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The e-zine for the employees of Sunrise

Issue 01/08

«Yeah, I’m ready!»

«Courage and willpower are lacking»

Claudia (attorney, animal welfarist)

Börni (rock star)



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At long last: the child is born. As luck would have it, this sentence is fitting on two happy counts. For one of them, we are not responsible; but we are happy to own up to the other one: the first issue of flash, the e-zine for Sunrise employees that you see before you. Please feel free to marvel at it, comment on it, praise or criticize it. Thanks go out to everyone who helped to produce this very first issue. Besides the people who put their names to the articles, many other people also lent a hand: everyone who expressed a positive interest in a magazine in the Moodmeter, every­ one who worked on the branding and, above all, everyone who finally said Yes and gave the green light for this ezine. Thank you! We hope you have fun reading this first issue, and look forward to receiving lots of feedback from you.

Georg Därendinger Editor in chief Corporate Communications [GD]

Irina Baumgärtner Editor IT Quality Assurance [IB]

Daniel Maurer Editor Billing Business Customers [DM]

Simone Marzoll Editor Strategy & Corporate Affairs [SM]

Nadège Ntsika Editor Customer Care Assistant Pool [NN]

The Editors Tiffany Gaggia Editor Apprenticeship Commerce [TG]



Becoming and growing A brand defines itself through look, language and behavior. It is through these three features that an image of the brand is ­defined, to which are linked ideas and expectations. A brand also develops, changes and goes new ways. A short excursion into the essence of Sunrise. When Josef Ackermann, the head of Deutsche Bank, made the victory sign in a Düsseldorf court in 2004, he confused everyone: is this how the CEO of the one world’s largest banks behaves? When Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey appeared before the press in Tehran in 2008 in a white headscarf, her compatriots were confused: is this how a minister of a nominally Christian Western European state, yet on the whole secular nation, should behave? Both are good examples of the ambivalence between what you expect from someone and what that person actually does. What has that got to do with Sunrise though? Well, to explain the essence of a brand like Sunrise, it is often personified (along the lines of a «brand personality»). The same is true of Sunrise. «You can certainly compare a brand with a person», says Markus Mallaun, Senior Brand Manager. «Just like a person, you expect a certain degree of consistency in a brand in look, behavior and Madonna: a brand constantly managed over 25 years

language. Branding, however, is not a question of personal taste but of the consistency of its implementation.» To achieve this consistency (and because Sunrise has 2,000 employees who all have their own tastes), it is important for Sunrise to have uniform and clear guidelines that are understood by all employees. As with a person, the question of look, language and behavior for a company is directed at its core values (in this case its brand values and positioning). «Only when we are able to gear all aspects that go to make up Sunrise (products, price, marketing, communication, customer care etc.) to the brand definitions can we achieve a consistent image for Sunrise both internally and externally», says Markus. «To make this image visible to all, it is important that we make the messages linked to it understandable to all.»



The easiest way to achieve this is to make it into an experience. It is thus not enough to publish a brand’s values and positioning on the Intranet – you have to place it in the employees’ hands, making it tangible, at least symbolically. «These actions do not take place just once, but accompany us constantly in various manifestations.» As a result, the development and growth of a company’s identity are, just like a person’s, an ongoing process. Sunrise changes just like a person does over the course of their life. This is sometimes more and sometimes less intensive. Sunrise

is now in the final stage of its brand definition (actually a very intensive phase). The formal part has been completed while the content is still being drawn up. «By summer this content will be on a firm footing and we will then begin with the working leading to the «corporate behavior» level. In other words, we are now working toward a long-term focus for the Sunrise brand.» The long-wished for consistency is now at least visible on the horizon in hazy outline. But even when it is finally achieved, there are still exciting and interesting developments to come. Those people who found

Brands in the every day life: consistency in look, language and behaviour the chaos of the last few months a little too much, however, should remember the changes that they have made in their own lives. Reflecting on this, we have to conclude that changes are required to achieve consistency. Perhaps this will help to understand a few things better. [GD]

Olympic rings: memorable and clear brand promise since 1920

Euro 2008

Euro 2008

Kay Voser

Defender Grasshopper-Club Zürich flash Hi, Kay. How did you get into soccer? Kay Voser My father was already very keen on the sport and, naturally, I caught the bug too. I first went to FC Baden, then, aged six, to FC Fislisbach, where I played with the ­juniors. I was then discovered and had the chance of joining the Grasshoppers Club. flash Was it clear from the start that you wanted to join GC? Or were there alter­ natives? Kay Voser That became clear fairly quickly. At the time, GC was the best team in Switzerland, everyone wanted to get signed up. Me too of course.

About the person He is one of the wild young things playing for the Grasshopper Club of Zurich and was regularly on the pitch in the impressive second half of the last Axpo Super League season. Kay Voser (21), by trade a nimble defen­ der and wing sweeper, answered the questions put to him by flash one beautiful spring day.

flash What would you say to a junior who wants to play pro one day? Kay Voser He – or she – must be prepared to go without a lot of things. Free time is few and far between. Of course you have to stick with it too – even if things go bad or the coach thinks it’s not going anywhere. They always know everything better of course! ;-) The most important thing though

is of course the joy of playing, soccer talent and the commitment to put in more than is required. flash In the last championships, you did really well in the second half. Will GC be Swiss champions next season?

flash Who will be European champions? And how far will Switzerland get? Kay Voser My money’s on Germany. They’re really on form and almost always successful in these kinds of tournament. Switzerland will hardly make it through the group phase, sad to say.

