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Would you believe the humble teapot we use has a majestic and affluent history to tell us? It had its modest beginning in Ancient China. In the starting stages, cast iron was used to make the item, which later was made with porcelain. Porcelain teapots were decorated with designs of fruits and flowers. The intricate designs were so eye-catching; teapots became articles of decoration as well as functionality. The arrival of tea in Europe in the 17th century bought with it the first teapots. Though these items were a privilege of the upper class at that time, it changed later. The bone china teapots made by Europeans made the item affordable and accessible to common people. The oldest teapot is still safe and intact in the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea ware in Hong Kong. It was made in China in 1513. The earlier teapots as mentioned before were made of cast iron and clay. The Tetsubin cast iron teapots, on the other hand were from Japan. In the Japanese culture, traditional tea drinking ceremonies are an integral part and the Tetsubin teapots were used for the purpose. England made its contribution to the teapot history by introducing the 'Brown Betty', made of terracotta in the 17th century. They along with the sliver tea sets are the symbols of the history of English tea drinking. The popularity of glass teapots are attributed to the fact that glass does not keep the flavor of tea. This fact makes it possible to brew different types of tea in a glass teapot without spoiling the taste. It has been in style for the past 50 years. Hosting tea parties were in style in the mid 18th century England. The upper classes used the highly ornamental and ornately designed teapots to exhibit their status. In Japanese culture, where art of drinking ceremonies were conducted, tea was very popular and so was the teapots! Even in the current times, English High Tea is a popular affair for many people. Key hotels and cafes offer high tea events to their customers. The events include a sampling of teas, sandwiches and dainty cakes. Why don't you share with your friends the humble history of the teapot next time you host a tea party?

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==== ==== To find more information about Betty Brown Teapot please visit ==== ====

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