wil die nuuskierige joernalis in my dan nou weet. Leonie se broer doen die infrastruktuur vir die Bloodhound Supersonic Land Speed Record* op Hakskeenpan en hy het haar gevra om te kom help met die kos maak en die domestic stuff van die kamp!! Hakskeenpan is 15km van die Namibise grens en net onder die Kalahari Gemsbok Park. En toe begin my brein die pad beister raak en eerder as om stories klaar te skryf begin ek dink aan al die snaakse plekname wat ons land bydra. Buiten die in die opskrif is daar natuurlik een wat baie mans van hou om te sê Tietiesbaai, en die tong-knoper: Tweebuffelsmorsdoodgeskiet-

When you are in a fix and you need to calm your nerves, use the following breathing practice recommended by Dr Andrew Weil. The 4-7-8 breathing practice shifts the autonomic nervous system away from the sympathetic predominance (which triggers your stress responses such as a racing heart and sweaty palms) and allows the parasympathetic nervous system to take over. Sit or stand up straight and place the tip of your tongue up against the roof of your mouth. Now breathe in silently through your nose to the

Submit your completed grid to the Sunshine Escape offices at The Little Brewery, 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred. The first correct entry drawn will win a breakfast for two at Franks on the Wharf. Only one entry per person, per week. No registered letters or faxed entries. The winner of our crossword for last week, is B. Browne . Congratulations, you can pick up your R100 grocery voucher, with the compliments of Heritage Pick ‘n Pay, from the management there. SOLUTION 6 September

The Engela Neethling Kowie Boerewors Championships On Tuesday, 24 September 2013 Wharf Street, Port Alfred

Come and support your Local Butcher and the Independent Boerewors Makers taking part in the Boerewors Championships Starting at 10am Live music and entertainment throughout the day.

Come and spend a fun filled National Braai Day • Food Village • Pony Rides • Treasure Hunts • Busker's • Jumping Castle • Beer Hall • Craft Village • Competitions • Spot prizes • Marimba Band • Baby Competition


Contact Terry on Tel: 046 624 4591 Cell:082 676 1742 or Visit us at 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred



WIN R100 grocery voucher, with the compliments of Heritage Pick ‘n Pay. Correct crosswords should reach our offices no later than 12pm on Wednesdays. Drop them off at our offices at the Little Brewery, 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred.

Down 1 Woman who is huge, possibly, as gent is (8) 1 Surprised reaction while being held by doctor (4) 2 Jolly good police officer, some say (5) 3 Need change after quick bound (8) 4 Roland changed his name (6) 9 A drug curing pain, sir! (7) 10 Clergyman finds leader of congregation without delay (5) 5 Parasites giving signs of approval (5) 6 Material girl, eager (7) 11 Linger to see sailor on railway (5) 7 Eat some sardines (4) 12 She takes boy out to be whipped (6) 8 Child initially getting material that’s used for 14 Season well (6) drawing (6) 16 Mother comes back as well as a girl (6) 13 Models talk glibly to Poles (8) 19 Frozen dripping? (6) 15 Tell about a nobleman (7) 21 Send clock back? (5) 17 Principal holds right bird (6) 24 Provide ecstasy with a joke (5) 18 Pope going out to meet the French nation (6) 25 Dog needing some sort of protein (7) 20 Dance playfully, putting garment on top of 26 Lawyer working on treaty (8) radiator (5) 27 Flower from the Emerald Isle, mostly (4) 22 Drive from Missouri to the heart of Florida (5) 23 Gamble on a letter from Greece (4) Across

Sunshine Escape :: 13 September 2013


Top Boerie Champs Contenders: Warren Steenkamp The fun loving and friendly Warren Steenkamp of Rain Catchers fame will once again be entering the Boerie Comp as an independent competitor. Warren learned how to make “sausage” amongst many other things, when he worked as chef at Mike’s Kitchen in Johannesburg a

number of years ago. “Braaing is intrinsic part of the South African man, that’s what we do and for fun we do it again! There is nothing more enjoyable than eating and socializing around the braai fire” says Warren. Steenkamp enjoys the outdoors

Warren Steenkamp will once again enter the Engela Neethling Kowie Boerewors Championships on the 24th September, to take part in the independent category.

and together with his wife, Leonie, can often be seen fishing on the banks of the Kowie or throwing a line in at the pier. The couple owns the business “Rain Catchers” and they are the only business in the area that services, cleans and repairs water storage tanks and dams.

