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October 11, 2014 Vol.1 No.14

WALKING BACK INTO VOLUNTEER VALLEY AFTER 30 YEARS While the concept of a reality television show is commonplace in 2013 it was a ground breaking concept in 1983 that saw the light in South Africa when the visionary documentary producer, Tommy McClelland, launched 13 episodes of The Volunteers on SABC TV. The past weekend saw the 30th reunion of The Volunteers – Maya Lloyd caught up with the volunteers and the crew last Friday afternoon as they cruised down the Kowie River and discovered a group of phenomenal people. Kathy Berman, the editor of the show, sets the scene for you: “It was an experiment in historical re-enactment, cinema verité, social history, ethnography, psychology. Thirty years ago, fourteen people volunteered to participate for six months in one of the first ever reality television documentaries in the world - The Volunteers. Tommy McClelland took a group of South African volunteers from the 20th Century and transplanted them into the environment of 1820 Settlers - living in an isolated valley outside of Grahamstown (in the Bushman’s River area), equipped with the food, clothing, technology and implements of 1820 Settlers - observed by a camera crew and the whole of South Africa. The emerging life, conflicts and traumas were to irreversibly mark and change the lives of participants and crew forever.” Our own Penny Elliott – catering manager at Settlers Park retirement village - was working as a credit controller in Grahamstown in 1983 and was looking for something else to do. She saw the advert in Grocott’s Mail and set her heart on doing it. Penny and 13 other volunteers were



selected out of the 2000 applicants received after interviews and undergoing thorough psychological and screen tests. “Once selected we all gathered in Grahamstown and had crash course in how to make a wattle and daub house, slaughter a sheep, and make soap and other skills required. We were measured for 1820 Settlers dresses and each of the women were allocated four dresses. The show started at the end of May, so it was freezing cold but it was actually a good thing if you look at it from the point of view that we had just learnt how to slaughter and keep meat, I think if we had been dropped in summer we would certainly all have become sick,” Penny said, days before the arrival of the other volunteers. “There was so much I liked about being there and I think a big part was being part of a community. We went down there and had to invent a new life, I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland and that I could reinvent the world. I actually loved the fact that the focus was not on things anymore and I loved waking up and going to work in the garden, I never woke up and thought ‘oh



goodness I have to go work’,” Penny added. Penny’s excitement at seeing the other volunteers and crew was tangible before and during the weekend. This experience touched her life deeply and altered her outlook on life she said. In fact The Volunteers stirred a sense of discovery in Penny, who at the time of participation had never even gone camping, but who a few years later once married, set off with her husband to tour through Africa with their five month old baby in a land cruiser laden with – among other things – 300 disposable nappies. All three of Penny’s children were christened in different place in Africa during Penny’s intrepid years of adventure. The adventure continued after the show for Toni Spiller Burton and James Burton too, who went on to crew on a yacht and tour the US for a year. Today Toni is a Noordhoek resident who heads up Zizamele Ceramics, an impressive SMME that trains previously unemployed (and often previously destitute) artists in ceramic creation, life skills and business management. Back in 1983

TOP: Names as in 1983 - Back row L-R: Pierre Minnie, Gordon Hiles, Tommy McClelland (Producer/Director), Dale Russell, Dave Hawkins & Front row L-R: Toni Spiller, James Burton, Penny Elliot, Mike Rossiter, Isabel Weiersbye.

RIGHT: Four Volunteers reunited after 30 years: Toni Spiller Burton, Ashley Francis, James Burton and Penny Elliott. Photograph courtesy of Gor8 Page 2 don Hiles.





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Sunshine Escape :: 11 October 2013


Brain Crunches

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SOLUTION 4 October

WIN R100 grocery voucher, with the compliments of Heritage Pick ‘n Pay. Correct crosswords should reach our offices no later than 12pm on Wednesdays. Drop them off at our offices at the Little Brewery, 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred.

Across 1 Borne (7) 5 Easily understood (5) 8 Roamed (5) 9 Floral wreath (7) 10 Connected row of houses (7) 11 Over (5) 12 Money chest (6) 14 Shut (6) 18 Serena’s sister (5) 20 Root vegetable (7) 22 Driver under instruction (7) 23 Surpass (5) 24 Topic (5) 25 Changed (7)

Down 1 Unpredictable (7) 2 Port in Kent (5) 3 Bureaucratic procedure (3,4) 4 Knife for stabbing (6) 5 Immature form of insect (5) 6 Coloured pencils (7) 7 Evade (5) 13 Flourish of trumpets (7) 15 Of greatest size (7) 16 Marked with spots (7) 17 Old Greek city (6) 18 Personal manservant (5) 19 Gumption (5) 21 More pleasant (5)

The winner of our crossword for last week, is Kathy Sansom. Congratulations, you can pick up your R100 grocery voucher, with the compliments of Heritage Pick ‘n Pay, from the management there.



How to play: Sudoku is easy to play and the rules are simple. Fill in the blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain one instance of each of the numbers 1 through 9.


