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WAG Fashion October 24th, 2010 Lucky

WAG – primarily a British term, is used to define the significant others of footballers. Now that so many have a career of their own, how do we separate ‘living off my hubby’ from the ‘I am my own woman’. From hair and make-up to clothes and cars, perfecting the ‘WAG-style’ is more difficult than you think.

So where did this whole fascination begin? Think back to 2006 and the world cup. Were we women fretting over who would win the match? Oh no…of course not! We were much more interested in the important things, like – what would the female companions of the lads be wearing? Were Cheryl and Victoria really buddies? And, where had these women been all our lives! Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you’ll know what a WAG is, and which girls are members of the exclusive club. You have the reigning queens – Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole (although technically not a WAG anymore, but she still continues to stick to the exquisite styling) then you have your newcomers, those who are slowly climbing their way up the fashion leader board – Coleen Rooney, Abbey Clancy and Alex Curran. Long gone are the days where the ladies would look tacky – fake tans, fake nails, fake hair…you name it, it probably wasn’t theirs. Nowadays, the women are frequent figures in the fashion pages of some of the world’s most glamorous magazines, with both Cheryl and Victoria fronting prestigious fashion bible Vogue. Designer favourites of the WAG elites are Herve Leger, Roberto Cavalli and Alexander McQueen.

If you enjoy hitting trends, Cheryl’s your lady. Never seen with a hair out of place, she is like the doll we wished we had. As she’s very petite, Cheryl sticks to clothes that’ll show off her figure. She’s hit all the trends this year – the aviator trend in khaki trousers, romantic in dreamy lavender dresses and jumpsuits in a black Azzaro number on last week’s X Factor. With her infectious smile and luscious hair, it’s no surprise that Cheryl has comfortably embraced the title of national sweetheart. Apart from wearing the latest trends and designers, another important aspect in achieving the WAG style, is hair. Do we ever see Victoria Beckham with a disastrous hair-do? No. She’s been blonde, brunette, extension-clad and bobbed. With ladies everywhere still asking their hairdresser for ‘the Pob’, Victoria is showing women everywhere not to be afraid to experiment with style – showing she really is a fashion chameleon. One of the major hair trends this year is to have it big – the larger the better! The wags always have glamorous hair, and that’s because they keep it in the best condition; use hair masks weekly to achieve maximum strength and shine. Cheryl is always wearing a messy up-do – another big trend this season. She isn’t the face of L’Oreal hair care for nothing! For make-up, think either a statement eye or lip, or go for a more natural look like Coleen.

WAG’s are just like us – they have a passion for good clothing, great taste and their own individual sense of style. To package WAG fashion as ‘one style’ would be a broad statement. You have your dramatic divas – Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham; then, you have your understated home-grown beauties – such as Colleen Rooney and Abbey Clancy.

Thankfully, having shaken off the derogatory ‘WAG’ term, each lady is finding their Louboutin-clad feet in the fashion world. With their careers in one hand and a Mulberry in another, it’ll be exciting to see where this group of girls will take their fashion next. I am Victoria Reed: MyRetailHeaven Guest Writer

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