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Most of us spring clean our homes every year before Spring arrives; why not think about also spring cleaning your diet? A detox spring clean diet can offer you the opportunity to refocus and re-establish clear dietary goals that will not only empower you, but may also assist you in losing those extra few kilograms before Summer. An effective detox diet can involve the elimination of processed foods and stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol for a few days or even a few weeks. Sometimes this is all you will need to do to feel more refreshed, re-energised and of course lighter, as your body is now able to rid itself of unnecessary fluid that has accumulated when you have eaten too many salty or fatty foods. One of the most important steps when starting a detox diet is to increase your level of water consumption. By replacing caffeine drinks with herbal teas, which will not only benefit you health wise, but will also rehydrate your cells and flush out your digestive tract. After a couple of days you will notice your skin and eyes appearing brighter and clearer and your stomach will also be noticeably flatter. Next you will need to load up your fridge and pantry with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Your aim is to have three cups of salad or veggies each day. You can also supplement a day with a fresh veggie juice that will give you body a quick vitamin boost. Add wholegrain such as beans and oats to your salads for your daily fibre requirements and make sure you also include lean proteins which offer essential nutrients such as iron, zinc and essential fats. Oily fish such as tuna or salmon will be a fantastic addition to any lunch or dinner, as will plain grilled fish or chicken breast. Between meals, try snacking on nuts, seeds and fresh fruits, which are all very nutritious and will be a great filler for between meals. With any detox diet, make sure that you limit all white breads, cereals, dairy, pasta and rice. These shouldn't be eaten for around a week, as they are generally low in kilojoules and key nutrients which will not help your body function at an optimal level. Here are 5 tips to help you spring clean your diet: 1. Clear out your cupboards and throw away any foods that are packaged, such as chips, biscuits, soft drinks and any high sugar snack foods.2. Stock your cupboards and fridge with enough fresh fruit and veggies to last you three or even four days. Don't overdo it, as you may end up throwing some away. 3. Make a large pot of delicious vegetable soup, which you can enjoy as a dinner or as a healthy lunch.

4. Make your lunch the night before and include a fresh salad, fruit or some sliced veggie sticks to snack on. 5. Make a commitment to yourself to follow this detox diet for a minimum of three to four days to avoid feelings of deprivation. Do this when you have no social engagements so that you can concentrate on eating well and following a light exercise program. By following these simple detox spring cleaning guidelines, you will be well on your way to having a clean and healthy body. Not only will your home be completely spring cleaned, but so will you.

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==== ==== To find more information about Spring and Summer Detox, please visit ==== ====

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