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PUT POVERTY IN THE POTTY THIS XMAS Life is tough for people in Cambodia who don't have access to a toilet. They have to venture into the fields which makes the water supply filthy, they get sick and are at risk of assault. Read about how you can help bring health, sanitation and dignity to the people of Cambodia this Christmas on page 5.

BOSS TALK: THANK YOU TENFOLD What a year this has turned out to be! We can’t believe just how much has been accomplished in Cambodia in such a short time. The Sunrise crew have continued to give the best care for some of the most vulnerable children in the country. Over 2,400 students are receiving a world-class education, putting them on the journey to university or vocational training. Families have access to free medical care while our staff work with their communities to build homes, dig wells and change the lives of these most beautiful and dignified people. All of this happens purely because of your generous donations. Every dollar you give is invested into our projects, changing the lives of kids, families and communities. Your support really means a lot to us both; you are the life-blood of Sunrise Cambodia.


for Cambodia Let's put poverty in the potty

LEARNING AT SUNRISE Education will lift Cambodia out of the cycle of poverty. With your support, the Sunrise education team is continually taking teaching practices up a notch to build the future of the country; always looking for ways to teach better, stronger and smarter so the kids get the education they deserve. Read more about our ground breaking education program and ways you can help on page 2.

From humble beginnings as an orphanage supporting at-risk kids, we are now a leading community development, health and education organisation supporting entire communities across three provinces. Thank you for standing by our side on this exciting journey. We wish you and your families a blessed and happy festive season.

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MAKING EDUCATION BETTER + STRONGER FOR THE KIDS OF CAMBODIA At Sunrise, English isn’t about reading words off a blackboard – it’s about fun, playing and taking in functional English in every aspect of learning. The Sunrise Education Manager, Sopphoeun Puttra describes it best, “Before we began this program I would approach a child and ask them what their dream is. They couldn’t answer, all they could say is “hello”, “goodbye”, “how are you?”. Now, they tell us they want to be a doctor, a scientist, a teacher. They say it in full sentences and with big smiles on their faces.” Enquiry-based learning practices have been adopted across all subjects at Sunrise Cambodia . Classes at every level have a huge emphasis on creativity and solving real-life problems. These skills will give students a massive jump-start, particularly as the science, technology, engineering and mathematics industries grow in Cambodia. Sunrise takes it even further by partnering up with local government schools so the kids in the community benefit from a Sunrise education without having to change schools or pay more money. They get extra English and Khmer classes, computer lesson and benefit from a world-class sports programs to keep them engaged and learning from the second they walk through the gate. That’s thousands of kids getting the education they need. The education team needs your help to make sure they can continue to improve their programs. Donate today, or if you have the time and talent to spare, sign up for our in-country mentor program. Contact the crew at Sunrise hq for more details or jump online.

YOUTH AMBASSADOR Sorn Kakada, pictured far left, was chosen by his university to represent Cambodia as a Youth Ambassador at the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Youth Conference in Thailand. Kakada has always shown great leadership skills at Sunrise, being a mentor to the younger kids and showing great resilience and ambition. #soproud

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DEVELOPMENT OVER WELFARE Sunrise Cambodia is on a mission to move away from welfare and handouts. Any 'welfare' type programs are being changed to fit into the best standards of sustainable development. The Australian government does not allow allocation of tax deductible donations to specific individuals or families because they know it is short-term welfare and will not support it with a tax break. Welfare is any service which keeps people dependent on support without a solid plan to get them out of the poverty cycle for good. It creates a reliance on the charity for support. There must be a long term vision with a solid plan to get individuals and families out of poverty for good. With your help we are working towards that goal. Everyone supported by Sunrise is on the same level, regardless of whether they are sponsored or not. They all have access to free education and health care. Crisis care for at-risk families is available on a needs basis after thorough assessment by social workers. This means equal opportunity for all.

Vannak is near-blind, but his mind remembers the sights he used to love and his hands recreate them for the world to enjoy

ART CHANGES LIVES Sunrise Siem Reap has opened an art school to train budding artists so they can build a future on their talent. Vannak, pictured above, is a young man suffering from retinitis pigmentosa; a degenerative disease which will eventually leave him blind. He loves painting and recreating the world through his hands. We are so grateful that he now has this opportunity. If you can help to continue the funding for these classes please DONATE. Every bit helps.