Address: Contact:

Entries to be in by 12pm on Wednesday

SOLUTION 4 October

Mary Boyd wins our Sudoku for last week. Congratulations on winning a voucher for a breakfast for two at Frank’s on the Wharf, Port Alfred.

Submit your completed grid to the Sunshine Escape offices at The Little Brewery, 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred. The first correct entry drawn will win a breakfast for two at Franks on the Wharf. Only one entry per person, per week. No registered letters or faxed entries.

she and her then partner James had both just graduated from UCT and were desperate to find ways to stay together and avoid seeing James shipped off to national service. “While on holiday in Natal, I was desperately looking for a job and that’s when I saw The Volunteers advert in an old newspaper, in fact the deadline for the application had expired, but after Toni and I spoke about it we decided to apply anyway,” James, entrepreneur par excellence and currently (among other things) owner of Hero Strategic Marketing, a dynamic communications company, said. Toni roars with laughter and interjects “not only did we apply after the deadline had passed but we insisted that we were a package deal, they had to take both of us”. Toni had been a vegetarian for at least ten years when she joined The Volunteers but within a short spate of time she realised that she would have to eat the lamb in order to have the energy required to do the manually intensive labour the life in the valley demanded. “I loved the cows, there’s nothing nicer than leaning one’s cheek on a cow while milking it, and to become familiar with each rock and tree. I was the one responsible for the ‘daily loaf’ and it made me feel like a much loved person. It was a wonderful experience and what it did teach me is to tread lightly on this earth,” Tony added. James loved the total intimacy with his context. “When I arrived in the valley I entered the surrounding bush fully clothed and would exit scratched with my clothes ripped as time went on I would enter that forest without a shirt and navigate it unscathed, occasionally startling an animal,” he said. Asked about the role the presence of the camera played, James said, “While we were initially very aware of it, we filtered it out after a while, unless it was a direct interview”. Kathy and Dale both responded and pointed out that while this was true to a large degree, as conflict escalated the participants started appealing to the camera as a means of getting their voices heard, speaking directly into the camera. Penny, Toni and James were part of the

young group, then referred to in the media as the responsible anarchists. Ashleigh Francis, a school teacher at Graham College in Grahamstown at the time, found allegiance with the Gordon-Graham family chosen for the show. “I am of 1820 Settler Blood and I was brought up in the area, I went to school in Salem, I had to be on that show,” Ashleigh said. While Toni, James and Penny referred to the conflict between the young ones and the family as their least favourite aspect of the experience, Ashleigh reminded them all of a much hated feature – the flies. Witnessing James and Ashleigh interact and retrace their steps and cover touchy and hurtful ground was a moving experience and slowly but surely the group including camera man, Gordon Hiles, soundman, Dave Hawkins and Dale Russell-Howell (assistant producer) stepped back through the looking glass of 1983 sweeping those fortunate enough to be at the reunion with them. This article can by no means do justice to the profound experiences of the participants and crew who were The Volunteers nor is there room to share all the wonderful quotes and experiences but in closing I would like to share the insights of Dave and Dale respectively. Dave approached me in earnest and said, “Before you carry on interviewing people here, I want to impress on you that while the people here may have walked out of the valley 30 years ago, you need to realise that in many respects they never left”. “Watching the group of volunteers over the six month period we, the crew, literally saw Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in action. While they started out focussing on physiological needs as time went on they found a sense of belonging and after the conflict peaked an acceptance of who they were now as a group settled in and they became more and more creative, they painted and made jewellery,” Dale said. A special note of thanks to Ian Cook of The Little Brewery On The River for donating the kegs of beer for the cruise up the Kowie River.

URGENT WATER NOTIFICATION The Municipality would like to apologise for the sudden outage of water in Port Alfred and Alexandria, these outages are caused by one of ESKOM’s main supply boxes at Horseshoe Bend, this box has/is experiencing electrical power surges/dips causing massive damage to our infrastructure and in particular blew a relay and contactor at Deacon Lane borehole, but has since been replaced. We are working with ESKOM so they can restore the power problem at Deacon Lane, and promise water supply to the affected communities as follows: 1.        NEMATO in Port Alfred - trucks are going around supplying water to the strategic tanks placed in the streets. 2.        CBD water is restored, but plead with commuters to use water efficiently 3.        West and East Banks of Port Alfred water will is pumped, especially at Emerald Heights 4.        Municipal Water Trucks are also going to Port Alfred surrounding farms supplying water 5.        In ALEXANDRIA a truck is doing the rounds and providing water, as well as a loudhailer informing the communities The Municipality apologises for any inconvenience caused and will always keep you updated on any developments.

Sunshine Escape :: 11 October 2013

3 Much to her disappointment Rina Oberholzer, the manager of Alpha Dry Cleaning, missed the Grand opening of the shop last week, due to ill health. She collapsed outside the shop on her way into work, on the very morning of the opening and prize hand over. We are delighted to announce that she is has suffered no ill effects from the collapse and is fit, well and raring to go!

