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Winter December 2016, issue 21

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Welcome to the winter 2016 - 2017 edition of sunset. As the nights draw in and the temperature drops. Bonfire Night and Halloween are gone, and there’s only the sheer and utter joy that is Christmas to look forward to. (Check out the insert for the opening times of services this December.) There’s the colossal uncertainty of recommissioning looming, more on that inside. Things can, in short, look pretty grim, if you let them. But hey, lets pause for a moment. Soon enough it’ll be the shortest day of the year, and after that, little by little the days start getting a weeny bit lighter and a tiny bit brighter, and before you know spring will be, sprunging. So there’s something to look forward to. In the meanwhile, if you can’t wait that long, here’s a picture of a mouse in a flower. Let’s face it who isn’t cheered up by a picture of a mouse in a flower?

 Page 11 S2S and Aquarius Opening Times, Things and Stuff  Back Page Useful Phone Numbers

A picture of a mouse in a flower that we took off the internet. Thank you, the internet.

Contributions to the newsletter are welcome, please contact the newsletter editor on 07909 588 378 or email

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Winter December 2016, issue 21

Bridge canoe launch event, sun 06/11/16, Nene Whitewater Centre, Northampton Family and friends of a previous Bridge member, Ashley Wilson, who sadly died in July of last year completed a team challenge sponsored event in his memory. The raised funds were donated to Bridge for the benefit of members. In liaison with the family, Bridge purchased a number of sit on boats with the view to providing water based activities in Spring 2017. Approximately 35 people attended including Bridge members, volunteers and staff, and around 10 Wilson family members. People were able have a “paddle”, under the watchful eye of Elliot, the lead instructor. Following the launch hot food was served at Bridge. An added benefit of this process is the new venture of partnership working between Bridge and Nene Whitewater centre, further developing and expanding recovery services within the County.

Football Tournaments

Mental health football tournament Monday 5th December Redwell Leisure Centre NN8 5LP 13:30 - 15:30pm There is also a lower ability tournament Bring active wear, trainers and water To register your interest either contact Aaron at Bridge or call him on 01604 621259 Transport available. Please note that Changing Goals will finish for the Christmas break 9 th December 2016. Christmas Dinners and Event Northampton Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings (includes afters) 11th December. Serving from 12.30 Adults £2.75 Children £2.25 Please put your name down at reception, payment due by 8th December to secure your place. Christmas Event 22nd December. Doors open at 11.30am Come along for festive entertainment Christmas cheer and food. Fancy dress competition for those who want to enter (whatever you wish) £1.50 per ticket (Limited Tickets) Please retain ticket for food Tickets on Sale from the 5th December at Bridge reception. 19th December 2016 - Christmas Dinner at Wellingborough Bridge.

Bridge Pamper Day Bridge holds pamper days throughout the year which offers members the chance to sample some of the complimentary therapies we offer. These include reflexology, reiki, facial massage, neck and shoulder massage, henna tattoo's and manicures. We serve herbal teas and offer a relaxing environment with acupuncture and meditation sessions running. Most of the therapies are administered by our valuable volunteers and we often have demonstrations such as sound baths, juicing and cacao chocolate making. We held our last Pamper Day in November and was a huge success yet again. Our next one will be in 2017. Dates to be confirmed. If you would like to know more or are interested in volunteering, then please get in touch!

Members meetings We hold members' meeting regularly at Bridge. This is an opportunity for members to discuss their opinions, views and ideas. Members feedback is important and suggestions are always welcome! The next members' meeting will be held on Friday 16th December, 12.00pm at Bridge Northampton.