Welfare fosters dependence. Sustainable development creates independence.

This is what community development is all about; to decrease dependency on support and lift people out of poverty. The staff at Sunrise Cambodia are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience about the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty and our fundraisers expertly handle funds to keep these much-needed projects running. Trust us. With your help, the Sunrise Cambodia crew are working to tackle the root causes of poverty in the country we all love.

PHOTO OF THE SEASON In Cambodia, the word for labour means crossing the river, a tricky journey. Cambodia has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the region. There are 25 deaths per 1000 births compared to Australia's three. Maternal mortality is also high. So when a chubba bubba like this one makes the trip earth-side nice and safely, the whole village celebrates. Follow us on Instagram. • PAGE 3

SUNRISE RUNS AMOK The inaugural Run Amok with Sunrise Cambodia was a huge success, raising $100,000 in much needed funds for health, education and community development projects. Sunrise supporters from around the world signed up for the trip of a lifetime; they cycled, kayaked, hiked, swam, danced and sang their way around Cambodia all the while visiting Sunrise projects. "I've never done anything like this trip before," says Dana Thomson an events manager from Toronto, Canada. "We traveled all over Cambodia, seeing Sunrise Cambodia projects at work. What an amazing country. Watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat was one of my favourite moments." Dana raised more than $10,000 and covered her own travel costs to be eligible for this trip.

"I was blown away by the generosity of family and friends back home. Then to see how far those funds go in Cambodia was so rewarding." Full details for Run Amok 2017 will be released soon but if you're super keen, put your name down now to get first dibs. Head to the TRAVEL section on our website to fill out the form. #runamok17

A big orkun to Louch Sopheak, a Sunrise graduate and our awesome videographer for coming along for the Run Amok ride! You'll be seeing the fruits of his labour in the coming months as we release up-todate footage of all our projects. #sunrisegradsrock

YOUR SUNRISE CREW: BOUN SOKHENG, SIEM REAP PROVINCIAL OPERATIONS MANAGER "Together we achieve more and build our country." Sokheng was born into a farming family in Battambang. The eldest of three, they lost their father when Sokheng was just four and they were raised by their mother. Every day he would wake up early to look after the cows before cycling to school. He loved school; even being told by his neighbour that all he'll ever be is a farmer couldn't stop him from going. He wanted to grow up to

be just like the UN workers he'd see driving around the country assisting peacekeeping, democracy and change. So he kept going, finished school and has achieved Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Sokheng previously worked for other international NGOs around Cambodia before starting as the Sunrise Assistant Manager in 2010. Now the Provincial Operations Manager, Sokheng oversees all operations in the province of Siem Reap. His dream is to make sure that every child, no matter where they come from, has the opportunity to grow and transform their life through education, like he did.

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CRAPPERS for Cambodia Give people dignity, keep the water supply clean and change lives this Christmas.

Most rural Cambodians don’t have the luxury of a toilet at home or work. They have no choice but to go in the fields which makes the water supply dangerously dirty. One in five deaths of children under the age of five are caused by easily avoidable waterborne diseases. Imagine if you and your family shared a home with no loo. Or worse, you shared one with the whole village? Or what if you were one of 11 million rural Cambodians with no access to a toilet at all? How awful. Access to a loo will bring immediate relief to Cambodia’s poorest communities. Put a toilet in a home and assaults drop, instances of disease are reduced and adolescent girls return to school.

It costs $350 to put a composting toilet in a rural Cambodian home. Sunrise Cambodia hopes to raise $100,000 for desperately needed sanitation and hygiene education by the end of December. See these girls? Last year, they skipped school for a week out of every month. They would rather stay home from school than share one toilet between 80 kids. Generous donors funded a huge toilet block at their school and attendance rates have gone from 80 kids to more than 600! And most of them are girls. Now they’re coming to school every day and kicking goals on the soccer field. With your help, we can do this for more girls across rural Cambodia. A donation of $5000 covers the cost of a school toilet block. Everyone suffers when there is no access to a toilet. Can you help? Make a donation and give the gift of health and dignity to the people of Cambodia this Christmas.