Warren is looking forward to the 4th annual Kowie Carnival and Engela Neethling Boerewors Championship, he says “The day is always so much fun and of course the object is to raise money for charity, this year the beneficiary will be Cansa, a cause dear to our hearts,” he said.

Richard Pullen looks set to achieve new goals Fifteen years after settling in Bathurst and opening up a shop and studio, ‘the potter’ as he refers to himself, Richard Pullen, is still going strong and his work now reflects a confidence, gained over time, in his own unique expression through the medium of clay. “I first touched a piece of clay at the age of 15 at the Johan Carinus Art Centre in Grahamstown. We were creating sculptures and within a week or two I knew this is what I wanted to do,” Richard said. Richard went on to study Ceramic Design at Port Elizabeth Technikon. While his initial intention was to pursue sculpture, two weeks into the course he realised he wanted to stay with working exclusively with clay. “It was a very good move and I have no regrets,” Richard said. Richard’s mentor was none other than Meshack Masuku, the well-known ceramic artist, now resident in Kenton on Sea. “Every time I make a pot, I think of him (Meshack) or I wonder what would Charmaine (Haines, Head of Department at PE Tech during Richard’s time of study) say. You are always attached to the people who give you the skills. For teachers that’s their immortality – the person who taught you, goes on living inside of you, the person who taught them lives on inside me too even though I may not even have known them,” Richard mused. “Connecting to the process of throwing clay is meditative, since moving studios five years ago a lot of what I did there just did not seem to make sense here. Over time other skills imparted to me have begun to bubble up and I finally feel confident about being truthful to my ‘self’ and also to extend myself and experiment,” Richard added. A few years ago Richard suffered an injury which for some time prevented him from throwing on the wheel and while at first it caused anxiety he soon realised that it also offered an opportunity to move away from the functional ceramic ranges he had been producing day in and day out for years to a welcome reprieve offering him the opportunity to explore different aspects of ceramic aesthetics and playing and exploring new avenues of expression with clay. “The key thing about the hand injury is that I learnt that it was not going to stop me from doing what I loved, in a way the worst happened and it did not stop me. As they say ‘diamonds are mined under pressure’. As a human being I have grown a lot and I am now in a new growth process. Richard is currently working on



Sparg’s Furnishers






Above: The buoyant Richard Pullen outside his studio and gallery in Bathurst adjacent to The Two Sages Shop. Below: Just a few of the ceramic items you can view, stop and pause a while in the gallery, there are wonderful discoveries to be made.

We Buy & Sell

New Appliances New Furniture Décor Antiques Second Hand

046 624 1722

Smuts Butchery/Slaghuis Traditional Butchery – Family business Lamb Shoulder Chops R79.00 per/kg Beef Fillet Sosaties R 95,00 per/kg Trading Hours Mon – Fri: 8am – 5.30pm Sat: 7.30 – 2pm large vases which will form the centre of the work on display during the end of year season. The vases now incorporate aesthetic aspects and as such changed the dynamics of what was previously purely practical and functional art. In fact, Richard plans to ex-

hibit works like this at the Arts Festival in Grahamstown next year. “I have achieved what I set out to do since I came to Bathurst, I now have a new goal which is to see my work exhibited in galleries,” Richard said.

Spinach & Feta Lamb Roll R100.00 per/kg Lamb Chump Chops R80.00 per/kg

046 624 8291 Beavers Complex, Southwell Road, Port Alfred

Try our special boerewors & naturally dried Beef & Venison Biltong & Dry Wors

Sunshine Escape :: 13 September 2013

Bathurst in focus


The weekly Farmer's Market is a well-known attraction to both locals and visitors. Fresh produce, bakes, dried fruit, preserves, crafts and essential oils are on offer weekly along with much friendly communal banter.

r e t t o P

Tel: 946 625 0166 • Fax: 046 625 0154 Richard Pullen, the noted Bathurst Potter offers a wide selection of his ceremic works of art at his workshop and gallery on the Main Road in Bathurst, including decorative plates, vases, mugs and much much more. In addition visitors can actually watch Richard at work creating these items.

Maryna and Ann sporting their spring hats, friends and original Farmer's Market stalwarts. When asked what happens on rainy days, Ann just smiled and said "well we put on our rain coat and galoshes and we get out here, we get a sopping wet, and go home to a warm bath...but we're always here".

