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Principal: Dr. Marion Mouton

Assistant Principal: Nakita Brewer

Sunrise McMillian Elementary April Newsletter Sunrise Spotlight We SALUTE our stars of April

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Mr. Crawford Teacher of the Month

Star Students

Ms. S. Singleton Staff of the Month

PK — Sophia J. K — Nyanchiok D. 1st — Jeremiah L. 2nd — Kailah K. 3rd— LaMarion H. 4th—Yesenia R. 5th— Lily Ann J.

Quote of the Month: Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. Thomas Jefferson

Coach’s Corner What is Metabolism and how do I increase it? How fast does your body burn calories? Every pound of muscle uses about 6 calories a day just to sustain itself. High-intensity exercise delivers a bigger, longer increase in resting metabolic rate. The body needs water to process calories. Ice-cold beverages prompt the body to burn more calories during digestions. Having a small meal or snack every 2 – 3 hours keeps your metabolism cranking, so you burn more calories. Spicy foods contain chemical compounds that kick the metabolism into high gear. The body burns up to twice as many calories digesting protein as it uses for fat or carbohydrates. Although these types of diets may help you drop pounds (at the expense of good nutrition), a high percentage of the loss comes from muscle.

Parent Pointers Helping Kids Get Organized Organization is important for everyone. Talk with you child about how you organize things and how he or she can become organized. Provide materials — such as an assignment log, notebooks, folders, a calendar, and other tools — that can get your child organized. What your child is presented what a large task, help them break it into small ones and establish a plan and deadlines for each. Copyright:

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Counselor’s Corner Brought to you by: Anita RuffinHawthorn HYPERACTIVITY IF YOU CAN, KEEP YOUR HEAD WHEN ALL ABOUT YOU ARE LOSING THEIRS...KIPLING Hyperactive or Hyperkinetic? The first distinction to be made is whether a child is hyperactive or hyperkinetic. The child who is hyperactive has what appears to be a chemical deficiency in the brain which won't allow him/her to function normally. The hyperkinetic child, on the other hand, has the appropriate level of chemicals. This child is overly active because he/she has either never learned appropriate behavior, has actually been encouraged to be overly active, or is highly anxious. LENGTHENING ATTENTION SPAN One of the main goals for a child who is either hyperactive or hyperkinetic is developing a longer attention span. Parents must start at the child's level, and gradually work to have the child pay attention for longer and longer periods of time. This can frequently be done by giving the child attention as long as he/she attends to the task at hand. SOCIAL SKILLS Another area in which these children need training is in getting along with people. Provide the child with opportunities in which he/she can get along with others. Make suggestions about how to win friends. Invite only one child at a time to play for a specified time period. Supervise the children from a distance. Provide a snack during the close of playtime. Discuss the playtime with the child, praising his/her positive interactions with other child. If any problems occurred, have the child suggest other ways he/she could have handled the situation. REMEMBER....... Do not model hyperactivity. Teach the child appropriate behavior; don't just criticize. A truly hyperactive child may need an evaluation by a pediatrician or child psychologist.

Nurse Murray’s Health Tips Asthma & Allergies Asthma and Allergies Strike 1 out 4 Americans!!!! Allergy is characterized by an overreaction of the human immune system to foreign protein substance (―allergen‖) that is eaten, breathed into lungs, injected or touched. This immune overreaction can result in symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose and scratchy throat. In severe cases it can also result in rashes, hives, lower blood pressure, difficulty breathing, asthma attacks, and even death. Each year, allergies account for more than 17 million outpatient office visits primarily in the spring and fall; seasonal allergies account for more that half of all allergy visits.

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The Library is oceans of fun!! Greetings from the Library, Oh, the places you will go (with a book)! Last month, we incorporated Dr. Seuss‘ birthday into our Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) event. Every student received a new book and a Dr. Seuss bookmark while enjoying readings of Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat. We would like to thank our community volunteers Ms. Asia Thomas, the Boys and Girls Club and Ms. Tawney Harris, City of Arlington Police Department, and our school volunteers Ms. Suzy Clayton, Mr. Lamont Pringle, Ms. Erica Bermudez, Mr. David McGruder, Ms. Katrice Reed, and Ms. Margaret Lewis for the giving of their time to help make RIF a success. Everyone get ready….the Book Fair is coming! Mark your calendar for May 9 th-13th. Volunteers are greatly needed for this event. Please email me at or Ms. Reed ( if you are interested in helping out with the Book Fair.