«The most important thing though is of course

the joy of playing»

Kay Voser I don’t think so. But we are on the right path to top playing for most of the next season. But champions? That would be a bit too soon. flash Are you looking forward to EURO 2008? How are you joining in? Kay Voser Of course, I can’t wait for it, even though I don’t have any tickets yet. I am trying to get tickets through the club, but it’s really difficult. Otherwise, I’ll have soccer fever the whole three weeks and watch the matches on TV with team-mates.

flash What about your future? Will you stay with GC or are you looking to transfer? Kay Voser My contract at GC still runs for another three years, but I don’t know for sure what my status for next season is. Maybe I’ll get loaned out, but nothing’s been decided yet. flash How does Sunrise come into your life? For example, do you talk about free internet or the new logo in the locker room? Kay Voser (laughs*) Umm, no. These subjects don’t really come up in the locker room. Sorry. [DM]


Euro 2008 | How Sunrise ticks

Michelle Frampton You bet! Sun, fun, beer and soccer.

Euro 2008 | How Sunrise ticks

Gianluca De Filippo

Beni Buff

Definitely. The European Champion- Yes and no. Yes, because there’ll be ship is always special. Doubly so when things going on on the streets of Zuit’s on your doorstep. rich the whole time, with football fans turning night into day. And no, because it looks too much like a «fun fair» as things are. Suddenly everyone’s interested and everyone thinks they’re an expert in soccer.

The team that plays best will be Euro- I would think the world champions, Itapean Champion ;) But I would perso- ly. Who else? nally like to see Switzerland, France or Spain win the cup.

Although the groups are fairly well­balanced, I would bet on Spain or Portugal. Switzerland will hopefully make it through the group matches. But I think that’s as far as it goes.

The English bit of my heart bleeds for Not especially. The English were ­never them. It just won’t be the same without really good in the last few tournathem. ments. They’ll be up there with the best at the next World Cup – thanks to [head coach Fabio] Capello!

Because of the name, of course, it’s a great shame. There are a few weaker nations that can take part, but if that’s not enough, then that’s all there is to it.

Unfortunately I don’t have tickets, but Unfortunately not. The allocation of I’ll certainly go to the fan zones! tickets is pathetic if you ask me. And they even tell you what to drink and wear in the fan zones! No, I’m going to watch the matches with friends.

No, I don’t have any tickets and I’m not intending to buy any. I’m not really a fan of these «public festivals», every­ one in each other’s arms … it’s not quite my definition of fan culture. But I’ll be back in the stadium when the ­ Super League starts again.

I’m not really fanatical enough to pull I would kiss Monsieur [French manager Nothing. In any case, I shall be watching my pants down and run down Bahn- Raymond] Domenech’s feet. But only if the matches in a city bar with friends. hofstrasse in the buff … Italy makes it to the final.

The constant panini fights get on my I hope not too much. The adrenalin nerves. But otherwise, it’s ok. may be running high for the Azzurri matches … and I might be tired and ­hoarse the next day …

It won’t affect me in my daily work one way or the other, because the matches will be played at the usual European time and not in the middle of the night like during the 2002 World Cup.

Not necessary.

The anti-football crowd will just have to grin and bear it – there is no alternative program. You can either go out and join in the fun on the streets or in the fan zones, or you can stay home and just carry on like always.

To spend lots of time with the girlfriend/wife and leave the TV off. But it’s very difficult to let it pass you by completely.

Lara Sahli

Miriam Hoch


Rick Browning

So so. What is super though is that my Sure, I can hardly wait for it to start, and Not like I normally do, no. dad bought a new projector for the all the hype that goes with it ­begins. championships.

Are you looking forward to EURO 2008?

Who will be the European champions?

I’m backing Switzerland. Hope is last I don’t think the big favorites will make The Italians of course. Unfortunately, thing to die. the grade. I’m betting on Croatia. they will again play the most boring soccer we’ve ever seen.

England isn’t playing? ;-)

How much will England be missed at the championships?

Have you bought tickets? / Are you going to a fan zone?

A whole lot. First, it’s where soccer was I miss them lots! The English fans on born, and second, their players are Swiss streets, the tight white shirts, the sun-burnt heads and bad tattoos … quite dishy ;-) Also, I will have to wait for the next World Cup to get over my soccer trauma over the lost penalty shootout.

No, I don’t need any. We have cold beer I’m one of the lucky ones who can at home too... plus everything else we watch a game live. But I’ll definitely ­visit the fan zones too. That’s simply need. part of being a soccer fan.

I don’t have any tickets. The prices were completely out of order. At every new tournament UEFA behaves worse and more scandalously towards the fans on the street.

Enter a prize draw for tickets. Crazy, I would clean all the outside windows Support Italy … or Germany … or of the Sunrise Tower! France … or Germany … or Germany … ;-)

What would be the craziest huh? thing you would do for a ticket to the final?

Probably not at all.

It will definitely be the top topic of Not a great deal. This time round, not ­conversation as loads of soccer fans much at all. work on my floor.

Er – work? ;-)

Organize travel, a spa, hiking or a Tup- You could watch the world diving perware party ;-) championships. That would be like Italy v. Portugal (lots and lots of diving) and there’s loads of balls on view too ;-)

How much will EURO 2008 ­affect your work?

Do you have any alternative tips for the Euro 2008 period?





«A day in the life in IT»


Martin Zisler – CRM Developement 8.30 a.m. It’s early Monday morning when I enter the Tower and pass quickly through the isolation … I could find my way to the 8th floor in my sleep – I’ve been at the same desk since the building went up. That’s what I call continuity. My luck’s in: no one’s at the coffee machine so I grab I a stimulating cup … Junior woke us up at 3 a.m. this morning with the «great news» that he was hungry … So today’s my lucky day. I worked a bit longer in the office Friday and so not too much work has built up: A few messages about various automatic builds, some invitations to meetings, a handful of administrative and technical questions that are quickly answered. A quick glance at the calendar shows me that my first meeting is only at 10, so I can get something done in the meantime and get stuck into my latest development project for IT release 19. 10.00 a.m. Meeting: a discussion about the business processes connected with click&call is on the cards. First we look at what we can improve on the process side to speed up automatic handling of cancellations. We get lost in a slew of details and run out of time. The room we’re using is

already booked for the next meeting … We agree to meet at 4 p.m. again. 11.00 a.m. Back at my desk and a few team-mates are already waiting for me with a list of urgent things that need doing. We quickly prioritize the issues. First, we have to find the reason for a problem in the productive environment. Clarify keeps crashing on a few call center agents. I study the problem on site and we soon discover the fault. I hand the problem on to a colleague who’s better informed in this area. 11.40 a.m. The testers have found a few problems in the latest release. I call in on them to hear what they are. We note the problems in a system to pursue them further. Hmm, I have to quickly find some solutions because it’s holding up other tests. Have to get my skates on! 12.15 p.m. Time to eat: Should I go to the canteen with the guys? My wife has packed sandwiches so I can carry on … I try to reproduce the reported problems from the test in a development environment. Done it – and I already have an inkling about the things I have to change to solve the hiccups. The same test again: Great! It works. Now I

have to package it quickly and release it for the rollout.

