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Today, most people lead incredibly busy and unhealthy life styles. The resultant lack of sleep together with an increasing intake of junk food all takes a toll on our body in the form of toxin accumulations. These toxins circulate through out our body entering our vital organs and may result in several ailments such as fatigue; stress and stress related ailments, indigestion, flatulence, constipation, sallow complexion, joint and bone problems, lack of energy, lethargy, headaches etc. And the only way to eliminate these issues is to detoxify the body. Fortunately today there are several herbal products that can be successfully used to detoxify the body without introducing harsh chemicals into our system which may further deteriorate the situation. On the other hand, a good herbal detoxification product or program helps to reduce the toxins in the body while replenishing essential nutrients. There are several herbal detox products that target various organs of the body. The detoxification will usually include the ingestion of herbal products in the form of pills, capsules or powders. Once in the system the herbs target the specific areas such as kidneys, digestive system, blood, liver, lymph etc. Colon cleansing is an herbal detox procedure that has garnered substantial attention in the last few years with everybody from celebrities to alternative therapists rooting for it. If you are looking for colon cleansing products, Singapore herbals offers several products like the Triphala Formula, the Triple action Cleansing set, the pHion Cleanze capsules and powder for colon cleansing. These products contain herbs like Triphala, Tulsi, Turmeric etc cleanse the digestive system of accumulated toxins and fecal matter. Triphala is a very potent internal cleanser with non habit forming laxative properties. It helps to cleanse and strengthen the colon and supports the digestive system. Neem is another highly effective herb that helps to purify blood and aids in the removal of toxins. The consumption of this herb promotes radiant and healthy skin, hair and nails. Turmeric not only detoxifies the body but it is also a very powerful antiseptic. Tulsi helps to regulate the digestive system and promotes healthy skin. The best part of using herbal detox products is that they cleanse the system gently and help to restore the pH balance of the body However, just like with other programs it is imperative to consult your physician before undertaking any detoxification program. Because the toxins in the body are eliminated rapidly through herbal detox products and procedures like colon cleansing you may experience a little fatigue and even dehydration so it is important to keep yourself well hydrated by drinking a lot of water and fruit juices. Another way to detoxify the body is to go on a juice only diet. Fruits and vegetable juices are high

in fiber. So they adhere to the toxins accumulated in the digestive system and help in purging them. When on any herbal detox program always include ample of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet because these will introduce the essential enzymes in your body. Ideally you may want to consider going in for an herbal detox program every three to six months but the frequency should ultimately depend on your lifestyle. There are several products such as Neem, which can be consumed safely everyday.

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==== ==== To find more information about herbal detox, please visit ==== ====

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