ALPHA DRY CLEANING DYNAMICS Shop 6, Anchorage Mall Port Alfred. Tel: 046 624 2328

“I am only one. But I

This lunch is open to everyone.

am one. I cannot do

everything but I can do something. And I will

Please urge your friends to support it.

do interfere with what

Please book early – seating is limited.

not let what I cannot I can do.”

Janie du Plessis grew up in a literary family so she has a way with words which is pure bliss to listen too. After studying law at R.A.U, she took a different life path and soon appeared on our television screens. She was one of South Africa’s youngest TV presenters, featured in 4 films, had a successful career in modelling, wrote a column for a local magazine and promoted tourism in South Africa. After marrying an Italian, Janie spent many years in Italy and Portugal, soaking up their architecture and culture. This exposure sparked her interest in property development and a new direction in her business life. On her return to South Africa, Janie has settled in Cape Town and created her own company – Odev (Original Developments) . Apart from all her many talents and interests, Janie is also the Honourary President of a Cancer Trust and has spoken many times over at events around the country on this topic. Janie has faced and survived many of life’s challenges and is very well equipped to inspire through example and can inspire like few can! There is much more to Janie than being a breast cancer survivor, a mother and South African celebrity.

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PERC – Perchloroethylene, used in traditional dry cleaning is cancer-causing and has a large number of health risks. At Alpha Dry Cleaning Dynamics we have invested in the Electrolux Lagoon Wet-Cleaning System. The ONLY Professional Fabric Care System, endorsed by the world's leading textile brand: The Woolmark Company. Safe for you and your family, No use of harmful toxic chemicals, Eco-friendly, Garments look cleaner, lasts longer, feel softer, looks brighter, smells fresher and No allergic reactions.

Magical rhythms at didgeridoo workshop and retreat in Kasouga Shannon Wright of Rythmagik offered a Didgeridoo and Breathing Workshop in Kasouga last weekend. Maya Lloyd donned some other hats – as yoga teacher and host – and joined in the holistic, happy and healthy event. Shannon, a well-known musician in the Sunshine Escape area, is a music teacher at St Andrews in Grahamstown, he also offers the practical components for the Ethnomusicology Programme offered through the International Library of African Music (ILAM) and the Rhodes University Department of Music and Musicology. He also offers some of the practical components in the interdisciplinary course Music, Health and the Brain. Ethnomusicology students were joined by other students and members of the public keen to learn to play and make their own didgeridoo. After a quick meet-‘n-greet, the group started off with a yoga session emphasising pranayama – breath control/ practice. Shannon then regaled all with the humorous and illustrative tale of how this ancient and sacred Australian Aboriginal wind instrument came into being. Then it was time to put lips to PVC pipe and the fun and laughter began in earnest, but slowly, slowly everyone managed to create a sound or two. While Bev Brunette prepared the sustenance to help all keep on blowing, the participants took the time to wander down to the Kasouga lagoon and ocean. After lunch there was more to learn and when our lips felt a little numb, it was time to begin decorating the instruments with vibrant cloths, working together as a group. Assembled around the fire in the evening, the talented participants sang, drummed and played guitar – feeling energised from all the oxygen circulating through our bodies, we felt sleepy but reluctant to end the day.

ing – the next phase that participants will have to champion in order to really play the didgeridoo. The final step in creating the instrument was to varnish the decorated didge and dry it in the sun while we enjoyed a last meal together. All too soon the time to depart had arrived but fortunately only after a final drumming session and the chance to share feedback about the experience with our newfound friends.

CAMP Didgeridoo at Kasouga: — with Daelan Wright, Daniëlle Arnold, Becca Miller, Shannon Wright, Bruce William Haynes, Roxanne Vorster, Rachel Brunette, Bev Brunette and Maya Lloyd.

Guido's Upstairs Bar and Lounge

Sunday dawned with light rain and after a light fruit breakfast it was time for another yoga session before we started trying to extend the sounds we were creating by learning how to do circular breath-

Tel: 046 624 5264 The retreat and workshop offered each one of the participants the opportunity to enjoy union with self through sound and breath while bathing in the healing sound vibrations of the instrument. A workshop such as this has no age limits – our youngest participant was nine – and offers a wonderful bonding experience for parents and children and a journey of self-discovery. If you would like to participate in future sound and yoga workshops contact Shannon Wright of or Maya Lloyd at energyforlifemaya@

Come and say “hi” to Toby and Norma and have a drink in our new look bar. Opening Friday 11th October 4pm. HAPPY HOUR 4-7pm buy two drinks and get one free.


Monday Student Special

Friday Meat Platter

Buy any pizza get a glass of house wine or a draught beer free.

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One child per adult, kids Special menu available under 12 choose any free coffee or ice-cream meal from the children’s with every meal. menu. Monday - Friday Happy Hour - enjoy a Sun Downer in the upstairs bar from 5-7pm. Buy two drinks and get one free.