Bathurst Happenings and News •

Head over to the Bathurst arms on Saturday night at 9pm-eish, after the rugby, to savour the sultry sounds of Gerald Clarke and Luna Paige. Gerald, a Stellenbosch-based singer, song writer with a blues-influence joins forces with Luna Paige, who is said to have a “mesmerising way of luring the listener into a world of beautiful images & emotions” (

In 2009 Gerald was nominated for a SAMA (South African Musician’s Award) when stepping out beyond his usual offerings and producing an awesome acoustic Alternative Afrikaans Album, ‘Sweepslag’ (Whiplash). His latest album ‘Black Water’ is receiving rave reviews in the South African press, you can view the crooning ballad, of the same name, here:

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Luna and Gerald live. In 2014 Luna, a productive and creative force to be reckoned with, is heading off to tour the UK and Netherlands. In addition to her own tours Luna will also be performing at the International Singer-Songwriter Festival in The Hague. Pick Kwic's proprietors, Hans and

• •

Maria van den Nouweland, and their staff are taking a well-earned annual week of leave as of today, 13 September, but will be back to serve their fabulous fare as of Friday 20 September.

Exciting developments are afoot at the Village Green – the friendly crew at Relix ‘n Things will soon be joined by new ventures to expand your shopping and dining experiences… watch this space for information.

Join the weekly Line Dancing troupe and let your body move with Gail Elliot every Thursday at Pike’s Post at The Ploughman Pub (next to the Bathurst Agricultural Museum). Come rain or shine the Bathurst Farmer’s Market take place every Sunday from 09-12:00 at the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow nursery.

Elizabeth’s Herb Nursery’s featured herb of the month is Woad - Isatis tinctoria, a hardy biennial with a rich honey scent and clouds of attractive yellow flowers. Height in the first year 45 cm, growing to 1.3 m in the second, spread 45 cm. Soak the leaves in urine prior to using it as a desirable blue fabric dye.

The Bowker Plough 1821"Today's Machinery is Tomorrow's History"A Touch Museum where there's something of interest for everyone, young or old.

079 987 9507

Sunshine Escape :: 13 September 2013


Bathurst hotspot assures service BATHURST - Vaughn Muir, the affable butcher from Bathurst, is mad about the outdoors, fishing and being with his loving and supportive family. The Bathurst Butchery and Shangri-La Supermarket is an interesting ‘hot-spot’ in the village and a place you simply have to visit while here. It is almost like a mini supermarket from the days of yore so full of appealing merchandise. The butchery is persuasive, with the vast displays of meat and poultry. Working in the family owned store, the Muir’s, originally from the Transkei, also include mom, Nadine, and dad, John, and they make a formidable team behind the saws. The butchery is inviting and tempting as the family are always full of

The Bathurst Agricultural Museum's private pub, ‘The Ploughman’, managed by Dave Ford, is one of the best kept secrets of the area. It’s a rustic, historical and charming olde worlde style pub catering to the farming community as well the village folk, where every stranger, is friend you haven’t met. Ploughman’s is a “member only” pub but of course, visitors to the area are definitely not turned away. For locals and visitors that would like to join this small fraternity the fee is R250 a couple and R150 for a single person. This membership amount is good for one year and includes your membership to the museum. Members can enjoy Wednesday and Friday evening Steak Nights at a special rate and non-members

suggestions on ‘cuts’ and at times how to cook the meat. Vaughn did stints in the Air Force in the armored division. After various meanderings, he felt that Hoedspruit, where he had been stationed, called to his sense of belonging to smaller communities, hence the family’s decision to settle in Bathurst. “We love the feeling of belonging among the wonderful people who live here. Our customer base stretches as far as Grahamstown and beyond. Lovely too, are the holiday-makers we have befriended and who visit us here year after year. We like to think that they come here for our meat and in addition, the essence of familiar-

Vaughn Muir, the affable butcher from Bathurst, a family man who loves the outdoors and his community.

BATHURST BUTCHERY & SHANGRI-LA MINI MARKET ity and knowing that they are always welcome and are assured of perfect service,” says Vaughn. Vaughn’s passion for camping and fishing is shared by the entire family. “My wife and children enjoy that as well and of course we braai as often as we can. Possibly my specialty is boerewors making and I am sorry that we are unable to participate in the Engela Neethling Boerewros Championship this year” he said.