up in tests. So put everything to one side, change environments and start looking for solutions …

13.00 p.m. Team meeting: the CIO is visiting today. There are heaps of questions 16.00 p.m. «Martin, shouldn’t we be in a and an interesting discussion develops. But meeting?» … Almost missed it again! We the hour’s gone in no time and I have no skedaddle down to the second floor and time to give my presentation. I really wan- continue our rollback discussion. Luckily, no ted to report on professional certifications big changes result. It appears that Custoin software development, talk about the mer Care is happy for the most part. ­latest exams and how they went and how much time they took – in fact the whole 16.30 p.m. Back at my desk, the first peocaboodle. ple start going home and things get quieter. No problem – we’ll do that next week. I should really get down to my project now, but not for too long: I wanted to go buy 14.00 p.m. We treat ourselves to a coffee sand with my son – after all, an empty sandafter the meeting and a short breather and pit is a bit pointless … go over the discussion. I get on well although a few questions from After that I quickly update the documenta- colleagues interrupt my «leisurely» programtion for my project manager. ming. I’m still on the ball though. I’ve hit the jackpot! I have to take over my manager’s 14.40 p.m. Finally I can get my head round duties for three weeks. So, in addition to my my development project again. I need a few regular work, I shall be doing all sorts of administrative stuff too … I’ll have a look at minutes to pick up the thread again. that in more detail tomorrow. 15.00 p.m. My project manager calls by as he needs some estimates for an analysis. 17.30 p.m. Now I really have to get going OK – we discuss the project and see what as my train leaves in a few minutes. So I needs doing. Cripes, more issues have come pack up quickly and head off home.  [IB]



Sponsoring & Events

Sponsoring & Events

«Yeah, I’m ready!»

Interview with Börni

Sunrise has been supporting Swiss newcomer Börni in her music and on tour since spring. Her debut album «Fighter» shot up to 12th place in the Swiss charts in April. She went on tour for the first time in May. Apart from her ­answers, the friendly rock kid also left us five signed CDs. More about that later. First, the interview … flash You’re now on tour with your first album «Fighter». How’s it going? Börni The tour’s going great! I never thought that the concerts would pull in the crowds like they have. But it’s really wild! flash So now that you’re on the way to being a rock star, it’s time for tattoos, ­piercings and wild parties. Are you ready for all that? Börni Ha! I’m going to be a HUGE rock star! (laughs) Yeah, I’m ready! flash On the CD cover and in the photos in the «Fighter» booklet, Börni’s sitting on Börni, Börni and Börni have a pillow fight and Börni and Börni scream at each other. What’s behind it all? Börni We said to ourselves that it would be good if I fought myself – an «ego fight» if you like – to go with the name of the album, «Fighter». But there is a scene of reconciliation at the back of the booklet. The pictures convey the fight I have with myself very well: one part of me hopes that it works, while the other, because I’m a realist, knows that it could get tricky.

flash Does that give you a hard time? Börni Yes, sometimes, but not always. (smiles.) flash You only appear with men, making you the only hen in the hencoop! Is this your contribution to emancipation? Börni No, no, that’s not the reason! I’ve already performed with guys. They play great and, yeah, that’s just how it worked out.

«I certainly don’t want

to go around smelling!»

flash While we’re on subject: what’s your view of feminism and emancipation? Börni There are certainly points worth investing energy in. But I don’t want to take a position on it in any detail. Of course it’s crap that many women still get less money than their male colleagues, but they also don’t have to do military service, for ex­ ample (laughs). There are always two sides to it … but I think that we’ve already



Sponsoring & Events

achieved a great deal – universal suffrage, for example, or the fact that many women work and are no longer your typical housewives. I think it’s great when everyone can decide for themselves. flash Do you think that success came ­easier as a young musician ten or 20 years ago? Börni Not necessarily. It’s always been extremely difficult, especially in Switzerland, because the market is tiny. I don’t know if it will get bigger, but it really is very small right now! flash How do things look these days? Börni It’s still difficult to achieve success, even with casting shows. I think though that it’s easier now than it used to be.

Sponsoring & Events

There’s more traveling, and you quickly ­become known through TV, newspapers, the radio and so on. flash A change of topic: I read that you have a thing for shampoo (ten different types!). Rock stars generally have messy hair though. Doesn’t quite fit somehow, does it? Börni I certainly don’t want to go around smelling! But yes, I do have ten shampoos. I just keep trying out new ones. flash What makes a rock star? Börni Rock stars take pleasure in music – loud music especially. And they must live their music to the extreme!