Terms and Conditions apply

Sunshine Escape :: 11 October 2013


Visit the Sustainable Seas Trust Garden at Addo Rose and Garden Show Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) is one of five environmentally focussed organisations selected for the Algoa FM Magnetic Storm Charity Garden Challenge at the 30th Addo Rose and Garden show this coming weekend. SST is teamed up with Floradale Nursery and AlgoaFM DJ KayCee Rousseau. SST is fortunate to have been partnered with Allan Haschick of Floradale Nursery who participated in the Charity Garden Challenge last year, and who, as such brings with him the experience of how it all works. “We have to have a garden that reflects the ethos, symbolically related to the charity, as well as offering enough appeal to the general public. Keeping the design simple is best, as generally the public want to see a garden that is fun, colourful and appealing. This is also a major consideration for the charity, as the garden has to compete for the public’s vote (favourite garden),” Alan said. “My starting point for the design for SST is being able to enjoy the oceans for future generations, thus using the oceans in a sustainable way. To translate this into a garden setting is obviously not very practical or easy. So I took the direction of using plants and other marine detail to create a garden the looks like the bottom of the sea,” he added. “Symbolically the garden would represent man enjoying an undersea experience – in a garden. Many succulents and grasses look a lot like corals or seaweed, and if used with stones, pebbles, sand and decorated with ‘manmade’ marine items like boats, fishing nets one can create a garden that looks like

it should belong under the sea. “Fishing nets and ropes represent man’s relationship with the ocean, and how we need to be careful of how we use the ocean to best keep it in a way that we can enjoy it for future generations – much like we would want to enjoy this garden,” Alan said. “Floradale has been synonymous with gardening for almost 80 years in the Eastern Cape. We have been privileged to actively participate in the Addo Rose show now, for several years. We are very excited to be able to participate in such a great collaboration, which is a wonderful way of marketing gardening and a worthy charity at the same time,” Alan concluded. The other beneficiaries, who have each teamed up with a competing Nursery or Landscaper are: Wilderness Foundation Bloomingdales Nursery (Ray Long); Zwartkops Conservancy - (Barbara Eke Designs); Landmark Foundation - Classic Grove (Linda Bruwer); SAMREC - Acres Wild (Jenny Clark). Visit the Addo Rose and Garden show this weekend and vote for your favourite garden at the Valentine Grounds on the 12th and 13th October and stand a chance to win your share of R5 000 in cash! Originally established by the Sunday’s River Women’s Institute in 1983, the Addo Rose & Garden Show attracts rose lovers, floral artists and garden enthusiasts from far and wide who come to experience the exquisite rose displays in the exhibition hall and participate in the many family activities being planned for the weekend. For more information visit: http://addorose.;; http://www. and

Last Friday evening, KayCee Rousseau (centre) interviewed David Haschick (left) from Floradale Nursery who has been teamed up with the Sustainable Seas Trust to create the SST Garden at the Addo Rose and Garden show this weekend and SST’s Dr Tony Ribbink (right). Hugo Warren and Basil Maker the two 80 year old Melody Makers who will be performing at the Methodist Church Bathurst on Sunday the 20th of October and again on the 3rd of November in Kenton on Sea. Both events are to raise funds for the Church and Dolphin Nursing Home. Tickets are available at KNA Duckpond Centre Port Alfred.

Universal Eye Health –

Get Your Eyes Tested

The 10th of October marked World Sight Day (WSD) and the organisation Optometry Giving Sight is urging all members of the optical community and anyone who values good vision to take part in the World Sight Day Challenge for the month of October. The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) has suggested activities to raise awareness for visual impairment and blindness worldwide such as blindfolding important statues; walks and rallies; holding a musical concert in the dark or other black out events – e.g. dinner/theatre/light projection of WSD logo on buildings; while affiliated organisations have suggested wearing sunglasses indoors under the #BESHADY banner. On the IAPB website you will find all the promotional material and resources related to eye health in order for you or your company to host your own WSD event. 2013 is an important year as it marks the launch of a new WHO Action Plan on the prevention of avoidable blindness and visual im-

pairment 2014-19. In keeping with the main thrust of this new Action Plan, the theme for World Sight Day 2013 is: Universal Eye Health. For 2013, the call to action is: Get your Eyes Tested. The call to action recognises a vital aspect of a successful and sustainable eye health network – an informed and regular end-user base which accesses eye care services at different points, based on need, age and other such factors. An eye test is first point of contact and the first step for diagnosis and treatment for practically every eye condition. So urging end-users to get their eyes tested should be a powerful call to action that can be incorporated into a variety of focal areas; be it refractive errors, diabetic retinopathy, cataract and so on. Copy sourced from The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), the coordinating membership organisation leading international efforts in blindness prevention activities.