Bathurt’s best kept secret:

The Ploughman’s Pub pay the standard rate. The meat, 500g T- bone and 300g Filet, is furnished by Dave Ford himself and cooked to your preference on the newly built braai. Guests have a choice of eating in the Lapa or inside Pikes Post with some people electing to eat inside Ploughman’s at the bar. Thursday nights are “Eat as much as you can” steak and chips and pub lunches are available daily. Sundays one experience the casual camaraderie of a bring n’

braai. The fire is provided and locals gather with their meat and salads or purchase a braai pack from the bar. The Sunday braai is very popular particularly now due to the renovation of the Lapa area, you can enjoy the company, share food with your mates, listen to music and purchase your refreshments from the bar. The Ploughman is open every day except Tuesdays. Dave opens the doors at noon and stays until the last person leaves to go home...

Well-known in the Eastern Cape for the best steak and boerewors, and other quality products.

Deliveries to Port Alfred

Tel: 046 625 0997

Wednesday – Steak Nights Thursday – Line Dancing and Carnivorous Feast Fridays – Steaks and Specials

Coming up – Big Screen Sing-aLong – 21st September Sat – R50 includes a hamburger. The once a month functions we have – the Museum benefits.

The Bathurst Country Affair The 2013 Bathurst Country Affair (BCA) is a fun-filled weekend scheduled for the 25th to the 27th of October that is set to feature good food, wine and lifestyle and entertainment for the whole family. Organiser, Tanya Van Mierlo Schenk, says this one of its kind event embraces sustainable living and encourages 'Green’ exhibitors. The unique event sees Celeb Chefs challenging local Chefs and Cooks and the event is held right throughout the village using all infrastructure available. “We have local Chefs and Cooks cooking three course meals at various pubs and venues in and around the village for the weekend as well as Celebrity Chefs. Each diner gets to score their meal and at the end of the weekend we determine if the locals managed to beat the Celebrities. All these meals can be booked online via our website. We also have wine

tastings at our stunning art galleries where wine experts conduct a very special wine affair with visitors. “There are also a multitude of satellite events including the Annual Waitron Race, Pineapple Throwing Competition, Mountain Bike Challenge, Wheels and Hooves Parade, Horse & Pony Amazing Adventure Run and so much more. The two beneficiaries of the event are The Sunshine Coast Feeding Scheme and Nolukhanyo HIV/ Aids Community Project, who now have almost 20 veggie gardens growing in the local township!”, Tanya added. Tanya started the event as she saw a need to promote Bathurst, especially during the quiet months. “I am passionate about putting Bathurst on the map whilst at the same time embracing and protecting the 'village' feel and vibe. I am also extremely motivated to see the entire community unite

and work towards one common goal and to see local initiatives supported,” Tanya said. Just over four years ago Tanya visited Bathurst with her sister and simply fell in love with the people and the village. “As a result of that visit, my sister packed up her life in Scotland

and moved here, I bought a home and moved here and our youngest child was schooled at the local farm school before moving to Grahamstown for High School. My husband loves it here too and we spend as much time together here as possible. It is truly a gem of a village offering a family like

community who truly take care of one another.” Tanya concluded. Visit http://www. for more information or like their Facebook page to be kept abreast of all the developments leading up to this stunning annual event where Local is Lekka!

Saturday 14th September


Gerald Klerk & Luna Paige from 9pm’ish…..

from 4.30pm onwards – Open Mic

Contact number: 083 387 3137

25th – 27th October Good Family Fun Good Food Good Wine

Going for 15 years!

084 585 0774

Sundays from 9am 12.30pm

Come rain or shine!

All products on sale are handcrafted or homegrown

Entertainment Galore Celeb Chefs challenge Local Chefs Mountain Bike Challenge Hooves Parade

Sunshine Escape :: 13 September 2013


Do you have jobs, cars for sale, services, pets, property, community notices, or other things to advertise? Blast your advert in your community newspaper! It pays to advertise! To book your advert space call 082 676 1742


3 x Bedsitter units (single persons only) R1900.00 pm inc W&L Fully furnished Contact Terry 082 676 1742 HOUSE TO LET/RENT Sunny 2 bedroom home in new Port Alfred retirement village to let. Occupation: 1 October R3500 per month (excl l & w ) SHORT LEASE AVAILABLE Please contact (046) 624-1853



Computers(Pty)Ltd 70 Southwell Road Port Alfred Tel: 046 624 8295


Energy for Life holistic health practice. Yoga therapy sessions, Energy massages, Ecopsychology and Take Time Out Retreats. Contact Maya Lloyd on 082 393 9250



The Shop will now be open every Wednesday from 9 am to 12 pm. Visit the shop at: No. 1 Alfred Road, Port Alfred.


