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Cat arthritis is a common health problem in athletic and older cats. It is a condition that affects the soft tissue surrounding the joints, causing them to swell up and become extremely sensitive. This makes it very painful to move the affected joints. Even though age and high activity levels are the primary factors, arthritis can be brought on by several other causes. This makes it possible for cats of every age and breed to get the condition. Arthritis is usually caused by accidents. The accident can be anything from a fall to getting hit by a car. Once the tissue and joints are damaged, the damage is usually irreversible. Athleticism and the age of your cat are other important factors to take into consideration, but the secondary causes can be the most dangerous. Causes such as bacterial infections and weakened immune systems can cause arthritis, but may bring a lot of other problems with them as well. This most noticeable symptom of cat arthritis is the limping and difficulty walking that results from the constant pain and stiffness brought on by the condition. Colder or humid weather will dramatically increase the severity of these symptoms, so keep that in mind. The pain might cause your cat to experience mood swings or behave completely opposite to what you would expect, so watch out. Noticing the symptoms of arthritis is not always easy. The best way to figure out if your cat has the condition is to schedule a visit to a veterinarian. Your vet will conduct an examination of your cat and perform several tests to help diagnose it. A visual analysis will be done while your cat lies down and walks to see how it reacts to certain positions and movements. A needle will probably be used to extract fluid from a joint so it can be analyzed in a lab. In addition to these, x-rays are usually taken to make a more accurate diagnosis. If you are a cat owner, there are a few ways to treat your arthritic cat at home. If you have an obese cat, then that extra weight is most likely the cause of the problem. A strict diet must be setup to help the cat lose those extra pounds. Massaging a cat's muscles and joints will help to ease the pain, but be careful as many cats will not like it and may attack you. Purchasing a heated bed or blanket will help to ease the cat's pain but make sure the cat still gets its exercise.

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==== ==== To find more information about cat arthritis, please visit ==== ====

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