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Dog arthritis is fairly a condition that is mostly seen in the large dog breeds that are old. Arthritis in definition means inflammation of the joints. Most pet owners are aware of dogs arthritis but do not know any signs that could be indicative of arthritis. Secondly most pet owners find the management of dogs with arthritis a nightmare! Even though there exist no magical cure of dog arthritis, a lot more can be done to alleviate the amount of agony that dogs with arthritis encounter. When these measures are in place the dog can live a fairly comfortable prolonged life that is the desire of every pet owner. The first thing that you want to do as an arthritic dog owner is to ensure that your dog gets a comfortable bedding to reduce the trauma that is on the joints. This will go along way to helping you reduce the amount of suffering your dog has to go through. A soft foam with comfy bedding can be the best way to reward your old pet suffering from arthritis. After a long life of companionship your dog deserves much better treatment. An old comfy couch may be the best solution for a good resting place if the dog bedding is beyond your budget. Another conservative treatment that greatly improves the life of a dog with arthritis includes regular exercises in about two to three days in a week. You should avoid strenuous exercises that could deteriorate the health condition of your dog. Another much overlook issue in arthritis by many pet owners is diet and weight control. In my practice I have made an observation that majority of the large breeds they tend to the overweight. This has a negative effect that I call 'exercise intolerance' this could be a problem in your effort to assist your pet to live a comfortable life with dog arthritis. Most pet owners sympathize with the sickly dog and give them more food, not knowing that the more the weight the dog adds the more traumatic the weight will be on the already inflamed joints. Making movement a night mare for the dog with dog arthritis. Any right diet or food that is formulated for dogs with arthritis may be the best solution to aid your pet to live a good life with this condition. There are also numerous nutritional supplement that are helpful for dog arthritis patients.

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==== ==== To find more information about Dog Arthritis, please visit ==== ====

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