63c Gold Street, Northampton NN1 1RA 01604 621259 / 07877 041360

8th Floor, Grosvenor House George Street, Corby, NN17 1QB

13-15 Oxford Street Wellingborough, NN8 4HY

01536 268133 / 07931 316289

01933 228453 / 07442 509354


Winter December 2016, issue 21

Inter agency fun day Tuesday 20th September 2016 In just six weeks staff and volunteers from all agencies involved in treatment and recovery services in Northampton , worked together to put on a fun day for all those in recovery in our county. CGL, Family support link, Aquarius, Bridge and SUNSET were all represented on the working group and as the ideas started to flow the event was planned for the 20th September which was during recovery month to highlight recovery and to bring services and service users together – or as I like to say so we were all” singing from the same hymn sheet!” The theme for the day emerged as an old fashioned sports day, this reminded me of happy times during my junior school days. Sack race, egg & spoon, catch the train race to name a few were planned and we set off with tasks to do, some people were able to take on more than others but the feeling of unity was there from the start. As the weeks progressed we could see the event taking shape we went to visit a venue which was just perfect Northamptonshire County Cricket Ground. The day of the event dawned bright and sunny the organising party were there early and after a few niggles that caused slight panic the event was set up and ready to welcome the fist people at 11.00am. People attending ranged from service users, treatment and recovery workers, family members and council officers, there was even a toddler or two! In total there were about 120 attendees at the event. Everyone was greeted with a goody bag and I was keen to help out in any way I could I found myself moving tables and giving out information. The atmosphere was exciting –new faces-new friends and a real sense of competition was in the air.

The races started with many people signed up with the sack race. I entered the wheel barrow race with a friend we managed not to come last! Overall I felt the day went really well the food was great if a little sparse and constant coffee was a real bonus. The memory I will take away from this day was that for those early on in their recovery journey the event gave them really relevant supportive information. The enjoyment that everyone had I hope was an inspiration and proof that being in recovery can be fun and irrespective of your past people can change their situation.

I would like to thank everyone who supported this day and those that made it happen perhaps next year we can do a strictly recovery dance?? I’m practising my moves already!!



Winter December 2016, issue 21

Sausages with winter veg mash Ingredients 4 sausages, regular or reduced-fat 2 parsnips 2 or 3 medium potatoes 175g Brussels sprouts 4 tbsp milk 1 tbsp wholegrain mustard Method Grill the sausages for 10-12 mins, turning frequently. Meanwhile, peel and roughly chop the parsnips and potatoes, then cook in boiling salted water for about 10 mins. Shred sprouts, add to the pan for the last 2-3 mins and cook until all the vegetables are tender. Drain and mash the vegetables, then beat in the milk and mustard with salt and pepper. Serve with the sausages. We took this recipe off of the BBC via … Oh internet we am <3U

If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep Going. Winston Churchill

Quiz by Richard 1. Which English Premier league football club shares its name with a mint humbug first sold by a local shopkeeper know as ‘Mother Noblet’? 2. What was the Golden Hind’s (the vessel in which Sir Frances Drake circumnavigated the globe) original name? 3. Which large open area in London contains the Serpentine and the Albert Memorial ? 4. Which Dicken’s novel is set during the French revolution? 5. What was the title of Neil Sedaka’s first top 5 UK hit, in 1959? 6. Where in the human body is the cochlea? 7. Which traditional festival is held in Nottingham, in early October every year? 8. Which Coronation Street character was played by Johnny Briggs? 9. Who won the world professional snooker title at his first attempt in 1979? 10. For which Aviva premiership club does England rugby Union captain Dylan Hartley play? Answers on page 11 4

Winter December 2016, issue 21

SUPPORT FOR THE FAMILIES AND CARERS OF DRUG & ALCOHOL USERS Family Support Link is a registered charity for families and careers affected by drugs or alcohol in Northamptonshire. We offer non-judgmental support and can help you to have a greater understanding of drug and alcohol use. We cannot offer a solution, but we can empower you to improve your life with encouragement and support, end your isolation and help you to cope with the day to day problems that you may encounter.

One to One Support Meetings

Do you need help and support or someone to talk to, then call

Telephone Support

01933 227 078

Advocacy Service


Support Groups


Every Monday in Wellingborough 10am -12pm Every Tuesday in Corby 7pm – 9pm

Coffee Morning

Every Monday in Corby 11am – 1pm, come along for a chat

West End House, 60 Oxford Street, Wellingborough NN8 4JJ

Future Meetings and Details Date Tuesday 13th December Monday 16th January 2017 Monday 13TH February 2017 Wednesday 15th March 2017*