Sunshine Coast Hospice is in urgent need of wool For their ladies who knit and crochet jerseys for the patients Any wool is most welcome Contact Karen on (046) 624 4107 SUNSHINE COAST HOSPICE Urgently require stock for their charity shop. We accept anything including furniture, crockery, cutlery, kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, glassware, paintings, ornaments, bedding, toys, bric a brac etc WE ALSO REQUIRE BOOKS ONE MAN’S JUNK IS ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE

LAWNMOWERS LAWNMOWERS J J Lawnmowers For all repairs and spares sales Petrol, Electric Mowers, Weed Eaters and Brush Cutters. Also buffing service (all sorts make it shine again), sharpening kitchen knives, cutting blades

6 Keey Street, Port Alfred Contact Johan on 072 879 4910


Can be purchased from: Com Office / Decadent / Root 72 & Natures Way @ R50-00 ea Cell: 076 379 2151 Tel: 046 604 0463

FOR SALE Mountain Bike 26” Wheels – 21 speed Front Disc Brake Shock Absorbers, front and rear Tachograph – Pump & Helmet ALMOST BAND NEW Contact: 046 624 1853 / 083 285 2208


Sunshine Visit Us at 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred Tel: 046 624 4591 Cell: 082 676 1742 RESTORATION/REPAIRS

Restoration & Repairs

Depot close to Grahamstown Deliveries within Sunshine distribution area “Invest right when it matters most”

Contact Brian Penny (046) 624 5145



EMERGENCY NUMBERS Murray: 082 366 9878 / Sandy: 072 266 2524 Tel: (046) 624 9069 o/h


STAINLESS STEEL POLISHING SPECIALIST Fabricating & Balustrading Boat & Bakkie Rails

Contact: 072 156 1739 or 083 568 1328


• NOW OFFERING PICTURE FRAMING AS WELL • • Computer Generated Signage • T-Shirt Printing

Cell: 073 618 1155


• Lots of New Plants in Stock •Vegetable, Herb and Indigenous Seedlings •Now Managed by Gayle Bennette

Qualified in Swedish Massage & Reflexology

5 Jack's Close, Port Alfred Tel: (046) 624 5203 Cell: 074 370 0648

Emergency calls from landline 10111 Emergency calls from mobile 112


Alexandra 046-653-0015 Bathurst 046-625-0636 Kenton-on-Sea 046-648-1222 Nemato 046-624-1238 Port Alfred 046-604-2000/1/2 Seafield 046-675-1113 Traffic Department 046-624-1140 Fire Department 046-624-1140

Alcohol Anon - 082 973 1604 Ambulance (Private) - (046) 624 4240 AVIS Rent a Car - (046) 624 4353/4044 Child Welfare - 083 652 3951/046 624 5793 Fire Brigade - (046) 624 1111 Multi Security - (046) 624 2508 Nature Conservation - 082 753 1716 NSRI - 083 212 1277 PA Hospital - (046) 604 4000 PA Municipality - (046) 624 1140 Sky Alarms - (046) 624 2806 SPCA - (046) 624 1919 Towing Service - 082 958 3839

Contact Us

Tel: 046 648 1732 | Fax: 046 648 2378 Email:

Barbara Main

Emergency Calls


Cherrywood Nursery

Lets be Blunt - a geometric bob with fringe adds up to a Funky Style Statement. Is this for you? Contact Deb at ManeTamers HAIR STUDIO, Bathurst, 076 291 2144.

076-315-6246 Install, Clean & Service of Water Tanks, Pumps & Gutters




I am looking for a reliable small car for under R15 000 Please Call: 076 902 4040





To all makes of furniture Including Riempies and Sash windows


Call Andries on 082 445 0978

Extra Math or other subject support sessions available for Grade 7-9 learners. Consolidate primary school skills in preparation or during the transition to secondary school in relaxed environment provided. Contact Maya Lloyd on 082 393 9250 or


Sunshine on

Tel: 046 624 4591 Cell: 082 676 1742

Sunshine Escape :: 13 September 2013

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Email your events, at no cost to publish, before 2pm on Tuesdays, to or drop the info off at our offices at 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred.