Sunshine Escape :: 11 October 2013 Improve focus, concentration, memory and recall in adults and children KeenMind is the world’s leading researched Bacopa monneiri. It is a unique herbal extract, proven to improve focus, concentration, memory and recall in adults and children. KeenMind is the result of over 30 years of extensive research and development at the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) in India and extensive research has been undertaken and is also on going at the Brain Sciences Institute at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. KeenMind is the only Bacopa to contain optimum levels of therapeutic bacosides A and B (55%) which contribute to improvement in brain function. CLINICAL TRIALS KeenMind has been shown to shown: significantly decrease the rate of forgetting newly acquired information after 90 days of treatment; improve focus and concentration; improve ability to learn or study; improve memory and recall; enhance mental clarity; significantly improve the speed of visual information processing, learning rate, memory consolidation and decrease forgetting rate; significantly improve working memory after 90 days treatment. Evidence suggests that KeenMind works in the brain by modulating the cholinergic system and enhance nerve impulse transmission, i.e., it assists with the relay of information or messages within the brain. It also appears to have anti-oxidant and neuro-protective effects. It has a relaxant effect on blood vessels and is a mild anxiolytic, so helps to calm the stressed or busy mind which helps with focus and concentration. KEENMIND IS SUITABLE FOR: Children and Students - to facilitate concentration and learning; - People with high demand

careers or very busy lives - who need to be mentally sharp, ‘on top of their game’; who are under pressure and stressed where improved focus would be beneficial; - Mature and elderly individuals - to reduce decline in mental performance ; and to aid memory. SAFETY Studies indicate improved cognitive effects are achieved in adults and children with no clinically relevant side effects. DOSAGE Positive effects may be perceived early in the treatment with KeenMind, however optimal benefits are enjoyed from 3 months of daily use onwards. Flordis is committed to continued clinical study of the efficacy, tolerability and safety of KeenMind in children, adults, including the elderly. For more information consult your healthcare practitioner or visit www.

Combat mental exhaustion

What are the symptoms of stress and mental exhaustion? Stress presents with fatigue, poor concentration, irritability, mood swings, disturbed sleeping patterns, headaches, indigestion, increased or decreased appetite and poor work performance. How can I combat mental exhaustion? The best way to manage mental exhaustion is with a combination of techniques. 1. Follow a proper, wholesome diet. 2. Exercise. 3. Getting enough sleep. 4. Seeking support. These are all proven ways of keeping daily stress levels low. Treatment of mental exhaustion? NeuroVanceTM is an all-in-one combination product that consists of a unique blend of natural ingredients that all display different stress relieving properties. Combined, these target multiple path-

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clinical trials show that it stimulates the brain to generate more alpha waves. Alpha waves help muscles to relax and aches and pains caused by stress, to disappear. Clinical studies conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health in Tokyo, Japan, suggest that Suntheanine may help to improve sleep quality. Participants who took it before bedtime all slept better and deeper than those who took a placebo, and

they also felt rested and refreshed in the morning. Suntheanine allows the mind to relax and recuperate during sleep. Unlike many medications prescribed to calm anxiety, Suntheanine does not cause drowsiness or interfere with mental sharpness. In fact, it improves concentration and focus. For more information call: 042 293 1278 or visit:

Stress can damage your physical and mental health. It can also keep you awake at night, making you feel even more stressed out. In the long run, stress can also affect your immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems. In fact, research shows that high percentages of doctors’ visits are stress related. Eliminating stress completely from your life is impossible. However, implementing stress management techniques can reduce some of its harmful effects. Following a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, meditation and making time for uninterrupted relaxation, are some of the techniques. A safe product that can assist in reducing stress levels is the dietary supplement PROZEN. It contains Suntheanine®, the trade name for a well-researched, patented form of a unique amino acid found in the green tea plant. The health benefits of green tea, which have for centuries been recognised by the Chinese, are ascribed to the presence of this unique amino acid. Suntheanine’s structure is identical to the natural amino acid and is its only form with sound research backing up its benefits. In a placebo-controlled study of men placed in an acutely stressful situation, Suntheanine had a measurably calming effect and reduced their heart rates and their levels of salivary immunoglobulin A (a key stress marker) declined. Other

Stress less, sleep better with Prozen NeuroVance_WW_Advert\p.indd 1

2013/10/08 4:3

Unlike many medications prescribed to calm anxiety, Suntheanine does not cause drowsiness or interfere with mental sharpness. In fact, it improves concentration and focus.

Proudly associated with the The many benefits of Prozen are: Grahamstown Flower Festival. • It reduces stress and anxiety. • It’s not addictive. • It promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness. • It can bring relief to women suffering from symptoms of premenstrual syndrome by helping to modulate mood and promoting relaxation. • No drug interactions or side effects have been reported with the use of Suntheanine. Prozen is available at pharmacies, Dis-Chem and Clicks. For more information call: 042 293 1278 E-mail:

clinically proven natural medicines

A good night’s sleep is vital if you want to stay healthy... mentally and physically. If you are too stressed out to sleep soundly, Prozen may be the answer...

Sunshine Escape :: 11 October 2013


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Sunshine Coast Hospice is in urgent need of wool For their ladies who knit and crochet jerseys for the patients Any wool is most welcome Contact Karen on (046) 624 4107

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HAIR STUDIO A very Hott option.




For Sale 21ft Cabin Boat with Johnson 115 motor With trailer R50,000 ONCO Contact 082 428 4558

Are you Heading for Middle Ground?