Venue Christmas Social Event CGL- 41 Oxford St, Wellingborough NN8 4JG Bridge- 63C Gold St, Northampton NN1 1RA FSL -1 St Johns St, Wellingborough NN8 4LG

Time TBA 12.00-2.00pm 1.00-3.00pm TBA

* Meeting will include newsletter discussion / input Reimbursement is available for travel / childcare and sitting costs if you are a carer. Please contact 07909588378 for more details 5

Winter December 2016, issue 21

Recommissioning The Who, What, When, Where, How, and the Why of it? Let’s start with what shall we? The drug and Alcohol Treatment and Recovery services. The who what? The adult treatment service is currently provided by S2S, the Children’s (anyone under 18) treatment service is currently provided by CAN Young People. What was that other thing? The Recovery Service? Yep that one. That would be The Bridge. Oh. Oh indeed. So, that’s what and probably who covered, ok so when then? Within the next 12 months. That’s a bit vague could you be more specific? Not really, the recommissioning of services like these is kind of a long drawn out complicated process with quite a few gray areas in terms of the timing. There is a proposed time table, which says new 4 year contracts (with the option to extend by another 4 years) issued within the next 12 months, but there may some slippage in that time table. Ok, but why? Good question. It’s certainly not down to poor performance. The county’s services are in the top 25% nationally when it comes to the performance statistics. So it’s not broken, so why are you messing with it ? It’s basically because there is a statutory obligation for the county council to regularly recommission it’s services. Right, so just as I’d started to understand how all this recovery malarkey works the man has decide to close it all down and sack all the staff? Typical. No, that’s not the plan at all. All the existing staff will have their contracts transferred over to the new provider, that’s if the providers actually change. The existing providers are entitled to and expected to re bid for the contracts, and they stand as good a chance as anyone else of getting them. But things are going to shut down. Right. It is all going to fall apart. Ok, I’m not going to try telling you that nothing is going to change. That would be unrealistic. And yes change can be scary, but not all change is bad, and the disruption to the service will be kept to a minimum. Hmmm how are they doing that then? Believe it or not by being as transparent and open as they can be about the process, which basically starts with public consultation. Really? Yes really, the commissioning team have looked at how the service is working and have come up with some proposed changes intended to improve performance. You mean cut spending don’t you? Everyone knows that improved performance is management speak for spending cuts. My we are being cynical aren’t we? Actually spending on adult treatment and recovery services is set to remain constant for the foreseeable future. This genuinely is about trying to make the service better and improve outcomes for people. You What? Sorry was I management speaking again? Help people get over their drug and alcohol problems in better, hopefully more successful ways, was what I meant. How? Well like I was saying, the commissioners proposals, are intended to... SO they’ve already decided how it’s going to be done then? Well, they say not, they’ve come up with three ideas which they think might improve things, and now they want you. Me? Yes you, the suitably cynical service user, to have a look at the ideas, and make some comments on whether you think they are good or bad ideas, and why you think that. And possibly, if you like, come up with ideas of your own on how to improve the services.

Ok we both know I’m not buying this... What are these wonderful ideas then? Proposal 1 Poor mental health is often associated with substance misuse. They can be inter-related and treating one of the conditions without the other can often lead to poorer treatment outcomes. This was pointed out by our service users who identified it as a potential major improvement in the service. Do you agree that the treatment for substance misuse in Northamptonshire should include treatment for Mental Health issues? Proposal 2 In Northamptonshire, users of the structured treatment service were invited to think of a name for the local service and came up with ‘Substance2Solution’ or ‘S2S’. This has been very successful but has at times been confusing for people using related services. It is proposed that the name is applied to all County drug and alcohol treatment and recovery services to remove the confusion and to ensure that all clients are aware and informed about the full range of services available to support their treatment and recovery. If approved, this change will ensure that the ‘Single Point of Contact’ or ‘SPoC’ provides access and information for the full range of treatment and recovery services available in the County. Do you think that all the drug and alcohol recovery and treatment services should share the name ‘Substance2Solution’?