EVERY MONDAY 16h30 to 17h30 - The Department of Music and Musicology would like to invite you the 2013 ‘Sound Thinking’ research seminar series, where postgraduate students and staff from the Department will present research with which they are currently engaged.These weekly research seminars will take place in the Beethoven Room in the Department of Music and Musicology. 13th September – Fish Braai @ Port Alfred & Ski Boat Club. From 12. All are welcome and prices are very affordable 19th September - Lower Albany Historical Society. Outing to Salem and Lindale farm. 20th September – The Hiking Group Outing @ Robby’s 07h00. The outing will be a beach walk from Bokness to Bushman’s. Bring R30.00 to cover any entrance fee that may be charged + R20.00 for petrol contribution. For more information contact Cathy Abbott on or 083 399 2926 24th September – The Engela Neethling Kowie Boerewors Championships – In Wharf Street. Stalls, beer hall, live entertainment, bands, jumping castles, competitions, etc. Book your stalls by emailing or call on 046 624 4591 or visit us at 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred 26th September – U3A Port Alfred @ Don Powis Hall, Settlers Park, 9.30 for 10.00 Nolutho Mbolekwa will deliver a fascinating talk on aspects of Xhosa Culture.. All welcome. Enquiries Len 046 624 4220 30th September – The Hiking Group Outing @ Robby’s 07h00. The outing will be at Watersmeet. Bring R30.00 to cover any entrance fee that may be charged + R20.00 for petrol contribution. For more information contact Cathy Abbott on aloes. or 083 399 2926

4th October - Classics at the Castle- Springtime Sax Soiree @ Richmond House 17h30. With talented French sax player, Paul Richard.Tickets (R60) on sale at Kowie News Agency from Monday 16 September. 12th October - Stride with Pride for Hospice - Eighty countries will acknowledge World Hospice Day. To this end Sunshine Coast Hospice in Port Alfred will hold an inaugural walk over 7 days. Starting on the 6th of Oct, PortAlfred to Kleinemonde 18th October – The Hiking Group Outing @ Robby’s 07h00. The outing will be at a beach walk at The Fish River Lighthouse. Bring R30.00 to cover any entrance fee that may be charged + R20.00 for petrol contribution. For more information contact Cathy Abbott on or 083 399 2926 18th October – The Hiking Group Outing @ Robby’s 07h00. The outing will be at a beach walk at Belton. Bring R30.00 to cover any entrance fee that may be charged + R20.00 for petrol contribution. For more information contact Cathy Abbott on aloes. or 083 399 2926 13th November – The Hiking Group Outing @ Robby’s 07h00. The outing will be at Mosslands. Bring R30.00 to cover any entrance fee that may be charged + R20.00 for petrol contribution. For more information contact Cathy Abbott on com or 083 399 2926 21st November - Lower Albany Historical Society. Iindoor meeting at Don Powis, Settler’s Park 26th November – The Hiking Group Outing @ Robby’s 07h00. The outing will be The Christmas Breakfast at the Fish River Sun – All partners welcome. Bring R30.00 to cover any entrance fee that may be charged + R20.00 for petrol contribution. For more information contact Cathy Abbott on or 083 399 2926

Royal Port Alfred Golf Club WEEKLY RESULTS DATE: Wednesday 04/09/2013 SPONSOR: BUCO COMPETITION: Individual Medal NO OF PLAYERS: 75 VISITORS: Louis Botha – Vrede G C; Tony Gordon – Stellenbosch G C Results: 1st: Gordon Bunting - 64 2nd: Andrew Meyer - 65 3rd: Viv Jordan - 66 4th: Noel Stötter - 66 5th: Niel Loundar - 68 Two Clubs: 6th: D McElwee. C Poulton, B Shaw, A Nel 8th: N Loundar, J Muggeridge, T Wagner, C Reed, V Jordan 11th: W Solz 13th: L Evans, R Gobey, T Taylor, R Clayton Best Gross: 75 – Gordon Bunting & Andrew Meyer Best Nett: 64 – Gordon Bunting Nearest the Pins: Debonairs Pizza – 6th: Bob Shaw. Kowie River Cruises – 8th: Colin Reed The Wharf Street Brew Pub – 11th: Anton Gouws PA River & Ski Boat Club - 13th: Leon Evans Wimpy Longest Drive - #5th: Leon Nell VW Market Square- Nearest the

