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If you love Osprey bags, there is no reason why you won't fall in love with the Osprey Atmos 50! It is well- built and extremely comfortable. Perfect for weekend trekking tips where you will need to carry a lot of things in your backpack. It is durable and lightweight with welded front pockets that will make it easy to stuff important things you need all the time into them. Osprey has always been the popular choice for trekkers and backpackers alike. The only problem that seemed to be an irritant about the brand was the weight its bags had. The company seems to have taken this into account and come up with a bag that is extremely lightweight. This sure will silence all its critics! It is extremely well- designed and believes me when I say that it weighs lass than 3 pounds. Most people are also going to love the mesh back of the Osprey Atmos 50 because it helps keep the back from sweating too much and making the journey uncomfortable. Though this bag won't carry your world, it will surely carry enough you need for a weekend trip! You can easily fit in your camera and all of your electronic gear into the lid pocket, your helmet in the outside pocket as well as two water bottles. You can carry 30- 35 pounds in it, though the company claims more. The thing with the Atmos 50 is that you should realize that since it is a lightweight bag, carrying lightweight stuff in it is a good idea. Once you understand this, you will find that this is the bag you always wanted. Now for the specs. The Atmos 50 comes with removable shock cord clips and removable sleeping pad straps which makes it ideal for trekkers on an overnight trip. The stretch woven side pockets make it comfy to get stuff in and out of them. The zippered mesh pockets along the hip belt with ErgoPull hip straps ensure that your hips don't feel strained on a long journey. The Osprey Atmos 50 is a great buy. If you are someone who likes to take off on trekking trips with the buddies, this is a good investment. Most bags in the market are heavy in weight which makes them unsuitable on long trips. This is a great alternative. No doubt, this is going to be a bestseller for Osprey!

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==== ==== For more information about Osprey Bags, please go to: ==== ====

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