Winter December 2016, issue 21

Proposal 3 It is proposed that the treatment of young people for substance misuse is integrated with the adult services. We believe that this will improve treatment by providing access to specialist support currently only available for adults. It would also significantly improve transition arrangements for young people as they become young adults. Its addition, would save money by sharing the cost of accommodation and clinical resources without any reduction in the service provided. If approved the young people’s service would operate separately from the adults and would not use treatment facilities at the same time as adults seeking treatment. Currently young people are treated in environments in which they are most comfortable (e.g. home, school etc.) and we know that this is beneficial for them. Most young people would be treated in their communities and not in places where adults are being treated. Those that do need to be seen at treatment centres would always be accompanied and would never attend when the facility is open for adults. Do you think that the treatment for young people’s substance misuse in Northamptonshire should be integrated with the adult treatment service?

It is possible to respond to these proposals via an online survey which can be found at or if that’s not something you feel comfortable doing, you can send your responses via email to S2Sconsultation@northamptonshi or If computers are really not your thing you can post responses to Drug and Alcohol Recommissioning Consultation, N Wiseman, Northamptonshire County Council, County Hall, Northampton, NN1 1AY. The consultation period ends on the 31st January 2017. If you’d rather hear a bit more detail, have the option to ask some questions and give your views face to face, pop along to one of the consultation events being held around the county . Daventry First

Friday 13 January 2017

10am - 2 pm

Daventry DC, Lodge Rd, NN11 4FP


Friday 20January 2017

10am - 2 pm

Daventry DC, Lodge Rd, NN11 4FP


Wednesday 14 December

10am - 2 pm

Eden Center, 21Montegu Street, NN16 8XG


Set A


Wednesday 7 December

10am - 2 pm

Bridge, 63c Gold Street, NN1 1RA


Wednesday 21 December

10am - 2 pm

Bridge, 63c Gold Street, NN1 1RA


Set B


Thursday 8 December

10am - 2 pm

Aquarius 36 Abingdon Square, NN1 4AA


Thursday 22 December

10am - 2 pm

Aquarius 36 Abingdon Square, NN1 4AA


Tuesday 10 January 2017

10am - 2 pm

Bridge, 13-15 Oxford Street, NN8 4HY


Wednesday 18 January 2017

10am - 2 pm

Bridge, 13-15 Oxford Street, NN8 4HY



Reimbursement of legitimate travel costs, also childcare and sitting costs if you are a carer. Please contact 07909588378 for more details. 7

Winter December 2016, issue 21

Poetry Page Bridge



It’s time to begin not get in a state, People say I look good and I’m losing weight, Stay away from the pub, follow the path, Hook up with people that will make you laugh,

My job is fine and brings in cash, Not much to do and feeling rash, Boredom kicks in, just hours to go, Keep looking busy, jolly good show,

Wake up in the morning with a clear head, And realise I slept in my very own bed, A cup of coffee and breakfast for sure, Then lunch and dinner, do I need more,

Endless visits to the smoking room, The cleaner is there along with her broom, Puffing away it is such a chore, And then to the pub to drink some more,

It’s not that easy but I’m at the start, Just make sure that alcohol and me are apart, Keep myself busy, don’t dwell on the past, Then this great feeling will definitely last.

A social drink or something bigger, The very first pint acts as a trigger, Most of my mates have gone to their wives, How I wish I had one of their lives,


Sitting alone in a drunken haze, Sure I remember much better days, Work in the morning, the wheel keeps turning, To be back at the bar is what I am yearning,

The other day I wanted a drink, At the end of the street I stopped to think, Do I want to return to the bad old days, After all I’ve achieved in changing my ways,

They say I’m drinking too much but they are deluded, The alcoholic world I now have intruded, Should I give up, I wonder why, It’s my money and I’m too young to die.

So I returned home and stroked the cat, Thought some more and put an end to that, So I clean the house and feed the birds, Do the crossword and find the right words,


Now there’s a place that I like to go, The people are nice and I don’t feel low, A social club without the bar, Plenty to do so I will go far,

Go to the shop, I know what’s in there, Two bottles of whiskey, one as a spare, Open my eyes I’m lying in the street, Seems like today is stuck on repeat,

If I need help they are always there, And that ensures me one less cross to bear, Keeping busy seems to work, And stops me from becoming a jerk.