By Erich Adendorff

pin for 2 on 1st: Dennis McElwee Jackpot: Basil Dukas DATE: Saturday 07/09/2013 SPONSOR: Viv Jordan Golf Day COMPETITION: Better Ball Medal NO OF PLAYERS: 88 VISITORS: Mike Pullen – The Hill G C; Alan Carstens & FNB Group Results: 1st: Clive Holloway, Arjan Sap 60 2nd: Trevor Taylor, Mike Pullen - 61 3rd: Mike Legg, Rocky Rowe - 61 4th: Earl Tsolekile, Nathi Mbabela - 62 Two Clubs: 6th: G Lake, M Pullen, D Broedelet 8th: E Tsolekile, J Kew 11th: P Longhurst, L Nell 13th: B Wright Best Gross: 72 – John Kew Best Nett: 67 - Mike Legg & Arjan Sap Nearest the Pins: Mooifontein Quarry – 6th: Nathi Mbabela PA River & Ski Boat Club – 8th: P Opperman PA Brick Works – 11th: Leon Nell The Wharf Street Brew & Pub 13th: Wayne Gordon Wimpy Longest Drive - #7th: Brian Wright Douglas Green – Nearest the Pin for 2 on 1st: Brian Wright

Jackpot: Earl Tsolekile 1820’s 2013 - 1820 Championships played over 2 days: DATE: Monday 02/09/2013 RESULTS: 1st: Louis v.d. Walt – 28 2nd: Dennis McElwee – 27 3rd: Ted Baines – 26 Nearest to the Pins: 6th: Geoff Handley 8th: Brian Robinson 11th: Nick v.d. Merwe 2 Clubs: 3rd: Dennis McElwee 11th: Nick v.d. Merwe 13th: Geoff Handley DATE: THURSDAY 05/09/2013 RESULTS: 1st: Peter Philips – 29 2nd: Nick v.d. Merwe – 29 3rd: Dave Page – 29 Nearest to the Pins: 6th: Geoff Handley 8th: Dave Page 11th: Dave Fraser 2 Clubs: 6th: Geoff Handley 8th: Ernie Clough, Dave Page OVERALL WINNERS: 1st: Nick v.d. Merwe – 55 2nd: Dave Page – 52 (Defending champion) Forthcoming Events: Friday 13th to Monday 16th: Course Closed (only 9 holes available)Wednesday 18th: Pick `n Pay – 4 Ball Alliance

Motoring matters

For two consecutive years Toyota has proudly been on the podium of the Dakar Rally which is one of the most gruelling tests for any vehicle, whether a two or four wheeler. The latest addition to the range of the Toyota LDV’s is the Toyota Hilux Dakar. I had the pleasure of test driving this3.DD-4D Double Cab 4x2 to the Fish River. Powered by a three litre turbocharged diesel motor and combined with a five speed transmission, performance is excellent and the torque is above average. I did not have to gear down at all during the 20 minute trip, despite having to slow down for snail-paced traffic. Unfortunately, I was not able to

test the vehicle on gravel because the vehicle was brand new and I couldn’t risk damaging the paint job. My first impression of the appearance was What’s not to like? I can detect no shortfall in this category. The interior is well designed with lots of standard extras and

the seating is comfortable, leather seats with height adjustment. A very capable, endurable and reliable vehicle, as the Dakar Rally proves. Johan Potgieter and his capable sales team from Kowie Toyota in Main Street will be able to furnish you with more technical data. Needless to say, Toyota’s legendary reliability is not in question, as and they have proven themselves to be one of the best bakkies available. Motoring tip for the week: Check all the lights on your vehicle regularly, faulty lights have been the cause of many an accident. Cheers, Erich

Kowie FM announcement Kowie FM has recently experienced some serious technical damage as a result from vandalism at our transmitter site in Bathurst. This is why we have had major power problems and low broadcast volume. In order for us to be back at our full strength we need to have our equipment sent for repairs on the 9th September, and we will unfortunately be off-air for a few days until we have our equipment back, and up and running. We apologise to all our awesome listeners who

Mangold Floating Trophy Congratulations to Greg and Elzette Reed on being awarded the Mangold Floating Trophy by the Bathurst Conservation Committee and sponsors for The Best Conserved And Utilized Farm, 2012.

have shown such dedication and loyalty to our community radio station, and to our advertisers who continue to support us through tough times. We will be back and making waves within the week. Our audio streaming will still be pumping

some great music throughout....go to But stay close to your radio, because we WILL be back within the week. For more info or feedback please contact 046-6242399 or e-mail manager@kowiefm.