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Cherrywood Nursery

Tel: 046 624 4591



Can be purchased from: Com Office / Decadent / Root 72 & Natures Way @ R50-00 ea Cell: 076 379 2151 Tel: 046 604 0463



Contact Brian Penny (046) 624 5145 SUNSHINE COAST HOSPICE Urgently require stock for their charity shop. We accept anything including furniture, crockery, cutlery, kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, glassware, paintings, ornaments, bedding, toys, bric a brac etc WE ALSO REQUIRE BOOKS ONE MAN’S JUNK IS ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE


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EMERGENCY NUMBERS Extra Math or other subject support sessions available for Grade 7-9 learners. Consolidate primary school skills in preparation or during the transition to secondary school in relaxed environment provided. Contact Maya Lloyd on 082 393 9250 or

Alcohol Anon - 082 973 1604 Ambulance (Private) - (046) 624 4240 AVIS Rent a Car - (046) 624 4353/4044 Child Welfare - 083 652 3951/046 624 5793 Fire Brigade - (046) 624 1111 Multi Security - (046) 624 2508 Nature Conservation - 082 753 1716 NSRI - 083 212 1277 PA Hospital - (046) 604 4000 PA Municipality - (046) 624 1140 Sky Alarms - (046) 624 2806 SPCA - (046) 624 1919 Towing Service - 082 958 3839

Sunshine Escape :: 11 October 2013

On the diary

7 Email your events, at no cost to publish, before 2pm on Tuesdays, to or drop the info off at our offices at 22 Wharf Street, Port Alfred.

OCTOBER – International Breast Cancer Month & in South Africa: Marine; Transport & Social Development; and Mental Health Awareness Month respectively

refreshments - hot dogs, hamburgers & cooldrinks. Might be quite an interesting event for city-slickers to come and view this event at the Bathurst Show grounds.

12 October: World Hospice Day

17 October: Memory Book Scrapbook Club, meets twice a month on a Thursday afternoon 14:00-17:00. All welcome, contact Cheryl 046 624 2733 or 0835567562, at Presbyterian Church Port Alfred.

12 October: Wharf Street Beer Fest - Tickets for the event are already on sale, and can be purchased from any member of Round Table, and business on Wharf Street, and by calling 046 624 8692. 12 October: Steve Newman live at The Lowlander with special guest Lizzie Gaisford; at 17:30, The Lowlander, Grahamstown. R50 / Students: R25 / Children: free 13 October: No Bra Day – Support Breast Cancer 14 October: 2013 Sound Thinking weekly research seminars presented by staff and post graduates students of the Rhodes University Department of Music and Musicology in Beethoven Room 16:30-17:30. Stephen Ellis: ‘Learner’s experience of James Dreier’s Standard Tune Learning Sequence in a self-directed learning environment, and its implications for Differentiated Instruction’ & Mareli Stolp: ‘Post-Everything Poster Boy: Spoek Mathambo’s Control as Urban Landscape’. 15 October: Hobson & Co Auction (11:00-14:00) with

17 October: PORT ALFRED BOWLING AND CROQUET CLUB Trivia and Quiz evening at 18:00 for 18:30. Build a Mega Hamburger is on the menu for supper. Players play R30 for the meal and their quiz entry fee, and spectators to pay R20 for their meal. Please come and support your favourite team and have a fun evening. 18 October: The Hiking Group Outing @ Robby’s 07h00. The outing will be at a beach walk at The Fish River Lighthouse. Bring R30.00 to cover any entrance fee that may be charged + R20.00 for petrol contribution. For more information contact Cathy Abbott on com or 083 399 2926 19 October: Cleanse your liver talk at The Green Yeti health shop, Kenton on Sea, at 10:00 20 October: Sunday Soiree - 15:00 at Bathurst Methodist Church the The Melody Makers. Tickets on sale at K.N.A. Duckpond Centre as of on Monday, 7 October at R30-00,

includes light refreshments. The proceeds from this concert are ear marked for the Methodist Church. 21 October: 2013 Sound Thinking weekly research seminars presented by staff and post graduates students of the Rhodes University Department of Music and Musicology in Beethoven Room 16:30-17:30. Luis Gimenez Amoros: ‘The seas of desert: Saharaui music in the refugee camps of Tindouf, Algeria. This presentation includes a viewing of a documentary by the same name. 24 October: Memory Book Scrapbook Club, meets twice a month on a Thursday afternoon 14:00-17:00. All welcome, contact Cheryl 046 624 2733 or 0835567562, at Presbyterian 25-27 October: Bathurst Country Affair - Good Family Fun / Good Food / Good Wine / Entertainment Galore / Celeb Chefs challenge Local Chefs / Mountain Bike Challenge / Hooves Parade. Contact Tanya on 072 059 1559 or Email: 29 October: CLUB 100 and HOSPICE lunch at My Pond Hotel, 12 for 12:30 - guest speaker, Janie du Plessis. This lunch is open to anyone who wants to attend and support Sunshine Coast Hospice. Price is R150 a head and all monies raised will be for hospice. Contact Jane Pryce on or 082 676 4402.

