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VILNIUS Sunrise Valley – bringing business and science together In 3 major Lithuanian cities 5 integrated science, education and business centers, called “valleys”, are currently under development. It is the largest Lithuania‘s science and business synergy project developed by consortia of best universities, research institutes and industry in partnership with public authorities ever. Sunrise Valley (Vilnius) is a unique initiative to support laser and light technologies research and worldwide competitive technologies and products development.

Lithuanian laser sector has (LLS): •

Specialised laser technology industry and R&D laboratories for high level research

Developed unique devices for fundamental studies which moves LLS to an industrial production

Particular strengths in femto-second lasers, parametric light generators, functional surfaces, non-linear crystals, and optical coatings technology lasers areas

Encouraging laser industry in Lithuania increasing up to 10 per cent every year

High value-added products (60-70 per cent of selling price)

Strong export-oriented market with more than 90% of products destined for customers in Europe, the US, the Far East and Japan

Structural adjustment with investment volumes which aims up to 20 million. Euro in 2010

Lithuanian Laser and Light Science and Technology Association (

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Sunrise valley poster for Laser Berlin Optics 2010  

Poster for "Laser Berlin Optics 2010" evert in Berlin on 22-24 March, 2010.

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