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Baby Safety Gates 'Approximately 35,000 babies and toddlers injure themselves falling down the stairs each year' As a baby starts to get more mobile, starts to wriggle, roll and then stand up, it is important to ensure baby is safe around the house and especially at the top and the bottom of the stairs, or rooms. Safety gates offer a simple solution to help make your home baby safe. A little thought and planning can help make it much safer for everyone. Baby gates offer a very practical way of ensuring baby is kept contained at either the top or the bottom of the stairs or out of rooms you would rather baby didn't venture and explore into. They should also be used when you visit Grandma and Grandpa as well as a second home or holiday home you may visit. There are a few different types of stair gates available such as types that fix to walls, usually called Wall Fix, Pressure Fix that use a spring type action to have pressure against the wall and finally travel gates which are perfect to fit in the boot of the car. Wall Fix gates - These normally require you to screw fix them into the wall. The advantage being there is no bar to trip over and stub your foot on along the carpet. The disadvantage is you make holes in your door frame or wall. Pressure fix - These gates usually have a spring action mechanism that springs against a hard surface such as a wall or frame of the door and then secures the gate in place as a result. Travel - Ideal if you are visiting Grandma and Grandpa or manage to grab a weekend away somewhere (lucky you!). These usually fold up and fit nicely into the boot of the car without much fuss. They do the job but not really long term items, you should buy a proper fix or spring action as above. Worth remembering when you are in the market for a safety stair / room gate: 1. Measure the width between the gap you are trying to can get extenders. 2. Decide if you want a permanent gate or if you want a temporary gate to fill 3. Consider how the gate will look and work in your home If you have an extension built or a room that you would just rather baby not explore, baby gates

make excellent control posts! Don't forget that you should never leave your baby unattended and left on their own for too long. Don't stop at safety gates when thinking about making your home safe for baby. Consider the following: - Fit Carbon monoxide detectors - Fit smoke alarms - Buy a thermometer to ensure the room does not get too hot or cold - Buy another thermometer for when its bath time to ensure the water is not too hot - Buy childproof socket protectors, drawer catches, door catches so they don't slam - Put any obvious hazards out of reach such as medicine, cleaning products, glass, porcelain ornaments etc - Stair gates - Buy a playpen for when YOU need the loo - Look at baby monitors Check out a number of the Internet mums clubs that have forums of lots of mums sharing tips and ideas about baby safety and are a great way of getting advice. Alternatively feel free to contact us and ask, we are all parents working here and have been there seen it etc etc

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==== ==== To find more information about Baby Monitor Advice, please visit ==== ====

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