Greetings from the All StARS team! In this issue of the Sunrise newsletter, the All StARS team is focusing on statements you can use to avoid arguing. These statements are essential and powerful tools that help to effectively stop arguments. Here are a few of the statements to use: ‗I love you too much to argue‘, ‗I will listen to you when your voice is as calm as mine‘, and ‗Thanks for letting me know how you feel‘. The next time you find yourself about to engage in argument with someone, try using one of these statements to avoid arguing. If you have additional questions about how to use this skill, call us at Sunrise at 815-3900.

Super Star Writers By: Mrs. Brewer Every month our students have the opportunity to participate in a school wide writing competition for Kinder- 5th grade. The students are given several prompts to choose from in order to write their essays. The winners receive special prizes that include: a SUPER BIG pencil for their great success, a coupon to a local restaurant for a free meal, and a certificate congratulating them on their writing. The winners for the month of March were: Christina M. -1st place –Kinder

Marquise S. – Runner Up – Kinder

Chaelin V. – 1st Place – First Grade

Erick G. – Runner Up –First Grade

Jennifer A. – 1st Place – Second Grade

Evelyn W. – Runner Up – Second Grade

Elisha T. – 1st Place – Third Grade

Kennedy K. – Runner Up – Third Grade

Joshua V. – 1st Place – Fourth Grade

Tyrionna W. – Runner Up – Fourth Grade

Tyun N. – 1st Place – Fifth Grade

Aron Z. – Runner Up – Fifth Grade

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Sea our April Birthdays Staff

Taleisha Taylor Charles Franklin

Maria Sigala Ayanna Satcher

Christina Turner Audie Evans

Lenda Webster Celinda Ayala

Students Jerimiah M.

Janaia C. J.

Diego M.

Jade H.

Verqhuan B.

Alanah J.

Tramayne T.

JeMarion H.

Levine E.

Joel G.

Emily T.

Derica C.

Jennifer M.

Alvaro H.

Javonca J.

Ebony C.

Donte J.

JaCobey J. C.

Jazmin L.

Jaylon J.

N'yalah L.

Jaylin S.

Emiliano Z.

Diamond P.

J'Neicia A.

Jaylen H.

Sophia J.

Kiana B.

Jacob M.

Jeremiah L.

Kaleisha T.

Garth G.

Precious N.

April Events April 4th—5th grade TAKS Testing (Math) April 5th — 5th grade TAKS Testing (Reading) April 12th — School Board meeting @ 5:30 pm April 15th — Career Day @ 8:00 am April 21st-Parent Table Business Makeover info.) @ 8:00 am April 18th — RIF April 19th — Family Fitness night @ 6:00 pm April 22nd—School Wide TAKS Pep Rally April 26 – 3rd and 4th Grade Math TAKS April 27 – 3rd and 4th Grade Reading TAKS April 28 – 5th Grade Science TAKS April 30 – Pre K Round Up 8:00 -12:00

Money Saving Tips

Concerned About Costs?? Here are some strategies for keeping costs reasonable and getting more books for your family: Borrow books from your local library on a regular basis. And find out what services your local library provides such as children's story time, workshops, bookmobile, and/or books-by-mail. Teach children to handle books appropriately so books last for years and years (and so books can be responsibly borrowed from the library). When you do buy books, their initial cost will seem a whole lot less if you can use them for a long time rather than having to replace scribbled-in, beat up, or worn books. If you're a parent, start a family tradition. Ask friends and relatives to consider giving your children books as gifts for their birthdays and on holidays. The price of children's paperbacks is low compared to the retail cost of hard-cover versions of the same book. Buy paperbacks when you can. Buy some books at second-hand bookstores and local yard sales.

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