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Babies are fun to watch as they grow old. They bring so much joy to the family. They can be the source of happiness for a lot of parents. Tracking on how your baby grows is an exciting activity. You will be able to see and note his milestones as a cuddly baby. You can note the first time that he said "mama" or the time that he laughed a loud. Noting your baby's progress will also help you to monitor whether he is progressing as much as other babies of his age do. You can compare him to the normal phase of growth and development. You will be able to know earlier whether your baby has difficulties in some things related to growth. You can visit your physician to know more about this. But if you monitor him for the sake of knowing how he grows then you need not to visit your physician. There are a lot of ways to monitor your baby's growth. USE TAPE MEASURE AND OUTLINE Tape measure will help you measure the physical growth of your baby from the time that he was born. You can compare the present data with the ones that you got when he was a newborn. You can take note of his head size, length and waist line. This will tell you how much does your baby grow when it comes to physical aspects. You can also use outlines to note the milestones that your baby has achieved like the first teeth eruption and haircut. USE CAMERA TO TAKE PHOTOS OF HIS GROWTH You can use digital camera to monitor easily the growth and development of your baby. You can take pictures if the milestones that he has achieved so far. Pictures will remind you about the first time that he smiled or walked. You will also see the moment that your baby has undergone haircut and nail cut. You can put the pictures in albums that will remind you of your baby's milestones in terms of growth and development. MONITOR HIS ARTISTIC SIDE One good way to monitor the growth and development of your baby is through the mini artworks that he makes. You can keep the papers that your baby used to color and draw freely. These may not seem too valuable to keep but you will see the differences of his works as time passes by. You will be able to note whether he improves on it or not. It is always fun to monitor your babies growth as he grows older. It will show you the milestones that he is able to do or experience. There are a lot of ways that you can do to monitor it. You just need to choose from those mentioned above and do it accurately.

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