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Apple cider vinegar has made its mark in the history of medicine. Its use dates back to the time of the Babylonians, but it owes its new-world popularity to Hippocrates who recognized its potential and prescribed it as an antibiotic--particularly for flu and other ailments with flu-like symptoms. Today, millions of people still depend on the all-accessible gift of nature. As far as treating symptoms is concerned, medically or scientifically proven or not, it garners respect from the medicinal world because it is all-natural and organic, and seems to make a lot of people well and happy. As most would argue, it won't harm you so try it anyway. But just what are some of these ailments apple cider vinegar allegedly treats? And also, what are the theories surrounding its effectiveness? At the top of the list, topically, apple cider vinegar can be said to treat acne. Vinegar in itself is known as a good cleaning agent because of its acidity. The same principle can be used to cleanse the skin of oils that cause acne. A very weak water-based mixture of vinegar can be applied to affected areas using cotton. This, followed by a thorough rinse of water can be done on a daily basis, preferably before retiring to bed. In a couple of days, acne should have dried out naturally and void of swelling and redness. As a bonus, hundreds of dollars worth of potential savings from expensive facial care products. Possibly the most common ailment apple cider vinegar is known for is colds; cough even, as long as it involves mucus and swollen air passageways. Again, a water-based drink mixture, usually combined with honey for flavor, can be taken by as much as thrice a day during the nursing period. The concoction is known to restore the body's acidity which substantially goes down when it fights infection. On another note, the same mixture, sans the honey, can be boiled for steam inhaling. It can clear up nasal passageways more effectively. As a bonus, people report that it rids them of headaches during the process as well. A lesser known ailment linked with apple cider vinegar is arthritis--particularly gouty arthritis or quite simply gout. It is believed that when consumed, apple cider vinegar makes the blood alkaline, which lowers uric acid levels-the culprit in this particular form of arthritis. However, this course of treatment is usually taken at long intervals, and is known more known as a control mechanism. Some report that when they stop the treatment, their symptoms continue to follow its normal course. At this point we have listed ailments that are non-categorical nor similar, but are linked to apple cider vinegar nonetheless. This only taps the surface of the real healing powers this type of

vinegar is known for. There are plenty more cures associated with this product that comes from nothing but your everyday apples. In part, it also shows us the limitless resources mother nature has blessed us with, and this is but a small piece of that pie. Apple cider vinegar is definitely one product you should look more into.

Learn more about gout and apple cider vinegar, and why people from all over the world have resorted to the cheap and accessible treatment for the chronic ailment.

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==== ==== To find more information about arthritis and apple cider vinegar, please visit ==== ====

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