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The arrival of spring marks the revitalization of all things natural--including people. In the mood for a bit of spring cleaning? Why not skip the closets and give yourself a good once-over. This is the perfect opportunity to detox your body and mind. Why detox? Because after months of dark, cold winter days, holiday festivities, heavy comfort foods, and dry air, our bodies are full of toxins such as caffeine, pollution, nicotine, lingering metabolic waste due to a lack of activity, and extra stress brought on by the holidays. But don't despair. Spring is the season of new beginnings, and a body detox will spring you forward on the right foot, and get you in great shape for the summer. Detoxification is a way to cleanse and rejuvenate the body, and strengthen the immune system. It can also improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails, and slow down the aging process. Although the body has its own detoxification process which works to eliminate toxins everyday, a detox program's aim is to aid and enhance this natural process by reducing the amount of food eaten and/or eating foods that help cleanse the body. There are different approaches to body detoxing, and they vary greatly in terms of what you have to do and how rigidly you need to stick to a given program. The most stringent form of detox is a fast. This method encourages the body's natural detoxifying processes by replacing food with water, herbal teas and fresh juices. Fasts are only recommended for a short length of time, and it's very important not to follow such a radical approach without the consent of your doctor. Less severe than a fast is a mild detox. A mild detox can range from drinking water, herbal teas and juices to a diet that also includes raw foods and salads, brown rice and lightly steamed vegetables and soups. The gentlest method of detoxing less radical than fasting or a mild detox, is a cleansing diet. A cleansing diet includes a wider range of foods, as well as juices and herbal teas, and can be instituted permanently. Important healing foods such as grains, beans, nuts, seeds and range of vegetables, play an important role in cleansing diets. Here's a health quick tip you may want to implement during any detox program, and one to consider implementing for the rest of your life: Double the amount of water you currently drink each day--it's a low-effort method for hydrating your body. To name just a few of its many benefits, water aids digestion, fuels the lymphatic system (the body's toxin drainage system), keeps cells healthy, and hydrates the skin.

Everyone wants optimum health and mental clarity, and a body detox can help you get it. In fact, some individuals go on a detoxification program every 90 days--at the beginning of each season of the year.

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==== ==== To find more information about Spring and Summer Detox, please visit ==== ====

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