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Now we all know as parents that our number one priority raising a child is keeping our little one safe. Most of the places we live in these days contain stairs, sometimes more than one set of them. Stairs can be very dangerous for anybody but especially for a child. We, as parents, need to keep staircases secure and safe so that our child can be safe. Kids love to play and it takes a lot off a parent's mind when we know our children are playing in a safe environment. A safety gate is the perfect way to protect your child. They are very secure and trustworthy and can easily be installed. There are a lot of safety gates for stairs available but I'm going to talk about three of them, and I hope to guide you in making a purchase that is definitely worth it. The Kidco Auto Close Center Gateway is a pressure mounted gate that is best used for the bottom of the stairs and should not be used for the top. It has a two-way door that automatically closes every time someone passes through it. This is one of the only gates out there that has that characteristic. It fits spaces 29" to 37" wide and can be installed using no tools. Extensions are also available for this gate if you wish to fit a bigger space. This gate is offered in white and blends in with almost any dĂƒÂŠcor. The Kidco Center Gateway Wood Safety Gate is great for the house with wood interiors. It has a simple, one hand adult release that opens the center walk-through door in either direction while the frame stays strongly in place. This gate fits openings of 28" to 36" and also has extensions available that can fit spaces up to 47". And if you don't know how much pressure to use, don't worry, a gauge comes with the gate that will test for recommended pressure. That is what separates this gate from all others. And last but not least, the Evenflo Secure Step Metal Top of Stair Gate is a very sturdy gate made of strong metal and comes packaged with most of it already assembled. This gate stands 30" tall and fits spaces 29" to 42" wide. While most gates are used for the bottom of the stairs, this one is great because it can used for the top and bottom of the stairs as well as in doorways and hallways. What makes this gate stand out is it has a red/green indicator that shows at a glance whether the gate is closed and locked. That can be very useful. These gates that I have talked about may be different but they all are there to serve the same purpose. And that is to protect your children. Now maybe none of these gates that I have talked about grab your attention. Well there are several other options out there that you can look at. One thing is for certain. If you have children and you have stairs, then make a wise investment to the safety of those children and purchase a safety gate. You won't be disappointed.

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==== ==== To find more information about Stair Safety Gates, please visit ==== ====

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