Three short answers to three short questions: Do you prefer Lenny Kravitz or Kiss? Lenny Kravitz Berlin or London? Hmm, I’ve never been to London … Do you prefer baggy pants or hot pants? Baggies

flash Which brings us back to tattoos, piercings and wild parties … Börni … exactly! flash The festival season is about to ­begin. Which open air concert would you most like to perform at? Börni At the «Rock am Ring» … flash … staged in Germany. And how about Switzerland? Börni There are a number of cool open airs in Switzerland. Of course, the big ones like the Gurten Festival or Frauenfeld Open Air are really hot because you can play with loads and loads of people – that’s ­really wicked! flash And how about Greenfield, the most happening of the big Swiss open airs? Börni Yeah, Greenfield is super, I’ve been there. But I don’t want to have to decide to do one or the other at the moment. flash Which two bands would you most like to do a gig with? Börni It’s between Pink and Foo Fighters! flash What are you doing right now apart from music? Börni Besides my work and music, I don’t have a lot of free time right now. But I’m certainly involved a lot in making music. I also go out a lot on the weekend – that’s

something that takes up a lot of time of course (laughs)! flash What message do you want to send out with your music? Börni Many people think performers are uncool from the word go and so never ­listen to their music. I’ve noticed that ­myself in the past. But after listening to a few tracks I changed my mind about the performer completely, because I found the music quite simply super cool. What I want to say is that it would be great if people just listened to the music without first looking at the image. People: get rid of your prejudices! flash What’s the greatest thing for a ­performer? Börni The best thing for a performer is when you can pass on feelings, when the people who’ve heard your music come up to afterwards and say: «Hey, you’ve ­really helped me get on – something happened inside me.» That is one of the coolest things that can happen to you as an artist; when the people understand you and take away what you want to give them. That is really ace!  [GD]

More about Börni:






and win QL | Eurochracher flash of course brings you the right kind of entertainment where music’s concerned too. Börni left five copies of her new album «Fighter» after the interview – signed, of course. Determined not to be left out, QL, in honor of the upcoming European football championships, put its double CD ­«Eurochracher», which includes the single «Hopp Schwi!z», on the turntable. «We can do that too,» said the guys from the Grisons-based Hip Hop crew «Oschtblock Kuabuaba» and sent in three copies of their production: «America is Back».

Do you want one of these albums? Then send us an e-mail with the CD you want on the subject line to The winners will be drawn out of a hat.[GD]

Börni | Fighter Finally, we are pleased to announce to rock fans, rhythm aficionados, devotees of female singers, talent scouts, pearl-divers, diamond-polishers, ­treasure-seekers, discerning folk and woolly hat wearers everywhere: here’s Börni – and she’s loud! Börni is someone determined to be seen and heard. Her first single doesn’t leave a shred a doubt that she means it too. The hit simply bursts with ­ selfconfidence and joie de vivre. It’s loud, unequivocal and straight as a die – just like rock should be, ­­rockhard. You don’t have to read anything into it when Börni says that she takes what she needs. (Source: SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT)

This could well be the perfect soundtrack for the European championships that Köbi and the guys have produced, guaranteed to get the Swiss fans into top gear. The way to victory is once more via QL, the tireless crowbar fun punks from Biel/Bienne with their soccer hearts in the right place. Singing along to the strictly limited «Eurochracher» threepack is definitely allowed, if not a duty! Before the soccer highlights get under way this season, QL have put their two hit albums «Luscht» and «Schwi!zerchracher» together on one disc, adding the four-track single «Hopp Schwi!z» (Source: SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT)

Oschtblock Kuabuaba America Is Back For its fifth album, the cheerful guys of Oschtblock Kuabuaba strike up a new tone: America is Back! What the title means precisely is unclear. What is clear is that the CD and its 18 titles bridge the gap between funny and cynical – sometime dangerously close to the boundaries of good taste. But it’s all done with tongue in cheek, bringing a smile to fans’ faces – after all this is one of Switzerland’s most successful bands! (Source: SONY BMG ­MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT)





Project Camp

in Brigels

The training team at Sunrise is made up of 70 apprentices (commerce, IT and retail trade). Other teams, including the event, media and exhibition stand construction teams, carry out their own projects, enabling us to develop our skills and gather much experience. To strengthen the team spirit and cooperation, we hold various events annually. One of them is the «Project Camp», which this year was held from April 21 to 25 in Brigels (GR). It focused on learning techniques, exam nerves, qigong and tai chi. Camp participants studying for their up­ coming LAP exams were especially able to benefit from the course on learning techniques and exam nerves. Interesting exercises showed us how to prepare for our ­exams creatively, clearly and motivationally. The learning therapists also taught us how to invest and plan our time sensibly. Qigong and tai chi are aimed at nurturing our lifeblood, extending our lives and helping us to achieve a healthy state of mind. We certainly noticed how the exercises made us calmer.

Despite the start of spring, the mountains surprised us with snow until Wednesday. So we enjoyed the time in our warm and cozy cabins and held the meditation exercises in the garage instead of on the meadow. When the sun finally broke through on Thursday, those people unaffected by claustrophobia went on a tour of the Porta ­Alpina construction site in Sedrun. «It was a small world in the mountain, but everything was in gigantic proportions», said Irin Papaioannou, a first-year apprentice commerce. Finally, with a great deal of new knowledge under our belts, we set off home on Friday afternoon.  [TG]

Contact: Felix Häberli, HR Manager 058 777 84 44



Travel corner

Travel corner


A one-way ticket would be just fine!

An invitation Back in Medellín, we plan to visit Pablo Escobar’s grave. This trip was also on public transport. From somewhere we hear an «Hola». As always in South America, I first look down (considering the mostly considerable difference in height) and there is an old man, only reaching to our elbows, who wants us to invite us to visit his family at his place outside Medellín on a whim. What a shame that we don’t have more time to ­accept this kind offer. [SM]

Nightlife, fantastic diving, afternoon coffee and relaxing days in a hammock: Colombia, with its rich culture and unique people, has more on offer than merely a bad press. A journey through a country that captivates me every time.

Money, money, money! 50,000 pesos sounds like a heap of ­money … again, because somewhere between the until you look at the exchange rate. A small Cuba Libre and beer, we made a terrible bar full of a colorful crowd of young and mistake. Luckily, our new Colombian friends old. Standing at almost six foot, I stick out came to the rescue. How embarrassing! By like a sore thumb in Colombia. Immersing the end of this night, we at least know that ourselves among the people, it isn’t long 50,000 pesos is the equivalent of around before we get into conversation with the 25 francs. natives. We all sat together with our new amigos late into the night. When the bill was presented though, we had to look

Roadblock Today, we are heading to Cali, the capital of salsa. The bus link is good and within an hour we’re sitting in one of the well-cooled vehicles. The other travelers are kitted out in jackets, scarves and winter hats, and no one seems to be interested that we’re expected to sit for around ten hours in the freezing cold. Then, calls in Spanish announce that all the passengers have to dismount for a security check. Lucky, it’s only the police. After an extensive check of passports (no, I’m not a doctor and the red passport with the white cross is not my ­medical ID), we are able to get back on the bus and head towards our destination.



