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Each year cruise agents and liners and reporting more and more bookings and interest from families and younger generations, cruising is no longer an OAP holiday. You can understand why, especially for families. Going on a tailored family cruise gives you many activities that keep getting better as ships are modernised and cruise liners look to offer customers something unique such as water parks. These activities will keep the kids amused while you and the wife or husband can relax or spending some quality time together. However there are some points that I'd like to make: Tips to Ensure Great Family Cruises The Basics

Check health conditions to eligible for boarding. Some cruise liners won't allow woman onto the boat if they are in the later stages of pregnancy. Check the sizes of the rooms. There are standard sizes however the style and layout of the room can make a difference; some cabins will sleep more than others while others will have adjoining cabins for the rest of the family. Check additional fees, cancellations fees should be known before booking and travel insurance with cancellation fees paid included can be well worth it with a family. Children can pick up many illnesses such as Chicken pox. Ensure you have the right documentation including required ID for the children. Additional Costs On a kids cruise and other cruise types, most things are included, accommodations, meals and activities however you need to budget for the certain items which aren't.

It's worth checking what the tipping policy is for the ship. Drinks can be expensive, so make sure you understand how much you will be charged for taking in room drinks. Investigate options for shore excursions. If you have a family of four or five, the price can be steep however there is the option of exploring the place on your own, keeping the costs down overall for family cruises.

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