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If you leave it to the owner, every kind of pet arthritis treatment will be explored - mostly subjecting the pet to surgery. Many owners would rely mostly on giving long-term medications, while others will lean to more natural concepts of treatment for their pets. It would be best that the owner consult his/her veterinarian before any steps are taken. The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) is common. It may be dangerous when taken improperly. Side effects may arise if used recklessly. That is why the holistic approach is considered desirable to owners. There are little to no side effects. A holistic viewpoint on care for pet arthritis is not a revolutionary method. It is not new at all. It is simply looking after the overall health of your pet and not just the underlying arthritis. Cure the arthritis while making your pet healthy. This may be encouraged to promote the overall health condition of the pet. The road to this concept of pet arthritis care will first start with getting a correct diagnosis from the veterinarian. This is necessary because there might be other arthritis symptoms. These conditions may involve fungus or bacteria causing the infection, bone spurs, fractures, and other ailments. Naturally, you would not want your pet to suffer these ailments. The next step will involve the owner taking an active part in making the pet's life comfortable and easier. These steps would include providing easy access to clean food and water. The installation of certain devices that help your pet move around easier, like ramps, will be beneficial. During cold nights, placing hot water inside a bottle wrapped in any kind of cloth near your pet's bed, will greatly help. Affection from the owner is the most important kind of attention an owner can give to his/her pet. They may never recover full mobility, but at least one of your loved ones will live a longer and more comfortable life.

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What's Really Happening With Pet Arthritis