Travel corner

Travel corner Rusty Young: Marching Powder Pan Macmillan, Australien | ISBN-0-330-41958-7 Perhaps I only bought this book because I personally got to know Rusty, the Australian author, while he was penning it. The result though is thoroughly convincing. A thrilling and true story about Thomas McFadden, a British drug smuggler who is arrested and locked up in San Pedro penitentiary in La Paz, Bolivia. In this jail, the inmates have to pay for every­ thing; their cells (comfort: between one and five stars), clothing, food and bribes to the police. This is a place that’s also «home» to some 200 women with their children and where the rule of law does not apply. The book brings home the terrible conditions in South American society and tells the story of Thomas, who earns his living by showing backpackers around the jail.

Book Reviews Topic: Colombia Werner Hörtner: Kolumbien verstehen – Understanding Colombia Rotpunktverlag, Zürich | ISBN-3-85869-326-x Werner Hörtner, a Viennese journalist, has written an exciting guidebook to the bloody and tumultuous history and present of Colombia. But he doesn’t forget to highlight the country’s beauty and its people’s creativity. His book also includes interesting yet sometimes heartrending background information about its indigenous peoples and their resistance. There are also some funny anecdotes about bicycle Sundays in Bogotá too that turn into huge public events. But, for the most part, it’s about a country that has now been locked in permanent conflict for over forty years. Hörtner not only describes the violent conflicts in Colombia, but also the peace movement that has grown continually stronger over the past years.

Ramón Chao: Ein Zug aus Eis und Feuer – A train of ice and fire Edition Nautilus, Hamburg | ISBN-978-3-89401-564-0 Mano Negra was probably the best-known French band in the early 1990s. These days, its founder Manu Chao, who is now a soloist, is perhaps better known. This book sends the reader on a magical journey with the band and many other artistes from France, Colombia and Brazil. They travel through rural Colombia in a train made from scrap metal. Ramón Chao, Manu’s father, accompanied them on their journey at the height of the band’s fame and recorded the adventures, which plunges you into a world of smells, aromas and feelings. Beautifully and breathtakingly written – it really turns your living room into one of the 21 wagons as you join them on the roof. The book originally appeared in French as «Un train de glace et de feu». [SM]





A question of conscience Interview with Claudia Steiger

In addition to her work as an attorney at Sunrise and her own legal practice, Claudia Steiger also heads Stinah, an animal welfare foundation. She keeps many animals on her farm, including horses, cows, oxen, sheep, goats and hens. In this interview Claudia talks about the motivation behind her commitment, which often takes up more time than there are hours in the day.

Claudia Steiger: «Courage and willpower are lacking.»

flash Claudia, in 2002 you founded Stinah, a foundation to help animals in danger, whose activities focus on the needs and the exploitation of large and commercial animals. What prompted you to get involved in this extraordinary project? Claudia Steiger Stinah was the result of many years of problems linked to wasted commitments to basic ethical attitudes – which the people of the West, I believe, can in any case ill afford. I am concerned with global problems such as world famine, the destruction of livelihoods from the world’s oceans to the rainforests, but also the rights of the strong to exploit the weak in everyday life. Because even at school I wanted to put my convictions into actual practice and because I grew up with animals, giving me the necessary expertise, I did voluntary work for various animal protection organizations. Based on my convictions, however, I did not want to invest too much time in this work, which is directed primarily at household pets, which out of necessity produces a fre-

quently isolated effect, even if it is important for the individual animal. When lawmakers began in the 1990s with their «animals are not objects» project, the gap between pets and commercial animals grew without an ethically justifiable reason and hardly any voices were raised even in animal-protection circles because of the poli­ tical situation. My partner and I decided to counter this trend. As a result, Stinah was born. Viewed as a whole, the protection of large and commercial animals involves many other topics I’m interested in, some of them even taking center stage. These include feedstuff production (processing cereals into meat) and world famine, meat production and overfishing, climate and water shortages etc. flash Swiss animal protection legislation turned 30 a few weeks ago. A reason to celebrate? Claudia Steiger Yes, in a narrow sense it can be seen as a cause for celebration because the legislation expresses the belief that animals – at least as far as vertebrates are concerned, because the laws are limited to these – are co-beings capable of suffering that have a right to protection according to their own will and not only for the use of humankind. Unfortunately, it is still the case that enforcement of the conviction legislated for in animal protection laws and the resulting legal requirements leave so

much to be desired that the term «enforcement crisis» is not only used by animal welfarists. flash Can you give us an example of this crisis of enforcement? Claudia Steiger Although horses are animals that stick together and need to move, they can still be tethered the whole

day without the law recognizing an infringement of current legislation according to current enforcement practices. And this is despite the fact that way back in the 1980s the Federal Veterinary Office said that this is an infringement of article 2 of the animal protection act that stipulates that animals require social contact and movement as a basic right. Unfortunately, the law does not





consider it binding. The animal protection legislation that will come into force on September 1, 2008, will make this treatment of horses illegal. Enforcement, however, will be delayed for five years although every horse-owner, if not every child, can surely sympathize with animals subjected to such physical and mental anguish by being tied up or kept in isolation. flash In spite of everything, that sounds like a serious grievance. What do Swiss ­animal welfarists want most urgently to change?

wishes and ideals. And if nature doesn’t play along, we subjugate it. To give you an example, pigs have been bred with extra ribs to meet production targets, hens are kept all year under artificial light, and turkeys are fattened so quickly that their bone structures cannot keep pace and that they already cannot move by the time they come to be slaughtered. People exercise the power they have without thinking about the consequences for those affected. And this does not end with animals: The current consumerism – availability at all times and in any form – finally leads to production methods

