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A helicopter toy is so versatile and there a literally models out there to interest 8 month to 80 year olds. It is quite amazing to see so many different varieties of helicopters that can bring joy to such a diverse age group. Naturally the 8 month old gets to have a plastic or even wooden model of a helicopter. The 2-3 year old gets the concept of a helicopter flying, just like a car goes vroom vroom on a surface. There are also jigsaw puzzles of helicopters to interest a 4 to 14 year old (maybe even up to 80). The famous Tomas of Tank Engine fame now has Harold The Helicopter! Lego also has variations of helicopters you can build and I'm sure other well known 'brick building' companies that are similar to Lego. Of course there are games involving helicopters for all ages. Still what we usually mean with a helicopter toy is a remote controlled helicopter and it is amazing how little such a helicopter can cost - prices start around $25. From ages 8 to 80 this is for you! Many of these helicopters are for indoor flying only. They are often only around 8 ounces in weight and not powerful enough to manage outdoor flying conditions (wind, turbulence, etc.). They are great, however, at navigating around the home or better still an empty garage. The home is usually fraught with difficulties like light fixtures, window coverings, etc. so a garage without the car would offer a better flying environment. At least at first when your level of expertise is at a very low level. What usually happens is that the 8 year old is very enthusiastic but often down at heart if he or she can't manage the helicopter how he would like it and isn't so much into practice until perfect mode. This is where the adult (usually the dad) comes in to help and supervise. At this stage it can happen that both son and father get hooked on flying helicopters around! Most serious helicopter toy manufacturers like Syma and Gaui not only produce great helicopters but usually have all spare parts available for purchase too. You will usually need to take advantage of this throughout your sojourn in the helicopter field. There are so many models that you often end up with several. There are also larger, heavier models specifically for flying outdoors. There are even remote control helicopters with cameras attached. It is an exciting hobby that brings you into the heady fields of aerodynamics and being ultimately conversant with many technical aspects. So you see a helicopter toy really can follow you along your life's path and give you many hours of enjoyment.

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==== ==== To find more information about Helicopter Toys please visit ==== ====

The Truth About Remote Control Helicopter Toys  

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