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ith spring just around the corner, new trends are being unleashed for the eager eyes of fashion hungry civilians. We can finally put our chunky knits and thick tights to the back of our wardrobes until we’re next punished by the cruel British winter.

If there’s a trend you buy in bulk this spring, make it the romantic. Keep material light and feminine with sheer, chiffon and lace, with a simple colour palette of nude and neutral colours.

“Romance is all about the attitude”, says Becci Davis, writer from Last winter, dark romance invaded the runway; introducing leather leggings, layered chains and crucifixes. This spring, the mood has been lightened; ditch your blacks for nudes and chains for corsages. Dressing head to toe in floating sheer material with your hair in tight ringlets may appear too much, so make sure you don’t overdo it. Fashion writer, Melissa Kagan, states that only “one or two pieces are needed to make a statement”. Designers have been experimenting with the romantic trend for years. Two major contenders this year were Valentino and Stella McCartney. Valentino, who is best known for their glamorous red dresses, has taken a new turn for the line, introducing pastel shades and bows.

“When it comes to fashion, it should be totally personalized according to your figure, taste, and preferences for certain fabrics and colours” states fashion writer Stephanie Aoun. Feeling a bit anxious to try out a new look? Take inspiration from your favourite celebrities who are sporting the trend. Everyone from Cheryl Cole to Sandra Bollock has experimented with this look. Black dresses were sparse at this years Golden Globes, as stars were wearing billowing floaty dresses in rich purples and nudes.

“It’s easy to see why this trend is so popular, as it allows women to feel a bit more feminine compared to the harsh winter trends of leather and studs. As it’s coming up to summer, people want to wear light, floating fabrics, which is what the romantic trend seems to be all about.” Said Jess Ellison, a 19 year old events assistant. A great thing about the colour palette of this trend is that it works well with other colours. You can either stick to neutral shades to help keep the look feminine, or you can toughen it up with black accessorise. Walking into any high street store, it’ll be hard for you to block out the wide and glorious range of lace dresses, sheer tops and giant floral corsages on sale this season.

Topshop holds a wide range of lace bodies and nude sheer dresses. Their jewellery collection, Freedom at Topshop is “focused on mixing intricate detailing from the past with contemporary looks, a piece of Freedom at Topshop jewellery is the perfect way to add an individual edge to any look.” They host a range of goods that’ll get you in the romantic mood, such as Victorian silhouetted pendants and large floral headbands. If it’s only one high street store you check out to get your romantic thrill, make it New Look. They’re fully embracing the romantic trend with peach blazers, lace crop tops and sheer ruffle blouses. With their cheap prices it’ll be hard for you to leave without one item from the collection. “We have found that our Floral trend is the most popular, we think this is because many other items of clothing can be added to florals to make an outfit, for example we have found that when a customer buys a floral dress, they usually purchase gladiator sandals and a denim

shirt which can they easily accessorise with.” Jasmin Goodwin, 18, New Look Sales Advisor. If you’re slightly hesitant to dive head first into the trend, ease your way in with the wide selection of accessories on the market. Whether you make a small impact with dainty pendants or a bigger wave with large, flower headbands, there’ll be plenty of accessories to tickle your inner Jane Austen. One great thing about this trend it works with all skin tones. Whether you’re an English rose like Nicola Roberts or bronzed beauty like Beyonce, there’ll be a shade of nude for you. If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing; it’ll shine through in your confidence. It’s time to put down those 100 deniers and embrace the summer, you never know, your romantic attire may help you find your own Mr Darcy.

Magazine Design Assignment  

Assignment set in my first year of university where we had to style, photograph, write and design a magazine style feature.