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Dealing with arthritis can be distressing for you and your dog. Dogs are prone to arthritis especially when they have sustained a joint injury or when they are growing old. If your dog is showing symptoms of arthritis the first thing that you should do is visit a vet. However it might not be possible to completely cure arthritis in dogs with only medicines. A right set of medicines ensure that the dog arthritis is kept under check. In order to combat with dog arthritis one of the measures that you must do is to make your dog physically active through exercises and other dog trainings. Exercise will make their muscles and joints stronger and they can reduce the chances of arthritis while they grow in age. A daily stroll or walk would also ensure that lubricating fluids are released for joints. This will enable a seamless movement of joint muscles and make them much stronger. You should be proactive while dealing with dog arthritis. Ensure that you visit a vet once in every two months. A regular general check up for dogs is must. In case they are in preliminary stages of arthritis and if it has been detected y vet he can offer you medical advice. Remember that dog arthritis is not fully curable. However, vets can advice some of the medicines which can help alleviate the pain in dogs and provide them comfort. Dogs generally have a life span of 12-14 years. Once your dog reaches age of 10 years, start seeking consultation from your vet on ways to keep your dog healthier and on ways to avoid dog arthritis. You can also find great resources online and discover how your friends and peers have been able to avoid arthritis in aging dogs. You can gain from their experience and put to use their advice on your beloved dog.

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==== ==== To find more information about dog arthritis, please visit ==== ====

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