«If nature doesn’t play along,

human beings subjugate it»

Claudia Steiger The state’s or even society’s courage to enforce the conviction manifested by the constitution and legis­ lation, and the courage of the individual to bear the resultant additional costs or restrictions.

based on feedstuff requirements or production options that affect people too. That’s why animal welfare for me begins in the individual’s own stance, questioning whether exercising his or her own needs can justify everything.

flash Where do you think animal protection begins? Claudia Steiger Animals only require protection because of people’s need to exploit them. People act as if the universe and everything in it is only there to meet their

flash Can I eat meat from the canteen with a clear conscience? Claudia Steiger That depends on your conscience. Personally, I cannot because no guaranteeable background information is provided about the production methods

used to produce the meat. It is impossible to find out how the animals were kept and treated during fattening, how they were got up to size with what feedstuffs and other substances, where the water needed to produce the meat comes from and where it’s missing as a result, and, finally, how the animal was killed for meat processing. So I do not know how those beings that had to die for my meat consumption were treated. I also don’t know whether other people have lost basic rights through this meat production. There are just too many unknowns for my liking.

flash Your professional obligations and your commitment to animal welfare take up just about all your time. Do you have time for vacations and the like? Claudia Steiger Not really, but I set my priorities of my own accord. If I put all my time into what I believe in, and can change something, then that’s the mental relax­ ation that I could never find on a vacation. I would though like to find more time for sleeping now and again though!  [GD]

More about Stinah:


For the taste buds


For the taste buds

For the taste buds Recipes

for summer

Andreas C. Studer, affectionately called «Studi» by his fans, adores cooking up delicacies for his friends and family at the grill. For more than ten years, he has whipped up dishes in TV kitchens across Germany and Switzerland in his trademark red baseball cap. The Berliner by choice has appeared on the «al dente», «Kochduell» and «Kerner kocht» shows, always with the right recipe up his sleeve.

Andreas C. Studer has opened his book «Happy Cooking» for flash and selected two recipes that are perfect for summer: a refreshing gazpacho and a juicy steak with exotic chutney straight from the grill.

Gazpacho drink with vitamin power Serves four: 500 g tomatoes 1 green pepperoni 1 pepperoncini 1 cucumber 2 cloves of garlic 6 peppermint sprigs 50 cl cold vegetable stock 3 tsp olive oil 2 tsp white balsamico 1 tbsp fleur de sel 1 tsp olive oil Mint leaves for the garnish

Preparation Halve the tomatoes, ­remove the seeds from the pepperoni and pepperoncini, cut the cucumber into pieces. Puree the vegetables with the other ingredients and decant to glasses. Sprinkle with olive oil, garnish with mint leaves and serve.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

En guete and bon ap! Grilled beefsteak filets with apricot chutney Serves four: 2 tsp medium mustard 2 tsp soy sauce 2 tsp peanut oil 2 tsp liquid honey Salt, pepper from the mill 4 rump steaks each 180 g 12 apricots 1 red onion 1 tsp curry powder 1 red Thai chili 3 tsp brown sugar 1 tsp cider vinegar 4 sprigs of thyme 4 tbsp butter Preparation time: 15 minutes Leave to marinate for 30 minutes

Preparation Mix the mustard, soy ­sauce, peanut oil and ­honey, and season. Marinate the meat in the mixture for 30 minutes. Grill the steaks on a hot grill for three minutes each side; leave for four minutes in aluminum foil. Mix the halved and cored apricots, the sliced onions, curry, chili, sugar and vinegar. Divide among four strips of aluminum foil, add the thyme sprigs and butter and seal. Grill for six to eight minutes and serve.



New faces

New faces

«What have you noticed during your first days with Sunrise?»

Patrick Bollhalder Business Customers What impressed me was the really helpful and considerate way employees are treated. Sandro Bucher Business Customers Very pleasant working atmosphere. A friendly and helpful team! Everything is really well organized. Frank Smandzik Business Customers The calmness, the friendly way everyone deals with each other, the international flair, no dress code.

Agostino Frioli Customer Care Fresh, dynamic and multicultural ­atmosphere :-) Nadia Patera Customer Care Everything is super modern. It’s absolutely amazing to work in the towers :-) Carole Brun Customer Care That the work is varied and interesting, but also that everything takes so long (for example, until I could print). Ali Skenderi Residential Customers That Sunrise is very professional and gives employees many opportunities.

Bajram Zenuni Residential Customers It’s a very young and dynamic team. Fabio Bernardini Residential Customers That it’s unconventional. Bettina Singeisen Strategy & Corporate Affairs That working on the 19th floor doesn’t scare me even though all the windows go down to the ground. Beat Huber Strategy & Corporate Affairs The openness and friendliness of the colleagues I have met so far.

Mitchell Scotland Business Customers I was impressed to see how easy it is to ­locate other Sunrise Employees. Nuno Frias Network I find the multicultural working climate very interesting, and the sympathy and helpfulness of all colleagues is clear from the start. Enrico Arpagaus Network Very pleasant working atmosphere, a friendly and helpful team!

Michael Stary Network The emphasis is really on teamwork here and we all work together instead of everyone working for themselves. Sascha Steinmann Network I’m happy that I landed such a good team. Tomas Jucius Information Technology Well planned work and a very fast and responsive help desk team! Pascal Maciag Information Technology Positive: support and chocolates from team colleagues. Intranet organization. Negative: number of login/passwords to remember. Thomas Pesendorfer Information Technology The huge number of different nationalities and the positively fantastic way everyone gets on. Manuel Peyer Human Resources & Organization What really impressed is the culture here: uncomplicated and sympathetic.  [IB]





Cheerleading a stupid sport?

