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Taking a cruise holiday is usually most people's dream but many of us do not take advantage of it as we think it is simply out of our reach financially. Well think again! First of all a cruise holiday is an all-inclusive holiday so you do not need a lot of extra money. Of course, if you plan on drinking a bottle of wine every night, that can add up and you could be lured into buying 'cheap' jewelry or booking that Alaskan cruise they advertise constantly. Still if you know what you want and stick to it, these special offers can go right over your head. Here are some cruise saving tips you can take advantage of: If you book early - like 3-6 months in advance, you not only get the best choice of cabins but you can get discounts. The same applies in reverse if you book late. Last minute bookings can also save you money as of course no ship wants to sail with empty cabins. Off Season cruises are less expensive than high season ones - naturally the off season depends on your destination. Be aware of hurricane season though. You could also check into the possibility of going standby. This means they will call you if they have a cancellation (not that uncommon, by the way). The only disadvantage could be paying more for your airfare as you would need that almost immediately. If you can't get immediate time off work, this won't work for you, of course. However, this option is still worth checking out though. Inside cabins are cheaper than outside ones. If you plan on taking full advantage of all the activities on board, you won't be spending much time in your cabin anyway. And if you plan on just using your cabin for sleeping, changing clothes and showering, you will not miss that port hole or balcony looking out onto the ocean. If you are a repeat passenger of a particular cruise line, they often give you special discounts. They may even give upgraded cabins instead. In any case, if you are a repeat customer, do not forget to mention that when you contact the cruise line or your travel agent. There may be special promotions so it's good to check for that. If you have decided on the cruise holiday, put that particular cruise in quotes in google and add the word discount to see what you can come up with. Also whether you book through a travel agent or direct, it never hurts to ask for a special discount. Asking costs nothing and could get you something... With these cruise savings mentioned above, hopefully your cruise holiday will not be as expensive

as you thought!

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==== ==== To find more information about Cruise Holiday Tips please visit ==== ====

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