Donate now and put poverty in the potty. Funds raised will be applied to the Sunrise health and education budget to fund hygiene and sanitation works and education programs. • PAGE 5

FINE ART AUCTION FOR SUNRISE CAMBODIA Art Gallery Director, Robert Stephens recently visited Geraldine and the Sunrise team at Kandal. After hearing their story and those of the Cambodian people, Robert knew he had to do something to help. Not only has he funded art classes for the next six months, Robert hopes to raise over $100,000 to continue crucial health and education programs, by holding an art auction.

"As a young boy I spent many years in institutional care in England. I am acutely aware of the needs of children in care and the love and dedication required to give them a better start in life." Robert's Aarwun Gallery will host a black tie dinner and fine art auction with Geraldine in attendance. Guests will dine on the finest Canberra has to offer and have the opportunity to bid on works donated by high profile artists. All proceeds will be donated to Sunrise.

BLACK TIE DINNER + FINE ART AUCTION Saturday 4 February at 6pm The Abbey, O'Hanlon Pl, Nicholls ACT Tickets $125 per person • purchase yours direct from Aarwun Gallery by calling 02 6230 2055 or email

GIVING TO SUNRISE Donating stuff rather than funds to charities can seem like the perfect thing to do – you have things you don’t need, they need things they don’t have. Voilà! A match made in heaven. But unless we're running a specific campaign to collect items, donating stuff for us to send to Cambodia raises some difficult issues for us in the Australian office and with the team in Cambodia. So what’s the answer to the ‘stuff’ conundrum? It costs one dollar to mail a cheque to us from anywhere in Australia. Or it’s free to do it online. That money can buy clothes, food and medicine in Cambodia at a fraction of Aussie prices. Plus, it puts money back into the local economy and stimulates job growth - that's going to pull Cambodia out of poverty faster than your old shirts will! Big on stuff but low on cash? Aussies love a good trash ‘n treasure store. Why not set up a thrift shop at a local market or school fete and give your old stuff a new home minus the excessive fuel miles and postage fees? Then donate the proceeds to Sunrise. Or, if you're still keen and heading to Cambodia, please get in touch with us before filling up your suitcase to make sure what you're packing is in need.

WORKPLACE GIVING: DOUBLE YOUR MONEY Did you know that there are companies out there eager to support causes that are important to their employees hearts by matching their charitable donations? You might just be working for one of them. Find out if your employer has a workplace giving scheme that can match your donation, or find us on Every donation to Sunrise Cambodia can change a life. Why wouldn't you see if you can double your money and double your impact?

Kids miss 272 million school days world wide every year because of diarrhoea. Hand washing can fix that. Make a donation to our Christmas appeal to give kids their health back.

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STEAMED AMOK TREY Amok trey (aka fish amok) is the dish Cambodia is famous for. A small local catfish is used for this banana leaf-wrapped recipe, but in Australia barramundi, snapper, or another firm white fish can easily replace it. Cook over hot coals for a smoky flavour, or steam over water for a more authentic taste. Ingredients: 3 tbsp Sunrise Amok, solids from 2 cans of coconut cream, 1 tsp shrimp paste (belachan), 2 tbsp fish sauce, 1 tsp grated palm sugar and 700 grams barramundi fillets (skinned and finely chopped) and 2-3 pieces of banana leaf. Method: Soak the banana leaves in water for an hour before beginning to cook. Skim the solid cream from the top of the coconut milk cans and measure out a heaped cup. Place the solids in a hot pan with the Sunrise Amok, shrimp paste, fish sauce and palm sugar. Add a dash of salt. Cook together for a few minutes until well mixed and smooth. Cut the barramundi fillets into small pieces and add to the coconut mixture. Cook while stirring for 5 minutes or until the fish is just cooked. Take off the heat. Cut the banana leaves in to 6 even pieces leaving enough left over to cut 6 strips about as big as your hand. Place a strip in the centre of every banana leaf piece and scoop one 6th of the fish mixture on to of the strip. Fold the edges over each other horizontally and then pull the rest of the piece around vertically so it forms a loose parcel. Tie securely with a piece of cooking string or secure with a skewer. Boil a large pot of water and set parcels in a steamer and steam for 40 minutes. Or, barbecue over hot coals for 20 minutes. Serve with rice and lashings of sambal. #yummo