«Give me an S, give me a U, give me an N, give me an R, I, S, E – SsssUNRISE!!!» That’s what springs to mind here in Switzerland when people think of cheerlead­ ing. The clichés about what is, for most of us an exotic occupation, don’t stop there: there’s the marching girls in miniskirts and scanty tops who twirl their pom-poms, and whose sole purpose appears to be to scream at the spectators and look pretty. Yet cheerleading is much more than a horde of young women in revealing uniforms.

Backflips, somersaults and twists Cheerleading is a serious sport that unites four separate disciplines. The gymnastics element puts the focus on the body’s tension, flexibility and elasticity. Acrobatics ­includes everything from simple stunts to two- or three-high human pyramids. Its ­formation dancing element includes the choreography learnt by the cheerleaders, performed either as dance or, in combination with speech songs, as chants or cheers. And, finally, there’s the tumbling, or floor exercises, that is also part and parcel of cheerleading. As the name suggests, besides simple exercises like forward rolls and handstands, the latter includes backflips, somersaults and twists. The mixture of the four elements creates an incredible and breathtaking show.

No risk, no fun! Bruises over the whole body and broken noses are common too. The GC cheerlead­ ers, for example, were forced to miss a championship because one performer had broken her collarbone and another her nose. A third member was suffering from a torn ligament and was on crutches as a ­ result. Some teams refuse to accept limits, building ever more daring and higher py­ramids, executing increasingly desperate stunts featuring double and triple twists. Unfortunately, this fanaticism sometimes results in serious injuries, sometimes even death. Thankfully, the latter does not ­ happen very often. In short, competition between cheerleader teams is intense.




What is …

The crowning glory Besides shows at the opening of games and during breaks, cheerleaders can also be booked for private or business events. The highlight for every team, though, are the cheerleading championships. Every team puts their heart and soul into these contests to measure up to competitors and generally prove themselves. Among themselves, the teams receive professional acknowledgement at these events. Switzerland is also host to the annual Swiss Cheerleader Championships.

Breathless and voiceless from the stadium Did you know that cheerleading was originally invented by a man? In 1898, student Johnny Campbell plucked up all his courage to stand up in the crowd and give one cheer after another to his college’s football team, hoping to motivate the players to make up their shortfall of points. Some time later he founded the «Yell Captains», a group of six men charged with supporting the players from the edge of the pitch. The first cheerleading team was born. The college newspaper defined the «Yell Captains» task as follows: «These men (...) will see to it that everybody today leaves the stadium today breathless and voiceless.» This principle still applies today.

The spirit of cheerleading is not as estab­ lished here as it is in the US or neighboring Germany. Nevertheless, it is growing in popularity and slowing receiving the respect it deserves. There are now ten cheerleader teams in Switzerland. For more information visit [NN]

What is … An IP VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual network used to link several locations. It uses the IP (Internet Protocol) by setting up data connections in a shared IP network. «Virtual» refers to the fact that the networks are both logically and physic­ ally separated from each other. In an internet-based IP VPN, the separation is effected by coding the data traffic (IPSec), a method also known as «tunneling». In an MPLS-based IP VPN, insulation is ensured by the controlling network itself.

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone system generally used by business clients that connects internal extensions via ISDN or analog connections to the public phone network and transfers calls within the organization. Besides connecting its users, a modern PBX also has other convenient features: call forwarding, voice mail, directories, hold music, to name but a few. An MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is a company providing mobile phone services without a separate dialing code range or network infrastructure. MVNOs are in fact resellers of a mobile network operator’s services. As a rule, they offer customers a structure priced independently of the network operator. [IB]




Openair concerts


Now that the days are getting longer, the sun is out and the smell of barbecued sausage is in the air, the good people of Switzerland take to the great outdoors. Of course they don’t want to miss out on good movies or phat rhythms either. The following events this summer of 2008 are worth more than a casual glance.

Open Air Frauenfeld (July 11–13, 2008) Fans of hip hop won’t want to miss this one. This year the Frauenfeld stages will play host to big Swiss names and world stars. Top of the bill will be Jay-Z (maybe even accompanied by Beyoncé?) and ­Cypress Hill. Ice Cube, the Wu-Tang Clan and Swiss band Sektion Kuchikäschtli are also set to wow the audience. (More information at Open Air St. Gallen (June 27–29, 2008) Lenny Kravitz, anyone? Or how about a bop to the sounds of Prodigy and Gentleman? These groups (and many others) have all signed up for an appearance at the huge open-air concert in St. Gallen, which has everything for the ears, eyes and senses … depending, of course, on who’s in the tent next door … (More information at

Moon and Stars (July 9–20, 2008) For all those folk who find camping, long lines for the portable toilets and smelly people too much to bear, Locarno, as every year, is an excellent alternative. The imposing Piazza Grande this year features the likes of Santana, Alicia Keys and R.E.M. And because Sunrise is co-presenting the event, it will be doubly fantastic, won’t it? (More information at Various fan mile concerts Music fans won’t go without at this year’s European soccer championships in Switzer­ land either, with various concerts planned for the fan miles. That wouldn’t be anything special if Sunrise employees also weren’t involved. «Caffe Corretto» is one of the bands slated to perform in various locations in honor of the football contest – its singer brings his smile to work every morning in the Sunrise Tower. (More information at



Kino am Berg (July 17–August 24, 2008) The Uetliberg is once again playing host to some fine open-air movies, ­inviting people to leave their stuffy towns and cities and enjoy a good film in the fresh mountain air. Whether German specialties, Italian delights or Spanish delicacies, the Uto Kulm has something for everyone. Plus, the Sunrise Tower looks really cool from up there and your eyesight must be fine if you can spot it. (More information at

Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival NIFFF (July 1–6, 2008) Lake Neuchâtel is hosting Switzerland’s most exclusive movie festival for the eighth time. As fans of the Fantastic Film Fest know, nowhere else is it as easy to drink a beer with a star at the bar as at the NIFFF. The open-air movies, like every year, are a highlight at the festival. Insiders also know that the region around Neuchâtel is absolutely wonderful. (More information at