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The festivities along the river bank.

The Tuks men's crew rowing to the finish line and another superb victory

Tuks and UCT Cruise to Boat Race Victories Jarryd Pauls Stunning weather and a mass of supporters set the scene for a fantastic day along the Kowie River in Port Alfred last Saturday. The men’s crew of the University of Pretoria (Tuks) and the women’s crew from the University of Cape Town (UCT) stuck perfectly to the script, as they romped to victory in the USSA National Institutional Boat Race Championship. It was a day on which the two universities cemented their reputations as leaders on the South African university rowing front. For the Tuks men it was a case of defending the title they won last year and their fifth consecutive win, while the Tuks women and UCT men finished runners-up in their respective A finals. There was some consolation for the male and female rowers of the University of Johannesburg, as both crews took home bronze medals. 2012 Olympic gold medallist, John Smith, was overjoyed with the way he and his fellow Tuks crew members performed on the day. “The thing

R119 990 incl.

about Tuks is that we want to lift the standard every year. We don’t want to become complacent, which is why we always come down here and put on our best show,” he said. The Boat Race brings together top South African universities to compete in crew versus crew clashes in a number of different categories for men and women. As the event has grown it has also blossomed into an opportunity for novice rowers to enhance their skills and gain invaluable experience. Sean Kerr, a Trustee of student rowing, was excited by the improved standard of rowing that was on display this year. After the races, thousands of university students celebrated late into the night and early morning, as has become the custom with this event. The electric atmosphere that engulfed Port Alfred throughout the weekend was something to behold. With the fun and festivities having come and gone, the rowers will begin preparations for next year, when the Kowie will again play host to the most important university boat race in the country.

The Tuks men;s crew celebrating their victory

John Smith, South Africa’s Olympic Gold Medalist in 2012, grinning in delight at his crew’s performance The victorious UCT women’s crew accepting their prize.

Rock and Surf fishing improved In the ninth round of the Port Alfred River and Ski Boat Club’s rock and surf round robin, held on Saturday the 7th of September, 66.1 kg of edible fish were caught and all were successfully released. This is a notable increase when compared to recent catches. The fishing area was from the West pier to Sand Rock and the angler fished in reasonable conditions. There was a light easterly breeze with warm clean water but a rough and surging sea. Together with a number of individual anglers, ten teams of four competed, catching eight different species. Darian Keeton won the prize for the Top Individual Angler with a bag weight of 11.1 kg.

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He also took the honest karanteen 0.7 kg. ours for the Heaviest Paul knight the heaviWhite Musselcracker est yellowbelly rock(2.8 kg), the Heaviest cod 1.2kg and DougWhite Steenbras (3.4 las Olivier caught the kg), which turned heaviest catface rockout to be the Heavicod, a terrific speciest Fish of the day. men weighing 1.7 kg Second prize went which also won the to Deon Marais for Sotheby’s catch of the Terry Kukard his bag weight of 7.4 day. The masters seckg. Karen Kemp once tion (over 55’s),was again did the ladies won by Douglas Olproud, coming in third overall ivier with a bag weight of 2.5 with a respectable bag weigh- kg and Brendon Marais won the ing 5.7 kg. Terry Stewart caught U21 section with 3.6 kg. Karen the heaviest blacktail 1.4 kg, Kemp won the ladies section Darryl Olivier caught the heavi- with her 5.7 kg bag and Luke est black musselcracker 1.9 kg, van Wyk won the U16 section Jeremy Smith the heaviest ze- with a single blacktail which bra 1.1 kg as well as the heavi- weighed 1.2 kg.

The team with the winning IGFA points on the day was Team 6, consisting of Deon and Brendon Marais and Craig and Andrew Du Toit. Second was Team 1,being Adrian Bezuidenhout, Niall Borland, Leonard Bodill and Jeremy Smith. Third place went to Team 2, Len Titmuss, Dave and Karen Kemp and Ryan Reeves. In the Round Robin League, Team 1 beat Team 2, Team 3 beat Team 10, Team 4 beat Team 9, Team 8 beat Team 5 and Team 6 beat Team 7. The next PARSC Rock and Surf Competition will be the KTP Species Competition to be held over Open Areas on the 28th and 29th of September. link for the latest Sunshine Coast news

Sunshine Escape 13 September  
Sunshine Escape 13 September  

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