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Parents of new babies have many baby monitors available to purchase so they can keep tabs on their little ones while they are in their own room. The Angelcare baby monitor not only provides visual and audible monitoring, but it also provides a sensor that monitors the movement of the baby. Although SIDS is not as prevalent as it was many years ago, it still occurs in some newborns. The Angelcare baby monitor provides a sensor pad that is placed under the baby's mattress to monitor the baby's slightest movements. This includes the movements that babies make as they are breathing. If the baby is completely motionless for a few seconds, the parent is alerted immediately. Angelcare makes a few different models of baby monitors. Some of the features are as follows: Audio Monitor This is a traditional type of baby monitor in which you can listen in on your baby when you're not in the same room. The base remains in the nursery, while the parent unit transmits the baby's sounds. These handheld units are portable, and be carried around all over the house, and sometimes even out in the yard. Depending on the amount of power of the monitor, you can travel as far as 450 feet away from the base and still get great reception. Movement Monitor The sensor pad that monitors movement is placed underneath the baby's mattress. It senses even the slightest movements in the baby, including the motion he or she makes as the chest draws in and out while breathing. If the baby stops moving after 20 seconds, an alarm is set off to alert the parents. This will provide the parent with enough time to resuscitate the child if need be. Other Extra Features You will be able to adjust the sensitivity of the monitor according to your comfort level. There is also the option to activate a "tick" sound that ticks on a regular basis according to the baby's movements. If you don't hear these noises after a few seconds, this tells you that there is no movement. If you prefer not to hear these tick noises, then you can turn this option off. The alarm will sound anyway with 20 seconds of no motion from your baby. Get the peace of mind you deserve with an Aneglcare baby monitor. Monitor your baby's sounds and movement with a monitor of great quality and caliber.

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==== ==== To find more information about Angelcare Baby Monitor, please visit ==== ====

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