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Not only is Osprey a great company who has been producing and creating backpacks and other outdoor bags for almost thirty-seven years, but they are renowned for their quality and attention to detail. Osprey rucksacks are their premium product. To go back to the beginning of their story, the company started with a teenager being having an uncomfortable pack when he was hiking with his Dad. He couldn't find a backpack he felt comfortable so at the tender age of 16 he designed and sewed one that was comfortable for him. He then started selling customized rucksacks. This is important because the motivation was to produce backpacks that were a good fit and therefore comfortable whilst hiking or doing other outdoor activity that necessitated a backpack. Today Osprey has a whole range of rucksacks and backpacks for all types of outdoor activities. You can be sure that each one has been produced as perfectly as possible to make your rucksack the very best. Material and workmanship is excellent because this is what is important to Osprey. It will have various add-ons and various bells and whistles for you to choose from. Their rucksacks for backpacking and hiking include 4 series with different sizes for men, 4 series for women and 4 for youth. For men and women alone that means 33 different products. In addition to that they have a multi-use series and a super light series. Of course the company doesn't just produce products for backpacking and hiking. They have a whole range of packs for what they term 'vertical endeavors and snowplay' which translated means serious mountain climbing and snow sports. They have packs for lightweight climbing as well as normal climbing, for back country riding and the new Karve series for lift served, side country riding and snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding. These packs are very detailed with add-ons including crampon pocket bags, add-ons for carrying maps, digital devices or optics holders, just to name a few. Their trademarked HydraForm Reservoir equipment enables their backpacks to have a built in water feature, which is a very good alternative to carrying bottles of water with you on your journey. If you are traveling with your pack to get to your destination, they also have a whole range of wheeled bags and convertible wheeled packs. There are also bags for gear hauling as well as a special series just for trekking and backpacking. Of course they have also thought of what bags you would need for your daily commute to work and these include packs, shoulder bags for both men and women and even bags from recycled materials. The commute series takes into account you might be travelling by public transport or you might just bike to work.

They also have the Talon series which is termed "Active Light Pursuits, Multi-Use". These backpacks are perfect for day adventures and some accommodate more space for overnight stays and, like all of their series, come in various sizes. Osprey rucksacks really do come in all shapes and sizes. They are made with much attention to detail and with good material. If you are in the market for a rucksack, take a look at their range of products. You will not be disappointed.

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==== ==== To find more information about Osprey Travel Bags please visit ==== ====

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