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You might think that booking a cruise vacation is going to be expensive. But when you think about it, a cruise vacation can be very affordable and great value for money. You have to remember that with a cruise you are buying not only a room that travels with you, but also most of your entertainment and food on board. You are only likely to spend extra on the day excursions, perhaps drinks and end of cruise tips. As a family vacation, cruising is also particularly good value. There are many things to keep children entertained while on board or perhaps while you are off on excursions. Most cruise operators have on board kids clubs. The children will love the independence and the activities that these children's clubs offer. It also gives you a welcome break to enjoy yourself whilst they are safe, supervised and enjoying themselves. If you are taking children, you may want to consider getting a drink pass for your kids. This will allow them sodas at either a lower costs than buying drinks individually or as an unlimited soda package for the duration of the cruise. When booking to save money on a cruise ship, you may be offered a category guarantee type of booking. With this form of booking, you are guaranteed to get a cabin of a minimum grade. You may get a better grade of but you will not find out the allocation of the cabin until boarding. If you can live with not knowing your cabin prior to the cruise is does offer great saving. You do miss out on some of the excitement and build up before the cruise. Some people hope to get a balcony upgrade from an inside or outside window cabin booking. This is unlikely, however you can always hope. If you are to book off-season, the prices can usually be a lot better than when children are taking school holidays or during busy seasonal times of year such as Christmas. Other types of cruise that offer great value are the repositioning cruises. Many cruise ships now operate in further afield destinations such as Asia and Europe and they will position themselves there at the beginning of that region's cruising season. If you are to take one of these repositioning cruises say from the US to the Mediterranean you will get a great rate and you will go to destinations that are not normally offered by cruise ships. They are often longer cruises of 14 days or more and they are excellent value. Another method of getting a great rate is for a group booking. If a number of people have joined together as a large group, such as a large family, it may be worth enquiring with travel agent to see if you offered a group booking rate. These are just a few ideas to save money whilst booking a cruise. There are plenty of other ways to save money and if you are happy to take your time looking online searching out the best offers,

can be flexible with your cruise itinerary, cruise line and cruise dates, you will find an amazing deal online for an experience not to be forgotten.

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==== ==== To find more information about Cruise Savings please visit ==== ====

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