Unable to stop, the shakes are my fate, Money’s running low the future’s not great, I see it all now, the hospital bed, Now I remember all that they said,


And so there’s the phone, need to make a call, Unable to stand up for fear I will fall, So take me away and do your best, And it’s up to me to do the rest.


Winter December 2016, issue 21

The Curse of Gambling A flutter here, a flutter there, you cast your misery everywhere. A chance to here recoup your loss, dependent on the coin you toss. The thrill recedes as panic rules, and by your feet detritus pools.

The spark will grow, a seed now sewn, the motivation hewn has grown. So take this gift and with it walk, in convalescence with it talk. And with true faith and vigil wait, the times no longer desperate.

You curse the lure, the constant need, to wager all, to sate, to feed. That first success, that win of old, now lies within your memory cold. Ashamed and guilty on you tread, the ever-present cloak of dread.

Abstain from gambling, fate decides, the winner here, on bets derides. And with each passing day without, will strengthen now your strong redoubt. Walk forward with your new-found will, and find in life a different thrill.

Around you hangs a funeral shroud, you vent your pain and scream aloud. But no-one hears your frantic plea, there is no chance to here break free. Until within the truth does rise, and as you look into your eyes.

Alistair Muir 2016

CHEERS ! CHEERS – time for another round of… BEERS – in the tradition laid out by my… PEERS – but they don’t seem to suffer my… FEARS – as once again I drown in my…

TEARS – which has gone on for too many… YEARS – but out of nowhere somebody… HEARS – and encourage me to lower the… GEARS – and when I’m in neutral just listen to the… CHEERS.



A myosin protein drags an endorphin along a filament to the inner parietal cortex. Eliciting feelings of … happiness. 9

Thank you, the internet.

Winter December 2016, issue 21

A New Look for Maple House. Our friends at the Hope Centre have recently refurbished their old premises on Ash street (NN1) as a training facility. The building now contains an IT suite, a kitchenet area (designed to allow for cookery demonstrations, a training room for academic courses such as basic Maths or English skills, and a suite of workbenches fully equipped for more hands on things like wood or metal work.

Dwayne building work benches from recycled materials.

They have already successfully run courses to help people improve their English and Maths skills, and a city and guilds catering course. They are planning to run many more. For more information on what is available, go to or give Leon a call on 0845 519 9371

Kitchen area

Nestling a pleasant 5 minute walk from Kettering’s Town centre, just a short way up the Rockingham Road, sits Johnny’s Happy Place. It’s run by Charlotte (Johnny’s Sister), Denise (Mrs Johnny’s Mum) and a dedicated team of volunteers. The space operates as a family friendly pay as you feel café come meeting place, designed for people with mental health concerns. There is a quiet area, a book swap ladder, art supplies if you feel like being creative. In addition to all that, volunteers regularly run Art workshops. I’d defiantly recommend popping along to check the place out for yourself. You can check out the website for more information about upcoming events. Or drop them a line via or just pop along to 97 Rockingham Road, Kettering, NN16 9HX The Book Exchange Ladder

Denise, Mrs Johnny’s Mum

Charlotte, Racheal and Cake

Wall Decorations

A Quick Word About Pay As You Feel Eateries

Pay as you feel is quite a difficult concept for some people to get their heads around. Basically how it works is, there is a suggested price list, but you can pay as much or a little as you like. So if you’re feeling really flush and the suggested price of your jacket potato is £1.50 you can if you want pay £10 for it, or alternatively if you’re not so wealthy, or you didn’t like the service you can pay 10p. It’s up to you.