Motoring matters RENAULT DUSTER 1,5 DCI DYNAMIQUE The Renault Duster has finally been launched in South Africa and expectations are high for this compact SUV. With engine sizes shrinking and fuel prices growing it

INDOOR POOL 14 October, 17:30.

Please attend meeting about sustainability of the indoor pool facility and its extended vision. Read follow up article here next week.

is no wonder people have their eyes on this fast-growing segment. The Duster is a first for Renault and it’s not a bad start. The styling is chunky yet simple. The rear arches, high ride height and wide front with oversized headlamps give the Duster a robust look. This simple styling carries through in to the cabin; some might even refer to it as rugged. The build quality does not feel great due to the hard plastics used and appears a bit bland but Renault has opted

to use a touchscreen interface, which includes sat-nav as standard. Also included on this model are air-conditioning and electric windows. The height adjustable seat and steering wheel fared well with me as I can struggle to find a suitable driving position with my short-ish legs. Speaking of legs, the legroom in the Duster is impressive, even for the rear passengers. There is more than enough luggage space with 296 dm3. The 1,5-litre dCi engine is powerful enough and overtaking acceleration is strong in all six gears. This small-capacity,

CROQUET CORNER Our braai master extraordinaire, Peter Wansell, donned a new hat over the past week. He and his trusty sidekick, Colin Murray, have spent an amazing amount of time on the lawns scarifying, fertilizing, watering and generally upgrading and attending to them. Many thanks must also go to Alvern Fitzhenry, who helped resetting the sprays and sorted out some of the ancient equipment and machinery they needed to use. An enormous vote of thanks to Peter and Colin, we all really do appreciate what you have done! It was Joanna Turpin’s birthday on the 9th and Andy and Jan Simpson are celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary, their ‘Golden’ this coming week!! Congratulations and best wishes to you all. May the coming year bring you good health, joy and happiness.

four-cylinder, turbocharged unit puts out 80 kW and 240 N.m of torque. The sixth gear makes for less engine strain and therefore more relaxed driving, even if engine and road noise can be intrusive. The fuel consumption is claimed at 5,6 litres/100 km. The Duster’s ride quality is smooth and it handles well owing to the tall tyre sidewalls and sophisticated rear suspension. Take the Duster off-road and it is more than capable. The parttime four-wheel-drive system ensures enough torque to get you out of some tricky situations – not too tricky of course – but traversing gravel roads or steep slopes is no problem for the Duster. When it comes to safety, this model has six airbags, ABS, and ESP. Renault has tapped in to this market with a great product and I foresee a number of Dusters on our roads. People with an active lifestyle who need the space but who are not only conscious about fuel consumption but also price will find the perfect fit with the Duster. Like a few of the CAR team have noted, the Duster does not pretend to be anything other than what it is: practical, spacious, capable and reasonably priced.

Port Alfred Bowling And Croquet Club Our Spar sponsored competition winners, played on Tuesday the 1st of October, were Men's: Dallas Cowie and Ladies: Helen Cowie. The winners of the monthly Radue sponsored trips competition last Friday are Eddie Senar, Geoff Gibbon and Marion Koenig. The two teams who played in the Whiteside competition over the weekend of 5th and 6th in Grahamstown were, Team 1: Trevor Frost, Mike Hayler, Neil de Villiers, John Bennet and Team 2: Tommy Browne,

Noel Heale, Dave Lang and Marcel Renaud. Unfortunately they were not amongst the winners. The Kowie Men's Classic takes place this weekend of the 12th and 13th. Next Wednesday the 16th, the penultimate round of both the Doris Ford and the Les Clarke will be played at Port Alfred Bowling and Croquet Club. Thursday the 17th we are having our Trivia and Quiz evening at 18:00 for 18:30. Build a Mega Hamburger is on the menu for supper. Players play R30 for the meal and their quiz

entry fee, and spectators to pay R20 for their meal. Please come and support your favourite team and have a fun evening. The final round of the Colleen Timm and Moore Shield takes place on Saturday the 19th in Kenton, and on Sunday the 20th the last round of the Men's League will also be played at Kenton Bowling Club. Duties for 15th - 19th Tabs: Chris Armitage and Sheila Penny Bar: Colette Reid, Gaynor Renaud and Lynda Shoning Ironing: Trevor Frost

Specifications Model: Renault Duster 1,5 dCi Dynamique Price: R239 900 Engine: 1,5-litre, 4-cyl, turbodiesel Power: 80 kW/4 000 r/min Torque: 240 N.m/2 550 r/min 0-100 km/h: 14,9 secs Top speed: 158 km/h Fuel consumption: 5,6 L/100 km CO2: 137 g/km Service plan: 3 years/45 000 km

For all your video production requirements From Single to Multi-camera Productions, Big Screen, Editing, Functions, Corporates, VIDEO STREAMING – live OR recorded 30 Years experience in TV Production