DARE TO DREAM WITH PROJECT GEN Z Sunrise has been lucky enough to host Dare to Dream workshops held by the crew at Project Gen Z for the second year. Twenty-five world class business people and entrepreneurs funded their own way to inspire and educate our youth in a weeklong personal development and leadership workshop. Our students absolutely loved it! The project was founded by Melbourne based entrepreneurs Liz Atkinson and Jesse Volpe. On the last day of the workshops the students took part in a real-life “Apprentice” challenge run by Andrew Morello – the first ever winner of Channel 9’s The Apprentice. The students set up a business with a small budget in Phnom Penh over just two days and they made more money than they ever thought was possible to make in a month, let alone one day. True, real-life inspiration! Saran, pictured above with Andrew and Liz, won this year’s individual challenge. Her hard-work and motivation has earnt her a month-long internship trip to Australia to shadow some of the entrepreneurs from the trip. A life changing opportunity for her. Well done, Saran. The Project Gen Z team don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Before running the workshops, they spent the year raising over $120,000 to fund crucial projects in Cambodia! #legends

SUNRISE AMOK Amok is the cornerstone spice of Cambodian cuisine. It is a delicious medley of lemongrass, galangal, garlic and kaffir lime peel that gives you a flavour guaranteed to knock your socks off! Steam it in a banana leaf, cook it in a coconut shell or mix it into a mild curry over rice. Any way you serve this feisty spice blend will leave you wanting more. To get your hands on a packet and give the recipe above a try, visit the SHOP section on our website or give us a call on 1300 894 591. Perfect chrissie pressie. • PAGE 7

FUNDRAISING ROCK STARS We'd like to give a huge shout out to these young rock stars for spending their down time fundraising for Sunrise Cambodia. Orkun to each of you. Your support changes the lives of kids just like you so they can have a brighter future. Clockwise from the top, the kids at Annesley Junior School have been selling plants that they potted themselves during their play time. The kids smashed their goal to raise enough money to give fresh, clean water to a village. Milly and Lilli ran a stall at their school fete selling second hand toys after Milly saw a TV ad for Sunrise and wanted to help. They organised and manned the stall on the day and are already planning their next event! Grace became interested in fundraising after hearing about the lives of the kids in Cambodia. She's been using her pocket money to make decorations to sell, run a cake stall and even got the school involved during book week. Last but not least, India and her friends ran a ripper sausage sizzle for Sunrise and have also held a lemonade stand and bake sale. You all rock! If you would like to get cracking and learn more about fundraising for Sunrise, check out the HOW TO HELP page on our website.

PLEASE DONATE • Make a credit card donation online at • Post a cheque made out to the Australia Cambodia Foundation to PO Box 2266 Clovelly NSW 2031 • Donate by calling us on 1300 894 591 • Drop into Sunrise Cambodia HQ in Sydney and make a cash donation and meet the team

“Our most urgent need is funding for lifesaving community development in the poorest provinces of Cambodia. Your generosity literally changes lives. Please make a donation, or even better, consider a regular monthly gift. A reliable income from monthly donations helps us plan for the future to support at-risk kids, struggling families and poor communities in Cambodia. Every little bit makes a difference. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.” Geraldine Cox AM, Founder

Sunrise Cambodia is a world-class charity on the ground in Cambodia giving much-needed help to at-risk kids, struggling families and poor communities in some of the most poverty-stricken provinces of the country. The charity is one of a number of projects in Cambodia which are funded by the Australia Cambodia Foundation Inc (ABN 37 730 989 411); a DFAT and ATO approved Deductible Gift Recipient charity, registered to raise funds in all states and territories of Australia. Any excess funds will be allocated to approved projects in Cambodia. Figures throughout this newsletter are in Australian dollars. Your donations to Sunrise are applied where they are needed most urgently. Thank you for reading the fine print.

The Sunrise Cambodia fundraising team would love to hear from you. We are on deck Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm. Our website works 24/7 and you can email us anytime and we'll respond to you pronto. Phone Email Visit Social media Snail mail Pop in

1300 894 591 @sunrisecambodia PO Box 2266 Clovelly NSW 2031 39 Burnie Street Clovelly NSW 2031

Images shot by: Richard Lyons, Tony Lewis, Lachlan Hinds, Jessica Hopkins, Simone Heydon, Imogen Champagne, Carmen Huehn and Lucy Perry


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