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There is a large variety of colon cleanser available in the market. The main role of colon cleanser is to clear the colon free of any kinds of toxins and the faecal matter. As a result the toxins present in the colon is prevented from recirculation along with the blood stream and thus the colon cleanser help in preventing various ailments like acne, Candida and any other fungal infections as well. They are also used to prevent constipation. There are many varieties of colon cleansers that are most effective and every colon cleanser acts in a different way to clear the colon. The most famous colon cleanser that is available in the market is colonix. This is a very reputed brand for cleansing the colon and is trusted by thousands. In addition it is one of the top selling brands for internet marketers. It is manufactured by Dr. natura. The fibre content of the colonix makes it a very powerful cleanser. The fibre content is obtained from Psyllium husk, Senna and other powerful herbs. Many people report a positive result within a few days of using Colonix. It also helps to eliminate intestinal parasites which are a huge plus in using colonix. The fibre content of the cleanser effectively removes the intestinal parasites through a tidal movement along with other biological wastes and toxins. For weight losers colonix can be a better advantage as it also reports to help loose weight due to the elimination of fats deposited in the colon over a period of time. This cleanser helps the intestines to recuperate from any kind of diseases and also makes the person feel energised and revitalised. Oxypowder is another brand of colon cleanser that is gained the applause and rewards from many internet shoppers. This product uses oxygen as the main ingredient in the composition to get rid of the toxins and unwanted roughage from the colon. The power of oxygen in the intestine helps to cure the constipation problem and oxygen helps to strengthen the colon effectively. In other words, the oxy powder cats as a tonic for the intestines. It is available in the capsule forms and one need to just swallow those capsules to get relieved from the constipation problems. Unlike the fibre ingredient, oxypowder helps to eliminate the wastes and toxins from the colon effortlessly as there are no unwanted fibre wobbles. More over the oxygen provides a friendly ambience for the growth of favourable aerobic commensals in the intestines which in turn act as a source for valuable vitamin B complexes. It is a most effective colon cleanser in deed. Dual action cleanse is yet another colon cleanser available in the internet market. The dual role includes the cleansing of the colon in addition with purifying the entire body. This is a fibre based cleanser and helps to eliminate wastes without constipation. This is an effective colon cleanser although may not be very powerful as the above discussed two cleanser. Almighty cleanser can be the most effective colon cleanser when fixing of the problem is urgent. It helps to quickly cure bloating, constipation and toxin. It acts along with the whole intestine and the colon to clear the problem. The negativity is that it helps to increase appetite in some cases and in turn adds the weight unwontedly. Some have also complaints launched against this product for

lessening the bowel movements.

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==== ==== To find more information about Colon Cleansers please visit ==== ====

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