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A mother and her child were walking on the beach. The mother stops and asks her child to watch the sun rise. It was spring and the sun is just rising, sky is so colorful, water is cold and the morning breeze was so nice. The child was old enough to understand everything and yet was very innocent. The mother was holding the child’s hand all this while. The child asks the mother to let go the hand so that he can play in the water. The mother while leaving hand says “Remember I’m letting you go because ……………………” The child hears what its mother was saying but will be running towards a wooden plank that it spots nearby. The child uses the plank to float on the water. Every time the child gets into the water the strong waves would push the child back to the shore. But once somehow the child manages to get past the first wave and gets into water. The child feels great floating on the water. The child looks at the horizon. The sun has risen and the sky has become bluish white. The child looks down and understands that the water is very deep and the land is mils away down the water surface. The child turns back and sees only water. The child gets so afraid. The child remembers its mother’s face and the last words of its mother with tears in its eyes and that is when it spots a boat. Still sitting on the same wooden plank the child moves towards the boat. Seeing the small child, the people in the boat take the child inside the boat. The people are overwhelmed that they have cute child in their boat. They give the child food, water and warm cloths. The child starts to feel better and after a while starts playing again inside the boat. The child spots a very big ship and feels jealous that it is in this small boat. It somehow manages to get into the ship and starts celebrating. Everything is so good and big in the ship. Life is so wonderful for the child now. The child earns a private room in the ship and also earns better food and clothes. The lifestyle of the child changes to better. But during this process of survival and making itself more comfortable, the child has forgotten two most important things. 1. It’s MOTHER 2. The last words of its mother. Yes, the child does not remember the last words of its mother now even if it tries to remember it. The child thinks what went wrong. The child wants to go back to its mother now but it has to travel where the ship is traveling because the only way to get back to its mother is by swimming miles and miles. Even if the child makes up its mind to swim, the child does not know in which direction to swim. The child now spots a very few people actually swimming back. The child thinks of following them so that it can reach its mother. But just before diving again into the water the child turns back and looks at he lavishing and comfortable life inside the ship. The child decides to stay on the ship for some more time thinking it can swim when it spots next batch of people. But did it swim back? Will it swim back?, nobody knows. Neither the child itself knows. Now consider the child as WE (common people), the ocean as THE EARTH and he mother as GOD/SOURCE/MASTER. This is what we are doing. We don’t know where we came from. We don’t know why we are here. We are just traveling the ship. Some of us or doing well in the ship and some of us are doing bad. BUT NONE OF US (COMMON PEOPLE) HAVE DARED TO SWIM BACK.



Human life