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This tea cozy will look great but it also has a useful function - it keeps your teapot and its contents nice and warm. Instructions for knitting a two-colour tea cozy. Abbreviations: St(s) = stitches K = knit P = purl Inc = increase knit (or purl) twice into stitch K2tog (or p2tog) = work next two sts together You will need: 4mm knitting needles 8 ply wool in two colours (base and icing) Beads (if desired) Cast on 53 stitches with 4mm needles in base colour. Row 1: *K1, P1, repeat from * to last stitch, K1. Row 2: * K2, P1, repeat from * to last two stitches, K2. Row 3-20: Repeat rows 1 and 2 alternately. Change to cake colour. Row 21: Knit, inc 3 sts evenly along row (56 sts). Row 22-24: Knit Continue in stocking stitch until 16 rows in base colour have been knitted, or until desired length has been reached. Begin shaping as follows: Row 37: (K6,K2tog) to end. Row 39: (K5, K2tog) to end. Row 40: Purl Row 41: (K4, K2tog) to end.

Row 42: Purl Row 43: (K3, K2tog) to end. Row 44: Purl Row 45: (K2, K2tog) to end. Row 46: Purl Row 47: (K1, K2tog) to end. Row 48: Purl Row 49: (K2tog) to end Row 50: Purl (7 sts remaining) Break yarn and thread through remaining stitches pulling tightly. Work another piece exactly the same. Sew two pieces together, leaving openings for the spout and handle. Attach cherry to top. Sew beads randomly to represent sprinkles on the cupcake. Cherry Cast on 8 stitches. Knit eight rows stocking stitch. Cast off. Sew running stitch around outside edges and gather tightly. Fill and boil the kettle. Make a pot of tea and enjoy with a cupcake!

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==== ==== For more information about tea, tea cozies and tea cozy patterns, please go to: ==== ====

Make A Cool Two Tone Cupcake Tea Cozy Today