NOW SHOWING: 4 OCTOBER 2013 to 10 OCTOBER 2013 CINE 1 (16L) Tue - Sat Sun

CINE 2 (PG) Tue - Sat Sun

THE ENGLISH TEACHER 1h30min 11h00 15h00 19h00 14h00 17h00

TURBO 1h36min 11h00 15h00 14h00 17h00

STER KINEKOR Comedy, Drama

NU METRO Animation, Comedy, Family 19h00

Tickets: (Adults) R25, (Kids under 13) R20. Tuesday Specials - R12.50pp For further info visit or Facebook: Rosehill mall Tel / Fax: 046 624 1436



PSIRA no: 559786

Emergency Tel: (046) 624 2806 Cell: 084 471 9239

Safety & Security Port Alfred, Bathurst, Shaw Park, Kleinemonde, Alexandria Registered as a Security Service Provider

Lovely weather for the Kowie Crackers Last Saturday saw the Kowie Crackers, league competition take place in gorgeous weather and good conditions. The sea was clean and warm and there was a gentle light easterly breeze to keep the anglers comfortable. A total of 80 fish, consisting of Terry Kukard 15 different species, were caught and released by the 23 participating anglers. Anglers with the biggest fish in the edible species section were: 1st Quinton Fick – White Steenbras 5.68 kg 2nd Brad Labuschagne – Kob 3.56 kg 3rd Quinton Fick – Black Musselcracker 2.53kg 4th Wynand Oosthuizen – Baardman 2.45 kg 5th Tiaan Crous – Bronze Bream 2.31 kg 6th Gary Timm – Stone Bream 1.23 kg The Top Lady Angler for the day was Nicci Kannegiesser for her catch of a Lesser Guitarfish. There were no juniors participating, so no winner. Penn Reels sponsored this competition with a donation of two PENN Squall reels for a lucky draw prize for each league event. The name of the angler with the largest fish of each species is put into a hat and drawn. The lucky winners of last Saturday’s draw were Quinton Fick and Brad Labuschagne. The next league competition will take place on the 9th of November at a venue still to be confirmed. The deep sea fishing is picking up quite nicely now, a lot of decent sized line fish has been coming out. The kob are still pretty scarce though and I haven’t heard of any really big catches being made, but I am sure that will improve along with the weather. That’s it for this week, please contact me on 082 676 1742 or email

Do you have any sport story or photos to share? Do you know of big sporting events coming up? Please contact Terry on 082 676 1742 or email

R119 990 incl.

Jay Jay Oelofse with a colourful Yellow-bellied Rockcod that he caught whilst deep sea fishing recently. Jarryd Pauls

School sport in South Africa is lacking in its level of professionalism. The statement may sound somewhat odd when one considers the general opinion that sport at school should be played largely for the purposes of being active and for enjoyment. I do not mean to go against this customary way of thinking, but rather I wish to explore the benefits of a more integrated structure across a variety of South African sports from national to school level. Earlier this week former Springbok coach, Jake White, was appointed the new Director of Rugby for the Sharks. This is only one of a number of changes that have taken place at the Kwa-Zulu Natal union, with CEO John Smit, himself only appointed into that position a few months ago, keen to see a complete revamp in the existing structures. White has become known for stamping his mark on the previous teams he has coached, and so it will come as no surprise that he immediately suggested that the Sharks will soon adopt his style of play. However, what is interesting is how he believes that every team in the province, from schoolboys to the Sharks senior teams, need to play in the same way and implement the same structures, essentially working towards

Click on the

Time to Standardise Sports Structures the same goals. I believe that this could be of great benefit to the Sharks and will aid them in keeping a healthy talent pool that will maintain and build on their status as a powerhouse in South African rugby. One may ask how this affects schools in Port Alfred and its surrounds. I have followed school sport in this region for a number of years, and while a number of our schools do try their very best with limited resources, they tend to struggle to hold onto their top sportsmen when larger and better-known schools present new opportunities to these youngsters. This is especially the case in rugby. I believe that were the Eastern Cape to adopt the sort of synonymous structures which Jake White describes across the province, that rural schools with less funding may have a greater prospect of holding onto their most promising youngsters and potentially become more attractive destinations for other talented scholars. In addition, this sort of investment in school structures at a national level would

enable South Africa to develop rugby players in a wider number of schools, capable of beating the All Blacks, and footballers who can take us to the World Cup in future. We have far more talent in this country than we make use of. Furthermore, it may prove to be some alleviation from the current player drain which South African rugby and cricket is experiencing, with a number of young players leaving South Africa shortly after school and never looking back. To suggest that everybody at every school should play the same brand of rugby is perhaps a far-fetched ideology. Adopting similar structures in schools and clubs across the country is however, a more likely possibility. This is the sort of professionalism to which I refer. It would take increased investment in individual schools, but for too long in South Africa we have neglected the importance of nurturing and guiding talent at grassroots level. As American chef Martin Yan puts it, “When you have the right foundation, everything tastes good.” link for the latest Sunshine Coast news

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