Rudolfstetten village movie theater (June 25–July 4, 2008) The quiet village of Rudolfstetten is again staging its annual movie ­festival. This time the Stones are rolling through the village and the catering is, as always, delicious. In fact, the whole atmosphere is an experie­n­ce that you won’t forget too quickly. (More information at

Locarno Film Festival (August 6–16, 2008) THE film festival in Switzerland. There will be a steady stream of stars coming to watch the evening showings on the Piazza Grande, which are usually sold out in a flash. The mix of US blockbusters and little known independent movies will again be perfectly balanced this year. You too can feel like a VIP among the guests in Locarno. (More information at








Moviepreviews Hancock (released July 3, 2008) Will Smith is Hancock, a super-hero who has a streak of bad luck. Whatever he does to save humankind goes wrong. Plus, there is always someone who wants to sue him, quite apart from the skid marks he leaves in the rock-hard asphalt, the smashed road ­signs and destroyed ships. Only a shrewd PR advisor can help Hancock to revamp his image. Stupidly, the consultant has a beautiful wife and Hancock of course throws more than a (super-)glance at her. One of the big blockbusters of the summer. As ever, Will Smith guarantees humor, ­action and even serious acting. There are also firstclass special effects to look forward to that bring the silver screen to life. Surely, nothing else can go wrong – or can it?

The Incredible Hulk (released July 10, 2008) After being caught in the blast of a gamma bomb he created, whenever Bruce Banner gets angry or feels under pressure he turns into a giant raging green monster. In his ­attempt to change this, the scientist goes on a quest for an antidote. The silly thing is that the entire North American military and a fear-inspiring rival called «Abomination» are constantly on his heels. Following the failure of Ang Lee’s version of «Hulk» to deliver what was expected, here is a new series of films about the green ­giant with Edward Norton in the lead role and a slew of special effects. Gigantic battles, an orgy of destruction and, this time, even a decent storyline all promise great fun. So if you found the first film version too «special» and like wild and comical ­cinema, you’ll love this movie.

Mamma Mia (released July 17, 2008) Sophie’s about to get married but her mother still refuses to tell her the name of her biological father. All that Sophie can do is to invite three potential paternity candidates to Greece for the wedding. Once there, she has to find out herself who her daddy is. The three muddle-headed gents don’t make her task easy at all! The musical opened on Broadway several years ago and is still enjoying success. The songs were all written by Swedish cult group «Abba». Now this feel-good story is coming to movie theaters and features the singing of Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth. The audience is free to rock and sing along. After all, we all know the songs.

X-Files: I Want to Believe (released July 24, 2008) For years FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder have been hot on the trail of unexplained events and virtually unsolvable cases. Now they are being forced to solve another riddle that takes the FBI’s dream team to the bounds of the impossible. There is practically no information about the latest adventure of agents Scully and Mulder. Although images keep popping up, they have turned out to be misleading trails laid by the movie’s producer. What is certain is that six years after the successful series the movie features Scully’s son in a possibly decisive role. Again, we have to ask ourselves: «Is there something out there?» 







Cloverfield (released June 19, 2008) Shortly before Rob leaves for Japan he throws a leaving party. At the party, his buddy Hud is filming on his camcorder when suddenly an earthquake and a dea­ fening din interrupt it. What happened? What are those fireballs on the horizon? Why are people running around screaming? And wasn’t that the Statue of Liberty’s head that just crashed down onto the street? ­Later, Rob and Hud are making their way to the security zones when they discover a gruesome and gigantic monster out to raze New York to the ground. It all started with a short teaser showing a headless Statue of Liberty. This was followed by the internet hype and finally the movie that proved to have been shot solely on a shaky videocam. If you’re not worried about headaches and cross-eyes, this is ­perfect for you … and the monster is really cool.

National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets (released June 26, 2008) Benjamin Franklin is back on the trail of secrets; this time his own family is involved, as one of his ancestors was apparently involved in Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Our treasure hunter is determined not to let that rest and sets out to pursue the mysterious clues. It also doesn’t stop him kidnapping the incumbent U.S. president to get the secret book he possesses containing the world’s enigmas. For the second time, Nicholas Cage comes into our homes as the treasure-hunting and riddle-solving archaeologist, promising a top-quality popcorn movie. Fans of action, humor and lavish sets won’t be disappointed. Helen Mirren and Jon Voight also star in this production, providing some fine acting. This movie is great fun and there’s more to learn in the five-disc version coming out soon.

Interview (released July 5, 2008) Pierre Peters is a political journalist waiting in a restaurant for his interview guest, who is neither an important politician nor an influential business magnate. No, he is waiting for a soap star, who, to cap it all, is late. Adding to the initial distaste that these two personalities inspire at first glance, neither of them will forget this particular evening. Beginning with interview’s abrupt end after just a few minutes, it quickly escalates into lies, emotions and blows. Steve Buscemi is familiar mainly due to somewhat weird roles in movies like «Con Air» and «Armageddon». He proves in ­«Interview» that he is not only a capable lead role, but can direct too. He appears opposite the attractive Sienna Miller, who ensures that the game of cat and mouse is even funnier.

Sweeney Todd (released July 18, 2008) Once upon a time there was a happy barber with a wife and daughter. Then a judge smashes the dream and banishes Benjamin Barker. Now, 15 years later, he has returned, as Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, is determined to seek his ­revenge. His cutthroat razors are all whetted and soon the first unsuspecting victim is in the chair. And he doesn’t have to worry about the bodies either: Mrs. Lovett turns them into delicious pies … There’s no denying that Johnny Depp is highly versatile. Just recently he was a ­pirate sailing the seas, now we are treated to his singing (!) through the macabre tale by Tim Burton. The «grusical» not only has great music, but fantastic performers too. And it’s wonderful when Johnny Depp cuts his victims’ throats while singing, isn’t it? No wonder that it was nominated for an ­Oscar.



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«Courage and willpower are lacking» Claudia (attorney, animal welfarist) Promi-Interview The e-zine for the employees of Sunrise Issue 01/0...