Recovery Is About Progression …. Not Perfection 10

Winter December 2016, issue 21

S2S is Northamptonshire’s treatment services agency, they have a huge variety of opportunities and activities, sadly we do not have the space to list them all so here are the contact details and drop in times. Corby Open Access /drop in times : Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 10.00 am 15.00 pm, Wednesdays 11.30 am - 15.00 pm, The Old TA Building, Elizabeth Street, Corby, NN17 1PN 01604 211 304 (option 5) Daventry Open Access /drop in times : Fridays 10.00am – 13.00pm, Danetre Hospital, London Road, Daventry, NN11 4 DY01604 211 304 (option 4) Kettering Open Access /drop in times :M onday, Tuesday , Thursday and Friday only 10.00 am – 12.00pm, 20 Carrington Street, Kettering NN16 0BY, 01604 211 304(option 3) Northampton Open Access /drop in times : Monday, Wednesday , Thursday and Friday only 09.30 am – 16.30pm and Tuesday 09.30 am – 18.30 pm, Spring House, 39 Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5BA, 01604 211 304 (option 1) Wellingborough: Monday 10 am – 13.00pm, Wednesday 10.00am – 13.00pm, Thursday 13.00pm – 16.00pm, 41 Oxford Street, Wellingborough, NN8 4JG 01604 304 (option 2)

36-38 Abington Square, Northampton NN1 4AA, 0300 456 4292, email

Peer Led Drops Ins Monday, Tuesday, Friday 11.00 am - 13.00 pm

Wednesday 17.00 pm - 19.30 pm

Why not pop in for a coffee and a chat

Held on the first Tuesday of every month. Contact Nicola on 0300 456 4292 for more details.

Peer led Relaxation Group

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training

Every Wednesday

Free drug and alcohol awareness training for all Northamptonshire workers and volunteers who come across people who may be using alcohol, drugs, prescription or over the counter medications in a way which may be harmful to their long-term health.

11 am till 12 We have monthly visits to Kelmarsh Buddhist Centre, see Jan for more details or phone Aquarius on 03004564292

Aquarius in partnership with Gamcare offer a free counselling service for people who have issues with problem gambling, (minimum age 16). This service is also available to family members. We offer day and evening appointments. For more information or to self-refer contact Aquarius on 0300 456 4292 or email to speak to one of the gambling counsellors. Please note Aquarius operates a 24 hours clean and dry policy in it’s building

Quiz Answers from page 4

1.Everton, 2.The Pelican, 3.Hyde Park, 4.A Tale of Two Cities, 5.Oh Carol, 6.Inner Ear, 7.The Goose Fair, 8.Mike Baldwin, 9. Terry Griffiths, 10. Northampton Saints 11

Winter December 2016, issue 21 Northamptonshire Drug & Alcohol Agencies You can self refer or you can refer on behalf of someone else to all of these agencies, they will all direct you to the agency most likely to be able to help you

63c Gold Street, Northampton

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Northamptonshire

01604 621259 / 07877 041360

01604 211 304

36-38 Abington Square Northampton 03004 564 292

01933 227 078 Fellowship 12 Step Meetings We do not have the space to list all of the meetings here, but their website and helplines are really helpful, so please contact them on: Alcoholics Anonymous or call the National help Line on 0845 769 555 AI Anon (For the Families of those affected by Drink or Drugs) Helpline 020 7403 0888 or find meetings on meetings Cocaine Anonymous find details of local meetings on or call (mobiles) 0300 111 2285 or (land lines) 0800 612 0225

Narcotics Anonymous for local meeting details go to or ring the National helpline 0300 999 1212 For help with recovery from any kind of addictive behaviour.

Service Six 01933 277 520 Supporting Children, Young People Adults and Families

Voice Ability Northampton Mental Health Advocacy Service

Citizens Advice Bureau Free Impartial Advice 01604 235080

02033 558 846

Victim Support 0300 3031947

Maple Access NHS GP’s Surgery 01604 250969

Changing Minds

Northampton Association for the Accommodation of the Single Homeless

Northampton Women’s Aid 0845 123 2311

Improve Your Wellbeing

0300 999 1616

Working to relieve poverty and tackle the causes of homelessness Tel: 0845 519 9371

0845 206 8646

NHS Direct 111 Solve-It Worried about solvent or NPS misuse

0300 330 1420

The Samaritans Here to listen 116 123

Supported housing 01604 250 678

Sexual Assault referral Centre

01604 601 713

NSPCC Help line for

Community Law


Adult concerned about a child

Specialist Social Welfare and Legal Advice

Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services

01604 621038

08450 556246

0808 800 5000

01604 634310



Sunset Newsletter Winter 2016 edition  

The quarterly edition of the Sunset Newsletter. Sunset are the voice of service users who are recovering from misuse of drugs and alcohol.

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