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No home with a baby should be without the North States Superyard. As far as baby gates go, this is the cream of the crop. It has 7 awesome ways it can be used to make life easier for parents and safer for babies. Discover the uses below. 1. Block off non-baby safe tables in your home. This 18 foot long safety gate can be separated into sections that can be used to block different sized areas in the home. If you have a small table you need to block, pull off enough sections of this baby gate so you have enough of the gate to snap around the table to keep baby away. 2. Create a safe indoor play space for your baby. Use all of this baby gate's sections snapped together to create an 18 foot fenced area where baby can play safely. Tie some toys to the gate's rails and put other toys inside the gated area. Your little angel will love being surrounded by all his favorite toys and you'll love being able to get non-baby things done around the house, knowing your baby is playing safely. 3. Create a secure play space on your deck or in your yard. Put a tarp or blanket on the ground and use all the baby gate's sections together to create a secured outdoor play space for your little angel. Add toys inside the gate to keep your angel happy. This is ideal when you have people over for a BBQ or you just want to spend some time enjoying the beautiful outdoors. 4. Make vacations or day trips to grandma's house easier. Take all 6 of this safety gate's panels with you wherever you go. Use the carrying handles for easy portability. When you get to where you're going, snap this gate together and put your baby in side to keep baby secure while you socialize with friends or your parents. You only need a few seconds to set this gate up. 5. Keep your baby and your dog separated. This is the ideal gate to keep your pooch from slobbering all over your baby or keep your baby from slobbering all over the dog. If you're snuggling with your baby and your doggy is getting jealous you can put your dog behind this gate to keep your pooch from pouncing. Or, you can put baby inside the gated area while your fuzzy pal gets some attention. 6. Take to the beach for a fun seaside adventure with baby on board. This baby gate in full form is ideal for using as a gate at the beach. Hook it in a circle and place it on-top-of a large blanket and keep baby secured inside the gate's rails. You can even place a tent or umbrella above to keep baby shaded from the hot sun. This will make family outings at the beach much less nerveracking. 7. Use to protect your Christmas tree or any decorations. At the holidays it's typical to hang little ornaments and decorations. These are no-no's for babies. That's when this baby gate can help.

Use all 6 of the baby gate's sides snapped together to form a circular gate around your Christmas tree. This will keep little fingers from getting a hold of little ornaments or pulling down the entire tree. It's also great for keeping pets from pulling on the tree as well.

Kim Proulx, a Parent Coach, provides parents with important info so they can create a very safe environment for their baby. Learn about top brand baby gates and other safety products to make smart choices for your precious angel.

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==== ==== To find more information about baby gates for stairs, please visit ==== ====

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